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CFTBL- Fans and members welcome!!!

By vilant

6 years ago

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#251 5 years ago

The best looking overall pinball package ever made, I think. Really looks good with the black legs!

#260 5 years ago
Quoted from Kahanaohana:

my cftbl holo is faded out, what do you guys think, is it money better spent buying the lcd mod or color dmd? thanks

MikeD's video mod is just killer--I highly recommend it. Aloha, love Kapaa!

1 week later
#276 5 years ago

I just finished lighting my pop bumpers. After reading several ways to do it (in this thread, I think) I collected what parts I needed--then procrastinated--as I was worried about hassling with the ramps. Finally got off my butt today and did it--I found that it really wasn't all that difficult if you took your time and paid attention. After a lot of looking around under the play field I decided the easiest way to hook these up was via the rollover lights--I didn't really care if they flashed or not. I did like the idea of hooking them up to the lightning bolts, but that was more complicated than using the rollovers. Looks nice with the pops lit up (and brings some light to a dark area of the game). I can certainly understand why these were never lit in the first place--operators would have complained (rightly so) about the difficulty of changing the bulbs when they burned out. I used flat top Cointakers to clear the caps with ease, it didn't seem that dome tops would fit as well (since I used the stranded wire sockets to make things easier--but they sit up higher than solid wire sockets). Hope they last awhile!

2 weeks later
#279 5 years ago

I just happened to notice this today and wondered if anyone has ever gotten this Snack Bar reward: "A new car". It doesn't seem to pop up often and I was lucky to catch it (but I think I got a hot dog instead...). Anyone notice any other unusual random rewards?

#282 5 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

I had that same question a long time ago and the only answer I got was no the new car never wins. I have seen it a couple hundred times and it never stops on it.

Bummer--I'd love to see the amount of points and animation sequence from winning a new car! ChadH, if you happen to see this and CFTBL ever pops up on your radar...

#287 5 years ago

I was hoping for a '55 Bel Air Hardtop Coupe!

#289 5 years ago

Finally got the "Super Jackpot" tonite--usually can't keep both balls on the playfield long enough to shoot for it... Since I'd never done that before, I wasn't sure what to do. What do you do next (in case I ever get there again)?

#291 5 years ago
Quoted from gwarrior:

Once you get the SJP, multiball mode continues per usual, but the JP and SJP values increase significantly. So after hitting SJP, go try to find the girl again in one of the 3 tunnels, rescue her, hit JP, and then SJP again. If you can get two SJPs during the same multiball, you're looking at a score of close to a billion, depending how much you've advanced your multiplier in the whirlpool. I think I have doubled up the SJP in the same multiball maybe once or twice in 13 years of owning this pin.

Cool, I doubt I'll ever be able to get that far (but one can always hope), thanks for the info!

1 month later
#320 5 years ago

Didn't know those existed-pretty cool!

3 weeks later
#358 5 years ago

I suck at pinball and need the extra balls...

1 month later
#398 5 years ago

That would be cool if someone could program the three ball multi-ball back in--I'd like to see for myself how it compares with two ball...

2 weeks later
#420 5 years ago
Quoted from tonedef131:

I picked up a Creature yesterday and while it needs a lot of work I got it playing. The only real problem I'm having is that when multiball starts it kicks out two balls. It doesn't happen any other times and seems to know where the balls are the rest of the time. Has anyone else encountered this before?

If that is the poor man's way to achieve 3 ball multi-ball, I'd leave it alone!

3 weeks later
#449 5 years ago

If you don't have a reed switch, try and find one. That is the best way to get an extra rotation out of each ball. Also, make sure the ramp exit is set to the far to the outside of the bowl so that the ball enters the bowl right on that outside edge. If the ball is not all the way to the outside as it enters the bowl you are gonna loose some speed.

If you watch Bowen's tutorial, he shows how to bump the machine each time the ball comes around to gain extra momentum--it works very well.

2 months later
#484 4 years ago

I know that photo is fake, as my Creature never goes over 250 mil...

