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CFTBL- Fans and members welcome!!!

By vilant

6 years ago

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#435 5 years ago

Does anyone knows who sings and what is the title of this song?

#436 5 years ago


#438 5 years ago

Yeah.... pretty close!!

#440 5 years ago

Man, I totally agree with you.... It is the nicest song of the machine!

#445 5 years ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Like the nude PF and backglass. I have them too!

Yeah man, but I got only the nude BG.... my PF is standard!!!!

What did you think about the "hologram"?

#447 5 years ago

Though I understand this club was originally conceived to share info and facts about CftBL exclusively, I'd just like to share with all the link to my pinballowners page: http://www.pinballowners.com/amendes

Does anyone also has a pinballowners page?

1 month later
#476 4 years ago

Gee... I don't know!!!

2 weeks later
#477 4 years ago

My pride and joy:


#481 4 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Didn't think that was even possible. What was the final score?

Actually, it's easy if you play without the glass!

#483 4 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Yeah, I'm an idiot.

Seeing is believing, man, seeing is believing!!!

1 week later
#491 4 years ago

Seen the movies, played the pinball, now I'll read the book!


#493 4 years ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Decent movie. I downloaded it not too long ago and watched it with consideration of the era. Good times! Hows the book?

Yeah, it's basically a novelization of the movie, but it's ok for killing time on my way back and forth to work..... great pictures though!

1 week later
#494 4 years ago
1 week later
#504 4 years ago

I once bought classicarcades' decals for a Fish Tales that I used to own, and I thought that I was the unlucky here, but it's looking like as a recurrent problem with his products......

1 month later
#510 4 years ago


#513 4 years ago

Ain't your pink convertible maybe just a little big or it was just the angle of the picture? Is it a 1:43 scale?

#515 4 years ago

Does anyone have the green tinted aftermarket lagoon cover installed? How's it look like? Pics?

#518 4 years ago

I agree! I think black legs look way cooler than the chrome ones!

#519 4 years ago


1 week later
#527 4 years ago
Quoted from dmieczko:

I love the idea of it for sure - problem is it actually hurts my eyes looking at that when trying to hit the shot to start the film...

That's the challenge buddy, get used to it!!!

3 weeks later
#545 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

I did this mod a while ago and love mine as the 2 lights sync with different features on the playfield which are actually partially hidden behind a ramp - "parking ok" and "move your car" and looks cool and doesn't block any views unlike the car mod.
Because Shapeways is limited in their colours I decided to do a small custom range which unfortunately is not available from Shapeways directly as the rear body panels are only available as one full fixed colour nt multiple colours. These ones will have 4 different custom colours and will be blackened on the inside so the plastic won't have a glow but then hopefully the embossed logo will glow a little on the pink and aqua versions. The rat rod grey is for a non silver / chromed bumper letting people custom colour a white bumper or getting a stainless steel option which is not as sharp in quality as the polished silver but would suit the rat rod look. With having a plastic or stainless bumper housing, it will make it much more affordable.
anyway I will order a couple soon and wire up and sell a few one offs when time allows.
custom tailfin - aqua.png
custom tailfin - light pink.png
custom tailfin - creech green.png
custom tailfin - RR grey.png

Curious for the price tags!

3 weeks later
#557 4 years ago

Some nice add-ons!


#563 4 years ago
Quoted from Jimmydred:

Wow! That is so cool. I wouldn't mind having that in mine as an alternative translate. Never have seen it, thanks for posting it!


Problem is you'd have to reajust the display location!

#564 4 years ago
Quoted from Creature7:

My first CFTBL was featured in both issues of GameRoom magazine I was in for game room of the month. First two pics are from the June 2006 issue and the last two are from the August 2009 issues. My second machine was the really nice one that was pictured in the first post. Sold for $5,700 years ago. It was a beauty. Never thought I would part with it, but you know how it goes sometimes. I had that title in a smaller collections for over 12 years. I had my reasons at the time. Maybe one day, I will bring it back.

CFTBL_-_mag_1.jpg CFTBL_game_2006.jpg CFTBL_-_gameroom.jpg CFTBL_-_mag_2.jpg

Awesome, dude!

