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CGC Game #3 is Monster Bash! Official Pics are HERE!!!

By Only_Pinball

1 year ago

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Post #1792 First Monster Bash remake leaked pics Posted by Monsterbashbombs (1 year ago)

Post #1916 Monster Bash remake official topper pics Posted by CGC-Ryan (1 year ago)

Post #2448 Picture under the playfield of the Monster Bash remake. Posted by knockerlover (12 months ago)

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#31 1 year ago

Monster Bash must have been Monster Crash!

#35 1 year ago
Quoted from ltd73:

What's the big deal? It's a remake, just play a Williams.

The understatement of the year!

#186 1 year ago

I think its Tic Tac Toe remake!

#194 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I don't think Mr. Wacky is serious

That's why he is Wacky.....

#195 1 year ago

Remake sounds like something you would find at Waffle House....

#200 1 year ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

That's an awful good waffle then

An Awful Waffle.... hmmmm you might be on to something!

2 weeks later
#223 1 year ago

Nope. they broke it! It's broken now...

1 week later
#246 1 year ago

Wake Me Up When It's Announced.....

3 weeks later
#385 1 year ago

Nah they are just baiting you guys..... you can't see that man? come on..... Those guys are just laughin their asses off on otherside of the screen!

1 month later
#562 1 year ago

Sounds like CCr to me... but what do I know.

#608 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

I'll stay out of it.

Please don't let "One Person's" Comment/Opinion dictate the angle for everyone here! We value your posts because of who you are and what you have to share even if it's (tongue and cheek) humor. Please pass what you know on to all here whether it is technical or just shootin the breeze. You are a valuable member of this pinball community Lloyd!

1 week later
#667 1 year ago

....of 2026

#696 1 year ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Yep, good point and agreed. Some things like plastic sets will go under ground probably.

Some already have....

#751 1 year ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

Is it possible that Arcooda is building virtual pinball machines for a certain gaming company in Chicago? Could that be the Game #3 announcement?

This would bring an end to CGC's pinball Gig!

#774 1 year ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

You are in some serious denial. A four year old knows MONSTER BASH is coming. Sorry you are so threatened by the truth.
I don't need to open up an office, I am uttering what has been openly visible for almost a year to the entire pinball community. Physical evidence has been published! Geez!

OK I believe you. But if your wrong.... We will make sure your accountable.

#803 1 year ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

Ah yes, the bird brain brigade was sure to rear it's clueless face here. Instead of responding with some measure of happy agreement with the findings that everyone in the community have found and divulged for several months now you'd rather pout and point fingers. But since you are obviously not privy to all that has been posted and/or are still in denial perhaps you should investigate prior posts displaying completed MONSTER BASH playfields at the same factory that had made the first two CGC re-makes. The vaunted MONSTER BASH topper has been discussed over and over and over and over again on numerous threads. You are free to deny and trash those who have long known the identity of #3. That is your right.
I never said I knew DEFINITELY what #4, #5 and #6 are, I speculated on those to enrich the conversation. Based on desirability the hot-to-trot CACTUS CANYON popularity in the CGC inner circle it is at least a sensible call that CC witll be #4, especially since it was thought for so long to be imminent for #3. Since you ask I will give you what I feel will probably be the coming order:
#3 MONSTER BASH (100% certain as a result of poorly-kept secret)
#4 CACTUS CANYON (75% likelihood based on it being strongly considered for the spot order now taken by MB)
#5 BIG BANG BAR (55% likelihood because of commentary from Rick, though some others are now saying another company may be doing it)
#6 THEATRE OF MAGIC (Again stated flatly by Rick to be coming, and this spot order appears to be about right)
#7 TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS (seems to be gaining momentum from fans who want it re-made)
#8 CIRQUS VOLTAIRE (could end up at the finish line ahead of TOTAN actually but this far down nothing is certain)
Is that a fair enough idea as what COULD happen aside from #3 which is no longer in doubt?
P.S. I thought I'd also post pinball aficionado Larry's comment on FB at a recent CGC post. The company responded by saying they thought Larry made some "very good points." Notice specifically what he says about MONSTER BASH in a post mainly about the pros and cons of waiting:
There are pros and cons to your approach. PRO: You don't have a game being promoted for over a year and never for sale (PIRATES/JJ). Another PRO as you change things the buyer doesn't know if you change or alter something again (PIRATES/JJ). CON: There are more cons to your approach in my opinion that pros and it starts with the fact that when you're pretty deep into getting a game done there should be nothing wrong with announcing it, sharing a photo, teasing the game or whatever. Why because you let a company like Stern steal all your thunder. There are people buying Iron Maiden left and right... if you'd announce your game and roughly when you think its coming like even something as generic as Early Summer 2018 then some people might save their money to spend with you! When you take the approach that JJ has taken promoting a game for well over a year and never shipping anything well thats bad, but on the flip side by not announcing the game and sharing some images you're losing potential customers who might figure well they're aren't announcing anything because they're not close to finishing something. So I'll go ahead and buy from another company. I think your approach has some pros but mostly cons. Secondly, everyone already knows you're doing Monster Bash its like the worst kept secret in the pinball industry. Everyone and many people already have a great idea of what's next (after MB too!)... so why not say that you're doing say XLZ and you hope to have it out Fall 2018 as an example. So people who want the game and know the great job you do will prepare themselves to buy it when its officially released. Every single movie studio can't keep a secret what movies they're making, and who's staring in them, they can't hide the new suit Thor is wearing because everyone is a spy these days. So just say it yeah we're doing Monster Bash, when you get pretty deep share a picture share some images, keep people in the loop so they'll have their money ready to go! I think trying to keep a really bad secret, secret is not the right way to go. But maybe not allowing every Tom and Dick and Harry to see or play the game until you're fully behind is might not be a bad approach either ... hence JJ / Pirates. By the time JJ releases Pirates its already old news! So I see both sides, but c'mon you can't keep these things secret just keep people updated in small bits. Every movie studio does the same thing to build the PR to the release you should consider that the same model. Just saying.

1 week later
#859 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

MBr has me curious. I like the artwork and theme, but from the video I've seen (never played the game) it looks like the same layout as MM (and AFM--I'm seeing a pattern here). Does the gameplay differ enough to make it interesting? If it is the next remake

Way Different! Give it a go.

2 weeks later
#1098 1 year ago

I can smell the smoke from here.....

#1108 1 year ago
Quoted from Chuckwebster:

there's always going to be someone who prefers originals over remakes

#1109 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Spent a lot of time restoring mine (“Resto-mod”) I’m not selling but I am curious about the remake!

And it looks Awesome!

#1125 1 year ago
Quoted from JoeHog:

Prices anyone?

Oh boy hold on to your ass cheeks!

#1152 1 year ago

SHSHSHSHSh.... It's a big secret!

#1154 1 year ago

so did we get a genuine reason for the delay?

1 week later
#1200 1 year ago

I think MB could use a couple of interactive video modes. That would spice things up a bit!

3 weeks later
#1349 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Awe leave the NDA testers alone, stop trying to trick them into revealing information. It'll just ruin it for everyone in the future

Awe... come on Tricking the testers is Fun! Lets see if we can get them to spill the beans, Give up the Ghost, Let the Cat Out of the Bag, Blow It, Screw Up, Drop The Bomb, Narc Out, Use the Megaphone, Scream The Secret......

3 weeks later
#1641 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Was hoping for some Friday good news with pics and details etc.....

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