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CFTBL- Fans and members welcome!!!

By vilant

8 years ago

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#6 8 years ago

Bought mine 20 years ago and still have it. Love the game and it is not going anywhere. You will love it.

#43 8 years ago
Quoted from jazzmaster:

I like the look of this mod but it concerns me that it may obscure the rollover lanes too much.

Yeah it looks way to big. If you want a light up sign like that but smaller try miller engineering in stamford ct. He runs a shop out of his basement for signs like this . They are for train sets and he has all kinds. Just visit his web site.

#44 8 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

Yeah it looks way to big. If you want a light up sign like that but smaller try miller engineering in stamford ct. He runs a shop out of his basement for signs like this . They are for train sets and he has all kinds. Just visit his web site.

I just checked the site and that exact sign is made by him and it is $55.95.

#46 8 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

I just checked and this is what it said:
A Creature Lite up sign. Includes everything to install. Mounts just in-front of the PAID lanes. $125.00 plus shipping.

What I am saying is that sign is made by miller engineering in Stamford ct. He sells them for 55.95 believe his web is microstru.com You may have to make a bracket but for it.

#61 8 years ago

I have had mine for some 20 years now.

2 weeks later
#101 8 years ago

get-attachment-1.aspx.jpegI just installed a color dmd along with my tail light mod and it looks awesome. I have on order, teal pop bumpers and teal star posts and teal upper roll overs. I hope it is not too much for the game. If it is I am going to play around with some purple in there and see what looks best.

#103 8 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Teal is great on this one, went with teal, lanes guides, star posts(some lighted), and teal star posts with clear rubbers when re-doing mine. And added Mike D's TV mod and the taillight with color dmd, it looks really blinding in the pic, but it works in person.

IMG_0089.JPG 188 KB

That looks great. I will post a picture of mine when I am all done.

1 month later
#148 8 years ago
Quoted from vilant:

I think the most satisfying shot is hitting the left ramp in multiball. It's just fun watchin' it come around, with the ramp lights and sound effects going, and then spinning around the bowl.
On another note, has anyone ever got the "new car" or "hula hoop" in the snack bar? Is that just a joke? And I still haven't figured out how much you get for a hamburger, pretzel, or popcorn. The graphics are still going on when it spits your ball back out.

I have owned mine for over 20 years and have never gotten either of them. I have see them all the time but never got one.

#155 8 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

Well I have a project on my hands, but it should be fun. For you longtime Creature owners - anyone know why the left ramp might not be registering the combo? It'll do it once in a while but not every shot like on pinball arcade. The ramp switch seems to be working fine but I don't get the animation and combo award for multiple ramp shots.

Some times there is something else going on and you don't see any animation but you should get the score.

#157 8 years ago

I think when it tells you to shoot the left ramp you should get a call out. 3 million,6 million, and so on or what ever you are shooting it for.

#160 8 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

I set the factory defaults and it looks like mine is only giving 10,000 per ramp shot, and does not award millions during that mode. Are there 2 switches for that ramp?
edit: I see a the other switch now. Did not have time to check into it further this morning, but thats probably it.

I will check mine also. Cant do it now but will check tonight.

1 week later
#166 8 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

A new microswitch solved my issues.
Can someone please check the back left corner to see if I am missing a piece? It seems like this large clear star post is just hanging off the ramp and I'm not sure why it's there unless I am missing something.

missing.JPG 69 KB

dirty.JPG 95 KB

Yeah my creech has that post also. As rygar said its so the ball stays out of the cab.

5 months later
#256 7 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

It actually was in a friends personal collection for 22 years.Im so pumped about this. Cant wait to give it a good shop and a few mods. Its a keeper

Did he buy it NIB?

#262 7 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

No, it was routed for a short time I believe.

I would imagine its still in super condition.

#263 7 years ago
Quoted from Kahanaohana:

my cftbl holo is faded out, what do you guys think, is it money better spent buying the lcd mod or color dmd? thanks

I have a color dmd and it looks great.get-attachment-1.aspx.jpeg

3 weeks later
#281 7 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

I just happened to notice this today and wondered if anyone has ever gotten this Snack Bar reward: "A new car". It doesn't seem to pop up often and I was lucky to catch it (but I think I got a hot dog instead...). Anyone notice any other unusual random rewards?

