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CGC Pinball Production Update

By CGC_DougS

2 years ago

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Post #392 Report of AFMR SE delivery! Posted by sandersj (2 years ago)

Post #431 Update from CGC on latest shipping, and details on packaging changes Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #522 Nifty LED information on cool white LED's for AFMR Posted by NiftyLED (2 years ago)

Post #613 Update from Doug on AFMR build status. LE's now in production. Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #711 Production update Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #777 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #820 AFM LE delivered! Posted by kidchrisso (2 years ago)

Post #1157 September 1st Update from CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #1175 Production update from CGC including game #3 launch targets! Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #1214 Pre-Expo production update from Doug at CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

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#4 2 years ago

Fantastic! I already made room in my game room for AFMr LE #669, can't wait!

#41 2 years ago

I went LE cause of the topper! So cool!

1 week later
#108 2 years ago

I am soooooo excited!!!!! eieieieieieieie AFMr LE!!!!!!
Oh and I am in Chicago on business this week, going to hit Logan Arcade tonight and check it out!!!!!

#115 2 years ago

I'm at Logan Arcade and just put in my first game on AFMr! Wow what a awesome game, love the bigger screen and the alien ship lighting effects are great too with the different color LED's. Great work by everyone involved to get this game made!

IMG_0313 (resized).JPG

#118 2 years ago

Grabbed a couple close ups of the backboard

IMG_0314 (resized).JPG

IMG_0315 (resized).JPG

#122 2 years ago

I put some games in on BM66, wow what a mess that is. Also tried AS but couldn't get into it. But dang AFMr is a friggen blast! Can't get enough of it. Sorry Stern

#124 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Wacky, thx for posting..no topper?..and how did the green trim look...??

Green trim looks awesome in my opinion. When you are playing the game it really blends in and looks great! From the side it takes a moment to acquire its appearance, but after a while it looks good too! I switched my LE to green

No topper, I think CGC said this one is a test prototype, so maybe they didn't have toppers ready yet. Bar tender says it's been here a couple weeks.

#192 2 years ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

To those that have played AFMr. How was the callout volume? Is it low like MMr or does it sound normal?

Granted I was in a bar playing it, so there was quite a bit of noise. But I thought it sounded great! The one I was playing had the upgraded premium audio. I thought it was great

1 week later
#248 2 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

Great news. They are knocking it out.

WTF are you talking about

#289 2 years ago

THIS. IS. AMAZING. GOOD WORK!!!!! Love the updates and the game is amazing

#304 2 years ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

From Facebook...

1 week later
#361 2 years ago

If I were to guess, I'd guess the main reason they are putting the LE repeat customers first is so they are sure they match serial numbers and don't accidentally sell one to someone else. I'm assuming any LE customer who wants a matching serial number needed to get their order in right away to be guaranteed a match. Plus it is a nice boost for a loyal customer, even if it's just "LE" customers.

1 week later
#441 2 years ago

Just got invoiced for AFMr LE #669 in Green!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

#451 2 years ago
Quoted from YZRider926:

Are you guys all mmr original owners?

Yes, I own MMr LE #669, original owner and it's staying forever

#468 2 years ago
Quoted from CGC_DougS:

