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Cats and pinballs... :-)

By Angyalpor

7 years ago

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#201 6 years ago

No pics of my cats inside, though they do go in there. Had to laugh at the cat watching though.

#202 6 years ago

Nice vantage point... Sir Dusta!!


#203 6 years ago

Time for a nap.

#204 6 years ago

Time for a nap.

#205 6 years ago

So on a slightly similar vein,,, I pick up our new kitten tomorrow. I'll have teach her how to play pinball.


#206 6 years ago

This one Knows better.


#207 6 years ago

Time for a nap.

#208 6 years ago
Quoted from pinmanguy:

don't any of you worry about them scratching or breaking anything?

Breaking no...but there are some scratches on my glass i ASSume came from the Cat. But then my cat really likes to play and swipe at that ball. But then again...it's only glass.

#209 6 years ago

Don't know why the pics won't attach!

2013-06-13_17.34.00.jpg 2013-06-13_18.05.32.jpg

#210 6 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Time for a nap.

Are you trying to post a photo? Or are you simply acting like a cat and stating that's it's time for a nap a billion times a day like they do?

#211 6 years ago

Figures, as soon as I post, you fix it. Haha

#212 6 years ago

Can't help it, I think he is the best topper, ever.


#213 6 years ago

Black cats rule. The end.

1 week later
#214 6 years ago

Since taking these pics, and it took him about three weeks to get familiar with the machine, my black cat now is almost always sleeping or cleaning himself atop the Bad Cats. He used to jump off immediately when you turned it on and played but now will just sit up there and looked at you, probably wondering why you aren't serving his needs.

2013-06-15_10.50.09.jpg 2013-06-15_09.15.53.jpg

#215 6 years ago

Ping!!!!!!! Its the weekend. Lets see some Cats and Pinball.


#216 6 years ago

Double trouble

#217 6 years ago

Double Trouble


#218 6 years ago

OK, not a cat & pinball pic, but I did play pinball earlier, and I have a cat.


1 month later
#219 6 years ago

I was cat sitting recently, and this kitty with good taste LOVED TZ.


1 month later
#220 6 years ago

Ok its been a month since this was updated. With a full weekend ahead there has to be someone who has or can snap some new pics


#221 6 years ago

Just discovered this thread; and loving it!

Here's Tuffy trying to get my attention while I attempt to locate the ball on the PF.

3 weeks later
#222 6 years ago

Karolina, our Siberian, came down and was into Funhouse last night. DSCN1838.JPGDSCN1835.JPGDSCN1836.JPGDSCN1837.JPG

#223 6 years ago

seeing this thread revived reminds me... swmbo has specifically requested that i find a "bad cats" pin (to go along with our 3 bad cats, lol)... time to post a wtb thread...

prince sparkle pony is glad it's football season...


2 months later
#224 5 years ago


I don't have any cats but I love this thread. Someone post something.


#225 5 years ago



#226 5 years ago

Our cat does the same thing as soon as a coin door is opened - how the Asteroids Deluxe seems to be the best one once the coin box is removed. She will sit in that recessed area as long as you are around the games...

Plus she learned that when she feels she is being ignored when you are playing it is best to jump up on the machine and lay down on the playfield glass to block your view.

#227 5 years ago

Bonus stupid story about my cat:

One month ago, I borrow my pin to my friend, for a party.
He bring it back to me, but just we put to the living room, I haven't got time to set it up. The head was folded down, once I heard a strange sound, but then it disappears.
Evening I found my cat: of course, he goes into the pin, across the hole, what is under the backbox, but he cannot come out(maybe fat? ). He not falls into panic, he thinks, better, if he falls asleep on the power board.

#228 5 years ago

KC just got a new yukon

2013-12-10 20.39.57.jpeg

#229 5 years ago

Didnt have any of the cats on my games but I wanted to show you wifes pussy too. The small grey tiger is GIZMO ( or gizzy ) cause its a girl and the orange and white one with the long tale is SIMON photo.JPG044 3.jpg

#230 5 years ago

Here's Pumpkin waiting for me to turn D&D on so she can play:


Here she's waiting for a turn on The Shadow


1 week later
#231 5 years ago

Spent the evening at Josh's place in the Twin Cities. I couldn't resist snapping some pics. I think he thought I was crazy.


Sparkles the Cat


#232 5 years ago

Dude the Cat

photo-6.JPG photo-1.JPG
#233 5 years ago

One of my cats likes to sneak in a machine when I"m working no it. Scares the crap out of me and would be very sad if he got zapped! That beind said this thread is a lot of fun! My cats like to go on top of th backbox and jump real hare onto the glass! Scares me that I might find a shattered glass one of these days...


#234 5 years ago

What a difference 6 months makes....


Would this make her an Alley Cat?


#235 5 years ago

I'll make this my first post to Pinside. Why not. Our cats are constantly on our pins until we turn them on.


#236 5 years ago

Welcome here!

Whoa, how big...

#237 5 years ago
Quoted from Angyalpor:

Welcome here!
Whoa, how big...

Ha! Thanks. This guy is about 15 lbs. He's a bit chunky. His brother is 2 lbs lighter.

#238 5 years ago

Here is my cat Stephan playing on a Liberty Bell

#239 5 years ago

Ha! That's really funny!

#240 5 years ago

Here is one more of him doing a reverse flip leg lick


#241 5 years ago

I have tears in my eyes. That made my day!

#242 5 years ago

So cute how he knows the game well enough for a little wash before going ballistic after the ball

#243 5 years ago

That is amazing! My face hurts from laughing so hard! Thank you for sharing!

#244 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Sparkles the Cat

What a cute one. With that moustache he could be starring in "The three musketeers".

#245 5 years ago

For some reason I was watching "My Cat From Hell" where a guy "fixes" Bad Cats. The solution in each episode is always a) play with them more b) give them high perches to survey the world.

So that's why they go up on top on the pin, I guess.

#246 5 years ago

My Cabinet Swap Technician, Ash, hard at work.


My buddy Sorin asking me why I reset his high score.


#247 5 years ago

What's funny... we have 6 cats and only a few get curious about the pins. You see Ash, is the primary that will just sit on top or try to lay on one. Sorin, he gets nosey but doesn't stay on for long. I'm waiting to see our little white girl hop on one.

#248 5 years ago

My one cat only jumps up on the machines WHILE I'm playing, usually perfectly timed to ruin a high score. Here is the evil bastard. I'm outing him as a cheater. Don't allow this cat into any tournaments. He goes by the name of Punkers.

1 week later
#249 5 years ago

Busted (yet again).


#250 5 years ago

I say bring the kitties over to blondetall's for a play date!

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