I had that same question a long time ago and the only answer I got was no the new car never wins. I have seen it a couple hundred times and it never stops on it.

#284 7 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

It's quite possible this is just a tease and there is no animation sequence or award.

I am sure you are correct. I have owned my creech for 20 years and it never comes up.

4 weeks later
#299 7 years ago
Quoted from Rustyck:

For you guys that got the speaker panel mod from Pinball decals - can you adjust the strobing effect? The video on the website just shows it scrolling thru the lettering. In other videos I'm seeing that each letter in starlight lights up one at a time and previous letters stay lit until the sequence completes.
For guys that adjusted the lighting on the ramp - where did you find the colored LED lights?

I don't believe the one from pinball decals is adjustable. You are seeing videos from two different panels. For the ramp lights I dipped mine in green translucent model paint and I think it looks better than the ones you can buy and its cheaper about $2.50.

1 week later
#310 7 years ago

Anybody out there looking for a MikeD hologram mod. I have one I just received a week ago and it works great. But it is not for me so I removed it after ten games or so. $400 with new monitor takes it.Thats like getting the monitor for free.

2 weeks later
#333 7 years ago

If it works with your finger i would think it just needs some adjustment. Perhaps a little bending one way or another.

#334 7 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

If it works with your finger i would think it just needs some adjustment. Perhaps a little bending one way or another.

Perhaps raise it up a little.

#343 7 years ago
Quoted from mot:

The Pinbits hologram lamp replacement is much brighter and draws less power than the original.

You could also go with the Pinbits and get an LCD spot that draws about 7 watts. MikeD hologram mod and use a separate 12 volt power supply and that will lessen your draw on the 12 volt circuit

4 weeks later
#377 7 years ago
Quoted from z28dan:

$89 for a new one seems expensive.

Yeah thats more than I spent on the monitor for the mod.

1 week later
#403 7 years ago

I have a Pinball Pro with no problems.

#406 7 years ago
Quoted from mot:

Do you think it's worth the upgrade?

Well it def sounds better I will give it that. It was worth it to me.

1 month later
#474 7 years ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Thanks on mine it says eight shots to start video mode is there a way to adjust that to five shots?

Go to your adjustments menu and see if it will let you. It will also tell you in your manual if you have one.

8 months later
#584 6 years ago
Quoted from stevevt:

Hi CFTBL people,
I'm looking for advice on location an LED replacement for my projector bulb. I thought Pinbits had them, but theirs is a halogen:
Does anyone have a source for this?

I got the unit from pinbits and than changed the bulb for an LED I got at home depot.

#595 6 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

Don't see how people Crack a billion on this game. It kicks my butt.

I have had mine for over 20 years and I have never gotten a billion. My son has a few times in the past.

4 weeks later
#638 6 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

I set attract sound to on but I do t hear anything...am I missing something?

On mine it will be sitting there for a long time could be 15 mins or it could be an hour and out of no where it goes into attract mode. Some times it will be nice and quiet in the basement and it will scare the crap out of me while I am not expecting it.

#647 6 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

I saw a video where the attract mode said "Bally & Universal present The Creature...." at the same time it was displayed on the DMD. Wish I could find it again to post, but was pretty cool. Anyone heard or seen that?

Yes as I said before my game does this and other things in attract mode but I leave my game on for hours at a time. If you don't leave it on that long you may never see any of this.

#653 6 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

But after that it goes silent and does no attract mode sound as far as I can tell. Kinda weird.

Mine goes into attract mode every 20 mins or so..

Quoted from bigd1979:

Interesting ive left mine sit for a hr while I was shopping it and it did it a few times, scared the shit out of me each time lol

1 week later
#661 6 years ago
Quoted from gothsurferdude:

Does anyone know where I could buy the speaker for the inlane in this picture? If I can't buy it, does anyone have a clue where I could find the file to 3D print something like this?


Swinks has it on ponoko

#664 6 years ago
Quoted from gothsurferdude:

Any idea what he goes by on there or what it's called? I searched by developer but didn't come up with anything. Thanks!
Edit: NM, http://www.shapeways.com/designer/swinks?li=pb&s=0#more-products for those looking.

Just contact him here on pinside. He is on every day and if you wait long enough you will see something from him. But just PM swinks on pinside and he will get back to you.

1 week later
#684 6 years ago

I have had mine since new. It has black legs.