2 months later
#516 4 years ago

Finally broke down and got a set of black legs, snapped a photo before I took the last one off. Looks pretty cool and makes the art pop more...


2 months later
#578 4 years ago

Now that is cool, where did you find that Creature?

4 weeks later
#606 4 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

The Creech came to play some pinball


This is the second one of these I've seen--where do they come from (other than the swamp)?

#612 4 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Anyone have trouble with direct hits to the snack bar being rejected? I think it's from the deflector loosening up over time. Anyone tried replacing the deflector with the pinbits replacement?

I've never had one shot pop out ever, so there must be something going on. No Cliffy on mine.

#619 4 years ago
Quoted from CyberNinja24:

Hooked up the Polk sub today on Creech. Had no clue how awesome the sounds would come through. When the car sound comes on or blowing up stuff on the Move Your Car mode. Wow!! Simply amazing.

Thanks for this tip, I found a Bic for cheap and got it--the sub makes a big difference!

3 weeks later
#636 4 years ago

Yeah, but when you do luck out and finally get that Super Jackpot it is a thrill!

1 month later
#698 4 years ago
Quoted from mickftbl:

Hi im a new member but not new to pinball.
Here is my most recent project. Just pending the mike d mod, when i can get one!! The 1990,s called and ask for there bling back.


This is a unique looking game that I believe will be in your collection for a long time to come...

1 month later
#762 3 years ago
Quoted from Wescobar:

Here is mine. I feel like less is more with this game in the backbox. I experimented with some pinkish bulbs to get the skin to look better but in the end I settled on what you see here.

I prefer incandescents, but I have to say what you did in the backbox looks very good.

#767 3 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

OK, I tested some led lights in the backbox, but have to agree, incandescents are way better. Unlike other backbox of games I own (most Stern with just a fluorescent beam) but also an IJ, this backbox is constantly dimming, flickering. It just comes to life. Great backbox. I got the leds out, tried some colored #555 but also that was not the best result. So I will keep it as is. As you see not all changes with future material are the best.....but they did not know that back in 1992

I came to the same conclusion, but I did cheat in two places. I put an orange led under the explosion/fire on the boat, and put a color changer under the Universal Monsters circular logo.

#778 3 years ago

MikeD just posted in another thread he is going to discontinue his fantastic video mod. Major bummer!

Quoted from PinballMikeD:

Sorry guys, I've run into numerous supplier issues and my work life doesn't appear to be easing up anytime soon. Therefore, I've decide to discontinue this product. I hate leaving people hanging, but I just don't see a realistic time frame for making anymore of these MODs in the foreseeable future.

#797 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

They look so naked to me without the speaker panel tail light mod?

If it wasn't for MikeD's video mod, Jeff's speaker panel mod would be the best mod ever in pinball.

1 week later
#844 3 years ago

Sonic's mod is the next best thing to replacing the switch altogether with a reed switch (which they no longer make, evidently). Search reed switch and you'll find info on it. Another thing I did to gain revolutions was to adjust the ball habitrail where it meets the bowl. The placement of the end of the wire form makes a big difference on how long the ball will spin around the bowl. Experiment with it and you'll find the best position. Even with all this you will still have to shake the machine to keep the ball rolling around the bowl as often as possible.

The lighted Creature is sold on eBay, but the price has gone up a lot recently.

#861 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I'm just referring to the task itself (not the meaning behind), just hit the ball into the VUK. It seems very simple. The completion of film seems like it's the main progression toward wizard mode, I just think they should have used a more complex objective to obtain the "M"

Perhaps, but that would eliminate one of the best combo shots in the game. Not easy to do, but I love it when I plunge and collect "KISS" and combo that into "Slide". Get a nice bonus for it, too. I also appreciate that by not being too complex of a task to collect "FILM" I always have another shot at obtaining it after I screwed up the first multiball...

1 month later
#926 3 years ago

Got super lucky and got a pretty maxed-out Super Jackpot last nite--I may be wrong but I think it was worth around 500,000 points--I was too busy to take more than a quick glance at the display. Like CFTBL or not, obtaining the Super JP is very hard to do and is always a rush! Anyone know what happens next--I see that the three tunnel lights come back on? Can you build on the SJP?

