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CFTBL Restoration – Snack Bar is Open

By Soulrider911

14 days ago

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#1 14 days ago

Pretty excited for this one. So I purchased this creech about two years ago. When I first got it was in rougher shape than it currently is. It was very dirty, had flipper wear on the FILM letters, and the ramps where in need of some love.

I have enjoyed this game for the past 2 years and its a great players condition game. But, being that it is one of my favorites I can’t wait to bring this machine back to its glory days and then some. I am also extremely pumped to finally be able to use my Kruzman NOS playfield that has been sitting under my bed for the past year and half. Going all out on this one

C9BA288D-C519-4AC9-B0F4-1C31E9BE7DA0 (resized).jpeg


Here is some before photos.
465B7FC8-BC81-4CA9-972B-08D94642B0DC (resized).jpeg

Flipper wear fix I did a while back
DC12F6CF-7289-4626-BB50-5CF07F692F75 (resized).jpeg

Flame polished ramps ( but all are getting replaces with new ones.
0824A406-8BC8-45AD-A795-58D325E7C19B (resized).jpeg

Check out the gum, near the flipper button, I bet there is a great story behind that!
D439C880-499C-46DA-B5D2-F587ACBF708E (resized).jpeg

Cabinet decals are all getting replaced!
C18BB878-C445-4621-A011-D8798F73A83D (resized).jpeg
B5F91D4C-8B00-413F-AEE1-08DC794528CC (resized).jpeg
2EC32556-55A7-4419-A968-5E4D4C221120 (resized).jpeg

Playfield is actually pretty decent very little wear, the shack bar is worn a bit though you can’t see it as its got a Cliffy .
DDFE1C40-FB97-4E4C-A47A-CA9B0282061F (resized).jpeg
E26D0272-C5AB-4806-989F-E788008B1A74 (resized).jpeg

Playfield is already out and the cabinet will be the first order of business

5C48DD3A-E299-4C13-A493-696BEF47CD5B (resized).jpeg
6C86A7FF-0186-48B3-B508-4C7D407322D9 (resized).jpeg
81AC9F02-51EF-45E0-ADDF-83D19D638E87 (resized).jpeg

#2 14 days ago

Excited for this one... This game has been on the top of my list for a long long time. I would love to restore one!

#3 12 days ago

Well got the cabinet cleared out and the backbox. After inspecting the cabinet further I realized - along with finding TONS of rust - the cabinet has some pretty serious water damage and is warped.

Soooo, sounds like I may just go ahead and get a brand new cabinet, I have to Say Paul at VirtuaPin did an amazing job on my Whitewater and I have no hesitation on ordering another from him .

Got my GoPro setup and I am doing a timelapse every time I work! Going to be cool to see the whole thing in a single time-lapse when it's done!
gp (resized).jpg

Backbox has some interesting things going on with the decals
]bb2 (resized).jpg
bb (resized).jpg

Cabinet all cleared
cab (resized).jpg

Some pretty bad water damage on the bottom, and sides
cabBot (resized).jpg
warp (resized).jpg

Lockdown bar is going in the trash, and man this thing is dirty
bar (resized).jpg

#4 12 days ago

Now I know where that bowl MRS you bought from me will go!!

#6 12 days ago

It’s amazing when you start the tear down and you start seeing all that needs to be done... and how it’s like 100 times more than you thought. It’s a shame when you see water damage or neglect (natural causes aside).

When I did my Indy I decided I wasn’t going to keep or clean anything that was commonly available. It cost a bit more but is worth it when doing a high end restoration. So I saved my elbow grease for the unobtainium stuff. I could have justified a cabinet purchase but I didn’t have any real water damage or warping. The new cabinet is going to be great...it makes the finished product so crisp. Creatch is such an awesome looking game when it’s shiny new!

#7 12 days ago

Soulrider911... you do amazing work!

CFTBL has been in my collection the longest, since 93'. I'll be watching your progress.


#8 11 days ago

Well new cabinet is on order, all new ramps, and started to dig into clearing the playfield.
B08FA2EF-E024-4BDE-802A-FF857F1C80D2 (resized).jpeg
865D6480-9A18-4624-A226-818AF7EF45ED (resized).jpeg
4E6AD385-4953-4455-987E-643D98D24EDB (resized).jpeg
C5FB84C4-7398-4FCA-9AF3-2FC8BF8632B6 (resized).jpeg
Tumbled and repainting all the carriage bolts
F1E5CCC6-312A-4874-9B8F-0C9B2E32BA39 (resized).jpeg
C088AD8A-D19C-4259-933D-10F167B1D4A9 (resized).jpeg
Noticed one of the bowl light sockets is gone, but found replacements thankfully
img_2208 (resized).jpg

#9 11 days ago

Well, will be following this one - love my Creech!

