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CGC Pinball Production Update

By CGC_DougS

2 years ago

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Post #1214 Pre-Expo production update from Doug at CGC Posted by CGC_DougS (2 years ago)

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#245 2 years ago

I was told payment due 30 days from production, has anybody been asked to pay in full yet? Wasn't expecting anything before late Summer at the earliest.

#256 2 years ago

Eagerly awaiting you to announce when they are shipping. I got room for one more this year, pre-ordered an LE the second they went on sale with the great people at pinball star... but not gonna lie, there's a ton of great stuff on the horizon and it's gonna be hard to wait if I don't get an ETA in the next couple weeks. You can do it CGC, please just let us know what's up

#259 2 years ago

It's June, hope we hear something soon! My wallet is ready.

#268 2 years ago

*edit* I'm an idiot. Carry on!

#272 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

I don't own a MMr. Do you think 500 MMr owners also reserved AFMLE?

Doubtful. Also, it was my understanding that the perk for original MMr owners was the matching number, with nothing mentioned about getting their games first. That would be kind of insane. I think I'm letting my imagination get ahead of itself haha, please ignore anything I say regarding the subject. Just very excited to get mine

#276 2 years ago
Quoted from CGC_DougS:

7. Customized Logo Display – Both the LE and SE now allow the game owner to customize the logo appearing on the speaker panel. Games will ship with the Bally logo appearing in the small Customized Logo Display area. Details on file requirements and installation procedures to be included in the manual.

Amazing Doug, killer update!!!

1 week later
#329 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Early, on Saturday March 25th. As soon as it was available for preorder I believe.

It was actually Friday the 24th, but that still sounds quite early to get bumped to the second shipment. I guess maybe the majority of the orders were from sweaty palmed maniacs like myself anxiously waiting the official 3pm announcement that day

#342 2 years ago

My distro confirmed that CGC is sorting out the MMRLE original owners first, regardless of when they pre-ordered. Thumbs down CGC. Nobody else does that. Keeping my fingers crossed I'm in the first shipment but not much else to do but wait it out.

#344 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Even though that puts me in the second run of 500 LEs I do think it's pretty cool for those that are loyal to CGC and are taking the plunge on their second LE. Great incentive and reward for loyal customers.

Originally I was told the only perk was getting the matching number. It is what it is. I have a second hand MMR LE, love it. Would have bought it NIB but I did not have the space for pinball at the time. There's a lot of great stuff coming out. My plan was to get this in 2017 and DI or SW in 2018. If I find out I'm bumped it makes perfect sense to switch things around and pick up a second hand AFMr down the line.

#349 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

I should have asked my buddy who is an owner of a MMRLE to order an AFMRLE for me, lol.
Looks like I'll buy something else for now (while keeping my preorder) and sell something down the road when my number gets called for the balance on AFMRLE.

Yeah, I considered doing the same from the guy I bought mine from but didn't want warranty issues down the line... and at the time thought the only bonus was getting your number.

You get a month's notice so that's totally sensible. I may do the same. The LE looks super sweet... it's my #1 want. I get why they are doing it, I know MMR was a LONG wait for many LE owners. I should just reach out and figure out if I'm making the cut and figure out a plan. Cheers.

#351 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Look at it this way. In a few years we will be getting first dibs on our Monster Bash remake LE with matching numbers on our AFMRLE, lol.
Has anyone been able to tell if the adjustable LED lighting can simulate COOL WHITE versus only a bright WARM WHITE in regards to the GI lighting? I'm a huge fan of the cool whites in my pins.

The GI is just normal bulbs so you can easily swap out, no worries there! I'm slapping a pinstadium setup on my MMR, I kind of dig the warm white and it should brighten things up nicely. Good point re: MB haha.

#363 2 years ago

With my luck they'll decide to stop doing the program for MB and I won't be able to snag one haha. If this is the way things work for LE buyers, please keep doing it in the future

It'll be worth the wait. As long as I can get one in 2017 I'll be happy. It's SO tempting to jump on one of those SE's, but the mini saucer LEDs are too appealing to pass up, I'm a big sucker for light shows.