#928 3 years ago

Just like "finding the girl"--the same 3 lights come on for the SB, Kiss and Slide shots (tunnels). At least I think they are referred to as tunnels on the call out.

#930 3 years ago

Thanks stevevt, I had not been able to find that info.

#935 3 years ago

Nothing but incandescents--why mess with the classic look?

1 week later
#947 3 years ago

I'd be calling MikeD before I did anything. Any trouble I had with mine he went out of his way to help solve the issue.

3 months later
#993 3 years ago

Blues and greens would seem to be a better choice to me, as well.

4 weeks later
#1031 3 years ago

How do you get that many spins? How did you set up the ramp and bowl?

#1034 3 years ago

Got the switch before they went extinct. If nothing else it looks much cleaner than the normal switch. I'll play with the bowl as you suggested to get a few more laps each time the ball drops in, thanks.

2 weeks later
#1081 3 years ago

...or learn how to place your shots better. Most every single SDTM drain is a result of a poor shot--at least that is my experience. Now--the outlanes drive me crazy!

#1090 3 years ago

Nothing much beats getting the Super Jackpot--very difficult and a real accomplishment.

#1100 3 years ago

Have you contacted MikeD? I've always found him to be extremely helpful.

1 month later
#1134 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

just realized the bulb in his game is a green led...Guessing I should get the correct halogen bulb...

I read somewhere--maybe earlier in this thread--that someone used a bright amber bulb to turn their blue Creech more green. Might be an idea. I bought the super bright green bulb and it really didn't help at all--but it was bright.

2 months later
#1171 3 years ago

I can tell you the biggest single improvement you'll make is to put quality speakers and a powered sub on it. This pin responded the best of any of the pins I've upgraded with good speakers. I used FF's and have always had good luck with them. The lighted speaker panel mod and the video mod would be my next two choices, but both are unavailable right now.

2 months later
#1291 2 years ago

Really too bad JT isn't doing these any longer--IMO it is the best custom mod anyone has ever done (at least before MikeD did his mod). Funny how two of the most creative mods are both for this pin.

#1304 2 years ago

You'll loose all the warmth if you led this, many (including me) think Creech looks best with incandescents.

#1308 2 years ago

I did, and it was not as hard as I was expecting. I believe I used the flexible pop bumper light sockets to make it easier--at least I think I read somewhere those were easier to hook up. It is well worth the effort as it really lights up that area. I stayed with the red caps rather than go teal, and I think it looks really good.

1 month later
#1421 2 years ago

Don't know all the answers, but the yellow light is used to make a bluish holo look more green. Standard light is a car rear taillight bulb, I don't recall the exact number.

Added over 3 years ago: The bulb that came out of mine is an 1156. You can find a nicer, brighter led light, however.

1 month later
#1452 2 years ago

Scoop metal almost always makes the entry into the scoop tougher. If you use one you just have to live with the bricked shots it will cause.

1 week later
#1471 2 years ago

That certainly looks better, with it flipped around the other way it is partially blocking the scoop. Mine looks just the same as yours, PG.

1 month later
#1514 2 years ago

Anyone recall several years ago when Pete Townshend got caught in about the same set of circumstances? Seems Pete was just "researching for a book" or something and it sort of went away. We'll see how this plays out.

2 months later
#1579 2 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Got my taillight mod yesterday in the mail and am pleasantly surprised by the level of quality, it's such a professional looking mod. Can't wait to install it before the party I'm having on Saturday!

Surprised you were surprised, no one has ever had anything but praise for Jeff's mod--perhaps the best mod ever made.

3 weeks later
#1642 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I've actually been working on something for myself for my CftBL for the past 3 years on and off (it kept getting bumped to the back of the line by other projects
it will probably not be something that I will market and sell (due to the costs and the complexity of it), but the gist is to replace all 3 of the PETG signposts and their incandescent bulbs with LCD panels. the panels will appear [mostly] dark and static and then will light up and animate the active mode
here's an example of the animations for right side panel that I'm pretty happy with now. I've begun coding the logic on how I will trigger and animation the specific areas based on which mode is active

Now that you've shared it--you have to make it available--nice mod!

