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CFTBL Restoration – Snack Bar is Open

By Soulrider911

1 year ago

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#51 1 year ago

Ball guides in! Waiting on parts from Germany so kinda slow going

94105D28-FABB-4F0D-9EE7-ADF47174C3A9 (resized).jpegD0B9A718-4C2A-46AE-9C52-76EB4EA50AF2 (resized).jpeg
#52 1 year ago

All the ball guides are in! Almost all the posts in. Was debating on colors, went with all yellow for the top rollovers and light blue for rest of the playfield

CB2B75A8-3824-4039-8665-ACDA25231F65 (resized).jpeg392A4820-CCB3-41EB-927B-0FC8055F583A (resized).jpeg7B309714-6B16-42C4-910E-3EF47057B32C (resized).jpeg2B584F6D-211B-47D8-8202-0F6D76ABE819 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#53 1 year ago

Finally got some garage time to tackle the ramps. This has been something I was putting off as new ramps can kinda be a pain sometimes. However, These fit quite nice and I only needed to bust out the heat gun in a few spots. I have been very happy with the quality from Starship Fantasy ramps. Larry is great.

New decals!
decals (resized).jpg

new ramp left old ramp right. To be honest, the old ramps are in killer shape and really did not need to be replaced, but I kinda tend to go overboard
two (resized).jpg

It looks pretty amazing I must say
cr3 (resized).jpg
cr2 (resized).jpg
pic1 (resized).jpg
signs (resized).jpg

#54 1 year ago

I like that you still put the condoms on the LED's in the signs. Looks a ton better.

Beautiful game so far.

#55 1 year ago

Thanks Elicash trying to keep it classy

#56 1 year ago

Where did you find teal pop bumpers?

#57 1 year ago

Man I love this game... and it looks like a blast to restore! I'm thoroughly enjoying your project ... maybe one day I'll find one that I can sink my teeth into.
Great work!

#58 1 year ago

Creech is the game that made me love pinball. I remember looking at that tangled mess of ramps and wondering how the ball could even reach some of them. It definitely has a certain charm to it.

1 month later
#59 1 year ago

Got one of the final touches on the playfield. swinks Taillight mod!

I ended up using some SMD's for the lights, had to do some minor trimming, but it all fits great and nice and bright

IMG_2917 (resized).JPGIMG_E2919 (resized).JPG
6 months later
#60 9 months ago

Well, its been over 200 days - according the Pinside warning haha - since I have posted on this trthead because it took that long to get my new cabinet. Well it finally arrived, and I have been making some great progress I am excited to charge with you all.

I am starting with the backbox.
3d-33 (resized).jpg
3d-35 (resized).jpg

First needed to make a template using the original backbox to drill holes for the light panel.
3d-34 (resized).jpg

looking good!
3d-32 (resized).jpg

Installed brand new ground braid, and had to include the original QC sticker
3d-26 (resized).jpg

New Decals in all the original locations
3d-27 (resized).jpg

Next onto the decals
3d-31 (resized).jpg
3d-30 (resized).jpg

All trimmed and they look amazing!
3d-29 (resized).jpg
3d-28 (resized).jpg

Used a razor at a 45º degree angle and very carefully ran it down the sides.
3d-25 (resized).jpg

Time to put the boards in. Thanks to the amazing work of ChrisHibler these boards are better than new! MPU has NVram installed also.
3d-24 (resized).jpg

Boards in, New Fuse decal installed
3d-36 (resized).jpg

And We are done with the BB... For now
3d-23 (resized).jpg

Next up Cabinet time, and Creech is staring me down!
3d-07 (resized).jpg

#61 9 months ago

Nice to see you getting started again. That cabinet sure took a long time, I hope its better than the (first) one they sent you for WH20. I love this pin.

#62 9 months ago

Thanks no-extra-balls Lets just say I still had to do some work to this cabinet but overall its really nice

#63 9 months ago

Made some progress on the cabinet.

