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CGC Pinball Production Update

By CGC_DougS

2 years ago

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Post #392 Report of AFMR SE delivery! Posted by sandersj (2 years ago)

Post #431 Update from CGC on latest shipping, and details on packaging changes Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

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Post #613 Update from Doug on AFMR build status. LE's now in production. Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #711 Production update Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #777 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #820 AFM LE delivered! Posted by kidchrisso (2 years ago)

Post #1157 September 1st Update from CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #1175 Production update from CGC including game #3 launch targets! Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

Post #1214 Pre-Expo production update from Doug at CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

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#34 2 years ago

Doug, will there be a local pick up option available? I preordered AFMLE and would love to transport myself. That said if you guys aren't set up for that I can completely understand. Doesnt hurt to ask.

Thanks so much for the update!

1 week later
#83 2 years ago

Hi CGC_DougS. Was just curious how things have been going regarding AFM since your last check in.

I can imagine you are all super busy but what do you think about the idea of sharing small updates with us maybe once per week (maybe Fridays or Mondays so that your normal week isn't interupted)? It would be fun to be connected with CGC in some way throughout the process.

#102 2 years ago

Thanks so much Doug for keeping us in the loop. I really appreciate your time and the communication. This goes a long way with your customer base I'm sure.

#161 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It already is. The only difference with AFMr is the screen size. Resolution is the same. All MMr would need is a speaker panel kit w/ the big monitor to swap in. The artists wouldn't have to do anything.

I don't think that's correct as the newer (bigger) display has new animations at a higher resolution. It's more detailed.

#163 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Have you seen MMr color? It's more detailed, smaller dots. If you get an AFMr "Classic" Edition - you can upgrade to the color dots...they're the same dots that are on the big monitor. It's literally the same concept of watching something on a small TV or a big TV. Resolution can be the same on any size monitor.

For example. You can look at this MMR image on your phone - or on your computer - or on a projector screen. Same art, same resolution, different size display.

That makes sense. I hadn't seen the MMr color version. It looks good to go. Sorry for any confusion on my part and thanks for sharing this.

#187 2 years ago
Quoted from mark9:

Would be good to see the black and green trims side by side. Have a black trim LE on order but I am warming to green (not enough to change my mind yet though).

I'd really like to see them side by side as well. I originally wanted green but then went with black on my preorder. Ultimately I may just go with a dark red powdercoat when it's all said and done.

1 week later
#258 2 years ago

I guess the only thing I'm wondering is if I'm in the group of the first 500 AFMLE or the second group of 500. I know that another run of MMr will go on the line in between the first and second runs of 500 AFMLE. My distro has no way of letting me know which group I'm in until they are told their particular allotment numbers from CGC. If I'm in that second group of 500 then it seems I would prefer to buy another pin and then sell one before I have to purchase my AFMLE. I just don't want to be waiting until the end of the year playing nothing if I could be playing something else while waiting. I only have room for four and right now I have 3. I'd like to fill that space sooner than later, lol. I'm buying for sure...but don't know what to do while I wait.

#262 2 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

When I played the AFMr LE at pinagogo, it had side panels, and the sides of the backbox, that lit up. Looking at the pic on PPS' website, it looks like the LE has mirror side panels. Anyone have any idea which will ship on the LE?
This is the first game I have been excited about since Metallica. I am actually considering selling GnR for this one, which I never thought would happen.

The LE is supposed to ship with the mirror blades. The light up blades and backbox sides are an aftermarket mod by another supplier. It will have a back panel decal but isn't interactive or illuminated to my knowledge.

#270 2 years ago

I don't own a MMr. Do you think 500 MMr owners also reserved AFMLE?

1 week later
#321 2 years ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Any updates on when production will start on the LE's?

I was told by my distro that I'm 2/3 the way down on his LE list and it looks like I'll be in the second batch of LEs (after 100 SE, 500LE, and another run of MMr). Is it possible I'm looking at 2018 for my preorder?

#323 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

When did you order? Early after announcement or later?

Early, on Saturday March 25th. As soon as it was available for preorder I believe.

#326 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

That's early. Its hard to understand how you ended up 2/3 down the list, enough to miss the first 500 batch.

That's what I thought as well. I intentionally switched distros this time around (for AFMLE) because I had preordered Ghostbusters Premium on announcement day with my previous distributor and didn't end up getting it until late October (7 months later). It made no sense at all and I didn't want to be in that situation again. Kind of feel like I'm in the same boat now but I honestly don't know how these guys figure out the fulfillment order so I won't complain.

#328 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Yah I hope I get mine in the first batch. I hate long waits. 6-12 months of waiting gives me too much time to change my mind.

That's exactly it. If I'm going to wait for 6 months I would prefer to buy something else and enjoy it versus playing the waiting game and checking my inbox for delivery status, lol.

#335 2 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

I'd cancel my order if I was told I had to wait for 500 MMRE's to be made until I could get my name. Definition of bullshit right there.