1 week later
#1672 2 years ago

MikeD made a power adaptor mod to solve this issue--don't know if they are available anymore or not.

1 month later
#1793 2 years ago

Pinballsp may prove to be a good option, but he has yet to show a working prototype.

1 month later
#1917 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

How many switch hits should I get when the ball swirls the bowl? Currently getting 3.

If you are getting three spins without nudging and still have the mechanical switch, your bowl and ramp exit into the bowl are set up plenty good. You are gonna have to do some serious nudging and have a reed switch to really keep the ball moving around the bowl.

3 weeks later
#1971 1 year ago

Another vote for incandescents, only pin I've left them in because it looks right.

#1975 1 year ago

A classic game with a classic theme, I just don't like leds in this game--but that is just me. Herg might get bummed with that "b"...

1 month later
#1994 1 year ago

Lots of talk about the new video mod, no video of it working has been posted.

#2001 1 year ago

MikeD is the most gracious and accessible mod guy anyone could ask for. I had several issues with mine early-on, Mike always helped me fix them. There was one issue that persisted, until suddenly it disappeared. I asked Mike how that happened--he had no explanation other than sometimes things just fix themselves! Never had an issue with it since.

3 weeks later
#2052 1 year ago

The fix I liked the sound of the best was to use a yellow light to shine onto the blue hologram to hopefully turn it more green. Logic seems good.

2 weeks later
#2067 1 year ago

Just did the best two snack bar shots I ever made on this game (well, I watched them go in, anyway). I start the "find the girl" mode and wind up putting both balls into the bumpers. Ball one comes down, bounces off the left sling and trickles into the snack bar. Girl found. Ball two was immediately behind it, having followed the same exact path and speed (what are the odds?). Jackpot!

#2077 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

I'm working on a solution to get the third ball into play for multiball. Is anybody interested in this? Has it already been done and I'm re-inventing the wheel?

Yeah, the original designers did it and took it out. If you could add a third ball, that would be cool.

#2095 1 year ago

Since I suck, I figure if I had an extra ball I could try and throw one up the ramp and the other into the bumpers, then maybe have enough time to find the girl with the third ball before losing the first two...

1 week later
#2140 1 year ago

The poor man's reed switch--very good idea!

5 months later
#2347 1 year ago

Nice, but you still have a ways to go to get to "every mod known...". The two coolest mods for Creature (maybe for any pin--only thing that comes close is Eli's mod for Tron) are Jeff's speaker panel mod and MikeD's video mod. Not sure I see a reed switch on the bowl, which is a cool trick. Upgraded speakers and a powered sub really bring the sound to life if yours does not have this. Backbox lighting needs some help, as NPO pointed out.

2 months later
#2384 11 months ago

That is a lot of light wash-out. Creature is the only pin I have that is all incandescents--IMO it looks much better and the light features work 100% better with them. The photos you posted reinforced my opinion--but it is just my opinion.

#2387 11 months ago
Quoted from Sonic:

If folks can be patient - and my partner is going to kill me - just wait a big longer and your wish will be reality.....it just takes time...

Now that sounds interesting!

1 month later
#2410 10 months ago

I believe that is what I had to do when mine did this years ago. Maybe the best thing to do is to contact MikeD and let him walk you thru it--which is what I did. He is really a super nice guy.

