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CGC remake wish list. What would you like to see remade?

By arcademojo

11 months ago

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“CGC remake wish list. What would you like to see remade?”

  • Theatre of Magic 78 votes
  • Cactus Canyon 135 votes
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights 126 votes
  • Scared Stiff 58 votes
  • Cirqus Voltaire 71 votes
  • Twilight Zone 116 votes
  • The Addams Family 116 votes
  • Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure 129 votes
  • Big Bang Bar 134 votes
  • Funhouse 2.0 79 votes
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon 60 votes
  • White Water 80 votes

(Multiple choice - 1182 votes by 578 Pinsiders)

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#1 11 months ago

Now that CGC has dropped the CE price down to $5999. What other pins would you like to see remade? Adding licensed pins in the mix because it can happen. They did Monster Bash when everyone was saying it couldn't happen. So there is hope for other licensed pins. Poll added. You can vote on more then one. And for the hundredth time. They are not making a CCCr but we can hope for polished code.

#5 11 months ago

Funhouse with a DMD! Should have been from the start.

#7 11 months ago

AFMRLE and MMRLE. Order placed for MBLE.
Anyone want to buy an EBDLE?

Carls 01 (resized).jpg
#8 11 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

It’s weird that White Water keeps popping up on these remake lists. I can’t imagine the justification of a remake since the value of the game is still pretty low. Well, comparitively speaking.

They are still within reach. As each top dollar A title gets remade the next one in line prices increase. Another way to look at it is, there are a lot of people with cash that would rather buy a new pin delivered to their door from a well known distro then mess with the hassle of driving to some unknown sellers house with thousands in their pocket. Or wire money for a used game site unseen.

#11 11 months ago

They already did. "Beatles.

#28 11 months ago
Quoted from NinJaBooT:

I'd like to see CGC come up with new themed pins rather than then continue with the remake model.

Why not do both? There’s no rule saying a manufacturer can only produce one pin a year.

#31 11 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Again, 10k were made, tons are around, and it's easy to either find or restore one to decent order.

You’re assuming that everyone can do a restore. And most high end restored ones go for over 8k. Let’s see: sell my original that needs restored for 4K and drop 6k on a brand new one. Or spend another 2k in parts and restore mine. I’ll take the new one any day.

#41 11 months ago

Now this I would be my first LE. Unless they did TAF first.

#45 11 months ago

Tried to add Fathom and Centaur to list but can't figure out how. Still think both would be good to remake and they could probably only have $4500 to $5000 price tag.

#49 11 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Well if we are wishing in here, and not just speculating, I would love to see modern remakes of old titles, updated and rereleased with new modern tech and new rules and a new art package.
Could you see a Xenon with modern rules and modes? Or Centaur, or Fireball, or Fathom? You dont need to reengineer a bunch of stuff, just pay the coders and the art department and lets do this!

Sure wish away! This is not a ""What's game #4 or 5 or 6"" thread. It's simply a what would you like to see CGC remake thread.
I started it to discus pro's and or cons of remaking differnt games since the "WHAT'S GAME #XXXX" threads always get cloged with the same wishfull thinking with every new #X thread.

I would also love to see other classic games being remade with modern code features and/or rules.

Quoted from Bublehead:

Or give any of the pre dot numeric/alpha numeric era classics the Jackbot treatment, just don’t screw the pooch and retheme it as a gambling “Casino at the End of the Universe” which was the biggest disservice to the Pinbot Brand since putting him on the Taxi machine. (No offence Taxi owners, but he sticks out like a sore thumb... and you constantly have to explain to people who Pinbot is)

Agreed with this 100% Love my Pinbot and would love to have it with modern features and DMD. Oh wait Jack Bot was supposed to be it. NOT!!!! Just don't like the art work on Jack Bot at all. Think they would have do a lot better if they just kept the artwork same as original without the space cards add on.

