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CFTBL- Fans and members welcome!!!

By vilant

6 years ago

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#133 6 years ago

agree, that is what is good about Creech, multi-ball doesn't last long but is fun and you just want to keep hitting the start button

I bought this game while I was getting another going and so far 5 more have come and gone, just can't part with it. I just got it's brother a congo with the same playfield window

#142 6 years ago

start with the simplest and go to the hardest, bulb try, wms holo try and then the other.

Great effort in owning since practically new

1 week later
#162 5 years ago

Here is a little mod I am working on for the fun of it - Drive In Speakers on a post. I think there are 2 good locations to install it - at the back on one of the lane guides or down the front lhs. To install just a post upgrade is needed and screws straight in place. I am going to tweak it a little by slimming the post down a little and add some detail to the centre housing that the speakers sit on just to make it a little more realistic.


#171 5 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

just installed mirror blades...

P1030482.JPG 226 KB

nice, I have a set of black mirrors stashed away for mine.....

#175 5 years ago

I had a Shapeways technical glitch with the Drive In Speaker Mod, when you upload a model it goes through a checking process and they tell you immediately if it will pass or fail. It passed but on this occasion was rejected for the specific material - alumide once I and a pinsider placed a order so I need to rework the design a fraction.

#178 5 years ago

can the valued supporter who purchased one of the drive in speakers from shapeways please contact me via PM

- re-working the design a little and glad they fully refunded you for the time being, my apologies for any inconvenience.

1 week later
#202 5 years ago

Very nice, liking the green trim, can you post a pic of the cabinet trim and legs as was thinking of going that direction.

#207 5 years ago

very nice gnatty, thanks for posting

1 month later
#219 5 years ago
Quoted from OldHarley:

Hey just joined the club. Looking for a plastic set any suggestions on websites that have them?



1 month later
#234 5 years ago

have just started a thread for a new Creature Mod - Retro Building Mod for anyone interested



1 month later
#249 5 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

He shoots ,He scores.
Just closed a deal on a "Beautiful Creature". I will be picking it up this weekend.Not sure what it is about this pin but it has eluded me for some time and now I'm totally pumped!

congrats, sure you will love it

2 weeks later
#277 5 years ago

Retro Snackbar Mod is now complete with production under way in batches of 25. Head here for a look
Page 5, post 225 for details

P1070564 - Version 2.jpg
P1070558 - Version 2.jpg
P1070556 - Version 2.jpg

1 month later
#309 5 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

My CFTBL (with ColorDMD, lit taillights speaker panel, snackbar EL-wire, green undercab lighting, Pinball MikeD TV-mod under lagoon plastic, and proto 3-D translite) plus Creature movie poster to the left.Note the originally intended placement of plastic piece over left outlane, which makes a 3-D image with the left slingshot plastic under it.

Creature with mods.jpg 279 KB

my first three games.jpg 262 KB

looking very nice

#315 5 years ago
Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

Here is a question.. So my Mega Menu insert is raising and I am not sure what the best way to deal with this would be… I know it wouldn't be a tough insert to touch up but what is your guys suggestion on how to deal with this interns of keeping it from getting any worse, and getting set back in at the proper depth…
Also would you keep playing it and such.. Like I said I know it won't be a hard insert to touch up and I want to play it so bad but in the end of the day what would you do?

you could always put on a playfield protector to even out the levels and enjoy playing until you are ready to do a over haul, fix, touchups and clear coat.

1 month later
#390 5 years ago

just got the parts for another creature mod today - Tail Light Mod.

It won't be for everyone but as many people will have the car mod already so this is just my own custom version, original design, in bling polished silver. It will have 2 globes inside that you can connect up to "move your car" and "parking ok" - or something else.

Beauty of this mod over the full model car is that it doesn't block the view of the playfield from a player perspective and there are about 3-4 locations that you could install it if you wish.

here is the thread about the design


P1080651 copy.jpgP1080644 copy.jpgP1080645 copy.jpg

#401 5 years ago

the bulbs I wanted to use didn't work so switched to leds (1 x white and 1 x red) and everything working well. I will have to make some slight upgrades to the design (insides only) to better accommodate the leds but am very happy with the design.

P1080715 copy.jpg

3 months later
#489 4 years ago

I recently got one of my gear shift plunger knobs made and painted the recessed sections green to blend in with the Creech theme since the idea is you are going to the drive in.

The knob is a nice size and really comfortable and all you need is to order from shapeways and then get a plunger rod from Pinball Life and epoxy glue in place.


P1090597 copy.jpg P1090598 copy.jpg
4 weeks later
#502 4 years ago

I once bought his FILM decal only and returned it, little differences and colours wrong and didn't line up...

1 month later
#507 4 years ago

looks good, depending on price

3 weeks later
#528 4 years ago

2 more items to shape ways - a drive in speaker keychain and a 1:7.5 scaled drive in speaker and pole set (all moulded as one). I just wanted to create a model of one but is there if you want to add to your game in some way.



1 week later
#534 4 years ago

This is a simple little mod for the Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball that is fastened by strong double sided tape to the lhs SS ramp flap that leads to the lhs flipper. It is hollow and still allows some light through the speaker vents and does not reduce any visibility as it is slightly smaller than the ramp flap. You have a few material choices with the polished aluminium plastic being the value and look.

The photo is from an average quality print at home, and I will replace it once I get my part shipped to me but gives you an idea of the shape and look.



#537 4 years ago
Quoted from creaturemonster:

Very nice looking mod. I just ordered one. Went with the plastic gray. I wanted the metal one but they wanted $67 plus shipping were the plastic was $21 and change including shipping.

thanks for the support as 2 people have purchased (so far) the gray option which has a metal flake. Yes I would have preferred the metal one as well but due to the design it is what it is unfortunately, sorry. Metal prints demand a certain wall thickness and the speaker vent lines go back a depth to make it passable but pricey.

1 week later
#544 4 years ago

I did this mod a while ago and love mine as the 2 lights sync with different features on the playfield which are actually partially hidden behind a ramp - "parking ok" and "move your car" and looks cool and doesn't block any views unlike the car mod.