3 weeks later
#573 4 years ago
Quoted from stevevt:

1. Spell F I L M. (Refer to the lower playfield. KISS is the left slot shot. Snack bar is the middle scoop. Note that you can shoot the snack bar scoop to spot a snack bar target if you haven't scored a jackpot in the current game. PAID is the top lanes. Slide is the right slot shot.)
2. Shoot the left or right flashing slot shot to start multiball.
3. Find the girl in one of the three lit Search shots (left slot, snack bar, right slot).
4. Shoot the snack bar to light the jackpot.
5. Shoot the snack bar to get the jackpot.
6. After getting a regular jackpot, shoot up to the top lanes to get pop bumper hits (around 17 or 20, usually) to light the super jackpot.
7. When you get enough pop bumper hits, the super jackpot (at double the value of the regular jackpot) is lit at the snack bar scoop.


#575 4 years ago

Beautiful! How's the installation?

3 weeks later
#592 4 years ago

.... and put the glass back on before taking the picture

#601 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Got mine mostly finished up still waiting on a led order to change out some also need to install the topper still.. it has lots of nice upgrades ..Is anyone have the newest file for the mike d mod? Im missing the video mode . The guy I bought itt from paid for it but never upgraded to newest software . 20151123_133959.jpg 20151123_133950.jpg

Beautiful pics! Congrats! Now you need green leds on the swirl ramp!

#604 4 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

The Creech came to play some pinball


Awesome, dude!

#614 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Awesome!!! I'm a huge horror fan (I even have the side art from CFTBL tattooed on my arm), so I was super-stoked to meet Ricou and Julia/Julie at this year's Mad Monster Phoenix. Both signed my translite and a CFTBL poster. Very nice people!
Ricou Browning.jpg
Julia Adams.jpg
CFTBL signed translite.jpg

Nice! I'm also a huge fan of the movie..... Now you show us your tattoo, heh?

#618 4 years ago
Quoted from mot:

lol. I thought someone might challenge me on this. The emphasis is on the word possible, because you would need some (ridiculously) lucky bounces. In other words, I probably won't be posting a video!
0. Plunge the KISS skillshot to light F. F___
1. Shoot the slide to light M. F__M.
2. Shoot the snackbar targets and get a couple lucky side to side bounces to hit all four. (Hey, it can happen!). That lights I. FI_M.
3. Shoot the 'Move Your Car' lane up to the bumpers. Get some lucky bounces from the bumpers and change the lanes to spell PAID. That lights L. FILM.
4. Shoot the KISS lane to start multiball! We just started multiball in 4 shots!
5. Plunge the second ball and let the fun begin. Shoot the left ramp to start cranking the multiplier. In theory, on some machines it'd be possible to nudge the ball around and around the bowl to get the multiplier all the way to 4x with only a single shot. Ah, what the hell, let's say we do that.
6. Shoot one of the 'Search' lights and hope you get lucky and find the girl on the first try. 5 million x 4 = 20 million
7. Shoot the snackbar to rescue the girl. 10 million x 4 = 40 million
8. Shoot the snackbar for jackpot. 40+ million x 4 = 160+ million
9. Shoot the 'Move Your Car' lane to get to the bumpers. We're making more crazy assumptions that the ball bounces around the bumpers like crazy to get 25 bumpers in just one shot. Super jackpot is now lit! (Best sound effect ever!)
10. Shoot the snackbar for SUPER JACKPOT! 80+ million x 4 = 320+ million
At this point, we've got at least 540 million. Multiball basically restarts with everything double, so you could repeat steps 6-12 for at least a billion, technically again and again for 2 billion, 4 billion, 8 billion!
If I want to back my claim that you could technically get to a billion in 12 or even 10 shots, the best bet would probably be to assume an insane amount of bumper action that boosts the jackpot up and up and up.
Oh, and I guess I now realize that if we're making stupid assumptions, it'd technically be possible to plunge the ball through the PAID lanes into the bumpers and have the ball bounce around in the bumpers for hours on end to get all the way to a billion points without ever flipping a flipper. The method above is probably easier. I'll shut up now.

That's absolutely so f*** easy if you master the "glass-off / ten-finger pressing targets while simultaneously shooting manually the ball through the ramps" technique!

3 weeks later
#642 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Finally getting to that restore /shopout bud? Thax for the link bud . I think mine is still pretty nice

Coincidentally I was so pissed with the bad state of mine that I just tore it to pieces last weekend....