#52 11 months ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I was thinking about the CV thing recently to. Think they could do that game some serious justice

It's been mentioned in other threads that they couldn't remake it for several reasons but I disagree. It can be done if they think they can make profit off it.

#53 11 months ago

As for the games with higher original production number that some say won't be very good to remake becuase they might not sell a lot of them. Here's my thoughts on them. Besides for the lower CE prices and I see a large influx of newer people in the hobby that would rather buy a new game with a phone call to an distro or dealer then have to hunt a used game. Many of them believe the newer game will have less problems and there is always the added warranty. This is why I can see games like TZ and TAF being remade. I know a few people like this. And yes they are buying new in box right now and plan on buying more.

3 weeks later
#56 10 months ago
Quoted from Strummy:

Pinbot and Taxi are the most memorable from my arcade days in the 80s. I pretty much lost track of pinball after that up until about 6 years ago. I welcome all of these titles. I recently bought an attack from Mars remake and to me it is like having a brand new title having only played it a handful of times at shows. Awesome game!

I'm in the same boat. Stopped going to arcades and playing pinball in the late 80's. Then got back into playing around 2000. Wasn't a lot of variety around so never got to play games like AFM, MM, MB, TAF, and the rest of the late Williams/Bally pins. Only played AFM maybe 3 times before my buddy bought a AFMR. And agreed it's like a whole new game.

1 month later
#58 9 months ago

Cactus Canyon and Big Bang Bar tied in for first place with 68 votes.
Addams Family coming in close second with 65 votes.
Lets get some more votes in.

2 months later
#87 7 months ago

Lots of votes coming in.
My personal to dream titles to be remade are TAF and SS. TAF would be a long shot but think SS shouldn’t be that hard to get a license for. Yeah I know Stern has “A” license for a new Elvira pin but that doesn’t mean they can’t still get the license for SS.

#118 6 months ago

898 votes!!!
Lets get this up to 1000!

#119 6 months ago

CPR announced new IJ backglass. Plus their TZ and TAF backglasses and TAF playfield.
Seems like all the talk about impossible license issues from the past should be put to rest.
If they can get licenses for playfields and backglasses they can get licenses to remake the game.
TAF was the number one selling game and I'm sure it would be their number one selling remake also.

#123 6 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I don't know if that logic holds fully... Only because most people are buying games that are really overpriced in the collectors market and will never have a chance to play.
It's true Addam's Family is a pricey game. I think 5.5-8.5k is the range I notice it being tossed around at. Which certainly fits the value range for CGC remake criteria.
But, Attack from Mars, MM, and Monster Bash all sold around 3-5k sales... Not bad selling games. As anything around 4k was a good run. And around the 3-4k mark the designers would start getting bonuses for every machine sold.
The reason why I bring up sales is, less sales, less machine around to be sold and played. Hence why I think these games are selling really good. For some strange reason they weren't big hits in the 90s while other pins were, but they were always well regarded and liked... Popularity can be a fickle thing.
So, while I know I would be open to a new CGC remake of Addam's family and most people would... I'm not certain it would be their best seller. I think too many originals are still out there. It would be a good seller, and I think of course they'd sell out of their LE's.
Personally... I really hope CGC doesn't start making original games. I hope they continue with the remakes... As I think there is less risk involved, and I know there are still so many quality games for them to put out. and if they put out one a year or even two a year... That means they have enough pins for the next 10-15 years... Provided this hobby doesn't crater... But, I don't think its going anywhere. I think it survived the salad days, and will survive them again.