Because Shapeways is limited in their colours I decided to do a small custom range which unfortunately is not available from Shapeways directly as the rear body panels are only available as one full fixed colour not multiple colours. These ones will have 4 different custom colours and will be blackened on the inside so the plastic won't have a glow but then hopefully the embossed logo will glow a little on the pink and aqua versions. The rat rod grey is for a non silver / chromed bumper letting people custom colour a white bumper or getting a stainless steel option which is not as sharp in quality as the polished silver but would suit the rat rod look. With having a plastic or stainless bumper housing, it will make it much more affordable. These are for the designer access only as the process is still be trialled, I will report back once samples come back.

anyway I will order a couple soon and wire up and sell a few one offs when time allows.

custom tailfin - aqua.png

custom tailfin - light pink.png

custom tailfin - creech green.png

custom tailfin - RR grey.png

#547 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Curious for the price tags!

really depends on what materials you choose


#550 4 years ago

looks great, thanks for sharing

3 weeks later
#552 4 years ago

finished a movie film reel plunger rod mod for a mate, painted the surrounding grove black and then painted the front face black and wiping back to get a sense of depth and not too contrast





#554 4 years ago

I will be doing a plunger plate like the Marshall Speaker Plate very soon for the the Creech

was thinking same sized plate, but a black border as most CFTBL shooter housings are silver and then make it pink like the car under the FILM near the flippers, with the triangulated silver car emblem

open for ideas, variations, thoughts


#556 4 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

something like that might be cool for the Stern music pins...

you are correct and already selling for those with a KISS, AC/DC, & Metallica


#566 4 years ago

here is a speaker plunger plate for the creature, design taken from the car near the flippers including the bonnet emblem



#567 4 years ago

just started a Snackbar Mod v2.0 thread if anyone is interested in the next version


the attached photo is of v1.0

P1070564 - Version 2.JPG

4 weeks later
#574 4 years ago

Wiggy posted a quick blog update of a pink Cadillac plunger plate on his creature and looks great - thanks Wiggy, very much appreciated.



#577 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Beautiful! How's the installation?

very simple, remove the plunger rod, then strong double sided tape or silicon glue the plate to the inner step down of the housing and done.

3 weeks later
#589 4 years ago

game looks great, enjoy

#598 4 years ago

could you list the 12 shots or even better a video as would love to know how to do that.

#616 4 years ago

good time to buy if you want any whomobiles - 20% off and free shipping

20% off all parts and free shipping



2 weeks later
#621 4 years ago

re-flow the solder on the circuit board at the point where the plug plugs into the board, might have some minor solder cracking and subject to temperature etc

by the way congrats and enjoy

#623 4 years ago

yes agree with pinster68 - swap out F & M with I & L and if the problem transfers to I & L then the problem is with the sockets if the problems remains with the F & M then probably a cracked solder joint. I had a similar issue with 2 sockets in the PAID board at the top of the playfield and just reflowed with a little extra new solder and solved.

#630 4 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

I never have either. I don't think it works unless it's the attract sounds when you hit the flipper button "Hey! Let me out!" OR the attract sounds after your game is over and you get the " 2 minutes..." count down, etc.

thats all I get attract sounds for 2minutes after a game

#650 4 years ago

just to let anyone that is interested in the snackbar mod v2.0 that I have just finished the first proto batch of new snackbar mods that runs on GI - no inverter , no el wire so no more power drain on 12vdc

find info here

full kit

front view

side view

2 weeks later
#666 4 years ago

hey gothsurferdude

thanks to the others for chiming in, much appreciated

I have my files set up at shapeways so the US guys save on freight as to ship those items to me is $15 USD and then back to you is $16.50 AUD so too much. Shapeways is in New York so you can order direct and only pay $5 USD shipping for a few items. I have a metal one but got a metal plastic for a mate - both look great but the metal plastic looked sweet and great value for money I think.

here are all my CFTBL mods at Shapeways

Snackbar Mod v2.0 here

Movie Poster Mod here

everything swinks

#667 4 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

I think that was the case. When I was looking for one I came across one with the metal rails and it was a early production year.

that and I thought some one stated if a playfield needed a little more straightening ?????

1 week later
#685 4 years ago

for a holo replacement my first mod ever 4.5 years ago was a collectors creech green transparent figure backlit suspended with fishing line so it can move slightly with a green 9 bulb led - all up less than $50. Still love it.



#691 4 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Thanks Swinks, so is the green guy just dangling by a piece of string, any chance of a small video?
With the LCD mod out of action and the repro hologram being expensive, an alternative would be nice.

I rigged the creech up with clear fishing line and is real effective.

alternatively I found this gadget which would allow you to do a lcd holo but require a little effort of grabbing some video and / or creating some gif files or text over video (created in a home video program - iMovie on a mac)


as you could rig up switch triggers to your FILM down near the flippers and then have a water / pond movie looping

#700 4 years ago

Pinball Spare Parts had them up to a little while ago, wouldn't be hard to re-create the decal, let me know if you need a hand

1 month later
#800 4 years ago

That looks awesome, nice work and like the green trim

#823 4 years ago

nice work on the apron

I always thought a cool inside view of the projector room could be cool maybe with the projectionist having some fun with a girl and film reals stacked up etc with the lens popping out onto blackness in the centre

#830 4 years ago

I am crap at sketching but my thought for a apron magnet / decal is say the entrance of the drive in with the entry and exit in the centre and on the rhs is say the ticket box and the side of the ticket box can be prices as well as rules.

on the lhs can be like a inside view of the projector room with the projector and window with posters on the wall and a table where the place card could be - showing girl and guy having some desk fun, or stacks of film reels or game rules spread out on the table.

excuse the crappy sketch, who ever makes one of these owes me one


#875 4 years ago

yes it is a slide as the plastic just above it says Playground and the slide picture is intersecting by the slide wireform.

#876 4 years ago

here is my 3d creature which is real 3d for $50 - will never turn blue and has been running for years



#880 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Jady, how does your lagoon look like when the creature is not enlighted? I went for the same solution, but I had to build a black "cave" around the figure so the lights under the PF wouldn't spoil the trick!

you can see a dark silhouette of the figure but because I left the black shroud in place I don't have any light issues.

