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Capt. Fantastic rebuild begins

By timab2000

8 months ago

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#1 8 months ago

Now that my Xenon rebuild is complete, it is now time to start on Capt. Fantastic. Here are some pictures of the game and the teardown.

Overall the game is not in too bad of shape and was playing before the teardown. I have not seen many posts of an actual rebuild of a Capt Fantastic start to finish, I'm sure there are some out there, but I thought I would try and we'll see how it goes.

20190226_133717 (resized).jpg20190226_133652 (1) (resized).jpg20190226_133733 (resized).jpg20190226_133759 (resized).jpg20190226_133843 (1) (resized).jpg20190226_135637 (resized).jpg20190226_141830 (resized).jpg20190226_141830 (resized).jpg

I started getting into the lower cabinet teardown today. The bottom had a sheet of plywood nailed to it to cover the hole that the actual bottom had in it. So that gets thrown in the burnpile and the actual bottom gets removed and will be replace due to the hole. The legs look ok but I am not sure if they are supposed to be painted or chrome, so if someone know please let me know. The rest all needs cleaned and shined up.

20190227_090553 (resized).jpg20190227_091022 (resized).jpg20190227_094504 (resized).jpg20190227_131457 (resized).jpg
#2 8 months ago
20190227_094504 (resized).jpg20190227_131457 (resized).jpg20190227_094512 (resized).jpg20190227_091022 (resized).jpg20190227_090612 (resized).jpg20190227_090553 (resized).jpg20190227_090327 (resized).jpg20190227_090414 (resized).jpg
#6 8 months ago
Quoted from eagle18:

It must still be really cold in Iowa. Your not taking any breaks.

Yea still pretty cold here low teens to below 0. It's just sitting there waiting to be worked on so why wait.

Quoted from Multiball33:

Flyer shows dark grey legs.

I have an extra pair of legs that will get cleaned up and paint. Thanks for the info. We seem to have the same taste in games by looking at your picture.

#8 8 months ago

Here's a couple pictures of Mine It starts the game just fine

20190301_155120_001 (resized).jpg20190301_155121 (resized).jpg20190301_155201 (resized).jpg
#9 8 months ago

I got the new bottom put into the lower cabinet.

Still need to do some sanding to clean up the inside and some bottom trim work but coming along

15515405323991855006016 (resized).jpg1551540553544612848824 (resized).jpg

There's also one bad corner on the game I'm going to try to pull that together and reglue it

15515413611721165642106 (resized).jpg

Fresh batch of Parts out of the tumbler today forgot to take a picture of before but they were nasty

155154558069291889509 (resized).jpg
Also started working on some of the cabinet parts. Before....

1551554783584165449505 (resized).jpg

15515550929491510701874 (resized).jpg

And after it's cleaned up

1551649726240954282502 (resized).jpg15516497669081715216207 (resized).jpg
#10 8 months ago

I had the trim back the edges that the old bottom fit into and then glued in new strips to get it to look right . Once I get everything filled in, belt sanded, and painted you'll never know

20190303_143734 (resized).jpg20190303_143743 (resized).jpg
#12 8 months ago
Quoted from tandem2:

Thanks for the coin door pics. The cabinet work looks good!

Your welcome. I hope they helped

#13 8 months ago

Well no turning back now

15517260942161807125777 (resized).jpg

Well that didn't take too long

1551726699714944892673 (resized).jpg

And now for side 2
15517268365471147766429 (resized).jpg

Side to done or at least stripped

155172782146674438049 (resized).jpg
#14 8 months ago

Alright lower cabinet rough sanded and stripped

15517285884651479277821 (resized).jpg1551728605891145569604 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#16 7 months ago
Quoted from Timerider:

Nice work so far.
Any particular reason you left on the plastic pf glass channels?

No real reason.... other than I usually just tape them before paint, plus I hate pulling staples and have to try to staple them back.

#17 7 months ago

I'm back working on the game. Got really sick with some sort of creeping crud and hacking stuff up. Not sure what I caught, but was out for 2 weeks.

But I am finish sanding and taping off stuff before I spray the primer. Once I get the primer on I'll post some pics.

#18 7 months ago

Got the cabinet primed and sand it down ready for another coat of primer maybe tomorrow

15538786149411077760034 (resized).jpg15538786469261598055369 (resized).jpg1553878683981109814855 (resized).jpg
#19 7 months ago

1st coats of white laid down today

16170 (resized).jpeg
#20 7 months ago

Back working on Captain Fantastic got the first red on the front completed.