1 month later
#780 6 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

oh any pics of the teal?
recently changed the red pops in my sttng to clear and they look great.


#781 6 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

Mine came with black legs and it sits taller then the STTNG beside it.
I think these are the wrong legs?

I got my game NIB and it came with black legs.

#785 6 years ago

Pintechs mod was $390.00 plus shipping. At that rate would anybody here be willing to sell you theirs for that kind of money? I know it gets me thinking.

#789 6 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Hello all, just a bump on my loose wire issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who can take a quick look to see if this is normal.
If it helps to identify it, it seems a bit thinner guage than the wires going to the coils.

Just checked mine and there is no extra wire on mine and there is only one black wire on the EOS switch.

#791 6 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Thanks for that dude. Did you happen to notice a thin black wire in that bundle at all? I wonder where the feck it goes...

I did not see any extra wire or thin wire in there. perhaps the previous owner put it there for some reason. Tomorrow I will take another look and get you a count of how many wires are in the harness by the flipper. I have to leave for work now.

1 week later
#857 6 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

is it just me or does that "hologram" look funny? I've never seen one where the creature appears to be just a bust (waist up only?!?)

I think it is just the angle it was taken at.

#868 6 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Never accomplished that, but I did not know about it.... Gonna try it tonight!

On mine you pull all the way back and release when all four kiss lights are lit.

#887 6 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Wow, it closed for $380. Almost what the mod kit sold for. Well, before buying the TV.

No it sold for $431.87 plus shipping.

1 week later
#901 6 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

They are supposed to be bright!

Yes they are. They are the projectors from the drive in.

1 week later
#919 6 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I tried green mini leds in the ramp and bowl but the effect is just not the same. Its flickering and not as nice as the incandescents. Any suggestions here?

I went to the local hobby store and got translucent green paint and it worked great. I think it cost me about a $1.99

#922 6 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

$10 for 10 at Pinballlife, you will need around 34 and some spares - makes $40!
With my old whites just laying around, I will try to paint them myself with green glass paint. Check how that works out. Anybody done that?

Look at post #919

2 weeks later
#944 6 years ago
Quoted from gdogfunk:

Hey guys! I joined the club in early April and she was the filthiest machine I've ever seen. I tore her down and rebuilt from the ground up (new ramps, plastics, posts, hardware, colorDMD, pinballpro speaker upgrade, giant topper, few mods, etc). and I'm absolutely loving this game up and down. However, I've got the blue hologram and I've tried using a piece of yellow plastic (light gel in the video world) and now that I've got the machine back together, I'm not seeing the hologram at all even in test mode. I think the problem may be that the pinballpro subwoofer base is causing the subwoofer to be blocking the light just enough that I'm not seeing the hologram. Has anyone else run into this? I've tried searching, but I can't seem to find the right search phrase, so I thought I would ask here.
edit** I just saw the thread from sulli10 with the lamp moved closer to the mirror. I will have to try something like that and see if I can get more light past the sub.

I have the pinball pro speakers and sub. I have never had any problems seeing the creature after i put them in 5-6 years ago. it could be an alignment problem with your lamp or mirror.

#945 6 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

is the sub to the side or the centre? creech cabinets should have the speaker hole to the side.

Also this.

1 month later
#964 6 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

I have a question about the snack bar mod.
Does the "neon" go out with the GI?
Or is it on all the time.

I believe mine stays lit but I will check for you if no one else chimes in. Just checked and yes it stays lit.

2 months later
#990 5 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

I took advantage of hassanchop's sale a few weeks ago and installed these inside decals last night on my creech. I love the style and well thought out placement of the artwork as it flows with rest of the game.

Where did you get those? I may go for a set if they are avaliable.

#996 5 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

I'm still waiting for someone to offer drive-in themed side panel art.

Me also,I think that would go better with the game.

#1003 5 years ago

There is a drive in by me also,its called the overlook drivein.

1 month later
#1093 5 years ago

You dont want the pair you have pictured they make the hole to small. I took mine off and got rid of it. The cliffy is a much better fitting and works better. neither one is not going to cover that hole.

3 months later
#1177 5 years ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

By proper leds around the ramps, can you link me to the right ones? Thanks!

Do yourself a favor and just dip the ramp lights in translucent green hobby paint. They look much better than the LEDs and it is cheaper.