My goal in the future is to motorise the figure using the 2 existing motors so make sure you keep them just to add some movement.

did you go for a led strip in yours?

for mine I relocated the bulb holder from the base of the cabinet and fastened to the mirror frame and put in a 9 bulb led in green to shine on his back to glow just the creature

1 week later
#892 3 years ago
Quoted from supercruiser:

Hey there! Total Newb here - I lusted after creature in the bowling alley when I was a kid, and now that I'm an "adult" I went out and got my own. I have a couple of newb questions, and I know that some of them could be solved with a bit of searching around here, but the lingo is a bit out there to me..
1. Is anyone still making the speaker panel mod with the light up elements? did I miss the boat on this one like the MikeD mod?
2. are these cheesy? would they hurt the value of my machine? The only reason I'm considering them is because I own a 58 Cadillac, and one is featured prominently in this - ebay.com link » Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Decal Inside Cabinet Art Mod Pinballpt
3. Both of the flasher bulbs in both the "kiss" shot and the "slide" shot are out - the ones that flash when you've completed F-I-L-M, where do I look up what bulb it is? is there an LED replacment? - guide me.
4. light up buttons, and under cabinet lighting - cheesy? best kits? please advise.
5. The flippers are strong and powerful, but when you hold the left flipper, the bat seems to slowly drop about a quarter of an inch - Normal? The bats themselves are heavily stained by old rubber, I've ordered some super bands but should I also order new flippers? is this easy to replace by a novice?
6. Snack bar - I can hit this thing dead on and 80% of the time it wants to bounce out, would a cliffy solve this? is there a scoop adjustment I can make? or do I just suck?
7. light up pop bumpers - please advise
I could go on all day, and I hope im not stepping on any toes - thank you in advance

we all have these questions early in the hobby so fine to ask.

1. not at the moment but sure something will come up eventually - half the fun is the hunt, MikeD mod is the lcd below the playfield window so different mod - sadly Mike has pulled the pin on this for a while and possibly for ever ???
2. I am not a fan of the inside art, some people like mirror blades and personally have a set of black mirror ready to go in when I do a restore.
3. yes there is a replacement - check out comet pinball, if still not working there might be a issue elsewhere. When I first got my creature these flashers weren't working and I lifted the playfield and there was a wire shorted on the solenoid as got caught on the plunger rod
4. personal taste - can make your own with Matrix gear from Comet Pinball or a pinsider Rock714 (I think that is correct) sells kits
5. definitely would do a flipper rebuild so new coil sleeve, some hardware parts, may as well install new bats and rubbers and then you don't have to do this for well over a year or more.
6. cliffy will stop wear to the scoop section of the playfield and not the accuracy, so practise
7. a couple of pages back had a link to the guide but would just read through all 18 pages here and you will learn alot.

hope that helps

1 month later
#943 3 years ago

is the sub to the side or the centre? creech cabinets should have the speaker hole to the side.

1 month later
#968 3 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

I have a question about the snack bar mod.
Does the "neon" go out with the GI?
Or is it on all the time.

v1.0 - the el wire neon effective stays on 100% of the time as the power is supplied from the boards

v2.0 - the 10 x smd led strip that edge lights the light blades is plugged into the GI socket underneath and therefore will stay on most of the time but will flash and fade in a few stages of the game with the GI is pulsed. There is another socket under the snackbar mode - under the red dome and this is a feature socket and only comes on when the snackbar is open so the mode won't light up if you have the sockets switched until all four targets are hit.

send me a pm if you are having any problems

2 months later
#1016 3 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

So i looked at the thread of the Brian Kelly restore, great to see all those pictures. Beautiful machine, also very expensive. I love the clearcoated playfield. Two questions. I see him using the OCD board to put led in the playfield and GI, but I see on the site that the ramp will not work properly. Did anyone of you do the OCD and ramp with Leds? I kept mine old school for now but I want to try the leds. This machine is next to my GBLE and it just seems faded...
Other question, where did they get the backglass taillight mod? Is that still for sale, the lists with the costs stated it for $180.

a pinsider Dantina is very soon releasing about 20 different backlit speaker panels with the Creature being one of the first ones. This one below is for Star trek.

the dmd panels will have authorised art as well as backlit components and include the mask to let light through sections. The only difference will be it won't have sequenced lighting but will have a sunset backlit etc.

#1018 3 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Is that the right video you posted?

no it's not as it is the only one available but he stated in another thread that a creech panel will be released soon...

3 weeks later
#1068 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Yesterday I was just thinking about that... I almost always get stdm when the ball comes from the "move you car" lane... Mine don't have a center post but I'm seriously considering installing one.

have you got the flower pot rubber to the lhs of the snackbar hole as this helps deflect a stdm

my game doesn't have a centre post and my spare playfield does not either - just a traditional larger Trudeau flipper gap.

#1070 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Flower pot rubber? Now you got me... Do you have a pic?

lol, sorry that is my name for it but it is this one


cftbl5 (resized).jpg

screen-capture-21 (resized).png

#1080 3 years ago

go for carrot flippers or my 1/8" longer bats that can be swapped for regular ones in a few minutes.

3 weeks later
#1106 3 years ago

started a hyperthetical rule upgrade thread here if any one wants to add an ultimate additional rule / code to the game


#1111 3 years ago

Also remember that often leds only work one way so maybe remove and turn 180 degrees

1 week later
#1122 3 years ago

thanks for the mention, you can find the snackbar mod info on this thread as mentioned above (thanks guys)


and for other CFTBL mods check out

with the Drive-in Speaker for the left ramp flap being a cool and affordable mod

Snackbar Promo (resized).jpg

#1126 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinrookie:

2. Kiss lane. I know I can get the letter "F" when I plung my first ball with perfect timing. However, if I missed in my first ball. I will not able to get a multi ball in my first ball. Am I correct? Because My machine do not lite any kiss letter even I shot the kiss lane a few times. Is it normal?

not sure on item 1

item 2
to get Multiball you need to achieve F I L M = 4 objectives and the Kiss lane is just one of those objectives.
If you time your plunge just right you can achieve F instantly but if you don't you have to shoot the kiss lane up to 4 times which then in turn spells F for the F I L M.
If kiss is not lighting up it could be 2 predictable possible issues, 1. the globes are gone or loose and if leds maybe turn them 180 degrees to check they are not in the wrong way. OR 2. the solder on that board needs to be re-flowed as with age and heat expansion sometimes the contact drops off and the light won't work.

hope that helps a little.