#652 4 years ago



3 weeks later
#671 4 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when the game is over?

#676 4 years ago

Totally forgot about that.... I was compiling a playlist with all the music of the pins I have and bumped into that doubt once again....

#683 4 years ago

Some can always customize


#686 4 years ago

Very nice Swinks.... I have a similar solution and looks great.... I'll posr some pics later!

#689 4 years ago

Exactly - glad I have one in the box for spare purposes... The outcome of this MOD is beautiful! Now that's truly 3D!!!!

#694 4 years ago

"Geeh... I don't know....."

Maybe you should have used another shade of green?

#702 4 years ago
Quoted from Sonic:

It reminds me that Marty calls himself Clint Eastwood in BTTF3 and that Clint was in both Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula....

hehe... and what about that avatar of yours???

1 week later
#713 4 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Anyone? It would be much appreciated!

I'll try looking into it today for you!

#714 4 years ago

I've got a repro NOS (acquired back in 2013) censored version (nude girl) of the CftBL translite that I can let go for US$ 300, shipped worlwide (I'm from Brazil, so shipping costs are higher than normal).

PS I: Can't post pics here but some can be seen at http://www.pinballowners.com/amendes. The pics are from my machine, the one I'm selling is stored in a tube, pets/smoke free!

PS II: Haven't listed at the ads yet, so if anyone interested, please PM me!

1 week later
#715 4 years ago

Does anyone have the PinSound board installed on a CftBL? I've just watched the wonders this sound board does to TZ, TAF, JM....., but could not find the Creature anywhere....

#716 4 years ago

The Creech says "Hi..."...



#717 4 years ago

My shrine....


1 week later
#734 4 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

I just added this to the Pinsound thread but here it is just for info.
It's a WIP with some work today but so far the 50s music fits the game like a glove. Also adding some of the movie's fantastic score and upgrading some sound fx:
» Vimeo video
Please let me know what you think. Cheers!

Really cool, daddy-o!

#744 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

How about a few new Creature backglasses??


Cool! Are you selling?

#749 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Very soon. Still doing a few tests.
I didn't know there were letter specific lights...
Did you want the one in the photo, or would you want to put a pic of YOU in there. Bottom right, top and bottom pix can be altered...

Nah, I like the vintage poster look!


#758 4 years ago
Quoted from Wescobar:

There are a ton of bulbs in the backbox that dim. In particular the lights behind the title. I had all LEDs in there for a bit and recently switched back to almost all incandescents even though I have all LEDs in the playfield. It just looks better IMO. I'll get a pic of my setup and send it over when I have a chance.

I'd like to see that too!

#768 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

color changer under the Universal Monsters circular logo.

Nice idea!

#775 4 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

Mine came with black legs and it sits taller then the STTNG beside it.
I think these are the wrong legs?

May be SEGA legs....

#803 4 years ago

Wow, maybe the problem is the lighting or the camera lenses, but what a bunch of ugly f***ing metals....

#811 4 years ago
Quoted from wdpvideo:

Thanks for the kind words. Colors are just that, options kinda like buttholes everyone has one. Blue/Purple/Pink/Orange doesn't matter not everyone is going to like it. That's ok if we all loved the same thing we all would own a Fishtails with side mirrors. lol the game got a lot of compliments 3 possible buyers, that we ran off with the price tag. Yes, that was my intention just like the Taxie that won an award. The seller didn't want to sell it and it had a price tag on it that could only separate it from it's owner. This one was the same way. It made it back home barely. 1K stood between the sell. Allot of time and love went into the game. Trade offers where thrown around over and over. So, others loved it as well. Maybe not your cup of tea and nothing wrong with that. I have heard I would never put sideart in my games, and I have heard I would never put mirrors in my games. That's ok, you own the game. We had a blast and gave 1k away in prize money. Supported the TPF and the hobby we love and best of all, hung out with friends like Cointaker and others and even meet new ones. Win, win for everyone!

#825 4 years ago

Fits perfectly with the backboard and my internal side arts!

#835 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Fits perfectly with the backboard and my internal side arts!



#846 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

The lighted Creature is sold on eBay, but the price has gone up a lot recently.

This figure is a burger king toy, logically modified with an inserted led!