2 weeks later
#1228 5 years ago
Quoted from dmesserly:

I just bought a Creature that had a playfield swap. I have a question about a hex spacer and a question about the ramps.
In the back left upper ramp, between where the metal ramp u-turns into the plastic creature ramp, there should be a tall hex spacer that holds up that part of the ramps complex by attaching to a plastic tab on the plastic ramp. At least I assume there is one. On my game, there is a short hex spacer that doesn't reach all the way up, therefore my ramp is not quite fully elevated. Can someone tell me if their game has one hex spacer or a two piece hex spacer in that position attached to the plastic ramp? Does anyone know the correct length needed or part number?
Also, the front of the creature loop ramp is a little high and I have to push it down slightly to slide on the playfield glass. I believe it then rests on the glass. Is this normal or should it be adjusted somehow? Perhaps the correct back end elevation will help?

Yes there is a long metal hex at the back, and the ramp should not hit the glass at all. Tomorrow I can measure it if no one else chimes in on this.

1 month later
#1268 5 years ago

I would think since he got them from an auto parts store they would be 12 volts.

2 weeks later
#1303 5 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

I'd love to do the bumpers and paid plastics i teal.

The bumpers in teal look great but the lane guides in teal were just too much for me. I changed the lanes back to orange to mimic the sun setting and liked it much more. Its your game so you can do as you like.

#1327 5 years ago
#1338 5 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

If you do, make them for sale here. There are quite a few of us that are not fans of the swamp theme.

There are other ones out here that are not the swamp ones but drive in movie ones.

#1344 5 years ago
Quoted from mavantix:

Links? Pictures? Would like to see what's available...

Quoted from Fifty:

I've only ever seen the purple swamp ones.

Quoted from alveolus:

I have been begging for drive-in themed side blades for Months.

Ok guys let me get the info together and I will get it for you.

#1370 5 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Slowly working on this project pin... rebuilt the left flipper and found this extra wire hanging around it, it's light blue or gray with green stripes. Can anyone help me find where it needs to be re-soldered to? Thanks!

I would start by going into tests and see what might not work.

1 week later
#1397 5 years ago

I believe on mine it will keep going for as long as the game is on. About once every half hour or so. Some times I will be doing something across the room when it is very quiet and out of nowhere it scares the s%&^t out of me.

1 month later
#1418 5 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

I'd love to have a green under cab light come on when multiball starts,
I love the way the atmosphere of the game changes when multiball starts!
any ideas?

How about an under cabinet light kit that interacts with the game.

1 month later
#1483 4 years ago

I would try just what you said but dont stretch them when you heat them. And than get the leg protectors that screw on under the legs.Trim the vinyl under the proctors and than reinstall the protectors with no vinyl under them.

1 month later
#1534 4 years ago

Also check fuses,when the fuse that runs the optos is out it makes the coils pop like there is a ball in them.

2 weeks later
#1541 4 years ago

I have it in my CFTBL and love it. No game changes that I can see.

2 months later
#1604 4 years ago

It looks like an old movie poster.

1 week later
#1639 4 years ago

Count me in if that should ever happen.

#1655 4 years ago

Thats the 3D promo plastic that was made for the game. If anybody is interested in one I have several that I am thinking of selling.

#1657 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Well, I see no other use for these plastics unless... as a topper

There not good for that either. I guess for somebody who collects plastics it is cool.

#1665 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

can confirm, we are in chats and happy to team up with j_m_ if people are interested in a signpost mod

What the hell put me down,creech is my go to game.

1 week later
#1675 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Wish I could "unsee" this mess....

Looks like you have a nice used car lot there.

1 month later
#1725 4 years ago

I would not walk away from that but I wouldnt offer more than say $1500.00

#1730 4 years ago
Quoted from damadczar:

Not sure how you guys can justify paying 30% of a pin's value when it's 100% working and only has about $900-$1000 worth of work to fully restore.
It's interesting. Do I wanna pay as little as possible? Of course. But I don't wanna offend the guy either.

Well if you think you can make that a $4500.00 machine with $900-$1000 investment than go for it. Offer him $2800.00 and be happy with it.

2 weeks later
#1776 4 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Looks like PFs are on the way, so I'd say hard to get parts are:

Who is making these?

1 week later
#1795 4 years ago
Quoted from Mavmav:

Where I could buy one of those Holo Lcd??? There is someone selling it? Or I need to wait for the pinballsp version???