First, needed to drill holes for the playfield and backbox hinges. Used the old cab as a template.
3d-46 (resized).jpg

Next installing some new ground braid.
3d-44 (resized).jpg

Going under all the leg brackets to get good ground
3d-43 (resized).jpg

Sub is mounted and grounded.
3d-37 (resized).jpg

Vent grill looks like new
3d-45 (resized).jpg

And ya... this was not supposed to be installed as I had an acrylic backboard made so I can light it from behind... so I had to carefully knock it out.
3d-47 (resized).png

On to the fun part, some decals started with the coin door first and used the start hole with a flashlight as an alignment aid.
3d-42 (resized).jpg

Time for the sides. I use weights to hold the decals in place then slowly work from one end to the other.
3d-41 (resized).jpg

Next trimming the decals for the leg protectors. This part is important as the leg protectors alone can still wrinkle the decals.
3d-40 (resized).jpg
3d-38 (resized).jpg

Gloss Black can be a pain as it shows every little imperfection but came out really nice. I also used a black ink marker on the seams to make them basically invisible.
3d-39 (resized).jpg

Started to wire up the power box and add wiring for the external power supply.
3d-04 (resized).jpg

3D printed a base bracket for the power supply
63139846326__B0FAAC9A-35DD-4589-9AC5-8D0211884E0D (resized).png

So I knew this was going to be a tough one to solve. The backboard decals are unobtanium. I was able to find one about a year ago, but its not gloss and the color saturation is pretty bad. THe dead give away is the green.

So I found a high res scan and doing some test prints with my large format photo printer. Getting pretty close to the original! Just a few more tests and I think The colors will be darn close.
3d-48 (resized).png

#64 9 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

So I found a high res scan and doing some test prints with my large format photo printer. Getting pretty close to the original! Just a few more tests and I think The colors will be darn close.

How will that be lit from behind? Wont that block the light?

#65 9 months ago

fiberdude120 I will post some pics of what I have going on to make it backlit. First I have an acrylic backboard, then I am routing out slots to mount led strips and bulbs. THe graphic is mounted to the front of the acrylic and boom... it lights up really nice!

#66 9 months ago

3D modeled and printed a mount for my awesome PinWoofer sub amp. This thing is going to sound great

IMG_4109 (resized).png
#67 9 months ago

Did you go w 6" sub vs. 8" from Pinwoofer? Maybe he has 6" on CFTBL, I don't know.

#68 9 months ago

Hey Kerry_Richard ! Yes went 6" to ensure no clearance issues. But I think you could fit an 8" but would need a different adapter ring. I have to say... the 6" is pretty impressive I have one in my Indy

#69 9 months ago

I've bought 3 Pinwoofer kits (Whirlwind / Wh20 or IJ / Champion Pub). I haven't installed any yet

1 week later
#70 9 months ago

Got the power box in today.

Mounting the power box spacer, glue and some small brads.
3d-53 (resized).jpg

Power Box is in!
3d-52 (resized).jpg

Still trying to figure out exactly where to mount the MW Power Supply
3d-51 (resized).jpg

Fresh Black Poweder coat on the Apron, and some brand new (near impossible to source) Apron decals!
3d-50 (resized).jpg
3d-49 (resized).jpg

Sanding the shooter gauge housing to paint and put a new decal on
3d-54 (resized).jpg

Like new!
3d-55 (resized).jpg

#71 9 months ago

looking very nice, well done

#72 9 months ago

Originally I had toyed with the idea of trying to get a black powder coat with very subtle green flake you would only see if the light hit it right.

Unfortunately it came out a little too leprechaun for my liking so the trim Is being stripped we are going gloss black. I think it’s gonna look really nice with the chrome accents

6674FEA2-55D4-4FD9-991D-6121744D6CA0 (resized).jpeg

#73 9 months ago

Well, today was backboard day. I have a custom cut acrylic backboard I had made based on the original.
I started with a lightbox and a printout of the decal to use so looking from the back I could identify where to cut for lights
3d-61 (resized).jpg

Then I made a huge mess routing out the back
3d-60 (resized).jpg

Ready for some LED strips
3d-59 (resized).jpg

LED strips are in, its not pretty on the back but it will work
3d-58 (resized).jpg

Lighting test is looking pretty good going to add a few more lights ( had to order more LOL - I have a box of bulbs and didn't have what I need )
3d-56 (resized).jpg

Finally masked out the front and did another coat of black as I was getting some light bleed.
3d-57 (resized).jpg

#74 9 months ago

nice work, look forward to seeing it lit up

#75 9 months ago

Man that looks really great!!! I love a crisp new cabinet with glossy decals !!!