Not exactly sure what your first statement is saying? You might not have worded that right.
But here is one thing to consider. The big 3 vs TAF. If look at what percent of the big 3 owners that, A: own the game but sold it to buy the remake because they wanted the upgraded features. B: people that owned the game before but didn't want to spend the cash on high priced used ones so bought the remakes. Now up that by the amount of previous and current TAF owners. Myself included. (current owner of an above average players TAF with really nice Diamond coated playfield). I would be first in line for a TAF with new display and other upgraded features. This is just a small portion of sales but will make up larger numbers in the end. I agree it will lose sales from the collectors that are just buying rare games though. Then on the flip side are the vast majority of newer buyers that would rather just pick up the phone and have a NIB delivered to their door. I personally feel these are the people that are targeted with the remakes. And then you have to look at modern operators. Many of our local ops are selling off all there older games and just buying every new game that comes out. Including MMR, AFMR and MBR. taf has always been a top earner so I'm sure many ops will jump on the chance to have a new one again.

#126 6 months ago

952 votes in. Current running tally of top 5.
CC :110 votes
BBB :109
IJ :99
TAF :97

Still need more votes to break 1000.

1 week later
#128 6 months ago

Any solid leaks for their next game? I would guess it’s out of these two.
CC: rare and commands a high price. But code needs work. Would probably be priced at MMR pricing.
TOM: fun and popular game that would sell well. No license isssues.
And should be able to price at current AFMR/MBR prices.

#129 6 months ago

Le 1,2,3.
Or should it be #2, #3, #1 all in a row. We have room for game #4 and #5.
@pps MMR really needs a nice topper and large DMD display. May I ask if any info is coming up on these?

56184372_2390419560988660_6419574359043604480_n (resized).jpg
1 week later
#130 6 months ago

Hoping to hear something this weekend of what game #4 is.

1 month later
#134 4 months ago

Congratulations!!! 1000 votes in.
Listed in order of votes.

1 month later
#137 77 days ago

Rumor mill seems to have gone silent in the past couple of months.
Current top rumor/speculation points to CCr with polished code.
Hopefully we hear something soon.

#140 77 days ago
Quoted from rawbars:

I don’t understand why BBB gets mentioned as a possible CGC remake. I’m sure I don’t understand the ins and outs of all of the licensing. But it seems kind of apparent they only have the rights to make Bally/Williams games. If they had the rights to make Capcom games wouldn’t they have done BBB already? And why would they let another company remake Kingpin? Those are two super obvious candidates for remakes based on rarity and second hand selling prices. You don’t just skip over BBB and then let another company remake Kingpin if you have the rights to make them. It doesn’t make sense to me.

PPS did mention BBB as one of the possible games they were going to remake on their forum years ago.
And someone correct me if I'm wrong on this. CGC doesn't own any of the rights to Bally/Williams. PPS owns them and license them to CGC. So if we assume PPS owns the right to the Capcom games it wouldn't matter what company builds it. They still get paid. As far as if PPS owning the rights to Capcom or not I've always saw different opinions from others but never a strait answer from someone in the know. Some say it was included in the Williams rights and other say it was owned by someone else. IIRC it was however stated they (PPS) did have the rights to make parts for the Capcom games.

Edit: LTG beat me to the answer by a couple seconds and he is one in the know so take his word for it.

#143 77 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Gene with Illinois Pinball ? Which PPS bought the rights to in the bankruptcy auction. So PPS either got it then, or since then. Probably not all that hard to get.
LTG : )

Question for you. How does Scientific games come into play with all this? Aren't they the license holders of Williams/Bally pinball

4 weeks later
#151 47 days ago

Just checking in on the vote tally and it looks like Big Bang Bar has now tied with CC for the #1 spot.
Still now word on what is next. Looking forward to hearing what ever game it is.

#153 46 days ago

BBB has now taken the lead by two votes.

2 weeks later
#157 31 days ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

Is there a date for the next announcement?

No date that I know of. But would imagine an announcement before the end of the year. Would have thought it would have been already but guessing all the delays with MBR playfields they got pushed back.

2 weeks later
#167 11 days ago

Just a reminder poll is still running.
Still can't believe Scared Stiff is in last place. Hopefully this will change with the new Elvira game out.

#169 11 days ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Can Stern Playfields be in the poll.?

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