#1129 3 years ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

Im looking for a hard to find part. Im looking for the wire form ramp that returns the ball to the bowl. Yes its the one that goes across the entire playfield. Mine is missing any help please pm me. Thank u jeremy

hey Jeremy, if you have no luck let me know and I will model mine up so you can get someone to make one for you, cheers Jady

1 month later
#1157 3 years ago

looks nice lyonsden , some cool effects there....

1 week later
#1166 3 years ago

with the Snackbar Mod, I don't have you on my records so you may have got it through a pin sale ?

my 2017 retail price is $250AUD (roughly $183 USD) so might help to drop the price a little....... or I increase my prices lol.

1 month later
#1186 3 years ago

very nice creech, if you are after a snackbar mod - just a heads up I am only doing 12 more then taking a break from them for a while to do a few GB mods

2 weeks later
#1241 3 years ago

also if it is a led, turn the led around 180 degrees just in case it is a polarity issue

1 week later
#1251 3 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Quick question When I shoot the right ramp the ball comes around to the left inlane flipper so fast it's impossible to cradle and shoot the right ramp again. Is this normal or am I missing something to slow the ball down when it drops onto the inlane. Cheers.

yep, shoot on the fly and hope

3 weeks later
#1272 3 years ago

if 12v is needed just be mindful of the load being drawn from the game's boardset as it can be a heavily modded game - colordmd, lit speaker panel, pinballmiked's hologram mod and snackbar mod v1 all draw 12v and with all 4 connected and if drawing on the boardset there is generally not enough power and mods will start to not work or do weird things.

2 weeks later
#1309 2 years ago

just putting it out there, have completed a last batch (4 left) for the year of the snackbar mods and will do more early next year if there is interest. send me a pm if you want one - $250 + $25.50 Aus Dollars (AUD) to US / Canada and add $5 for Europe.

37d96766afc8990473c9699c09a9d5029b5d8a53 (resized).jpg

#1332 2 years ago

#1 the rubber on the post is normally a tapered rubber but with no spacer - I call it a flower pot rubber. Saves a SDTM

#2 maybe try removing the mylar first and give it a polish and re-level to the playfield.

#1363 2 years ago

yes me to on the 3d translite

#1367 2 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

I reckon there will be a few of us Aussies wanting 3D translites Jady group buy? Save on postage lol

I will be in if they sell them

1 week later
#1387 2 years ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

Anyone have a Tail light LED kit they are looking to sell. I saw one on a pin at the Texas pinball festival. For sure a must have!

car with tail light or fin tail light mod?

Tail Light Mod (resized).jpg

#1389 2 years ago

I will have 2 kits assembled soon all wired up with some sample chromed plastic bumpers done by Ron from the US, which will be alot cheaper than going the pure polished silver version

#1391 2 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

I think he means the lit taillight speaker panel mod as mentioned in some posts above on this page.

good point, so that's possibly 3 tail light mods for this game.

#1393 2 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Quick question- With the attrack mode I turned it on and a couple of mins after I finished my game it went off(how awesome is it) but then the game sat there for maybe 15-20 mins and it didn't go off again? Does that sound normal?

it just goes off about 2minutes after the end of the game - nice feature

#1395 2 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Cheers Jady-is it just the once or every few minutes?

for me, a message comes on at about 1 minute and then at the 2 minute mark and then that is it.

#1403 2 years ago
Quoted from Cyrus:

Hey, does anyone know where I can get a 4-lamp board, P/N A-15732 for my CFTBL? This is the board that spells out "FILM" just above the flippers. The light on the far right has gone out and there is something definitely wrong with that socket. I'm going to Allentown this weekend and might find something there, but otherwise there is zilch available from any on-line vendor and my only other resort is to send it out for repair. Wondering if anyone has any leads on this part. Thanks. Cy

worth trying re-flowing the solder as at times these light boards get cracks in the solder tracks and then work intermittently - temperature dependent - no harm trying if you are looking for a replacement.

1 month later
#1439 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Thanks - I just found this:
Says it's heavier duty than most but not sure if it would work?

I don't think that would work as the ball is not providing a magnetic field?

curious on the solution as well.

2 weeks later
#1453 2 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Cool image Alex...wonder if that is available as a print somewhere.
Having issue with snackbar. Getting a lot of rejects from good shots to the scoop. I know its blasphemy... but should I remove the cliffy? Maybe the metal scooop needs to be bent or replaced?wonderug if people have had a similar issue.

I can't remember the other pinball parts company in the US that makes upgraded metal and weldment parts but they do a version of the snackbar hole that does not have the top lip section and is protecting the hole and mounted from underneath.

maybe someone can chime in on that company....

#1455 2 years ago

thats the place, thanks grb1959

1 month later
#1492 2 years ago

just send Mike a message as he is very helpful...

4 weeks later
#1544 2 years ago
Quoted from donjagra:

I wanted to share a little of my Creature madness with everyone. Turns out there are a bunch of black light sensitive decals on the machine and with a couple of black light LED spotlights, it's easy to make them pop.
» YouTube video

cool, will have to do this after a long await restore some day....

1 week later
#1555 2 years ago
Quoted from drummermike:

A few years ago I put LEDs in my CFTBL poppers. I recently tried to get them to flash by tying them into the three orange bolt lights in between the poppers. I used only one red wire (there are 3) and the one yellow wire on the triangular block used for the bolt lights. It did not work as I had hoped. Should each popper use a single red wire to tie in? Or should I not do it?

check the polarity of the led, maybe one or all need to be rotated 180 degrees ?

2 weeks later
#1566 2 years ago

from one modder to another modder, real nice work Dan

1 month later
#1581 2 years ago
Quoted from travisbmartin:

Hey guys.
I'm working on a game for a friend and it has been a challenge. We changed out the driver board with a known good one because of no flashers, and as we were doing the test menu we lost the display and flippers. We also have 2 kickouts going off constantly in a game.
What kind of mess am I in?

how did you go, is this still a issue for you?

I had a similar issue when I first got mine 6 years ago right from setup, it took a while to locate but ended up being (for me) a wire came off the rhs vuk coil. What was happening from the previous owner was that when they lifted the playfield the shooter rod catches on the wires and there for when I have lift the playfield onto it's brackets I also have to slightly pull the shooter rod so it doesn't catch on the wires. The broken wire was loosely touching the connection to operate just, but definitely no flashers and a few other minor issues. I put a new coil in and new fuse and been good ever since.

just another place to look and cancel out.

