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CGC Game #3 is Monster Bash! Official Pics are HERE!!!

By Only_Pinball

1 year ago

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Post #1372 Pic of Monster Bash original prototype Jump Ramp (cut from production) Posted by Yoko2una (12 months ago)

Post #1792 First Monster Bash remake leaked pics Posted by Monsterbashbombs (10 months ago)

Post #1916 Monster Bash remake official topper pics Posted by CGC-Ryan (10 months ago)

Post #2448 Picture under the playfield of the Monster Bash remake. Posted by knockerlover (10 months ago)

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#60 1 year ago

A remake is going to blow me away
Hmmmmm ?

I buy more Mods then pizza,s so I
I gotta see this

#62 1 year ago

I like my originals but did buy MMR & ordering AFM LE

#132 1 year ago

If you cant wait for monster bash
I will gladly sell mine for 10k , color dmd , its nice

3 weeks later
#279 1 year ago

Whatever the title if its anything like AFMR LE it will be great.I have a Hep like restored attack original and playing my new LE Attack gotta be honest
Kicks ass !! The sound,display and especially the topper .

3 weeks later
#371 1 year ago

TAF would sell,I have a Gold with a handful of plays since new and I would buy one !

#408 1 year ago

MB is a good game but its no AFM or MM ,just my opinion

#410 1 year ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

I played the crap out of each one of these games when they originally came out. I'm a big horror fan, so I think I have an extra place in me heart for games like Scared Stiff, Monster Bash and Bram Stokers Dracula. And picking up Drac in Taxi!

Had my MB for years I wouldnt part with it,unless the LE is crazy cool

#413 1 year ago

Question pinside ? If the release is top secret why would that information be given out to anyone including guys who run pinball shows ? When I gotta keep something on the down low I only tell my dog !

1 week later
#447 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Take my money!

With a New Terminator movie coming ? Could you take a T2 ,call it terminator ,big screen and updates ?

#449 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Oh God no, Cactus canyon before that.

Terminator should never be made and I love my.t2,t3 pins

I,m hoping for BBB, if thats whats next ,topper ,color etc I,m in.

1 week later
#486 1 year ago

Maybe BBBR is just taking a little longer

#487 1 year ago

The williams remake is a decoy
Its BBBR !!!

LE is 10K

#535 1 year ago

I like the idea of having the game announced and ready to purchase

2 weeks later
#556 1 year ago

Everyone still convinced its MBR ?

#573 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I've already lost interest, too many other options that I can order today.

I haven't lost any interest, I have a great line up but honestly my AFMLE I can't believe how good it is. I,m hoping for BBBR

#578 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Since we all get a guess and Punchy is already taken my money is on CV with a bonus release of the MM wide display upgrade kit.

The punchy remake is hilarious!
Never thought about a CVR ?
I love my CV ,the backbox animation needs to be revamped
Its ok ? Not Williams best

#604 1 year ago

Ok, so lets just say it is MB ? How could they do a better topper then AFMR ? I think its the best topper on a pinball hands down ?

#605 1 year ago

Now a BBBR topper could be off the hook as well as cactus canyon ?

#624 1 year ago

I still dont think its MB, with BBB and CC prices why a game thats worth less ???

#630 1 year ago

What about a Fun House ? FHR ?
throw in a dmd and a crazy topper ?

#645 1 year ago

I think that was put up there on purpose
Remake !!! Hook ,line & sinker


1 week later
#697 1 year ago

Game 3 will be awsum and worth the wait !

#700 1 year ago

Pinsiders n pinball collectors ?
Whoever holds the rights thats worth a fortune could just sell out and sit in a beach ?

Then remakes etc would be a dream. Quit complaining

#701 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

Pinsiders n pinball collectors ?
Whoever holds the rights thats worth a fortune could just sell out and sit on a beach ?
Then remakes etc would be a dream. Quit complaining

#728 1 year ago

Playing my original AFM & AFMLE
the LE for me blows the original out of the water. I think everyone needs to chill and not assume anything

For all we know its AFR ? And that would sell better than MM .just my opinion

#738 1 year ago

Gorgar ,s Revenge

#739 1 year ago

This entire thing is hilarious!
I will hit pay now when announced and the guys with all the speculation Bull Shit
Will say oh well? Um? I was in? Ahhh not the right time? I just bought a disco fever. Relax n wait
It will be worth it

1 week later
#841 1 year ago

CCR with a video topper

#867 1 year ago

AFR ,CCR or BBBR yep big surprise coming

#872 1 year ago

Hoping for BBBR or AFR

#898 1 year ago

Whens the next big show ? I would imagine they would bring 3 models? If it is MBR very curious
How they could out do the topper on AFRLE ?

