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#1105 1 year ago

Did a swap both ways and the only thing was the lane change switch needed to be redone

#1111 1 year ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

Not if you were swapping from a Centaur II style cab to a standard Bally Cab it wasn't. The display harness for example is way too short to be used on a standard insert panel. Not to mention the splitting of the controlled lamps on a CII cabinet between the mini backglass and the display panel. Depending on how you mount the boards in the classic bally head the rest of the harness can be made to work but a couple things need to be extended to have a clean install.

Thought maybe I misread the post. Methos asked if anyone has swapped a centaur 2 playfield into a centaur one cabinet. That’s exactly what I did. It is only the lane change that needs to be changed in this instance. He didn’t ask about doing a conversion to a “bally style” cabinet. Some of us got a centaur 2 years ago and then recently acquired a cantaur 1 after doing our playfield swap already on the centaur 2. In this instance we don’t want to do another swap just to get the good playfield in the good cabinet.

7427A3AE-0E20-4496-A9F1-84A4F71A4B9C (resized).jpeg
#1116 1 year ago
Quoted from Methos:

I have a C2 and a C1. The C2 has a better pf, and I want to switch the pfs and sell the C2. So it would just be the pf (and harnesses) that would be switched.

Shoot me a pm. I’ll see if I can find my pics and show you the connector that needs to be fixed

#1117 1 year ago
Quoted from SunnRAT:

Love Flash Gordon. Always felt it was a nice companion piece to Centaur. I imagine you think the same?

I think FG is the meanest game I have played. Maybe BSD but Flash Gordon makes you get better at nudging the table you it eats you alive. In turn it helps with the ball return lanes on centaur

1 week later
#1120 1 year ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

Just did the swap from Centaur II to a Centaur cab. You need to create a wiring harness for the lamp insert board/displays or modify an existing harness. Its time consuming but not overly difficult - all of the info is in the schematic to match the wire colors to an existing harness or build your own.

I’ll start with apologies to Xenon. Sorry bro, I was not completely correct and you do need to change 2 connectors on the centaur 1 to centaur 2 swap.

For those at home, the playfields and harness from the playfield is exactly the same except they changed from a .62 connector to a .93 on the switch and lamp connector inside the backbox. Also on the game I did, they changed pins (in the manual too so I don’t think it was just an assembly mistake) for the lane change input from the flipper stacks in the cabinet. Some can fact check the connector sizes cause I’m going off memory and a couple pics. The top pic is centaur 2 and the bottom is centaur 1

9828260F-13B0-4CF8-9C2C-E611FDE0C764 (resized).jpegC449B09F-6600-4388-8B44-E833D3985CDA (resized).jpeg

4 weeks later
#1136 1 year ago
Quoted from mr2xbass:

Centaur (1) connectors are indeed .062" pins. However, the two connectors Centaur 2 are .084". One other difference I also came across with a C1/2 swap is a 5 or 6 pin connector. It is a 3x2 connector on one and a 5(or 6)x1 on the other. ..or at least it was on this C1 pf into a C2 cab.
I have everything completed on this swap except for the lane change and am still having trouble finding the answer there, although I'm sure I read the answer somewhere here on PS so I'll keep digging.

I have Thursday off. I go downstairs and go digging in the Centaurs and see where it went. Sorry, I thought you got it already.

2 months later
#1173 11 months ago

Just order the cliffies for it. Once adjusted, plays awsome

#1175 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Sweet! I didnt know they existed.

yeah, they dont look like much but they really work and he even thought about the light having to some thru

6 months later
#1255 5 months ago
Quoted from semicolin:

Here's where I was at a couple of weeks ago with the flippers. I rebuilt them keeping the linears stock. If these don't have enough juice for the chamber I'll revert them to the classic Bally style. I'm not really okay with a fliptronic conversion; I like to keep my machines as close to feeling like the original as possible.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Make sure you use a bingo ball in the chamber. That’s what shipped originally and it does make a difference In completing the chamber

#1261 5 months ago

Not really. Doesn’t sit as deep in the plastics and doesn’t rattle off the initial shot going up. Yes it a bit heavier but it also sits a little higher in the chute and “clears the barrel” cleaner so to speak

#1267 5 months ago
Quoted from semicolin:

There is much discussion earlier in this thread if you search for bingo.

614 to be exact. Couldn’t remember where I read it but just went back and it’s still unclear if there was or not. Just try it and see

#1280 5 months ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

I had the game back in 1980's The game was made with regular standard pinballs.
The distributor for Bally never had a service bulletin for changing the balls etc,etc,etc.
It is another pinside mod being treated as a fact.
"I can't wait when Pin Stadium lighting will be declared OEM to 1990 Data East pinballs".

Nope, that's why I sent them back to the original discussion. A bingo ball has worked well for the 4 centaur machines I have re-done. If it was taken as fact after I corrected myself, I apologize. That's the reason I directed the conversation back to the original post at 614.

1 month later
#1356 3 months ago
Quoted from jamescardona:

just picked up a centaur 2 and observed that the front legs are 28 1/2 inches and the rear legs are 30 1/2 inches. No way this is supposed to be like this, right? I am guessing correst size is 28 1/2 all the way around?

you are correct

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