You can find a Mike D version but you are going to pay thru the nose for one. Aside from that you are going to have to wait.

4 months later
#2024 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Thanks for offering .....ordered the Retro refurbs today.....think they look amazing....

I like those also,good choice.

#2026 4 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Anyone have the chrome speaker panel? I want to order the chrome speaker panel and tail light kit. After seeing it on another owners, it's a must have kit. If you have one or can recommend me to someone who has in stock, much obliged.

That chrome speaker panel is a tough one to find. CPR made them a long time ago and never made them again. I had an extra and sold it for $200.00 a couple of years ago and have not seen one since. Good luck with your search.

#2028 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Pics please....I don't think I've ever seen one...

I cant get you a pic until later or tomorrow.

1 month later
#2094 3 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Always start multiball by sending one ball up the left ramp to the whirlpool and keep sending it back up the left ramp every time it feeds down from the whirlpool to the right flipper. This "parks" one ball out of the way (while whirlpool revolutions advance the jackpot bonus multiplier) letting you use the remaining ball to find the creature and then save the girl. And once you've saved the girl if you don't go for jackpot right away you can continue to send one ball up the left ramp and shoot the ball other up to the jet bumpers to increase the jackpot value. And after collecting the jackpot use the same strategy to activate super jackpot (one of the coolest jackpots in all pinball).

Wow you made that sound so easy.

#2099 3 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Creature was my first pin. Mine was assembled in March 1993 and I bought it used in 1994. It was my only pin until I added IJ and TZ over a year later. I loved playing it using that strategy to build up jackpots and jackpot bonus multipliers while the hologram was lit up in the lagoon. After more than twenty years I changed over to the MikeD mod to see images in the lagoon throughout the game, and now I kinda miss seeing the hologram.

Funny I have had mine since new and I also put a Mike D mod in mine. I did not like the mod so I removed mine and put the hologram back in.

#2117 3 years ago

I did a set of decals dry and they came out very good but I have a background of window tinting so that may make a diff. I believe if I tried to peel and reposition I would have been screwed. If you go with the dry for your cab decal be sure they are super straight before you start adhering them.The bowl decals go on nice when used dry and they will peel if needed. The one thing I did not like about my replacement bowl decals is they were not transparent like the original ones. I ended up using my original bowl decals instead of my new ones from marcos.

#2119 3 years ago

I dont know if I like it, but very nice job looks cool.

#2151 3 years ago
Quoted from Xerxes:

Hello again,
Yes, although I haven't applied them yet, I have noticed that the new bowl decals are not transparent like the originals, could I ask how you removed the original bowl decals from the old whirlpool and how you re-glued/affixed them to the new bowl?
all the best!

My decal was in good shape I just wanted the new bowl so I applied a tiny bit of heat and pealed the old one off and applied to new bowl.

3 months later
#2280 3 years ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Anyone think this could potentially be a cool topper for the Creech? Just put a couple of screws through the top
[quoted image]

No,dont do it.

3 weeks later
#2315 3 years ago

Looking at your ramps I would clean than flame polish and they will look great.

#2321 3 years ago
Quoted from dwightheinink:

I think it would be just ordering new ones... Thank you for your help guys!

You cant go wrong with new ones.

1 month later
#2368 3 years ago
Quoted from trumpy:

they're not . the hunt begins...…...

Quoted from j_m_:

the first place that I would check is the chase lamp board. could be a bad transistor

The chase lamp board has its own fuse also.

2 months later
#2408 3 years ago
Quoted from Chrlbrwn88:

Looking at the manual for attract mode, it says that it plays once after ending a game and will not play again until after ending another game. This is my second Creech and the one I had before this one would play music and play the "movie starts in" sequence without having to play another game. It would play the music on and off and even repeat the movie starts sequence again. I can hear faint music playing after a little while. But it is very faint. I replaced the ribbon cable to eliminate an issue there. Am I remembering incorrectly or did my previous Creech have different Roms or something? Thanks in advance.

Mine plays that very,very faint music when it is just sitting there not being played. It never bothered me so I never looked into it to see if something is wrong.

1 week later
#2429 3 years ago
Quoted from Tjohejsan:

Is there any kits available for creature hologram mod?

Your a funny guy.