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#1613 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

I'm looking for the Mike D mod and Swinks movie screen and snack bar mod.
Does anybody have a lead on one of these items? If so, shoot me a pm. That would be fantastic!

I have finished the run on Snackbar v2 mods but doing a v3 early 2018 if I get enough interest. To help me send me a pm with your full name, address and email and put you on the list.

I guessing the movie screen mode is the poster mod. The lcd version is discontinued and the static version is able to be done as a DIY and I can supply a manual of how to do it.



#1617 2 years ago

yeah, I like to mix it up but have not done alot of designing yet but want to do a cleaner look with just one screw lockdown of the top to the SS base and want to do something different on the front for lighting the neon tubes of the snackbar.... will start a v3 thread when I have a prototype made for thoughts and interest.

But 5 people have already locked in a position for the first mini batch when it happens - thanks for the support guys.

#1618 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Does anybody have an extra Poster Mod by Swinks with the LCD screen? I love this mod!
I think have a snack bar mod so I think I'm good there.
Shoot me a pm pretty please!

Sparky made the other larger version and filled the orders of the guys when I decided not to proceed - best to chase him for and see if he can help you out.

#1622 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Any thoughts on eliminating the screws on the top? Maybe screw the 'roof' to the base from the underside? I'd be in on a V3 model Swinks.
I installed the V1 onto a CFTBL that I borrowed and I never removed it when the owner took back the machine. I sort of left in on as a thank you and because I felt it was being wasted having sat in a box for almost 2 years.

I am hoping to have it at the back angled edge so the roof is then clean and no screws removing the risk of a slightly twisted decal and just cleaner. It still needs to be on the outside but want a slide and lock type feature. V1 had 5 screws, and v2 had 2, and v3 I aim for one on the pop bumper outer side near the sign

I am hoping for this version to just capture a little of the el wire look, but be bright like the v2 and with something a little special I hope.....

#1643 2 years ago

I have considered doing backlit art signs and have the art which was j_m_'s starting point and these are looking great j_m_

for the moment I will hold off and let j_m_ give it a go.

#1659 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I'm reaching out and will attempt to work with swinks on bringing an [affordable] version of the signpost mod that will illuminate the various sections from behind (and eliminating those incandescent bulb holes in the plastics
since I never had any intention of marketing my project (I can't see people wanting to pay upwards of $500+ for the mod, let alone me wanting to support all of the potential technical issues), this solution might be a good alternative for those looking for something a little different than the stock plastics

can confirm, we are in chats and happy to team up with j_m_ if people are interested in a signpost mod

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#1684 2 years ago

I have this on file and not sure if I found it or scanned it as have a replacement decal - will look into that later

Centre Apron KMonsters Scan.jpg

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#1711 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Still looking for good apron decals although in a pinch just a shooter lane would work... anyone holding?


#1713 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Kinda neat, but no joy. Treasure Cove seems like the only show in town, but I hear sketchy things about them these days... anyone know any better?

I have a new set that I could scan hi res if you want with a ruler next to it for sizing

#1737 2 years ago

end of the day buy a game that you like and comfortable to pay

I bought in 2011 a euro beat up CFTBL for $2.3k, no holo, a little playfield wear, a little cabinet wear but when it arrived discovered cabinet at both front corners, lots of cabinet scraps and base cracked into 3 pieces held up with a outer steel brace. Funny enough has been the only pin to stay in 7 years and apart from mods has remained the same. In that time, I got Phoenix cabinet decals, ramps, plastics, drive light speaker panel and even a IPB playfield - so happy to slowly collect parts for a one day create a nice pin. As for holo I am still happy with my non holo mod - transparent green action figure back lit.

old photo as no longer have the car and have some custom mods in replacement

non holo (resized).jpg

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#1780 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

highclasspinballs is mirco? good to hear but his website needs some work

Totally agree

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#1800 2 years ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Does anyone have a used MikeD mod they're willing to sell? I'd be interested but I've never seen one for sale unless it's included in a complete machine

I doubt any would of gone outside the US as they needed a particular tv that was 120 volts and the power pack adaptor was to suit 120 volts

#1802 2 years ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

I have seen 1 in Brisbane Jady, Mike apparantly sold an aussie tv as well

good to know, I considered it but the tv was my concern, I will keep an eye out for you

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#1871 2 years ago

you could make a double adapter piggy back lead

#1873 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

swinks would u mind elaborating?

I made leads similar to what would help you when I was doing the snackbar mod v1

if you need to fit wiring to 1 plug you will need:
- 2 x female plugs and
- 1 x z connector

* double this if you need to do 2 sets of leads.

- take one plug that would plug into your board and then fit your wire (from the taillight mod) into the plug as per whatever the layout is recommended and then say 4" down the line of the same wiring fit on a second plug (keep the orientation exactly the same and wire passing through both sides of the second plug)
- then on the first plug fit to your board and then on the second plug 4" down the line connect up a Z connector
- then take your existing original CFTBL plug and plug it into the other side of the z connector

you may need to install small 4" wires into the other slots as 2 slots provide 12v and 2 slots provide 5v

the image below is from my v1 manual, sorry not the most detailed picture but hopeful the pic and details is enough.

screen-capture-4 (resized).png

#1876 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

bingo swinks thats exactly what I had in mind and those where the parts I ordered! Thank you so much. When is your snack back bar v3 coking out ... have to keep bugging you because it’s just so awesome cheers

glad it helped at least provide a visual

as for the Snackbar mod v3 - soon - wanted to finish the cnc - got it running at least this weekend, not calibrated yet but at least I can switch to another project.

#1880 2 years ago

awesome soulrider911

did you check voltage are getting through all your wires, maybe a bad push in / connection on a 5 or 12v line????

#1882 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

swinks got er working, I just needed to really shove the wires into the back of the connectors harder... just was not getting a solid connection.

what insertion tool are you using, if it is the Pinballlife one, they don't really cut it as have plastic teeth and why I ended up designing my own or you can get them from other places

excuse the plug but the steel teeth make a difference in the insertion of the wire into your plug


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#1905 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

Looking for a new set of plastics ?
Are these no longer available?
Also who sells best light mod for center ramp
Thanks for any help, just started a full shop job


#1911 1 year ago

As alexsmendes said it goes upside down to alter the ball path and avoid down the centre drains.

Where did you get the purple one from?