#384 2 years ago
Quoted from NiftyLED:

Have you personally confirmed this on production models

I have not. Just presuming it's based on the architecture of MMR with the inserts being led strips and not adjustable, and the GI being standard LED bulbs you can replace.

1 week later
#510 2 years ago

They look pretty dang warm to me. Strange move if it's the case. Luckily I dig the warm

#523 2 years ago
Quoted from NiftyLED:

Please let us know what your questions are!

Interesting. Are these plug and play or is soldering required?

#527 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I have a feeling you're going to sell a bunch of these.

Me too. My SE comes next week. What's the total count for GI bulbs?

#531 2 years ago
Quoted from NiftyLED:

CGC_DougS may have to chime in to confirm this, but I believe it is 31 total GI bulbs


#574 2 years ago

Oh snap haha

#594 2 years ago

Just set up SE number 10. Build quality and packaging is superb, and not a single adjustment was needed. I do have the issue with the SOL protector being much lower on the right side, which makes sense being one of the first ones off the line. No biggie, really great job cgc_dougs keep up the outstanding work!

#597 2 years ago

I'll find out when they get back to me!

#603 2 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Is it adjustable? Or is the part just sized wrong?

Doug and Lloyd got back to me... pretty great considering it's a holiday weekend.

I was told a very slight modification needs to be made to the initial design of the protector, but they have a batch of new ones coming in this week that'll be a perfect fit. One will be sent to me and I'll just swap it out. Piece of cake.

#642 2 years ago
Quoted from rrosenhouse:

Anyone have an estimate on how many matching serial numbered AFM-R's have been sold? Attempting to estimate when my LE might be made, since I am getting one from the non-matching group.

I was told under under 150.

#644 2 years ago

Yeah I was told it's only a week or two delay if you are not in the loyalty program.

#647 2 years ago

Side rails are fine on my SE.

1 week later
#694 2 years ago

Edited. Will reach out to CGC first.

#720 2 years ago

For what it's worth I had a nice conversation with Doug, who called me this afternoon after I opened a ticket earlier this morning.

He assured me the cabinets are not splitting. The isolated decal issues are due to the stretching of some of the decals as they were wrapped. I feel no signs of raised wood behind the VERY mild decal splits my AFMr SE has, which are only noticeable if you're 2 inches away with a camera and flash.

These guys stand by the quality of their products 100%, and I was more than satisfied with their response when I asked what happens should the cabinet start falling apart a couple years down the line or the decal gets progressively worse.

My AFMr played perfect out of the box, and continues to do so. Not a single adjustment was needed.

I think everybody should relax, and enjoy your LE's which will hopefully be getting to you very soon!

Oh, and *ahem* CGC, if you're reading this, I think it would be a REALLY cool idea to eventually release a mini-saucer upgrade kit to purchase for us humble SE and Classic owners

#724 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

You should have picked up an LE man, its not like they are sold out.

I'm a fan of the stainless trim. Wasn't in love with topper, and I wanted the bad ass lit up side blades so I'd remove the mirrors. In the end not worth the extra $700 to me, but totally worth it if you like all that stuff!

Also, I've been playing the living hell out of it the past three weeks

2 weeks later
#912 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I am considering ordering the SE from GRG right now even tho I want the classic.

Do it. The upgraded sound, shaker, and giant screen is amazing. Plus the color is included. It's the best deal of the bunch if you're cool with stainless trim. Also, you can have it NOW

#914 2 years ago

Best price you'll get. I paid the same.

#924 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Part of me truly prefers the classic + $400 color tho
It would match a MMr perfectly

I thought it would look weird too. It's really amazing in person. I posted a shot of mine next to my MMR LE a little earlier in this thread if that helps, but best bet for you is to see it in person

2 months later
#1215 2 years ago

Mini saucer upgrade, yes!!!!!! You’re absolutely killing it cgc_dougs

3 months later
#1381 1 year ago

Dumb question: does every current AFMr buyer to date require the PIC hardware update? Thanks

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