#851 4 years ago

My 3D Creech:



#863 4 years ago

I've read somewhere that, somehow they found it harder to hit that right vulk (than the left one), so they left just one shot for it to complete the mission!

#864 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

the 'F' can be completed with one well timed plunge


You've got to spell "KISS" by shooting 4 times on the left vulk!

#865 4 years ago

For "I" you need to hit all 4 snack bar targets!

#867 4 years ago
Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

Skill shot at the beginning. Before you plunge you will see the Kiss lights cycling. Full plunge at the right time will complete all the Kiss lights.

Never accomplished that, but I did not know about it.... Gonna try tonight!

#879 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

here is my 3d creature which is real 3d for $50 - will never turn blue and has been running for years


Jady, how does your lagoon look like when the creature is not enlighted? I went for the same solution, but I had to build a black "cave" around the figure so the lights under the PF wouldn't spoil the trick!

#881 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

you can see a dark silhouette of the figure but because I left the black shroud in place I don't have any light issues.
My goal in the future is to motorise the figure using the 2 existing motors so make sure you keep them just to add some movement.
did you go for a led strip in yours?
for mine I relocated the bulb holder from the base of the cabinet and fastened to the mirror frame and put in a 9 bulb led in green to shine on his back to glow just the creature

I see... when I bought my CftBL, it didn't came with that black shroud, neither the holder, so I had to improvise with a black cardboard case/cave!

Yes, I put a green led strip! Tried to motorize the figure, but didn't come with a pratical solution...

I still got a spare figure, just in case!



#882 4 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

On mine you pull all the way back and release when all four kiss lights are lit.

Tried yesterday.... couldn't do it

#884 4 years ago

Yep, once I got 3 lights (K-I-S)!

#888 4 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

No it sold for $431.87 plus shipping.

That's why I love my sideshow special edition Creech figure!

#890 4 years ago
2 weeks later
#913 3 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I'll take it Doc, drive up and pay cash. I've been looking for one exactly like this for a while.

#920 3 years ago
Quoted from Blenderhead:

Yes, buy green incandescents instead!

That's what I have in mine.... Pinballlife has them for sale.

2 months later
#970 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Just bragging broke a billion today for the 4th time ever.

Kudos to you - you remembered to put the glass back on before taking the pic!

2 weeks later
#976 3 years ago
Quoted from DeafnDumb:

Finally found my Grail..couldn't be happier

#977 3 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

No it should be only two ball multiball. It sounds like you need to check your trough switches and shooter lane switch.


#980 3 years ago

CftBL is a 3-ball game!

1 month later
#991 3 years ago

Same as mine... pinballpt.com, if I can recall....

#1002 3 years ago

The purple armor looks incredibly cool!

1 week later
#1014 3 years ago

OT: Any slot fan here? This one's cool:

14039911_1143504122390942_6746772357469663902_n (resized).png

#1020 3 years ago

Have you?

1 week later
#1025 3 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Anyone looking to do the reed switch mod on the bowl... I just did it with this switch. Had to cut the tabs off and change the molex. Works perfect.

Maybe this one would better fit? http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=4229

#1043 3 years ago

OK, so I just made up my mind and ordered 2 reed switches from Marco! (I'll keep one as a spare since my SWT also uses it underneath the FALCON ramp).

It's a much cleaner and better solution for the bowl and I'm excited to have it installed sooner than soon!

#1047 3 years ago
Quoted from Invader:

Next to IJ, TZ and TOM, CFTBL is one of favorite games!
I got toppers made for my games and this is the result for CFTBL.
What do you guys think?

Much better looking than the TZ one!

#1050 3 years ago
Quoted from Invader:

Next to IJ, TZ and TOM, CFTBL is one of favorite games!
I got toppers made for my games and this is the result for CFTBL.
What do you guys think?

Now a pic with the machine....

#1055 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

That topper is OUT-Standing! The topper looks like that halloween 'grave walker'.


#1058 3 years ago

So... how do you guys keep the "lagoon" leveled with the playfield in a way that the ball EVER change it's direction when passing through its edges? Is there any magic formula or (just like me), is just trying and trying again (and apparently never get it right)?

#1064 3 years ago
Quoted from MeNaCeFiRe:

I have never seen one with a center post?

Yesterday I was just thinking about that... I almost always get stdm when the ball comes from the "move you car" lane... Mine don't have a center post but I'm seriously considering installing one.