#1922 1 year ago

yes I am doing a v3 of the snackbar and fine tuning the design currently amongst too many projects of late - sorry guys

without checking the list soulrider911 pretty sure you are number 2 or 3, and no parts for a one off v2. by the way nice work on the rubber, nice blend of 2 rubbers

#1924 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Awesome swinks seriously will be like Christmas when I get mine

hopefully early than Christmas though, sorry for the delay for those on the list

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#1938 1 year ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

My Creature is missing the full gate assembly for KISS on the left and I'm trying to replace it. I'm not finding A-15661 anywhere and since I don't exactly know what it looks like I could use some help.
Marco has this wire flap which I think is the right part: http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/12-7045
Then could I just order another wire gate assembly like this one and swap the wire out:

on doing a search via pinball search the second marco one comes up regularly

#1940 1 year ago

the A-15663 looks like the one from the shooter lane out to the top lanes and had a look on my game real tough to clearly see without removing ramps, I copied this photo from a Aussie rebuild and the combo of those 2 part might work.


#1944 1 year ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Looks fantastic I’d like to add that but with all my other mods I’m scared of overloading the machines power- should I be worried?

when I did the Snackbar v1 coupled with the speaker panel mod and color dmd there were power issues - as was right on the borderline and depending on the boards health etc as the snackbar v1 used 12v and had a inverter.

Snackbar v2 with the other 2 major mods (speaker panel & color dmd) was not a issue as used a minor amount of power from GI.

then either the aussie version or pinballmiked's holo mod and there was a power drain hence why pinballmiked came out with a separate power supply.

#1952 1 year ago

for anyone interested I have started a design and build thread for the v3 of the Snackbar Mod


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#2021 1 year ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

I also prefer drive-in themed sideblades for CFTBL. I don't like bringing the orange hues from the back panel up both sides because the orange doesn't go well with the colors on the main playfield area. At last year's Pinball Expo I asked the Pingraffix guys to please make PowerBladez for CFTBL similar to their sideblades but with the tailights turning on and off. Maybe if we started a thread and got enough Creature owners on Pinsider to request PowerBladez?

powerblades sound cool

#2038 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

I agree with paul_from_gilroy this game is a notorious for ghosting must have either non ghosting bulbs in feature lamps or use led ocd... if this is the problem that is

or get a ghosting chip, as that sorts it out as well

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#2088 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

I'm working on a solution to get the third ball into play for multiball. Is anybody interested in this? Has it already been done and I'm re-inventing the wheel?

yes I would be interested as well

#2114 1 year ago

check this video out

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#2244 1 year ago

For those guys with a v2.0 Snackbar Mod that would like to upgrade with cool backlit Neon look Signage.

Here is a link for the back lit 3D Snack Bar signage (v2.5 upgrade) from Shapeways, which I will have a basic manual of how to perform the upgrade and what parts to get from Comet Pinball. This fits all Snackbar v2.0's and replaces the red dome for that cool neon look signage and gives the playfield a nice glow and up to you what colour leds you install for the look that you are after.


IMG_0527 (resized).JPG
IMG_0525 (resized).JPGIMG_0528 (resized).JPGIMG_0526 (resized).JPG

#2246 1 year ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

That looks awesome! swinks do we need to purchase all 3 pieces to set this up?

yes, you need all 3 pieces - the insert goes into the signage housing and then the clamp plate goes in place where the dome mounts and then you get the clamping action - via a screw - will post instructions soon.

IMG_0514 (resized).JPGIMG_0515 (resized).JPGIMG_0516 (resized).JPG
#2247 1 year ago

Here is the manual of how to assemble your Snackbar Signage for the Snackbar Mod v1.0 and v2.0 as well as links for parts.

CFTBL Snack Bar Mod Signage Upgrade for v1 & v2 mods - rev1.pdf
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#2258 1 year ago

thanks heaps for sharing your feedback n4297m and glad you like the mod enhancement, your game looks sweet and shiny - nice work.

amber is another suitable colour but light purple is my other preferred colour, enjoy

#2259 1 year ago

to help the guys contemplating getting a Snack Bar signage upgrade kit

Some people have contacted me asking what version Snackbar mod they have, as they may have bought the Snackbar mod that has been sold on from someone that removed the mod or upgraded their mod or they bought the game with it in it. The easiest way to tell the difference between v1 or v2 is count the number of screws on the top of the mod.
v1 - has 5 screws
v2 - has 2 screws

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#2265 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Just finished upgrading swinks snackbar mod....stunning!!!! great fit, finish, and overall quality to this one...went w purple, so no need for pics (looks like the one previously posted)...THANK YOU...for this great mod!!!!!...mark

awesome to hear, glad you like it

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#2308 1 year ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Until I tried to play a game....damn't J_M_....apparently with the speaker panel mod and the colordmd (all tied to J116)- the flippers hardly flip at all....J116, J117 & J118 all are 12VDC.....J117 sends 12v (& 5v) to the DMD Controller Board....J118 sends 12v to the Chase PCB under the playfield ....and J116 powers the flipper opto switches AND coin door interface board - in one giant loop....and presumably having the speaker panel mod on there and the ColorDMD and I've got no flippers......WTF...how the heck are all these Creech's having both with no problems?

J116, J117 and J118 all share the same power source point and on a boardset that has been serviced you will be fine for a few mods but each mod starts to drain the 12vdc and it's available amperage.

Does your game have any other mods apart from the:
- colordmd
- speaker panel

as when you connect the following mods as well the game just starts to shutdown
- pinballmiked holo lcd mod
- swinks snackbar mod v1.0

Therefore with yours if the boardset hasn't been serviced for a while eg various capacitors / bridge rectifiers etc you will have power drain issues. The trick is to get a 12vdc power pack and plug in the available socket in the base of the cabinet on the inside close to where the power switch is on the outside to power a few mods and it won't affect the power needed for your game.

#2319 1 year ago

you can go to you local autoparts supplier and buy car headlight cleaner / polish and this will greatly improve the look of the plastic

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#2335 1 year ago

jokerpoker ramps can be purchased from Nino at RTBB

will reply to your pm soon, off to the beach, dam hot

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#2364 1 year ago
Quoted from trumpy:

can anyone tell me when lights around centre ramp are meant to flash . not sure mine working properly

attract mode and multiball

1 month later
#2375 1 year ago

nice work on the topper

2 weeks later
#2396 1 year ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

Hey guys, I picked up this mod in Texas over the weekend. Don't have a clue what it is or how it works or what it hooks up to other than the obvious. Anyone have this? Has anyone hooked this up before? It looks all there. I'm sure I can figure it out but it would be awesome if someone has some installation instructions they could share with me. Thanks!
[quoted image][quoted image]

this is a movie poster mod.