1 month later
#2461 3 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

if any of the problem lights are on boards (not sockets), re-flow the solder as sometimes the solder can crack and when the weather warms up the solder slightly separates and the power to the light is lost but on a cold day will be fine

Quoted from advans13:

Yup a couple are on the light boards. Just been lazy.

Your lights are stuck on correct? That will be a board issue in my past experience.

2 weeks later
#2508 2 years ago
Quoted from pacman11:

I just picked up this game so I have no idea what’s been done to it. When I shop it out I will tear into this issue since it’s located in a weird spot under some ramps. I’ll check the wires on it too, thanks for the ideas. In switch test mode the ramp will lift up and down but during gameplay ramp doesn’t move at all.

You may want to fix the problem before shopping it out so you know all is working before tearing it down.

1 month later
#2564 2 years ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Posting a little on the late side...long story short is I've began remaking the infamous Williams Magnetic Reed Switch (follow link above).....I've sold all but 1 of the 1st lot I've built over on the RFM owners group - (most bought in groups of 3 as that is the quantity on RFM) - however I ended up with 1 left that would be perfect for the whirlpool mod...I won't be making any more until November - so if someone wants this one just shoot me a PM....hopefully after all the tooling and tuning and what have you - come November I'll be able to crank out more of these little hand built devils....

i would love

2 weeks later
#2602 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

I bought the repro from PPS, and I can tell you 100% part of the reason it goes blue is the angle of the light. I went from nearly purple to green to yellow just fidgeting with the light and the angle it hit the mirrors.

I have an original in mine and it too can change colors depending on the angle you look at it from.

2 months later
#2718 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Anyone got a mirrored version speaker panel theyd part with? Willing to over spend lol

The diff is not that much, is it really worth it?

#2721 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I got the mirror backglass and tail light mod so why not

Let me look thru my parts, I may have one.

3 weeks later
#2744 2 years ago

Somebody here is looking for one right now, this should sell in just a couple of hours.

2 months later
#2832 2 years ago

The hot pink is much better looking playfield. I think most would agree.

1 month later
#2909 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Struggling to choose side art options..
Do I go with: Lagoon, Cars with lagoon behind, Cars with night sky, or just mirror blades..[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

If you go with the lagoon let me know before you order and I will sell you mine for 1/2 the cost. I ordered a set and then decided not to use them.

1 week later
#2928 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

That board is one of the worst things to happen in a long time.

That's a pretty harsh thing to say.

#2935 2 years ago

8 positions and they are 3 pins each, I would think a ground pin and a 12 volt pin and a 5 volt pin. This would be my guess.

#2951 2 years ago

If anybody needs some side blades I will let these go for $25.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 just send PM.

getPart (resized).jpg
#2953 2 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

If anybody needs some side blades I will let these go for $25.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 just send PM.[quoted image]

Sold and shipped.

#2955 2 years ago
Quoted from gac:

Can anyone confirm? Thanks all

You will have to do a little rewiring but I dont see why not. you will not want to go right to the transformer but rewire inside the box where the power cord goes into.

1 week later
#2987 2 years ago

I myself have the one with the cars from the drive in and think that it would be great if they would make a power blade out of it so the lights from the cars would flash. They could even have the movie screen and sky glow somewhat.

1 week later
#2993 2 years ago

Well I just measured mine and they appear to be 1 1/8 inch posts at both locations. I could be of a 16th but I would have to take it apart to measure exact. There is one a tad shorter holding the bowl assembly to the wood side rail.

#2995 2 years ago

I am gonna go out on a limb and say he has the shorter one that goes down to the side rail mixed up with one of the longer ones.

#2997 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Ya I checked that too. Most of the side rail posts are 6/32, 8/32 the ones for this location are 6/32 on both ends.
I believe these posts I have are correct after all. I did some more digging and I think this by design. If you where to take your bowl off and look at it level With your eye you would
Notice the light ring actually attaches at an angle. This is most likely to help ball clearance under it. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for all the input

I am going to check that out. I got my CFTBL brand new and I am the only one that has ever done anything to it. We do know that the factory used whatever they had so there could be a diff from game to game. I will let you know what I find.

#3007 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

If this community can pay $500 for a Fisher Price level GB Topper or a KISS topper that twinkles or a GoT topper where the dragon's wings flap.....THIS is better than any of those.