Did make a slight screw up by not taping off the shooter Rod hole now I have to clean up the overspray inside. Dumb mistake

15548337207041271725429 (resized).jpg15548337398431961929260 (resized).jpg
#21 7 months ago

Left side sprayed with a red we'll see what it looks like when I peel it off

1554904906291426827780 (resized).jpg
#23 7 months ago

Yeah thanks they're awesome things are looking pretty good so far

15549053403831127440146 (resized).jpg
#24 7 months ago

Pinball pimp makes a pretty awesome product very happy with the results

1554905470593928314061 (resized).jpg
#25 7 months ago

Okay let all that dry and then I'll do the other side

15549056536881744171083 (resized).jpg
#27 7 months ago

Agreed for sure. It's hard once you start seeing the color on you want to try to get as much done as you can but you got to wait.

Got plenty of other stuff to do like the coin door and this pile of stuff all needs gone through

15549062781361011560718 (resized).jpg

This is the part I'm going to be dreading

155490633605082839226 (resized).jpg
#29 7 months ago

Well the two saw horses I have I'm using for the Playfield and this is just what I've always use and it seems to work pretty well just got to be kind of careful.

I probably should invest in something a little bit more high-tech

#31 7 months ago

Well those look great in The Price is Right but it'd be nice if they had wheels on them so that you could roll it around

#33 7 months ago
Quoted from Skidave:

Score reels...ugh

Yeah that's probably going to be a chore to not really looking forward to it

#34 7 months ago

I'm back ready to spray the red on the right side of the cabinet getting the stencil lined up and all ready to go

15553403832901251444414 (resized).jpg

Stencil is laid down ready to be peeled back and exposed

1555340823531606196824 (resized).jpg

Okay peeled her back checking to make sure everything that needs to line up lines up good I'll mask off everything that doesn't get red and start spraying

15553411796641318450070 (resized).jpg15553412145832144015064 (resized).jpg

Sprayed we'll see what it looks like here in a little bit

15553423943302074908771 (resized).jpg

Looking pretty good so far

1555343194927143584586 (resized).jpg

Alright done not bad for an hour's worth of work

15553434488481429767621 (resized).jpg

#35 7 months ago

Let that dry for a few days and then on to the blue

1555343690640485727049 (resized).jpg
#37 7 months ago
Quoted from ReadyPO:

Looks like you have really gotten the hang of stencil work since the Star Trek project - looks good!

Thanks I sometimes wonder if anybody reads any of my posts especially going back that far but thanks for the comment yeah going good

#39 7 months ago
Quoted from Calipindave:

Watching and reading everything... great work so far!

Cool thank you for that

#42 7 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Nice work so far. What is your plan for the gold(ish) splatter layer?

Well...I am not a big fan of the speckled finish. Plus, I really don't want to have to sand everything back down if I tried to do it, and did not like the way it looked. I know that some will not like that idea, and it will probably devalue the game if I choose to sell later, but I am ok with that.

#44 7 months ago

Sure is a big difference once you get paint on it

15555196452792005772977 (resized).jpg
#45 7 months ago

Okay some disappointment today I sprayed the blue and it's darker than I wanted.

Unfortunately when you're using paint in a can you're limited to your color choice. The Rust-Oleum 2X paint that I am using only comes in a limited number of blue colors either too dark or too light.

I thought about using a different manufacturer of paint like Krylon but then you run into the problem of the paint reacting weird with the other paint so I guess I got what I got we'll see what it looks like when it's done.

Maybe when I get the coin door on and some of the trim it won't look so bad. If I could somehow do 43 years of fading on the paint in one day maybe it look better

20190418_095959 (resized).jpg

20190418_100124 (resized).jpg

#47 7 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Well the results still look great!

Thanks I appreciate it. The more I look at it, the more I'm starting to like it. Still kind of on the fence though.

#50 7 months ago

Well thanks again for the encouragement I sure appreciate it.

I sprayed the black on the, whatever you call it, that the back box sits on. I'm sure there's some technical name for it.

15556083914491898813432 (resized).jpg
#54 7 months ago
Quoted from ReadyPO:

Back box sits on the Neck ...

I was thinking base, but what do I know, thanks for clearing that up

#56 7 months ago

Actually the paint scheme kind of reminds me of this...