#1069 3 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

have you got the flower pot rubber to the lhs of the snackbar hole as this helps deflect a stdm
my game doesn't have a centre post and my spare playfield does not either - just a traditional larger Trudeau flipper gap.

Flower pot rubber? Now you got me... Do you have a pic?

#1073 3 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

lol, sorry that is my name for it but it is this one

Ok, so I also got the infamous "flower pot rubber" ... Anyways, giving another thought, I won't drill a hole in my PF, specially in that spot, so I guess the only other way to fix my "problem" is to become a better pinball player!

#1075 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

You won't have to drill...it goes on an existing post, it's a stock part.

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear... I was talkin about "installing" the center post between the flippers....

#1082 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

...or learn how to place your shots better. Most every single SDTM drain is a result of a poor shot--at least that is my experience. Now--the outlanes drive me crazy!

Exactly - mostly when the ball goes up to the "move your car" lane, but with not enough speed to get to the PAID lanes....

1 month later
#1117 3 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

I am hoping that someone has a snack bar plastic they can part with. I got a players condition Creature and it had several busted plastics. I've managed to find all of the other ones except the snack bar plastic. Any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated.
Cheers and happy flipping!

I can help you out but notice that it will be shipped from Brazil!

#1133 3 years ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

Im looking for a hard to find part. Im looking for the wire form ramp that returns the ball to the bowl. Yes its the one that goes across the entire playfield. Mine is missing any help please pm me. Thank u jeremy

That reminds me.... when I bought my CftBL, it was a parts machine, and many, many parts were thrown into the cabinet - I checked and all the ramps and wireforms were there... silly me... when came the time to assemble the machine, turns out the wire ramps were from a Fish Tales... I was lucky to soon find someone to help me, but I wonder if I hadn't, because I've never seen those for sale anywhere....

#1141 3 years ago
Quoted from Kellogs:

Hi @all,
I just joined this forum, because I am looking for help with my broken CFTBL. Maybe I am wrong arround here, in this forum, so feel free to move this threat to some other forum.
I am looking for the wireing diagram of CFTBL. My machine does not work and it is hard for me as a german, to explain the faults here. Thats why I need these plans, to measure where the failure might be.
Has anyone here an idea, where to get these plans, for me, a good scan would do, but I would also bye the plans in an online Shop, but all shops I found on google, either they had no plans, or they where out of stock.
Thanks and greetings from germany

Do you need this: http://mirror2.ipdb.org/files/588/Bally_1992_Creature_from_the_Black_Lagoon_Full_Operations_Manual.pdf ?

2 months later
#1169 3 years ago

IMG_20170127_200052 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1198 3 years ago

New cover.

IMG_20170213_194454 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1234 3 years ago

Would you guys settle for a nice used one? I also have the alternate version

1 month later
2 weeks later
#1315 2 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

GorillaBiscuits, although there's not an official preview you can get an idea here:
» Vimeo video
» Vimeo video

That whole pinsound idea may be awesome but I'm still to hear anything better than the original sounds! But, that's just MHO...

#1339 2 years ago

Back in the day, when I first heard about a CftBL pin, I remember I got so disappointed when I first saw the game and realized it was much more drive-in related than on the monster itself... Yes, I'm a huge horror fan!!!

1 week later
#1378 2 years ago

The fake ones are the best

1 month later
#1416 2 years ago

Bump for Creech!

IMG_20170531_074711 (resized).jpg
IMG_20170531_074739 (resized).jpgIMG_20170531_074759 (resized).jpg

#1425 2 years ago

Just a tip: there ain't no harm on reading the game manual or the rule sheets... Sometimes it saves a lot of time and effort!

2 weeks later
#1428 2 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

What do you guys think of this Cadillac mod?

Too big...

1 week later
#1449 2 years ago

inktober2015_16_color_by_tmoegee-d9gxg39 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#1459 2 years ago
Quoted from PhilGreg:

Big time fan, hope to one day be a member...
In the meantime here's my offering to this elusive club, in case it hasn't been shared here yet:
Creature From The Black Lagoon by The Monsters
» YouTube video

Cool! Best of luck on joining the club!

#1463 2 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Cheers thanks I'll check that out I do notice if I make a slow shot up the middle lane the ball comes back down and straight between the flippers.