Well i will tell you I would let mine go for $500.00. I had an extra one at one time and I sold it for $200.00 but you cant find them anymore.

#3010 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

thompso9's tail light mod smokes ANYTHING...any...thing that Stern has created in terms of a topper or additional mod.
The quality, level of effort and craftmanship is amazing.
Easy for me to say and tout owning it - but I'd pay $500 for it before ANY topper from any existing manufacturer. What they charge for what they offer is an embarrassment.

To be honest when I got mine from Jeff and opened it my first thought was he is not charging enough.

#3015 2 years ago
Quoted from Sonic:

The MRS alone is a $500 value : )

Your a funny guy.

#3023 2 years ago

Perhaps someone can help with this. Whenever I get a high score it automatically puts the first letter in as if I pushed the button and then goes to the second letter and waits for my input. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

2 weeks later
#3047 2 years ago

Cleaning out the closet? I need to do the same one of these days.

#3051 2 years ago
Quoted from gac:

Lol. Yes... just funding other mod purchases to fill the closet back up!

I know how you feel. While the wife sat by the pool I ordered $300 worth of pinball crap.

#3064 2 years ago

I hope it happens for the designer, he has put a lot of time into it. After 3 plus years I have lost interest and will probably not purchase one.

2 weeks later
#3117 2 years ago

My are just bare metal? Was this just a personal preference or are there supposed to be rubbers on those posts?</blockquot

There should be rubber there.

#3120 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

I'll have to investigate a bit more. I've seen more games from this era with just metal posts there. I always found it odd though.

I guess you can go either way its your game. I took mine out of the box brand new and it has always had rubber there. I will agree that the manual dosent show any rubber there.

#3139 2 years ago
Quoted from Carl71:

Thanks for the advice. Think I will leave the Creature as is then. However Any ideas why every alternate bulb in my ramp and bowl doesn't light? One off, one on and so on?
Don't understand electronics

It could be the chase light board. Check to see if that board has any fuses on it,if not check the connecters on it to make sure they are good. I dont remember exactly but there was something to do with fuses when I had a problem with mine.

#3141 2 years ago

I double the no clown puke.

2 weeks later
#3194 1 year ago

What he said^^^^^^^

3 months later
#3265 1 year ago
Quoted from Ashram56:

I cleaned the sleeve, but did not replace it yet (did not have one handy ^
That said... I'm pretty sure I don't have the cup outlined in your diagram. Thanks for the pointer!
I wish I had the 3d model as I could very easily print it using my resin printer (although I can pro ably recreate it if I can see how it's mounted on the coil axis)

You must have that cup or it will not work correctly.

3 weeks later
#3292 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

This is from Tilt Forums however I haven't been able to reproduce it (so maybe the below procedure is not quite right however I have heard of this bug occurring):
The CFTBL snack attack bug is to start snack attack (typically 4 right ramps), do NOT collect it, then start multiball instead (helps to be lit before starting snack attack). In order for the bug to occur, you need to drain directly from multiball to bonus (actually I believe you can drain during the restart timer as well because modes are resurrected yet). On your next ball, snack attack will restart, with the hurryup value starting at ZERO. This causes an underflow to 9.999B, so you have to wait long enough that your score + hurryup doesn’t go back OVER 10B, otherwise you have basically subtracted points from your score.

Yeah I dont know about this. I have gotten the snack attack when it was in the billions and it never gave me or took away anything.

#3304 1 year ago

I just heated my plastics and flexed them to match the scoops and that worked great also.

#3346 1 year ago
Quoted from PinJim:

Maybe for the time being I’ll go back to regular bulbs...

On my chase lights I kept the original bulbs and dipped them in greem translucent model paint and they look great.

1 week later
#3416 1 year ago

At one time I had a broken cup on the VUK and that resulted in the ball not going all the way up. it had to fire several times for it to work properly.

#3425 1 year ago
Quoted from Fifty:

I haven't yet. I only had about 10 minutes and then had to put the kids to bed.

It is funny how we speak as if we're not the kids here.

#3434 1 year ago

Looks like something you would see in a funeral parlor.

4 weeks later
#3527 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Another piece of the puzzle...
[quoted image]

Is that a screened back glass?

1 month later
#3682 1 year ago
Quoted from Marco1973:

Thank you for your help.
When enter the test mode and run the General Illumination, all bulbs must light.
Those would not light up.
I changed the board under the playfield, but the bulbs still don't work.