#904 1 year ago

IJR would be crazy $$$$$$$ I think AFR would sell like crazy . I have a gold with a 100 plays , I would buy one. Its MBR for sure but game 4 ??? CCR , BBBR,

Come on CGC I think pinside is ready !

#914 1 year ago

Indy remake ? That will never happen

#916 1 year ago

Dont get me wrong I would love to see it.If MBR is as good as my AFMRLE I plan on buying one then most likely selling off a beautiful original, leds, color dmd etc.

#927 1 year ago

I'm thinking Xmas ! So this is what happened , MBR was next then it got pushed back and BBBR got pushed to 3rd spot with CCR to follow. MBR is now
In the 5th spot .

#928 1 year ago

Also Fun House is in the mix with a dmd added
With a crazy topper

#930 1 year ago

Would be cool if CGC surprised everyone ?

#936 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Impossible to improve on the original.

Could be Spring Break ?

#937 1 year ago

Or Rescue 911 another classic

#946 1 year ago

That would be a nice surprise,
Maybe DP can Iron out the bullshit and make my year

#947 1 year ago

Did he say which month and year ???

#953 1 year ago

Waiting for CGC , DP, JJP is like watching paint dry
Or moving like pond water .Check in a month from now

#988 1 year ago

Good day to spend $8500 on a BBBRLE
waiting for my invoice

#1000 1 year ago

Stern taking over ? My Attack LE is near perfect
My MMR I sold 2 weeks after getting it and kept my original.All these crazy ideas ?

Lets think ? What if MBR was planned and paramount or whoever pulled the rights ? Game 4 is now game 3
PPS didnt want to look foolish and thats the delay ?

That is my guess and I bet I hit the nail on the head
BBBR would make sense ? With Kingpin ?

#1003 1 year ago

No MB something went sour
Game 4 is now game 3

#1042 1 year ago

In all honesty I enjoy the what ifs? Stern ? Etc
Has anyone thought about PPS building there own games ? They moved bay area amusements to Nevada ? They could build everything there
? Remakes and new games.

#1095 1 year ago

Well whatever it is ? I gotta hit pay now
My Attack LE I cant get enough

#1133 1 year ago

With the remake announced ??
Whats a really nice original worth ?
Full leds , color dmd ,???

#1142 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Depends on mbr prices and features.... but 7500-8500 for a very nice modded original sldnt be a issue imo

Thank you

2 weeks later
#1258 1 year ago

ZZZZzzzxx come one on CGC lets see some pics

2 weeks later
#1280 1 year ago

Pictures ? Models ? Come on man

#1282 1 year ago

Just want to see a topper that tops

#1427 11 months ago

Are they dicking around and not showing all 3 versions ? Come on man

#1485 11 months ago

Gotta be Honest ! the Munsters has got me fired up

Cgc , snailing it

2 weeks later
#1644 11 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

Gone in a heartbeat.
I’ve had Totan three times.
Last two I didn’t even set up.
Traded them right away.

I have a Real deal HUO TOTAN, it’s flawless, color dmd etc, low plays
Great game, just different like CV,
But won’t part either! Routed pins
? Is like a Chevy with 100k junk

1 week later
#1808 10 months ago

I have a beautiful original MB, was thinking of selling after ordering a MBRLE

More excited about the Munsters, I have a LE locked up which will look great next to my AF Gold . Gave up on the TBL,
I get excited for pins but I burn out quick waiting n waiting

555E0067-7B10-4CB6-81AB-647D99EAD89F (resized).jpeg
#1985 10 months ago

I’m more excited for the Munsters !

2 weeks later
#2229 10 months ago

Gotta be honest I have a beautiful original ,LEDs, color dmd,

Gonna keep it n wait for the Munsters
Unless I got good money for the original

#2249 10 months ago

Details on friday ?

Yeah free chess burgers on tuesdays
N free beer tomorrow. Been there done that. Gotta new toy today.2015 GT
10k miles , one owner 62 yrs old
6speed , a few mods 650 HP

Was a Chevy guy , this is just a fun car to drive and I stole it !

150CDDB1-EC04-4BD9-B6A3-F09E428A3520 (resized).jpegDF51180C-8B78-432C-993A-6C3096FDAF9B (resized).jpeg
#2396 10 months ago

Ok Pinsiders ??? What’s a near mint original MB, color dmd, LEDs
Worth now ? Thinking of selling?
Pm me what you think ? Or just post

#2398 10 months ago

Well it’s like the Big Lawbowski

I gave up , wanted that more than any pin and I have quite a few. It’s like asking a girl out n getting shot down after awhile move on.women , pinball , buses , every 15 min there’s another
Coming !

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