2 weeks later
#76 8 months ago

Got some more progress on the creech.

Finally done with the backboard, added an LED controller to fade the creech head, the green leaves and little lizard guy.
3d-86 (resized).jpg

Changed out the coin slots to clear and have green LED's lighting them
3d-84 (resized).jpg
3d-83 (resized).jpg

Couple new connectors for the start button.
3d-82 (resized).jpg
3d-81 (resized).jpg

Getting the coin box in, some lovely chrome by sc93cobra
3d-79 (resized).jpg
3d-78 (resized).jpg
3d-77 (resized).jpg

Added Felt tape to protect the glass
3d-76 (resized).jpg

Test fitting the glass and getting the lockdown reciever centered
3d-75 (resized).jpg

Found a good location for the power supply behind the mirror
3d-73 (resized).jpg

New plumb bob
3d-72 (resized).jpg

Started wrapping the harness in split braid loom
3d-80 (resized).jpg

Legs are on so glad I went black.
3d-71 (resized).jpg

#77 8 months ago

More harness work, time to clean this up
BB08E62C-41C6-4419-A5B8-BF31ED535080 (resized).jpeg

Finally mounted the power supply, it fit nicely behind the mirror with a good 3/4” clearance.
F7ED3629-3FAC-4D80-9F3B-54D52AB4A01F (resized).jpeg

Looking much better!
14CF385B-57B6-4C74-9EF9-DBB1D18E4B8B (resized).jpeg

Power supply test success! Leds work
5DB04654-F482-4F64-8435-F21A9743EE1A (resized).jpeg

#78 8 months ago

Damn Brady, this game looks like a work of art...good job buddy.

#79 8 months ago

Better than new!!! Love it! I like the blacked out legs on this one! One of the best looking pinball machines ever made IMHO.

#80 8 months ago

Hey Scott! cosmokramer So nice to hear from you been too long. Hope you are well my friend.

#81 8 months ago

Looking great, thanks for sharing your work and your progress. This game is really going to stand out and has some great touches. I am lucky to have a nice playfield but I'm still jealous of your cleared hot pink version

#82 8 months ago

Did a little digital restoration on the Matrix sheet
scans (resized).jpg
Creature Matrix11x17 (resized).jpg

#83 8 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Did a little digital restoration on the Matrix sheet
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

That’s awesome. How did you do it? What did you print it on?

#84 8 months ago

Thanks Johncare07 I scanned in the old use and used photoshop to clean it up. I then reprinted on photo paper I will add a pic once I get it mounted in the cabinet

#85 8 months ago

The big moment moving the playfield in.

But first felt tape on the edges to prevent scratching
3d-98 (resized).jpg

Felt applied to both sides of the playfield
3d-97 (resized).jpg

And ready... GO
3d-99 (resized).jpg

It fits! ALso will notice before the playfield was in the rails were not on yet whereas here they are. I do this to prevent possible scratching for the initial move.
3d-96 (resized).jpg

Peek at the remade matrix sheet. I mounted in the bottom, factory is on the left wall under some of the wire harnesses, but if you truly needed to reference it,,, kinda hard in the old spot. You can also see my PinWoofer AMP nicely inside my 3D printed mount to the left.
3d-95 (resized).jpg

Creech is pumped.
3d-94 (resized).jpg

#86 8 months ago

Excellent care and craftsmanship!

#87 8 months ago

Well done!!!

#88 8 months ago

Great care for small (but important) details! Keep it up man!

1 week later
#89 8 months ago

Still working on some finishing touches then time to wire it all up!
The CPR mirrored backglass is pretty stunning. I did have to trim the trim - haha - quite a bit but now fits great!
683EF383-F73D-41E1-A6A3-E8F7ACF39A5F (resized).jpeg

3D printed a mounting block for the mod power relay
E6A44FA6-7899-4D43-975E-1D098E8D140D (resized).jpeg
EF0B1194-3BE3-4676-A4F7-2A6462065A3F (resized).jpeg

And really excited to get my diy poster mod in the game. Thanks so much to swinks for writing up such great instructions!
9DE5F41E-0652-4C48-B7A7-6020BE35DA05 (resized).jpeg

#90 8 months ago

nice work, look forward to seeing the playfield complete

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