I had to install my "flower pot" rubber upside-down in order to work correctly.

#1465 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There's a fat white plastic washer that should sit underneath it. do you have that?

huh.... nope...

#1467 2 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

Could one of you guys add a picture of the flower pot rubber please?

Here's mine...

IMG_20170719_085149 (resized).jpg

IMG_20170719_085111 (resized).jpg

IMG_20170719_085124 (resized).jpg

#1475 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

that is the correct installation

At first I did install mine "correctly", but still the balls kept on going sdtm... so I inverted the rubber and guess what? Much better now... And I didn't notice any difference on shooting for the scoop! Anyway, it works fine for me the way it is now!

1 month later
#1505 2 years ago
Quoted from drummermike:

I installed two lights in each side of the out lanes to brighten them up. I used green LEDs.

I don't get it.... the lights are behind the apron?

#1507 2 years ago
Quoted from drummermike:

No. They are under the guides as in most other pins. I took the guides out and drilled 4 holes through the playfield. I installed 4 sockets and wired them to general lighting. You can see one bulb in the top photo to the right of the flipper.

Oh, now I see it! Nice job!

#1535 2 years ago

I don't know about the water, but it must be hot there in the Amazon...

1 month later
#1559 2 years ago
Quoted from Litedpinballmods:

A couple of things we are working on. The starlight sign in the back left and the swimming creature.
We will have 2 versions of the swimming creature. One that mounts on a wire that lights a green or we are mounting the creature on our pinspinners.
The pinspinners is a motorized mount that has a light on it. Many of our mods are transparent or frosted and can be lit from beneath. Our swimming creature is an example of this. The light is on one circuit and the motor is on another, both are powered from either GI or a play field light, because of this the motor and light can be on together or separate, and triggered from any light on the play field.
Our buttered popcorn and admit one ticket will also be available on our pinspinners.
Creature, popcorn and admit one ticket can be mounted in many places in the game.
» YouTube video
» YouTube video
Should have all of these available in a few weeks. We don't get on the forums much, so PM us if interested.

The "swimming creature" is the good ol' burger king toy you find plenty on ebay for less than 5 bucks, right?

#1561 2 years ago

Well, kudos for the figure! Though it looks like pretty similar to the burger king one, it really looks smaller... and you're right, the burger king creature lights only in his belly!

1 week later
#1568 2 years ago

Cool latex mask... thinking about using it as a topper!

IMG_20171025_172100(1) (resized).jpg

IMG_20171025_172110(1) (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1576 2 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Not in any way the same. First the price is way less. Second this is a high quality high tech product. Complete intergated with leds on all the right places, multiple settings, easy install, all parts included, this is how it would be from a factory, there are no loose wires. Only the best with this mod.

Better and cheaper! Sweet!

#1589 2 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

I've been unable to find a replacement, so I'm going to have to go the more arduous route.

Which is?

1 week later
#1598 2 years ago


#1600 2 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

That's the worst alternate translite ever for CFTBL.

Who said it's an alternate translite?

#1605 2 years ago

Guys, that's just a joke... Haven't you all ever heard about Rankin-Bass and his movie Mad Monster Party? As a kid I watched this film a zillion times!

#1610 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Did the entire exterior of game

Looks beautiful - gotta see it installed at the machine now!

1 week later
#1626 2 years ago
Quoted from rooftop:

installed the armor today photos don't even come close to how cool it looks

It looks too dark for me...

#1628 2 years ago
Quoted from rooftop:

installed the armor today photos don't even come close to how cool it looks

It looks too dark for me...

#1641 2 years ago

Cool as hell but I anticipate kinda expensive...

Now, could we redesign the plastics so the lamps light up behind them? Would it be cheaper and with a similar effect?

If someone can provide me high-res scans of the 3 signs I may come up with sthg (no promises).

#1650 2 years ago

A few years ago, when I acquired my machine, that was my first thought for toppers.... but then I bought the original topper and some action figures, including that amazing bust coin-bank.... Anyway, the cars ended up on a shelf in my home-office!

IMG_20171210_071742 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171210_071800 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171210_071751 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171210_071736 (resized).jpg

#1652 2 years ago
Quoted from Thor-NL:

Can you show me an original topper for Creech?
Did not know there is/was an original topper

IMG_20171010_184344 (resized).jpg

Third piece from the left!