Cancelling my order right now doesn't do me any good as I don't know where else I can get in on a first run of these at this point. I'd rather stay the course and wait versus cancelling and being out altogether.

I do wish I knew how distributors worked their preorders though. Is it first come first served? Take care of repeat customers then new orders? I'm sure it varies but I haven't had any luck preordering within 48 hours of release on each of my last two preorders with two different distributors (each well respected and highly recommended distros as well).

The last thing I want to do is cause any negativity around this game as I'm very excited to be in on an LE. My intention is not to badmouth any distros here whatsoever but I was just looking for a timeline on when I may get my game. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing some unboxing pics soon.

#343 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

My distro confirmed that CGC is sorting out the MMRLE original owners first, regardless of when they pre-ordered. Thumbs down CGC. Nobody else does that. Keeping my fingers crossed I'm in the first shipment but not much else to do but wait it out.

Even though that puts me in the second run of 500 LEs I do think it's pretty cool for those that are loyal to CGC and are taking the plunge on their second LE. Great incentive and reward for loyal customers.

#345 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Originally I was told the only perk was getting the matching number. It is what it is. I have a second hand MMR LE, love it. Would have bought it NIB but I did not have the space for pinball at the time. There's a lot of great stuff coming out. My plan was to get this in 2017 and DI or SW in 2018. If I find out I'm bumped it makes perfect sense to switch things around and pick up a second hand AFMr down the line.

I should have asked my buddy who is an owner of a MMRLE to order an AFMRLE for me, lol.

Looks like I'll buy something else for now (while keeping my preorder) and sell something down the road when my number gets called for the balance on AFMRLE.

#348 2 years ago
Quoted from ecmurrayf1:

It was disclosed at TPF when AFMR was announced that they would run 500 AFMR then switch to 500 MMR before finishing AFMR. Doug openly discussed it at the show so no surprise.

Yes, I know that. No questions (or surprises) there.

#350 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Yeah, I considered doing the same from the guy I bought mine from but didn't want warranty issues down the line... and at the time thought the only bonus was getting your number.
You get a month's notice so that's totally sensible. I may do the same. The LE looks super sweet... it's my #1 want. I get why they are doing it, I know MMR was a LONG wait for many LE owners. I should just reach out and figure out if I'm making the cut and figure out a plan. Cheers.

Look at it this way. In a few years we will be getting first dibs on our Monster Bash remake LE with matching numbers on our AFMRLE, lol.

Has anyone been able to tell if the adjustable LED lighting can simulate COOL WHITE versus only a bright WARM WHITE in regards to the GI lighting? I'm a huge fan of the cool whites in my pins.

#354 2 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

What happened to Stern making MMR's at their facility?
I still see MMR cabinets sitting around in their walk through the factory vids.
Pretty sure they still had Playfield's in a recent one as well.

I believe those games are the last of the last regarding Stern's obligations to manufacture MMr. No more are planned moving forward coming out of Stern. Probably those last pins that were waiting for parts if I had to guess.

#373 2 years ago

I was told by a distributor yesterday that CGC is finishing up the SEs this week and then onto the LEs. I was also told that CGC is awaiting on parts to finish the toppers and that even though some LEs may be completed that they will not ship until the toppers are completed. Finally, I was told that CGC has not confirmed shipping numbers to any distributors as of yet so that it would be difficult to speculate where anyone falls in line (first or second batch) regarding their preorder.

#390 2 years ago

With it being Friday any chance for CGC_DougS to pop in here and give us a small update? I look forward to his posts!

#394 2 years ago
Quoted from sandersj:

I just set up an AFMR SE on location. Working 100% right out of the box. Good looking machine.

Very awesome and great to hear. Did you grab any unboxing pics? Thanks for sharing.

#397 2 years ago
Quoted from NiftyLED:

The first machines off the line may very well have standard (44/47 style)LED bulbs... the ones after that though are likely something you've never seen before...

Whatever is in there I hope it can produce a "cool white" color versus a "warm white" as I'm not a fan of the warm (reminds me of incandescents).

#401 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

If they did it. I'd like to see two versions. Original, and one with white mountains and snow monster instead of brown mountains and big foot.
LTG : )

bumble_03 (resized).jpg

#413 2 years ago

So it looks like 2nd batch of AFMLE would be September/October based on that timeline.

#509 2 years ago

I was reading in the unboxing thread that the GI cannot be customized LED boards are being used instead of LED bulbs. I was really hoping to have a cool white (not warm white) LEDs in my GI. Anyone know if those GI LED boards are cool white or warm white (similar to incandescent)?

#513 2 years ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

If they are the same ones used in MMr, they look great. A traditional cool white would look awful.

Why do you think a cool white GI would look awful? I personally prefer it.

#516 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Cool white = modern.
When I first got my MMR, it immediately looked "dated" along my lineup, with its yellowish hue. I swapped the GI for cool white and now it looked like it belonged with modern games.
I realize this is a matter of taste, and fortunately for me I was able to mod the game to match the rest of my collection.