I developed the initial idea / mod and j_m_ helped me with the programming. After much developing decided to can the project as I would of had to modify a 4dsystems screen which would of canned the warranty of the screen and wasn't happy in doing this. I had about 25-30 people on my list and sparky offered to help and do his version in which he kindly gave me a $10USD commission for each one sold limited to the 25-30 people. Sparky's design was a little different to mine as was a bigger screen in a different location but still a 4dsystem screen.

head to this link for my design and manual which has the program and I still have the files but it looks like you have the sd card in there so it should work. 5vdc to the screen and 12vdc to the el wire inverter

and sparky's is here posted by someone else

and go to the end of the second thread and there is a video by pinballsupernova who normally puts together a nice install video, step by step, and you should be right to go

#2398 1 year ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

Thanks for your reply's guys! Cool mod! I can't wait to hook it up. I'll post pics and videos and such. The guy at the Texas pinball festival I bought it from had no idea what it did. He had a ton of mods for games. I got it for $20 bucks so I thought I could not go wrong there! Thanks again all!

that's a bargain as pretty sure when new they were about $125USD

2 months later
#2452 9 months ago

Got a unusual problem with my creech

problem 1 - last week the sound disappeared for an hour and then turned off and left for a while and then turned on and working fine. This hasn't happened but might be linked to the next problem.

problem 2 - when I play a game, every time I flip the flippers various mode lights flick on momentarily and then go off. It has been a cold day.

anyone got any tips and experienced similar ???? any help / tips would be much appreciated.

#2454 9 months ago

I did do this and the problem has seemed to have stopped, thanks for the suggestion

#2458 9 months ago
Quoted from freegame450:

Jady, I have not experienced the issue that you have, but would suggest re-seating all of the ribbon cables if you have not already done so. Quick and easy to do.......may or may not resolve problem.

Quoted from wiggy07:

Swinks, my Creech lost sound at one time also. I think the remedy for my game was that the sound chips needed to be reseated. Glad to see you got the game fixed.

Quoted from Thor-NL:

Give the ASIC also a good push while you're at it

thanks guys, much appreciated

basically I pushed down on all the chips, plugs to make sure they were seated nicely and had read about the ribbon cables so removed and reseated and all working nicely.

even though this game is a players (cabinet is beat up) from Europe this hasn't missed a beat in 7 years , meaning haven't had to touch the leads etc for a long time, just battery changes.

all good for the moment



#2459 9 months ago
Quoted from advans13:

Joined the club about a month ago or so!
Ironed out most of the issues. Just need to figure out a stuck light matrix issue. F in film, P in PAID, Ball save/ticket light between flippers are all stuck on, and a few others. Snackbar scoop is also rejecting nearly every shot and only a smooth indirect bounce in ever makes it in.
Love this game [quoted image]

if any of the problem lights are on boards (not sockets), re-flow the solder as sometimes the solder can crack and when the weather warms up the solder slightly separates and the power to the light is lost but on a cold day will be fine

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#2484 9 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

I’ve never seen replacement ramp lights, and replacement whirlpool boards seem to have dried up too. I keep wondering how long until one of our resident geniuses like Swinks comes up with a solution.

thanks gunstarhero

I just pulled one of those clip blocks out of my game and I will design it and make available by the end of today....

as for the lights, Comet Pinball should target those.

#2485 9 months ago
Quoted from tjprice222:

Bump for the morning crowd - looking for the screw brackets for the chase light boards and Mylar removal input. Thanks!

I will have the screw brackets designed and available by the end of today.

As for the mylar, it depends at what stage you are with your playfield and how big the lift up is - depends if you are cleaning up or restoring. Removing the mylar puts at risk of pulling up clear / art, if doing a basic cleanup just carefully trim back = some protection is better than not in place.

#2486 9 months ago

ok, here are the chase lamp mounting blocks available individually and as a 4 pack (cheaper option) with 5 colour options.
710x528_28096453_15163031_1561849050 (resized).png
710x528_28096619_15163095_1561850051 (resized).png

as a selfish plug here are all my designs for CFTBL

and here are all my designs covering many games

also have limited parts for DIY Snackbar Mod Kits and you order the rest at Shapeways and paint up yourself

CFTBL Snackbar 3.0 kustom kit - Manual rev4.pdf

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#2505 8 months ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Quick question- On my creature the left shot has a ramp flap the raises and lowers. In switch test mode the ramp works and moves up and down. But during gameplay the ramp is always in the down position when it should be up. What do you guys think is going on here?

have you down any work recently on the switches / wiring - could be as simple as the wiring of the switch or linked cabling is reversed

#2507 8 months ago
Quoted from pacman11:

I just picked up this game so I have no idea what’s been done to it. When I shop it out I will tear into this issue since it’s located in a weird spot under some ramps. I’ll check the wires on it too, thanks for the ideas. In switch test mode the ramp will lift up and down but during gameplay ramp doesn’t move at all.

Maybe do one more test before shopping out, activate FILM and drop then ball into either the left subway or the slide shot to activate multiball which activates the up / down ramp. If the ramp lifts up and blocks access to the whirlpool ramp this would then confirm that the wires are opposite somewhere.

1 month later
#2556 7 months ago

well done, I did a similar thing a few years ago and very happy with it with a green transparent creature hanging on fishing line and he swings slightly with game movement

CFTBL - DIY Holomod (resized).png
#2562 7 months ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Posting a little on the late side...long story short is I've began remaking the infamous Williams Magnetic Reed Switch (follow link above).....I've sold all but 1 of the 1st lot I've built over on the RFM owners group - (most bought in groups of 3 as that is the quantity on RFM) - however I ended up with 1 left that would be perfect for the whirlpool mod...I won't be making any more until November - so if someone wants this one just shoot me a PM....hopefully after all the tooling and tuning and what have you - come November I'll be able to crank out more of these little hand built devils....

message sent, but guessing I might of missed out already

#2574 7 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

So I helped out a Pinsider with his Mike D mod. I sent a thumb drive with all the data needed to fix his mod. I said send me $4.00 for the shipping and a blank thumb drive. He said he got the thumb drive I sent him. Now it is about three weeks later and I have nothing. Live and learn!

sadly it does happen and it is disappointing as some people are NOT men of their words which wrecks the experience of helping people, but as others said there are many good pinheads. It has happened to me as well but I still like to help out to a value I can afford as it is a nice feeling to help others.