659934a9aee0a43b491444cd65f2739e--levis-nice-cars (resized).jpg
#57 7 months ago

Got a little bit of the door hardware on today and got the blue painted on the other side of the cabinet

15556968677761687293905 (resized).jpg1555696916437516714852 (resized).jpg

Also got all the masking paper and everything pulled off the floor inside

155569809108326336926 (resized).jpg
#58 7 months ago

Today I'm going to start tearing into the coin door take it completely down polish and Tumble whatever I can get my Tumbler

1555870822572379410164 (resized).jpg15558708617761740448658 (resized).jpg15558708832741822921742 (resized).jpg

Some of the stuff is kind of nasty looking but it'll all shine up

1555871470468221442259 (resized).jpg15558714914912074480454 (resized).jpg

#59 7 months ago

Teardowns complete lots of dirty nasty things all get cleaned up door skin definitely needs work

15558724128411931087415 (resized).jpg1555872425556655630387 (resized).jpg15558724476411969048805 (resized).jpg
#60 7 months ago

I did get the chime box all cleaned up rebuilt and installed

1555875490533816000894 (resized).jpg1555875506592571493214 (resized).jpg
#62 7 months ago
Quoted from eagle18:

Is that the normal location of the chimes on that machine? Must be loud right there.

Yeah that is where they go. It actually had one of those aftermarket sound boards in it that did not work with about 20 small holes drilled in the side of the cabinet for the speaker.

#64 7 months ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Last Inlooked, Marcos had Bally door skins

I actually got it straightened out fairly decent will shoot some pictures of it when I get the whole thing back together

#65 7 months ago

So much nicer when Parts come out of the tumbler time-consuming part is digging all the Walnut shells out of the screw slots where the Phillips screwdriver goes in

15559563393121430037618 (resized).jpg20190422_125910 (resized).jpg20190422_125938 (resized).jpg
#66 7 months ago

Not together yet but looking better

15559577492231939456076 (resized).jpg
#69 7 months ago
Quoted from russdx:

do you chuck the springs and circlips in the tumbler as well?

Yep everything went in there

#70 7 months ago
Quoted from TxJay:

How long did you tumble the parts?

Good 12 hours overnight

#71 7 months ago
Quoted from timab2000:

Good 12 hours overnight

I just threw another batch in at 2 Central Time will check them tomorrow morning

#72 7 months ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Last Inlooked, Marcos had Bally door skins

I saw that, but that's another $90 to spend. It's not really a game that I think I'll break even on if I go to sell so, I'm trying not to spend too much and use as much of the old stuff as I can.

I also said that on my Xenon that I did, and that did not go so well.

#74 7 months ago

It's always a good sign to see the game back on its legs

15559629239581865914971 (resized).jpg
#76 7 months ago
Quoted from TxJay:

Wow! That looks really good for a somewhat short time. I usually have to leave mine in for 3 days.

I use the crushed Walnut shells and some of this additive

15559747373842118926605 (resized).jpg
#79 7 months ago
Quoted from chad:

I'm the one who sold Timba the game. It really looks nice!!

You gave me a good deal. I really appreciate it. Trying hard to do a good job on it.

#82 7 months ago

Starting to get the back of the coin door back together cleaned up the wiring still waiting for stuff in the tumbler

15560317853621616532363 (resized).jpg

A few more parts on the back of the coin door waiting for the coin mechanism holders that come out of the tumbler

15561321759521471272602 (resized).jpg

So I keep cleaning other things and painting stuff as I go

20190424_103103 (resized).jpg

15561323420281790538644 (resized).jpg
#83 6 months ago

Got the coin door finished and reinstalled still need to get a lock doesn't look too bad though

1556200353015684196500 (resized).jpg15562003865902087873755 (resized).jpg
#84 6 months ago

Lots of more nasty stuff to clean

20190425_132859 (resized).jpg20190425_132854 (resized).jpg20190425_125320 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#87 6 months ago

Back working on the game took some time to do other things.

Starting to work on the Tilt mechanisms and stuff that is attached to the wood piece on the inside of the cabinet lots of stuff coming out of the tumbler. That's smaller bracket needs to go back in a little longer

15580984604851984360022 (resized).jpg20190517_080625 (resized).jpg1558098496850829824276 (resized).jpg

#88 6 months ago

I also got some parts from Marco pinball new side rails check those out eventually

155809875061285083424 (resized).jpg

Still need to clean all this up too

15580988137462070675957 (resized).jpg
#89 6 months ago

These flipper switches are toast they will get replaced

15580990131191570152596 (resized).jpg

#91 6 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Looking super nice


This is ready to go back in
1558193436433121695003 (resized).jpg

#92 6 months ago

Okay it's in one less thing to worry about

15581945794851343154099 (resized).jpg
#94 6 months ago

If you're talking about this one I'm not real sure

20190519_132838 (resized).jpg

There is this white with green Tracer wire that was not hooked up either at the Transformer or at the Jones plug

20190519_132915 (resized).jpg20190519_132929 (resized).jpg

Previous owner hacked a lamp cord wire from the Transformer to the fuse for some strange reason maybe in replace of that white green wire
20190519_132941_001 (resized).jpg15582908400412015147165 (resized).jpg

I'll have to dig out the schematic and figure it out.