3 weeks later
#2432 9 months ago
Quoted from soren:

New Creature From The Black Lagoon software mod - version 2
The Creature mod redone from stratch. All the stuff from the previously released one plus...
More features of the game is now tournament play'ed.
The Girl search feature is menu adjustable. Random or pattern.
More bug fixes.
No more waiting for scores to show up.
The mysterious left inlane points indicators now have a purpose.
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Rev L-4 patch 8c6a
Download link: https://tinyurl.com/y2ngcanj
Please read the Readme and follow the patch guide carefully.
Release note
New feature adjustment A.2 19 "Girl search".
"Random": As rev. L-4. The girl is located at a randomly chosen Search target.
"Pattern": The girl is always at the second Search target made. And third Search target after a jackpot (rest of game, player individual).
"T-play": When tournament play selected: As the "Pattern" option. Else as the "Random" option.
Default: "T-play".
New feature adjustment A.2 20 "Tournament play Snack bar Unlimited millions".
"Yes": When tournament play selected: The Snack bar will award the Unlimited millions mode (see awards pattern).
"No": When tournament play selected: The Snack bar will never award the Unlimited millions mode.
Default: "Yes".
The 10B Snack attack bug, fixed.
Snack attack count down lands nicely on 10M.
255 bumper hits to light Super jackpot bug, fixed.
1x “maxed” playfield multiplier bug, fixed.
Bonus-x calculation corrected to be as indicated by the game. 1x/2x/4x/6x/8x/10x.
Bonus base value raised by a factor-3.
A bug where Move your car was not running properly after a multiball, fixed.
A bug where Snack attack is incorrectly promoted on the right ramp count-up display, fixed.
When tournament play selected: The first Playground award is Unlimited millions. Player individual.
When tournament play selected: Snack bar awards follow a fixed pattern. Player individual.
When adj. A.2 20 "T-play S.B. Mill." is set to "Yes":
Before a multiball has been played: F, L or M letter once (if needed and in that order). Then random points ones.
After a multiball has been played: Unlimited millions once. Then random points ones.
When adj. A.2 20 "T-play S.B. Mill." is set to "No":
Before a multiball has been played: F, L or M letter once (if needed and in that order). Then random points ones.
After a multiball has been played: Random points ones only.
When tournament play selected: Tap a button in attract mode to show the latest game scores.
The 10M, 20M and 30M indicators are brought to life.
The Super scoring mode offers a one time only award on the left inlane.
10M, 20M or 30M based on timing.
A bug where the European region installs the hard pre-set on a factory reset, fixed.
Adjustment A.1 21 "Language" is limited to "English".
Adjustment A.1 28 "Min. vol override" defaults to “Yes”.
Why it rocks
Randomisation removed on many accounts for better luck/skill balance in competitive play.
The lucrative Unlimited millions mode may now be play for strategically.
A lot of bug fixes.
No more waiting for game scores to show.
New Super scoring sub-feature for the never-used left inlane score indicators.
The Snack bar Unlimited millions, after a multiball played, is any multiball played.
When selected, the Unlimited millions mode is victory laps for the multiball.
Random points ones are: Popcorn (1M), Hot dog (2M), Hot pretzel (4M), Ice cold pop (4M) and Hamburger (5M).
The incremented bonus base value is to compensate that the max bonus-x is reduced from the incorrect 32x to 10x.
High X bonus is by this a similar payoff. Low X bonus will get a boost.
Feature adjustement A.2 3 "Multiball" is of no use.
At least as of rev. L-4, the game is not awarding multiball at the Snack bar mystery.
The Super scoring mode left inlane award is also given when the inlane is made on a ramp shot return.

Is a ROM available of the new code for those who don't have a burner? Somehow I missed the first version, what were the improvements that were made?

2 months later
#2536 7 months ago

Your SD card is most likely corrupted. A thread was started about this issue recently, https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cftbl-miked-help

1 month later
#2572 6 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

So I helped out a Pinsider with his Mike D mod. I sent a thumb drive with all the data needed to fix his mod. I said send me $4.00 for the shipping and a blank thumb drive. He said he got the thumb drive I sent him. Now it is about three weeks later and I have nothing. Live and learn!

I believe most Pinsiders would have really appreciated the effort you took and would have gladly Paypal'd you enough money to cover your expenses. Bummer this guy has not.

#2587 6 months ago

Looks great, I think you have come up with a real winner of a mod--get ready for the orders to come in. I'm wondering what this would look like with the motor running?

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