Is there not multiple fuses for those bulbs?

#3685 1 year ago
Quoted from Marco1973:

No, the same fuses for the general illumination, even if divided in parts.
Anyway i made new solder here too on the small board under the playfield. Problem vanished.

If I remember correctly I had a problem with my chase lights not working and I purchased a new board.. Low and behold there was a fuse that supplied power to those lights and had nothing to do with general illumination. Just my 2 cents.

1 week later
#3732 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

The sign can be found on-line at modeltrainstuff.com and midwestmodelrr.com. There are other sites that have it as well. It would have to be modified to connect to the pin.

Those signs are all or mostly made by Miller Engineering so if you dont see them you can go to his site. His shop is fairly close to me so if they will not ship internationaly I may be able to help with that.

#3735 1 year ago
Quoted from Ashram56:

And it's back
My dreaded "damn ball won't exit the Slide VUK" issue
Here's a video:
I've cleaned up the sleeve, replaced the coil, checked all mechanics, and this issue appears once in a while. Sometimes it works fine for a few days, then fails on one launch, sometimes it fails consistently (as in the linked video, I had to remove the glass to catch the ball).
I'm starting to think the control circuitry is at fault. Checking on the schematics there is a control transistor, has anyone experienced a failure on a control transistor of that nature ?

How is the cup on top of the plunger? If one of the little tabs is broken off it throws the ball to the side and that prevents it from working all the time.

#3748 1 year ago
Quoted from Ashram56:

I checked the movement of the plunger, the way the sleeve is mounted on my original picture do not interfere at all with the movement (since the plunger is blocked by the metal plate at the rear anyway).
I disassembled, added a small 2.5mm thick (3D printer to the rescue) washer below the plastic cup, attempted to realign the wireform ramp (although impact was not obvious). So far so good, the ball ejected directly at power up.
That said it did work in the past, so i'll have to play quite a few games to determine if the issue is solved
[EDIT] And of course it did not solve it...
Man I'm getting crazy with this issue
Only option left now is measuring the voltage swing on the second pin (in case there is a drop), and measure current during power up of the coil. As a reference, would anyone have the coil resistance (in ohm) ?

Could this problem have anything to do with the optics that trigger that VUK being dirty?

#3777 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

I'd have to double check mine but I believe Miller gives you the letters for the marquee so that you can actually put "Creature from the Black Lagoon" on it (or whatever else floats your boat). Also you can program the chase light sequence.

Yes thats correct, it also comes in 2 diff sizes from Miller.

1 week later
#3795 1 year ago
Quoted from WinterMillennium:

Greetings folks,
What's occurring here? I've tried changing the DMD board fuses, more in hope than expectation, but no joy... board gone?

Have you checked your ribbon cables?

3 weeks later
#3852 1 year ago
Quoted from Ashram56:

Likewise, I'm not quite sure I understand what it looks like... any picture / pointer ?

Its just a post rubber that is much wider at the top than the bottom.

4 months later
#4062 11 months ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

I always dreaded having to redo a connector as I would struggle to make foolproof crimps so I purchased the following crimper and ever since my crimps have come out perfect. It is well worth the cost.
amazon.com link »

Same one I have and it works great.

1 month later
#4185 9 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

I kept incandescent bulbs in mine… the LEDs just didn’t have a very pleasing light.

I dipped mine in green translucent paint and they look great.

1 month later
#4272 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinball13:

Looking at joining the club soon. The game has a blue hologram. I know that is not how it should look. Is there a fix for that and how much does it hurt the value or resale of the game. Also, not seeing many for sale recently. Any ideas on current value for a very nice example with no fade? Thanks

I would say anywhere between 5600-6600 I am sure others will chime in on this.

1 month later
#4300 7 months ago
Quoted from Mellow:

I do not know if I am imagining things but after I stripped my playfield for a clean and resteration and on reasembly of the "lagoon" window I dont remeber the gap between the playfield and the window to be so big, I measure 1.5mm or 1/16th around. Is this correct?
I did VERY light sanding on the playfield lagoon hole just to get it nice and clean, not enough I thought to enlarge it.
Can I please get some feedback about the gap size? Thanks.

Its not off just your imagination, besides there would be nothing you could do now but enjoy the game.

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