Our production output in both quantity and quality has already exceeded our expectations. We are still building up to our targeted output of about 15 games per day and this could still take several more weeks. Because of this success, Doug Duba, owner of CGC, has decided to modify the original schedule. With his newly found confidence in our abilities along with some delays on receiving some custom made parts the topper, we are modify the schedule as such.
• We have parts to build 500 AFMR on the first run. Parts for the second run (1,000 units) have all been released to our vendors and will start arriving in July.
• Instead of building only 100 SE’s, we are now going to build 150 SE’s. By building the additional 50 SE’s it will push us out only two weeks before we dive in to LE production.
• By the time that we have completed the 150, we should be building and testing toppers.
• Our plan is to still build the LE Serial Number Matching Program machines first.
• Once started, we will focus only on LE’s until all have been built.
• When we break to build MMR, we will build only 250 MMR’s instead of the originally announced 500 units. Although we have commitments for well over 400 MMR’s, we are confident that the 250 will take care of the immediate needs rather than the stocking positions some dealers are teeing up for the holiday season. It should take us no more than 3 to 4 weeks to build this quantity.
• While we are building AFM’s, the work cells will be working on sub-assemblies for MMR and visa-versa when we are building MMR’s, we will be building AFMR assemblies.
• Immediately following MMR’s, we will build AFMR strong for many weeks.
• We will break to build another batch of MMR in early to mid-November.
Each game is going through three testing points before it is boxed. We have established a check list that has to be completed on each and every game. I don’t know of a manufacture that is checking, double checking, and triple checking a product before it ships. Like I said earlier, I look forward to hearing from the community on first posts of their “unboxing” experiences. Please understand that we are working our way out of a hole. We have nearly 1,800 pins to build at this time; however, new orders coming in daily. Because we are so behind at the moment, we will not look to introduce our next pin until probably late Q1 of 2018. We also will be introducing a new video game later this year that will become a “have to have” for any players game room.
Thank you again for all your passion and patience as we work our way of this back-order situation.
Best regards.
Doug Skor

You guys are really nailing it, AFMr is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing it in my game room!

#478 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

True, but us present MMR owners would love the availability of an upgrade kit as well!

Take my money now!

#496 2 years ago

LOL the complaining about the door

#501 2 years ago

I went to the bank yesterday, emptied my wallet onto the counter and the clerk somehow sent it through wires to PPS and now I have an LE on the way. Neat!

#552 2 years ago
Quoted from Gexchange:

Proof! They are cranking out game! 10 SE's Just hit our dock. 5 Are going right back out today.


#565 2 years ago

The AFMr topper is sooooooo cool!

2 weeks later
#658 2 years ago

Really hopeful to hear about the LE progress this week, anyone receive notice that theirs has shipped?

#670 2 years ago

I highly doubt they put any MMr's on the line, the switch over time too run a small batch wouldn't make sense and would just be a distraction and delay for AFMr. More than likely they've been building up a pile of LE's that are waiting on toppers.

#691 2 years ago

#714 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Thanks for the update as always.
Feel free to take your time getting mine if it means getting it perfect. I'm a little concerned as others are regarding the cabinet splitting issues that have surfaced over the past few days. I'm sure you are working on this now with the open tickets, but was surprised there was no mention in the update. I would rather it be corrected in the factory then at my home.

That HUGE stack of assembled LE's brought happy tears to my eyes, beautiful.

#722 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

For what it's worth I had a nice conversation with Doug, who called me this afternoon after I opened a ticket earlier this morning.
He assured me the cabinets are not splitting. The isolated decal issues are due to the stretching of some of the decals as they were wrapped. I feel no signs of raised wood behind the VERY mild decal splits my AFMr SE has, which are only noticeable if you're 2 inches away with a camera and flash.
These guys stand by the quality of their products 100%, and I was more than satisfied with their response when I asked what happens should the cabinet start falling apart a couple years down the line or the decal gets progressively worse.
My AFMr played perfect out of the box, and continues to do so. Not a single adjustment was needed.
I think everybody should relax, and enjoy your LE's which will hopefully be getting to you very soon!
Oh, and *ahem* CGC, if you're reading this, I think it would be a REALLY cool idea to eventually release a mini-saucer upgrade kit to purchase for us humble SE and Classic owners

Glad they addressed your concern, I for one can't stop staring at that stack of LE's wondering which one is mine :-p

#735 2 years ago
Quoted from CGC_DougS:

The games already completed still need to go through final testing, number assignment, and trim application

and TRIM application, my guess is those martian green lock bars are there so they could strap them closed and prop them up on their backs. All the number matching LE's are first and I doubt we all selected martian green. So don't lose hope that yours might be in that stack!

#736 2 years ago

been crickets in here today, I hope trucks are backing to the loading dock to pickup those LE's!

#756 2 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

At this point, I'll take a used bottle cap with a number written on it in crayon.

LoL that's silly. I'm more than happy to wait until they get them right.