IMG-20171108-WA0007 (resized).jpeg

#1656 2 years ago

Well, I see no other use for these plastics unless... as a topper

1 week later
#1674 2 years ago

Wish I could "unsee" this mess....

pasted_image (resized).png

#1681 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Congrats! And thanks for the pic, now I KNOW my Universal Monsters logo on the apron is faded.

Where could we get, at least, this UM logo decal?

#1683 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Beats me, you're the label man!

Maybe someone could be kind enough to hi-res scan a nice one for us?

#1690 2 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Just to follow up, I ended up getting the Kahr power mod board, which runs the 5 volts for the CPU off the 12 volt line, freeing up a lot of power on the 5 volt line. I consider this more a quick easy fix than a long term solution, but the speaker panel mod ran great, along with a colordmd, for my entire Xmas Eve party with no CPU reboots. This is the board I picked up, it was shipped quickly and super easy to install: http://www.kahr.us/daughterboard.html

+1 for the Kahr board. I have it within all my pins!

#1692 2 years ago

Does anyone have problems with rusty/oxided balls when they get too much time standing under-the-playfield ball through? Well, I do have that trouble with my Creech so I just acquired this piece of plastic that fits right to any B/W game.

IMG_20171230_111209 (resized).jpg

#1694 2 years ago

Are you following me pinrob? You never posted on this thread!!! Guess you're a bit jeaulos, huh? Well, mine was way cheaper!

#1696 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

That won't fit Creech tho, it has a different kind of trough.

Yeah, I just saw it....

#1698 2 years ago

I ended up installing them at my Congo and my TotAN... Does anyone know where to find a similar part for CftBL? Maybe pinrob can help us?

2 weeks later
#1706 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Big day today!! (Well, yesterday)
Scoop and PF gouge repairs done. Trough stripped and cleaned. Upper PF assembled and ramps installed! HUGE thanks to DSuperBee and my buddy Will for all the help.

Still some under PF work to to, plus the lower PF (apron and bowl) but getting close now!
Hey, does anyone know, is the Lagoon window flame polishable? Or know who's got them in stock if they're not? I was gonna just live with it (the holo isn't all that) but seeing how great the new ramps look, nope! Lol.

#1716 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Big thanks to all the members who have reached out so far in response to my parts requests. I'm pretty much done with the first part of this project (brought the game home and it's shopped and working) and put my first games on it today! It's not minty by any means (still a lil smoky in fact) but I think it's solid and presentable and it's got it where it counts, or at least it will because it's gonna be a hell of a player once we get it all dialed in!

I brought in home in pieces, as the previous owner started on it but he kinda cooled on it and made me a great deal. He included a new ramps set (awesome) as well as green flipper bats, titan rubbers, posts, Cliffys and lots of other bits and pieces. He had given it a once over but it was still REALLY dirty and it took a lot of cleaning, more than pretty much any other game I've ever shopped. SO MUCH SMOKE.... it was just vile! Pretty much every screw hole on the PF was stripped and needed fixing. The Snack Bar had some serious wear and there were/are a few PF gouges that we fixed and touched up the best we could. Luckily they are generally under plastics and ramps, like pretty much everything on CFTBL! But there are a couple holes left if you know where to look...
All the various mechs were removed and rebuilt with new sleeves and where needed new tips and grommets. The flippers were completely replaced (they were petty sketchy, with a lot of mismatched hardware, old springs and the wrong coils) as well as the pop bumpers, which were also lit off of the GI and have cool clear bases and some neat Comet pop bumper lights installed. Boards and connectors all looked good (wow) and all I really did in the backbox was clean and install a remote battery holder. Went for almost all LEDs (except a few for cosmetic reasons) and spent a lot of time fooling with the holo light, motors and mirrors. Holo is petty blurry and blue sadly. The motors I have are pretty sketchy, but a big thanks to drummermike who sent me his old motors and some needed parts and MrBellMan who came up clutch with a NOS holo motor!
Future plans? Would love to replace the translite and holo. Have a new Lagoon window on the way, the one in it now is broken. Cab decals? That would be nice, the cab is a lil sketch. PF swap? You never know. This one is pretty good... Color DMD for sure. Gonna strip and repaint the coin door, I gave it a once over but it's still kinda dicey, and I have new speakers for the backbox, and already replaced the cab speaker. You can't beat that upgrade for the price!
Anyways thanks again to anyone who has answered questions or reached out with parts offers or assistances. It's great to be able to bring this poor, filthy, hacked game back to a nice, playable state, and I can't wait to share it with my local pin-crew.