I guess this is exactly what my concern is. I don't want AFM to look "dated" in my lineup. It will drive me nuts having all the great LE upgrades and then having an incandescent looking lighting effect that I can't change to a more modern cool white.

#518 2 years ago

Im curious to see exactly how these GI LED boards connect and disconnect. If its a little molex or plastic connector I would hope that a COOL WHITE LED kit may be an aftermarket option for this pin. I know Doug reads this thread so this would something on my wish list for AFMr.

#521 2 years ago
Quoted from Gexchange:

On our showroom floor SE they are Warm.. See pictures below

Can those be changed? Are there different GI bulbs/boards that were used on the original demo units versus what is being shipped now? Thanks for posting, JJ.

#535 2 years ago
Quoted from NiftyLED:

As some of you might know, Nifty LED provides the bulbs for Chicago Gaming's Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars remakes. As of now, all games ship with Warm White bulbs for the general illumination, but we've heard feedback that people would like a Cool White option. To accommodate people who would prefer Cool White, we're now selling this bulb for use in Chicago Gaming machines.
In the future, if there's enough of a demand, we will be offering different colors in addition to Cool White.
You can get the Cool White bulbs here: http://www.niftyled.com/chicago-gaming-gi-bulb-cool-white/
If you have questions, please ask!
Thank You,
Nifty LED

I'd like to personally THANK YOU for posting this and offering the cool whites option!!! This literally made my pinball day. Im going to order a set now. Again...thanks!!!

#536 2 years ago

I just ordered 40 of the Cool Whites for AFMLE. Thanks again NiftyLED for listening to customer feedback and giving us options to personalize our machines. This entire experience with the AFMLE preorder had been very pleasant and full of nice surprises.

#575 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Why, afraid she'd get a ladder?


Played the AFMLE at Logan Arcade last night. The lighting, extra wide DMD and the mirror blades almost make this pin feel like a wide body. I'm super excited to get mine.

#588 2 years ago

I saw the green at Logan Arcade and it looked fine. It's a little dim at Logan Arcade so the trim didn't really stand out but it was noticeable. I switched from green to black as I think the black will be well liked by anyone that sees it. It's definitely the safest choice in my opinion. I dont want anything distracting me from the amazing light show on the playfield, lol.

#614 2 years ago

Just curious if all 1000 LEs are being made before the 250 MMr go on the line or if only the matching serial number LEs (for MMr owners) are being completed before another run of 250 MMr remakes are put back on the line. Was this clarified either way? One of Doug's previous posts explained production schedule but it was kind of open to interpretation on the LE run (if it's being split or will be continuous for all 1000 machines). Sorry if this has been answered.

#640 2 years ago
Quoted from john17a:

Can any one clear this up
I had the understanding that cgc was now going to produce all the LEs in 1 block can Doug cgc confirm where we are at with production planning

I PM'd him on this as his original post could be interpreted a couple different ways. Today he confirmed that after around 500 AFMLEs they will put MMr on the line for a run of 250 before finishing the last 500 AFMLEs. He messaged me this morning on this.

1 week later
#660 2 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Would love to see a picture of the topper as well with the new modifications.

What are the new modifications to the topper?

#664 2 years ago

I wonder what the chances are that CGC will finish all 1000 AFMLEs before Christmas? Hoping to have mine for the holidays.

#668 2 years ago
Quoted from Blakester:

First I read that they would build some AFM LEs then go back to building MM-Rs. Then I read that they'd stick with AFMs for a while. Anyone know which is correct? I've got an AFM LE on order (no matching number, my MM-R is a standard)

Doug at CGC replied to my PM about a week ago confirming that after building around 500 AFMLE they would put 250 MMr on the line before completing the last 500 AFMLEs.

#672 2 years ago
Quoted from john17a:

I had the silly impression that the above stated that the LE,s once started would be then competed the lot of them surely my grasp of the English language isn'tthat bad

I read it the same way as you. That's why I messaged Doug to confirm but he said it's 500 AFMLE, 250 MMr, then 500 AFMLE.

#740 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Green was a bit too much for me, I went black.

Same here. Can't wait.

1 week later
#780 2 years ago

Great news. Thanks again for the repeated updates.

#819 2 years ago

Great to hear about these shipping emails for AFMLE. Selfishly, I wish that the AFMLEs would stay on the line until completion versus haulting momentum to build 250 MMrs. That said I'm very pleased with CGC regarding communication and updates.

#847 2 years ago

Thanks for the pics but would you be able to snap a pic or two of the game (showing the black trim...legs, lockdown bar, etc) with the lights on? Thanks again.

1 week later
#987 2 years ago
Quoted from Backyardace:

I wonder if the MMR built by CGC will be the same price as when made by STERN? Also, how do you confirm you are getting a CGC made MMR?

Anything purchased in this upcoming run of 250 MMr will be CGC manufactured.

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