#770 2 years ago

Doh! Stopped by Logan Arcade while I am in Chicago to get my AFMr fix while I wait for mine, but fudge it's outta order :-/ waaaaaaa

IMG_0962 (resized).JPG

#772 2 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

Glad it comes with a 2 year warranty

It's probably some little thing, like a loose screw, and they are loosing all this money I'd be pumping into it. It's sad, a lot of the machines here at Logan Arcade are in bad shape. Batman 66 is down, Metallica is down, Game of Thrones is down. One of the scoleri brothers in ghostbusters is broken. TWD has a jammed ball and is down. The drawbridge in MMr doesnt work. Idk seems like every machine has one or more issue and most are easy fixes. I used to love this place cause all their machines worked, they must have lost their tech or something. Sad

#781 2 years ago

Awesome news!!!

#787 2 years ago

I hope one of those 5 is mine! Not enough resolution to zoom in on the serial numbers :-/

#789 2 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Are the toppers packed into a wooden crate?

Appears so

#791 2 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

They put a short video and some pics on fb, and it looks like there are a lot more than 5 sitting on the dock.


#796 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Wasn't green trim supposed to be exclusive to LE? Or did they powder coat it aftermarket?

That particular machine is a prototype test machine, CGC and Stern frequently use local businesses to place machines for testing. It was pretty much an LE, think it was just missing a topper. At any rate it doesn't have an LE medallion and isn't part of the 1000 official production LE's. There might be some other differences with it from a production machine, think the backboard is different than the production version, might be some other variations as well. It's been at Logan for a few months now.

#810 2 years ago

I hope I hear on mine soon! I can't wait! Ya'll are making me jealous and anxious

#811 2 years ago

Has anyone heard on their matching LE from PPS?

#813 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I did this morning. Expected this week; 8/2

Nice Hopefully I am not far behind you then

#818 2 years ago

Just got my email!!!!!! It's coming..........I'm so excited my head could explode!

#822 2 years ago

wow wow wow!!! OPEN ITTTTTTT

#828 2 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

This damn thing is is screwed down...nice job CBC! Plastic everywhere protecting it.

So awesome!!!!!

#850 2 years ago

Black is gorgeous, but I am looking forward to my Martian Green!

#870 2 years ago

FedEx freight says mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! No call yet though :-/

#881 2 years ago
Quoted from bdaley6509:

Curious if the games get shipped to the distributor first, or just drop shipped from the factory?

Both, if the game is already sold it is drop shipped, otherwise it goes to the distributor.

#892 2 years ago

Delivery set for 12-6 Friday!

#905 2 years ago

YaY! more eye candy!!!

#919 2 years ago

It's hard to wait while they crank these out! But the quality and game are worth it!

#928 2 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I feel my MMR flippers have a slight delay/ soft feel to them, like 1/10 of a second....it's weird. AFMR's are nice and snappy like Stern or JJP flippers. Stern had quality issues when they early in the release. I just noticed on my Merlin plastic, I was missing a nut....just stupid things like that makes a difference.

Have another drink

#982 2 years ago

I think it's fantastic they are making them in house and they seem to be streaming off the line pretty good now. I bet ya'll will see them soon. It's worth the wait!

#993 2 years ago
Quoted from DSL_:

Can someone with knowledge of the topper please help me? I connected all the wires to where the labels matched but the last one labeled "Inputs" has a 4 pin molex with 2 wires and a plug in one of the connections. What I think it the corresponding connector has 4 pins. Should I pull out the plug so I can plug in the molex into the Input on the topper board labelled inputs?
Thanks for helping, I really am dying to power it on...

I had the same issue, I sniped the pin off. Be careful you are sniping the correct one and make sure you have a good grip so you don't lose it in the board below.

#995 2 years ago
Quoted from DSL_:

Wouldn't it be safer to just pull the plug out of the molex or is is stuck/glued in there??

I couldn't figure out how to get it out, I posted too and got replies. It's happened to a few people and the common recommendation is to cut the pin, so thats what I did. Check the unboxing and owner threads, there is some more discussion of this issue there.

#1000 2 years ago

Shit happens, no big deal, I'm sure future ones will be correct.

