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Champion Pub - Audio Issues / Resets [Fixed]

By CelticKnot

11 months ago

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#1 11 months ago

Now that I've resolved my left flipper issue with the assistance of many knowledgeable Pinsiders, I am moving on to the next problems.

The one most concerning to me is that the game, after maybe 5-7 minutes of play, starts to have weird sound issues and seeming resets. From cold to 5-7 min it seems to perform fine. But after that the soundtrack will cut out (and sometimes back in) while the sound effects still play, sometimes the sound effects and soundtrack just go away completely, then back in, and the game also seems to reset while I'm playing a game.

Thoughts? I can post a video if it would help.

[edit] also -- when it's exhibiting issues the DMD starts to glitch (some stuck dots) but when I run a test in test mode it seems fine.

#2 11 months ago

Sounds kind of familiar...not identical but definitely in the same realm....


#3 11 months ago

Thanks, @npo! The issue in the other post you supplied definitely sounds very similar to my issue. A reply to that post suggested to t-shoot by running the sound (T.7) and display (T.11) tests.

I did that, and they seemed to complete just fine. However, after a few minutes of normal game play, once again the sound started flaking and display had odd issues with artifacts.

Not sure where to go from here, the rest of the reply in the other post is a bit cryptic to me at this level of my pinball technical knowledge/experience.

#4 11 months ago

What I would recommend, if you have the confidence and skillset....

Take the audio/visual board (single board) out of the game.

Put it on a flat, static discharged surface (wood work bench).

Ensure you have zero static electricity on yourself (ground yourself to something metal as explained here: https://www.wikihow.com/Ground-Yourself#:~:text=Grounding%20yourself%20is%20the%20process,the%20risk%20for%20electrical%20accidents.)

Flip the board over so all you see are the soldered leg joints - that's ALL you should see if you're looking at the rear of the board.

Take a reliable soldering gun, let it heatto 700 deg and apply new solder to it, then remove the excess solder from the tip (you are "tinning" your soldering gun).

Now, take the gun and apply gently to each leg that represent the "male pins" where each IDC connector mates to. Apply very light pressure to thr solder already there - you are treating possible "cold solder" joints - solder that has microcracks running throughout but completely invisible to the naked eye. These cracks will disrupt the flow of current and may be possible for these problems. For each leg you do this to, I would place a drop of new solder down to be safe.

This solution is a "might as well try it" attempt. I can't guarantee it'll help, but it has definitely helped me in the past. I did it to nearly the entire audio/visual board in my AFM, and so far...so good....

Calling reinforcements DumbAss and ChrisHibler on this one.

#5 11 months ago

Thanks, @npo. I'll need to plan that for when I have a free night, if that ever happens. I'll keep you posted.

1 week later
#6 11 months ago

Ok, so in another topic here on Pinside, I chronicled my adventures of removing a corroded battery holder and replacing it with a Li battery board. In doing so, I obviously had to remove the logic board and detach the ribbon cables that connect from the A/V board and other sources. It *seems* that possibly just reseating them when taking the logic board in and out may have fixed my odd issues with audio and the DMD. Granted, I've only tested it for maybe 5 minutes since buttoning the back glass back up, but it seemed pretty solid.

Fingers crossed, will do some extended play tomorrow to verify.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I might just get this game functioning 100% yet. Cheers!

#7 11 months ago

Played an hour on the table with my son, no flaky audio/DMD issues. I'm marking this one resolved and again, thanks NPO for your help.

#8 11 months ago

If you can, go to your original post and choose to "edit" it. Doing so will allow you to edit the thread title, and you can mark it "FIXED" in the title. That way, others who may experience your issue can find the thread and know there is a documented fix.

Glad you appear to have it fixed!!

#9 11 months ago
Quoted from NPO:

If you can, go to your original post and choose to "edit" it. Doing so will allow you to edit the thread title, and you can mark it "FIXED" in the title. That way, others who may experience your issue can find the thread and know there is a documented fix.
Glad you appear to have it fixed!!

But I already did! I used the "fixed" functionality of this site to mark it "fixed". Is that not enough?

#10 11 months ago

NPO I updated the topic subject, you make a good argument.

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