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CGC Game #3 is Monster Bash! Official Pics are HERE!!!

By Only_Pinball

1 year ago

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Post #1792 First Monster Bash remake leaked pics Posted by Monsterbashbombs (1 year ago)

Post #1916 Monster Bash remake official topper pics Posted by CGC-Ryan (1 year ago)

Post #2448 Picture under the playfield of the Monster Bash remake. Posted by knockerlover (1 year ago)

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#2640 1 year ago

First off, don’t bash the MBrLE until you have played one, second, the topper may not jump up and down, but the light show that is incorporated into the gameplay with the RGB LEDs is also incorporated into the light show of the topper. It adds a lot of glitz and bling while you play. The detail on the figures is amazing, and they are well sculpted and painted. The plaque on the lockdown bar is pure laser etched goodness, the dark blue metallic trim is sweet. This pin has some modding potential, but they have pretty much done a majority of the blinging. Mirror side blades, the plasma wheel. All the monsters look good, the mechs are robust and work well. Drac has a new LED lit coffin, Brides head works. The left ramp is just as frustrating as an original MB. The RGB scoop, two target drop bank, and spinner lights are a great addition as well. The system emulates the Williams code like VPinMAME, so the lag at startup is the sbpc that it has to boot first before running the emulation software, which then has to boot up too. Oh, and I forgot to mention, THEY RE-DID ALL THE DOTS!! and made the display twice as large as before and in color. So no new rule set, but a complete visual makeover.

Caveat here, yes I am locked in on an LE, but only after playing it at Expo. I was a fence sitter until then.

#2648 1 year ago

To be on topic, I love the new dots and the bigger display of MBr(S/L)E. I think other manufacturers are making a mistake with the added game rules that require you to know when to add a multiplier, or how to stack modes for best score. What happened to the “1000 points when lit” mentality? Flashing lights and sound cues where all you got before, now I need a players guide just to know how to plunge the ball. Not liking that side of deep rulesets. That being said, MB ruleset is straight forward, simple to some, challenging to others, a good mix for a home machine, where you want your guests to think they are accomplishing something, but then they see you take it to Monsters Of Rock MB mode and you leave them in the dust. Terrible machine in tournament though since wizards can play it nonstop for hours.

<flame suit on>
The Snobbit machine has a couple of things not in its favor, the source material was not PJ’s best movie, you can’t make a ok machine better by just adding more trolls to it, and for phux sake can we move away from the tiny text and hard to decipher LCD graphics?
<flame suit off>

#2652 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Man Ghostbusters sucked.


#2670 1 year ago

Deep metallic blue... it is stunning

#2673 1 year ago

Yes, it has metal flake translucent almost candy dark blue trim.

#2841 1 year ago

Ok, is it foolish to play it on Pinball Arcade right now on my IPad or is that just self torture as I wait for mine to come?(after all you matching number loyalty customers get yours <lucky ass bastards now have MM, AFM, AND a MB... grumble, grumble, nod pleasantly, smile> ) Or is it the fact that playing it on PA makes my memory of playing it at Expo that much more vivid? I’m telling those who have not played an LE yet, unless you are sitting on the fence and want knocked off by a passing freight train, resist the attempt to play one in person if you have an unused $8300 laying around or burning a hole in a pocket. Especially if you have ever liked playing it in the past. It drips gorgeous multicolored saturated RGB LED light from first plunge till the last drain and with the new double resolution dots the show is worth seeing again. (Topper has super impressive lightshow integrated into it. It doesn’t jump up and down, but it has cool white strobe effects and RGB lighting. Video barely does it credit. They paid a lot of attention to the topper light show to offset the lack of animation.)

1 week later
#2900 1 year ago

Running out of LE preorders fast... what? Its been days since they were anounced and they are still available, so how are they running out? They are selling briskly, yes, and some distributors have run out, but I cant believe they have sold out 1250 LE’s already. Anyone else think they have?

#2906 1 year ago

yelobird, I agree. I’m sitting near the top of my distributors non matching list... currently hoping for delivery before Dec 25th, but if SE production slipped, there is going to be a lot of sadly disappointed burly surly man children waking up Christmas morning to a stocking full of distributors hot air, or a few lumps of coal, or most likely for me, both.

#2941 1 year ago

I’ve heard no on buying toppers seperately, part of the “limited” in LE

#2952 1 year ago

Here is a quick video that has some highlights of Expo by Fejj Knar and him playing a classic. Its not much but its something. Check around 2:20 mark.

#2955 1 year ago

The GI on the SE/LE is RGB LEDs, and plain soft white LED’s in CE. Some don't like the unicorn poop GI, some like it. I thought it was integrated fairly well since it changes colors to match what monster mode you are in, Red for Drac attack, green for Creech feature, yellow for the mummy mayhem... they didnt puke on the backglass with LED’s and the light show on the topper is well done IMO. Ymmv.

#2962 1 year ago

The speculation swirls on availability of LE’s... until you stop seeing the ads in the market for LE’s, I expect they are available from one place or another. I have seen some distributors say they have sold their allotment of LE’s but have SE and CE’s still available.

#2965 1 year ago

I guess I should expect bugs in the forum software PinSide uses... par for the pinball course to have buggy code somewhere...

#2974 1 year ago

@cgc_dduba, thanks for the info. The light show is very impressive. That, the display, and the topper instantly sold the LE machine for me, but more importantly, for the wife.

I was hoping to get her to open up the purse strings for a CE at the $6k price point. She took one look at the LE, asked the rep how much, he said $8000 plus shipping. She turned to me and said “I want one, make it happen.”

So anyone who has a significant other who may be fence sitting or directly cock blocking a MBrLE purchase, get them to a show, let them see this thing in person, and play it. I went to Expo with the hope of buying a DP Pro... I came back with a MBrLE and a very happy wife. Your significant other mileage may vary.

1 week later
#3004 1 year ago
Quoted from ChiroCop:

He was nice and walked out to production floor to measure height of LE with topper. I'll be putting mine in a tight spot...so inches count.
He said, depending on what height you set your legs to, 83" - 84" tall with Topper.

Height of MBrLE

#3012 1 year ago

There is an unboxing video of a AFMrLE on youtube... topper box for MBrLE would be similar in size I think. Check at 6:40

1 week later
#3053 11 months ago

Classics can still switch color of dots... menu item.

#3055 11 months ago

According to CGC, one of those amps on the topper now has the interface board in it so they could run a single wire harness and connector to the topper, unlike the AFMrLE topper. So you would have to incorporate that board into any change you want to make to remove the amps and add Creech or Wolfie, or the Mummy. Just a FYI...

#3059 11 months ago

robotron. Were you hiding under your bridge or did you just get back from Troll-Con? I’ve always lived by the phrase “Happy wife = happy life” and I have a pair, I just intend to keep them (and Mr. Happy) attached and not wake up like that poor monkey on the Houdini machine.

#3070 11 months ago

I have been a prophet for CGC and MBrLE from the moment I played one... There is something there that pictures don’t convey. Who-dey has seen the light, and I encourage all MB owners to check it out, you think you wont sell your original, but you might seriously rethink that if you play an SE or LE, heck even the CE is beautiful.

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