#10 11 days ago

Brady... those bolts look so nice.

I used to do it the same way; cardboard box w/ punched holes. I decided to use a spare piece of 2"x4" approx 18" long, which I drilled many different sized holes, in a straight line, to drop in the bolts. I've reused it many times, plus its easy to store, hold and move around.


#11 10 days ago

Great idea kerry_richard

Also noticed my rails are trashed in multiple places thankfully taylorva is making me some new ones
IMG_2219 (resized).JPG

#12 10 days ago

I had some more fun in the garage today. Got the whole top cleared and moving onto the bottom.
IMG_2247 (resized).JPG
I forgot how many start posts this game uses
IMG_2252 (resized).JPG

Polishing up all the metal posts
IMG_2287 (resized).JPG

Next up the bottom
IMG_2257 (resized).JPG

#13 10 days ago

Looking good. Following.

#14 9 days ago

We are getting closer. All the mechs are off the bottom!
IMG_2308 (resized).JPG

More Polishing
IMG_2306 (resized).JPG

Standard, all the metal yokes were trashed, surprised they were still in there.
IMG_2305 (resized).JPG

I try to label anything I might forget what it connects to
IMG_2311 (resized).JPG

Next, remove the rest of the screws and remove the harness... then time for some cleaning

IMG_2310 (resized).JPG

#15 9 days ago

Nice work!

#16 7 days ago

Today was a cleaning day. Cleaned and refrained the ball guides, cleaned up the wire guides, started the tumbler, and painted the mesh venting.

I had a few folks ask me about what / how to polish parts like posts, etc.. The best investment is a 6in. buffing / grinding wheel. On one side is a buffing wheel that I use green rouge on. The left wheel is a soft polishing wheel. Basically I go back and forth until I get the finish I like. Typically for a post it takes about 5 minutes.

I got mine from harbor fright: https://www.harborfreight.com/6-in-bench-grinder-with-gooseneck-lamp-61748.html

I also recommend a pedestal : https://www.harborfreight.com/universal-bench-grinder-stand-3184.html
594DAEEA-E5FC-4149-AD59-84C4367C2897 (resized).jpeg

Time to bring this bunch of hardware back to a shine
F7610E90-98CC-4535-AACE-989BADD09DED (resized).jpeg

Washed a bunch of wire guides
F81DD03C-36BE-4DDC-8A9D-2876880827EF (resized).jpeg

Ball guides looking really good.

AF46B29A-4196-46B4-9D8F-008284F7B9EA (resized).jpeg

Here is my process for ball guides. I know some folks go full bore and hit these with a polishing and buffing wheel. Personally I like the original look. There is a fairly painless way to remove ball streaks and keep the stainless grain.

1) I start with a Scotch Brite pad and Bar Keepers Friend: Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 12-Ounces (1-Pack) amazon.com link »

2) Scrub in the direction of the stainless grain

3) After some scrubbing the ball guides should already look pretty good.

4) use some 1800-2000 wet sand paper. After a short time The ball guides should look really nice, with deep ball lines you may have to go a bit harder with the sand paper. Not this is NOT the only way to do this, it’s just what has worked for me, so thought I would share.
481D92B7-2EE2-4EC2-9504-E38BBF16A6E8 (resized).jpeg
4C2E68FB-F0CA-4550-8A5B-ED4C2BD91AFD (resized).jpeg

Painted the Mesh Venting
33FFAC2A-4A9D-47DD-B1C7-3533032AA89B (resized).jpeg
EEB638D2-FA00-437D-B846-BABE7046F4D5 (resized).jpeg

#17 6 days ago

I started cleaning and rebuilding the mechs. Here is a before and after of two of em:
VUK (resized).jpg
Ball Feed
feed (resized).jpg

#18 6 days ago

awesome - with all those parts floating around, i'm curious how you keep everything organized so you know how to put it all back together?

#19 6 days ago

Those stainless mechs are such a pain to clean and resurface... so many hard to reach spots and tabs and crap in the way.

Looks great!

#20 6 days ago
Quoted from krustykramer:

awesome - with all those parts floating around, I'm curious how you keep everything organized so you know how to put it all back together?