Lovely! What are you thinking for the hologram? Try a repro or go for the LCD screen?

#1736 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Honestly, I don't think the hologram is something that makes or breaks this game. I had a CFTBL with a faded blue hologram that was in working condition and I never found myself even looking at it when it triggered. Yes, the green is more vibrant and maybe would have captured more of my attention but I still don't think it's a big deal. Many people with working holograms still went ahead and opted for the Mike D mod, and pinballsp has a prototype in the works so there are options out there if you have time/money.

I still think it's too much $$ for absolutely 0 gain... That's why I have a "real" 3D Creech down in my "lagoon".

2 weeks later
#1784 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Colored Die Kreatur up!

It came at a price tho...

Back to orange goes the Twilight Zone!

As long as it doesn't go to wcs, you're good.

2 weeks later
#1807 2 years ago

Does anyone need a translite? I've got an old original and 2 repros...

IMG_20180221_144909 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180221_143542 (resized).jpg

#1818 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Yes I do, throw it in my box, someday I'll need so much stuff the shipping will be worth it, lol.
Creature translite
Dredd plastic
TZ plastic
Anything else??

Quoted from Soulrider911:

Hey alexsmendes I may need one

Hey guys, so, the used original translite is already spoken for. I'll let you know if the buyer backs off... The repros are still available tho...

#1819 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

the translite is signed by John Trudeau and I don’t want that on there I’m gonna try to remove it but mint wreck it lol

I also own a Congo translite signed by the s***er.

Quoted from gunstarhero:

If it's sharpie I just de-scribbled mine with denatured alcohol no problems at all. Just put a little on a paper towel and wiped it away.

Hey, thanks for the tip... I'll surely try!

Quoted from gunstarhero:

I'm not an autograph guy in the best of situations and this certainly isn't the best of situations, lol.

I also hate autographs in general....

#1820 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Yup that’s exactly what I was going to try thanks man!
Took a stab at trying to clean up the film letters. Not perfect but I’m super happy with the results much improved!
First time using an airbrush, now I know why it’s better than a brush for most situations!!

Nice job! :aplause:

#1823 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Hey guys, so, the used original translite is already spoken for. I'll let you know if the buyer backs off... The repros are still available tho...

Just to let everybody knows that the original nice used translite is still available!

IMG_20180226_200858 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180226_200925 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180226_200905 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180226_200848 (resized).jpg

#1826 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

$300 USD shipped.

I really can't understand what's the motivation behind your post. Would you please explain yourself?

#1827 2 years ago
Quoted from gac:

How much is it shipped to the states?

PM'ed you.

#1831 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Motivation? I'm simply posting the cost you quoted me to answer the question gac asked.

Please, get your facts correct before posting any lies on this forum. Can you read the words NEW REPRO and CENSORED below?

pasted_image (resized).png

#1834 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Please, get your facts correct before posting any lies on this forum. Can you read the words NEW REPRO and CENSORED below?

BTW, both were extreme high-quality repros and are long sold (more than 2 years ago, actually) for my asked price!

#1836 2 years ago
Quoted from gac:

How much is it shipped to the states?

I can make this very nice used original translite for US$ 150.00. I ship worldwide (except to ottawa and ohio).

#1840 2 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Wow dude. Get it all out. Sounds like you've been holding it in a while and that's not healthy.

Really? It really looked the other way around....

Quoted from Fifty:

$300 USD shipped.

Quoted from Fifty:

Motivation? I'm simply posting the cost you quoted me to answer the question gac asked.

#1842 2 years ago

IMG_20171010_184344 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#1906 1 year ago

30581553_1880524635342864_7985296225714831360_n (resized).jpg

#1908 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Hey guys I recently installed all new rubbers and the post left of the snack bar called for a weird t rubber... does this go on by itself or over a post rubber??

The famous flower pot rubber, which in my game it's upside down!

#1925 1 year ago

Used in fine condition lagoon with decals I can part ways with....

IMG_20180413_182104 (resized).jpg

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