#2577 7 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

I certainly did not need the money. It was just the right thing to do. I have sent free parts to others before and that was appreciated by them. I just wanted to break even so I can help the next person. I am glad to help as I have been helped many times. I do think most on Pinside are good people.

totally understand and agree

#2588 7 months ago

Awesome job on the holo replacement mod

1 week later
#2596 6 months ago
Quoted from NPO:

Curious with the whole "clearcoat chipping" stuff that has been going on in other threads and the possibility those PFs came from Mirco...
For those who have bought a replacement CFTBL PF, how confident are you that your replacement PF won't suffer the same fate as JP2, PoTC, WW ....?
I want to get one, but at $1000 I really want to know the CC/artwork will be safe....
Anyone that has a replacement CFTBL PF, please share your thoughts.....thanks!

was only thinking that early today, I hope they don't have issues across the board

#2607 6 months ago
Quoted from PunishersLEMC:

Have wanted this game since I started playing pinball.
I pick mine up finally next weekend! Hologram is green and this is a nice game I’m getting.
Is there newer version roms? Has L3
I’d like speaker lights, color Dmd, Alt naked translite and?
What else should I consider and who hAs some to sell

due to a recent job loss, I have time and a few parts to do a small run of Snackbar Mods - pm if keen

#2609 6 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Geez mate I hope all is ok! ... on the upside, I'm looking forward to seeing what new mod ideas you come with given the extra time on your hands
BTW anybody who hasn't checked out Swinks Snackbar Mod should take a look, certainly a winner in my eyes

thanks mate, well I did just buy a new toy to step up some mod designs / parts (I hope) and will soon start playing with a new laser soon.

got about 6 mod ideas for Ghostbusters, but job hunting keeps me busy as well.

1 month later
#2686 5 months ago
Quoted from Jodannar:

Has anyone found a good solution to cover the ugly switch and Exposed connectors on the bowl near the shooter lane?

actually was thinking of doing something there, it does need it, but haven't put too much thought into it

2 weeks later
#2697 4 months ago

latest news - I have been quitely developing and now completed the proto Snackbar Mod v4, which turned out nicely with the new magnetic lockdown feature and improved top lighting. 8 of the 12 being made have already been allocated and I will start a dedicated thread soon

the lighting, decal and outer look is 98% the same except no lock in screw on the front anymore and the other photo shows the lighting feature "on" now lighting up the top nicely. The mod is held down with magnets and makes for an easy process to remove to service / clean etc

I also now finally have my website up and running which has a heap of creature parts / mods as well as many other things and will be posting the new manual there soon in the resource section.


IMG_2106 (resized).JPGIMG_2105 (resized).JPG

#2699 4 months ago
Quoted from Jodannar:

Well done on another great refinement to one of the best mods available

thanks, and this is the last refinement - no v5 as v4 will eb the last, and it was a seed J_M_ planted at the start of v3 about the visible screw on the front just took me a while to come up with an idea. That and I had decided to stop v3 due to increasing costs - and so with some different apporaches I was able to save some costs and still keep the mod close to v3 prices and hopefully a few dollars less - still finalising this.

As for the top lighting upgrade anyone that upgraded their Snackbar Mod v1 & v2 with the sign addition as well as v3 owners could spend $10 and improve the top lighting effect just with some Comet Pinball parts.

#2702 4 months ago
Quoted from Jakusu:

Mod looks great. I bought one of you 2 years back- V2 was about $270 from memory-going to your website gives me no idea how to add the sign upgrade just goes to shapeways with blanks.

head to the resource page and there is a manual for the signage upgrade

2 weeks later
#2729 3 months ago

looking nice, hopefully you will have it running by Christmas

#2731 3 months ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

Thanks Jady but unfortunately it probably won't work out that way. I have an Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle coming next week and then I go in for surgery in a little over a week, so I will be down for awhile. But I'll get close!

enjoy the new game and the best with your operation, take it easy and enjoy your family, friends and games

#2733 3 months ago
Quoted from Jodannar:

Correction. J116, 117, 118 all seem to be 12v DC

yes they do but they all come from the same feed so putting 3 items on one plug is equal to one feature on each plug if that makes sense.

2 months later
#2805 41 days ago

ok, haven't a problem for a long while, mind you haven't had a game for a while as well

I played today and noticed a weird line mid way through and at the bottom flashing on random scenes.

I checked all the plugs and all seem snug and engaged - any tips ?

DSCF0286 (resized).JPG
#2806 41 days ago

I ran the dmd screen diagnostic and it stated I had a Ram Address Error - what is involved in fixing?

#2812 40 days ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Typically - and you can research this further....U24 on the controller board needs to be replaced....it's a couple dollars in parts - but it is a multi-pin chip - and you want to socket it......you may get lucky by reseating the ribbon cables at the DMD, DMD Controller and MPU....but that 6264 could be bad...

reseating the ribbon cables at the board and dmd did not change anything, nor the MPU

I checked out the U24 chip and it appears to have a socket there already and a different chip compared to the rest of the board's chips.

Any ideas what I have?

Do I just hunt down a 6264 Ram Chip?

Does the Chip need any programming or is it a simply remove this chip / board and insert the new chip?

ps - ignore the led night blur
DSCF0287 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#2831 25 days ago

yes 2 different manufacturers back when CFTBL was being produced (pale pink and hot pink) and then Illinois Pinball reproduced some in the early 2000's in which they reproduced the hot pink version and then 20 Nude hot pink versions and then a few proto's of the standard of the hot pink with the hair colour like the nude and also missing the same screen on the shading of the icecream and hotdog (I have one of these personally)

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thanks for the link, interesting

I still have a pale pink in my game and definitely looks brighter than that one in the article and can confirm it does not have Diamond Plate on the pale pink version but it has worn well with minimal dimpling

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pretty sure it is on the upper lhs where the lift ramp is, on the right side

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