#1001 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

As long as in the future no one plugs the connector in the wrong place or plugs it in backwards.
LTG : )

I agree, cut the pin so it is as designed. Safer

#1003 2 years ago

Cut mine, didn't look back and did this today!

IMG_1042 (resized).JPG

#1006 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I was at league on Sunday, and someone pointed at a pulsing insert on the playfield of an original, and said on the remake you couldn't see that the light was pulsing, that was his observation from Cal Extreme.
Anyone know what's up with that? Problem? Solved? A setting issue?

the "next" level of shot for all the shots pulsate. I can see it just fine on the remake

#1008 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's good, but I wonder what he was talking about then?

Too many beers?

#1024 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I was at league on Sunday, and someone pointed at a pulsing insert on the playfield of an original, and said on the remake you couldn't see that the light was pulsing, that was his observation from Cal Extreme.
Anyone know what's up with that? Problem? Solved? A setting issue?

I see what you are talking about now. I went through and tried the 4 various levels and settled in on Medium. Default is Low but you are right they are not as obviously flashing as they are on Medium.

2 weeks later
#1119 2 years ago

Love my AFMr LE, I'm ready for MBr LE!

#1136 2 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

WOW just inboxed LE #90 (more posted in unboxing thread) and I must say in my many years of collecting and my many NIB machine opening experiences this one takes the cake!!! AMAZING. What a quality machine and what attention to detail. Way to go CGC. I did. It play or even see this game in person before now... only photos. It is so much more than what I was expecting. The topper is unlike anything I have ever seen and the game just blows me away. I will post more in the unboxing thread but wanted to post this to let CGC know what a work of art they have created.

Beautiful! I have 250+ plays on mine so far and can't get enough of it!

3 weeks later
#1178 2 years ago

Can't wait for game #3 matching LE!!!! Please be Monster Bash, please be Monster Bash, please be Monster Bash!

3 weeks later
#1239 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

I am already budgeting for MBr

Same here!

2 months later
#1344 1 year ago
Quoted from CGC_DougS:

Hello Everyone!
This year blew by for me and I can’t believe we are knocking on the door of Christmas / New Year’s 2018. We accomplished many great things at CGC this year. Most notably, I believe we are assembling / shipping an amazing product and we are hitting the promised timelines that we have made. The past many few weeks have insane with all that we have been shipping, considering all the various products that we produce.
1. Overall our games are performing amazingly. However, there has been a small number of reported concerns, on very recently produced games, of the balls trajectory as is comes out of the shooter lane. This really came to light as people opened tickets and we were able to piece to together the problem. By Monday morning our engineering and production team were working on a fix. Let me be clear, there are no failures; rather, the ball on these games comes out of the shooter lane and does not properly travel to the gate or around the orbiter loop. As mention several times, we work very methodically here at CGC. It might take a few days before we release the correction. Regardless, it will be an easy correction and we will post it on our service portal.
2. In the week of Christmas, we are scheduled to switch over in building out a handful of overseas containers. Shortly after the first of the year, we will return to North American production. The remainder of the LE’s will be produced and then it will be all SE’s and CE’s to follow.
3. By February we will have completed nearly 1,500 AFMR games, and with then return back to another small run of MMR.
4. We are still working on the MMR display/speaker panel upgrade. It’s not as simple as one might think and in order to it correctly, it going to take some time. More on this to come in 2018.
5. We will unveil Pin #3 at the Texas Pinball Festival in March.
From your friends at CGC, we wish you all a great holiday season with your families.
Doug Skor

You guys are awesome! Thanks for all you do. Happy Holidays

1 month later
#1429 1 year ago

I’ve got 8k all teed up for MBr LE, bring it on!

1 month later
#1514 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

The LE collectors are the exact same market....

Not true. I had zero interest in Sterns LE. I’m waiting for MBr LE

#1518 1 year ago
Quoted from jake35:

Stern sucks, looks and feels cheap. Until they stop putting out turds I'll pass and buy other brands. Even the older Data East and Sega are better built.

IDK they seemed to step it up with the LE’s finally. Almost as good as the Star Trek LE I have and cherish and will be buried with.

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