Great Question. For the most part, I pull apart the major areas in chunks and then put them in bags with labels on them. I have lots of boxes to keep things kinda organized.
bags (resized).jpg
boards (resized).jpg
I also Take TONS of pictures and then organize them in dropbox, so I can reference when I need to put the thing back together

#21 5 days ago

Here is some Creature eye candy. SO EXCITED to finally be able to use this amazing PPS NOS playfield done by Ron Kruzman. It has been sitting under my bed for about 2 years.

top3 (resized).jpg
top2 (resized).jpg
top1 (resized).jpg
bot (resized).jpg
kruz (resized).jpg

#22 5 days ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Here is some Creature eye candy. SO EXCITED to finally be able to use this amazing PPS NOS playfield done by Ron Kruzman. It has been sitting under my bed for about 2 years.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Dayyyum love me some Kruzman cleared playfields! Glass !!! You must be so excited !!!

#23 5 days ago

Words can not explain Ricochet, truth be told I actually bought this playfield before I even had the game. I knew whenever I found a creature I would want to restore it when and if I found one. NOS playfields are like unobtanium, so when I found it on CL I jumped on it. I then proceeded to send it directly to Ron, and here she is. SO PUMPED!

#24 5 days ago

Sigh. Would love Ron to do a CFTBL for me. I'd wait 2 years too. Good work sir.

#25 4 days ago

Looks great! Lots of work done in only 9 days.

#26 3 days ago

3D printed a new baffle for the backbox
Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 8.49.57 AM (resized).png
baffle (resized).jpg

#27 3 days ago

With the printed baffle do the letters on the translight look more defined when they are lighting.

#28 3 days ago

nice work, following

#29 3 days ago

I will let you know fiberdude120 ! The 3D printed one definitely has less transparent baffle sections.

#30 3 days ago

Wow soulrider911 - this is a great thread. Deeply impressed with the level of detail you are going to.

I'm gonna have some questions for you as I clean up my CFTBL!

#31 3 days ago

Thanks to sonic for saving me on this one. The creature bowl now has its missing lamp socket once again!
bowl (resized).jpg

Tracing paper to make my Mylar templates
IMG_2377 (resized).JPG

This right here is a lifesaver, I made a Tee-Nut puller with some washers, a bearing, and some felt.
IMG_2378 (resized).JPG
IMG_2379 (resized).JPG

Tee-Nuts all in!
IMG_2382 (resized).JPG

#33 3 days ago

Following, as always nice work Brady!

Can you show in detail how you did this t-nut install helper and why you used a bearing - cheers!

#34 2 days ago

One of the things I fantasize most about home ownership and not living in an apartment is having a proper space to do work like this. Looking good and loving all the images you're posting!

#35 2 days ago
Quoted from mastercello:

Following, as always nice work Brady!
Can you show in detail how you did this t-nut install helper and why you used a bearing - cheers!

Yes will post some detailed photos. So there is so much force when the screw is pulling the tnut into the wood without a bearing I was snapping screws. The combination of friction and pressure put a ton of torque on the screw. So bearing relieved that torsional pressure. Works amazingly

#36 1 day ago

Here are some close-ups of the tee nut puller.
Large fender washer 1.99"
16mm Bearing:
amazon.com link »

Felt and whatever size screw you need for the tee nut. I am going to be 3d printing a holder, as I had use to use sticky tape to hold this one together, its jenky but it works.
IMG_2387 (resized).JPGIMG_2389 (resized).JPG

#37 1 day ago

Harness is on the new playfield!

A4C874DA-2381-4F03-AA5A-B4FFBD8A886F (resized).jpeg7079316C-7273-4E4B-8605-E497AA568EC0 (resized).jpeg

Annnd... realized a big miss drill. Gonna have to do a little filling and make some new holes
913586E8-FBE0-4048-8B0E-73D07230C0EF (resized).jpeg9A1673E8-BDB2-4B04-ABEF-CD35FE89D705 (resized).jpeg

#38 21 hours ago

Hole filled now time to carefully drill new holes.
5DC1E574-F9DF-4809-A4C8-6EC016F452D6 (resized).jpegE4263707-37B0-45A1-BF56-1D223DD57F8B (resized).jpeg

3A50F0E9-B3DA-4497-9179-ECF0C0DF98E2 (resized).jpeg33F82FD7-B716-48AD-8918-9BA81D7D5877 (resized).jpeg
#39 18 hours ago

Brand new window

5245BD76-9231-48DF-8580-7C3477594BE9 (resized).jpeg
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