#95 6 months ago

Next up not quite sure where to start

1558375771287725973994 (resized).jpg
#97 6 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Eat an elephant one bite at a time!

I guess it is not any worse than doing a playfield swap...which I still need to do.

#99 6 months ago

Starting on the disassembly we'll see how it goes should be interesting hope it all works when I put it back together everything's kind of dirty
15584623192611677454653 (resized).jpg

My plan is to unscrew everything off the big plywood sheet then slide all of that on to another piece of wood so that I can send the original board Down clean it all up and then clean all the stuff and put it back on

#100 6 months ago

Transplant completed so far so good

1558465484508420372537 (resized).jpg15584654977234826210 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#101 5 months ago

Had to take some time away from pinball to address the water getting into my basement, and then back to work on getting the relay board cleaned up and back in the game.

Cleaned all the wiring harnesses and relays best I could a lot better looking than it was when I started
20190528_101512 (resized).jpg20190528_124916 (resized).jpg20190528_130923 (resized).jpg20190528_130953 (resized).jpg

#102 5 months ago

Here's a pic of what it looked like before I started

20190226_141830 (resized).jpg
#103 5 months ago

Going to start working on the back box has some pretty good damage.

Also has some sort of funky brackets inside not sure what's up with that I think the thing got dropped at one point in time.
155914382726835784815 (resized).jpg1559143803372500670697 (resized).jpg15591439341181147428920 (resized).jpg15591439546521310194564 (resized).jpg15591439786621065817256 (resized).jpg

15591440931971141649361 (resized).jpg
#105 5 months ago

Made more progress on the back box got everything glued back up tight all the woodwork bad spots have been fixed and primed forgot to take pictures of repairs.
15595009988651795602615 (resized).jpg15595010275021014833164 (resized).jpg

Yes that's a fly he landed on it after it dried
15595010677501546916610 (resized).jpg

#107 5 months ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

He is ready to do the fly specking.

At least he wait until after it was dry

While the primer dries, I'm going to start cleaning the score reels

15595077329342042140063 (resized).jpg
#108 5 months ago

Pretty Dirty

15595088034611648698301 (resized).jpg
#110 5 months ago

Thanks! It's actually the corn crib, but we have a barn too.

#111 5 months ago

Hey it almost looks like a pinball machine again

15595897883121605675612 (resized).jpg
#112 5 months ago

Today I'm working on getting the stencils painted on the back box
15597422481621489985764 (resized).jpg

First you got to peel the paper off the back once you get everything in position
1559742358106521132387 (resized).jpg

Then lay it down and use the plastic tool to smooth it down. Jeff at pinball pimp provides the plastic tool such awesome products
1559742491862418948552 (resized).jpg

Now that it's all laid down feel off the protective paper and expose the stencil
1559742612747513872450 (resized).jpg

You have to be careful not to pull the stencil left while peeling back the paper
15597426976511167504940 (resized).jpg

Done and done. Just got a mask everything off spray the red

15597428936502826890 (resized).jpg
#113 5 months ago

Okay one side done with the red doesn't look too bad

15597445682481316441585 (resized).jpg
#116 5 months ago

Okay both sides of the red are done

155975417052787204692 (resized).jpg15597541942761165741147 (resized).jpg
#117 5 months ago
Quoted from tandem2:

Any idea how Bally did these stencils back in the 70s? The B and A in 'Bally' both have the 'floating area' inside those letters, and most cabinet art does not have those 'floating elements ' because they weren't possible with the metal stencils

Not really sure how they did it back then. Looks like the letters were attached to whatever they used for a stencil and then maybe painted over with the other colors. But the A and B maybe they used small pieces and just hand placed those. Would be cool to find out.
20190226_134136_001 (resized).jpg

#118 5 months ago
Quoted from shaundburch:

Wow! This is really fun to watch. Awesome job!
Thanks for taking the time to document the project with a great write-up and lots of picture. I'll have to find your other restoration thread(s).

Thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate it.

#119 5 months ago

I got the blue laid down on one side kind of forgot to take pictures along the way but will on the other side

15598312525231613270615 (resized).jpg
#120 5 months ago

If you haven't seen a pinball pimp stencil this is what they look like this one's for the second color of the blue.

You can see their small open square box cut out areas those areas line up with the first color stencil that have the x's on them.

When putting the second stencil down you have to make sure the X's lineup with the open Square boxes so that everything lines up

15598317332992031026924 (resized).jpg15598317581621067338668 (resized).jpg15598317938671369868883 (resized).jpg
#121 5 months ago

Getting ready to do the blue on the other side stencils lay down ready to go got a mass things off and then I'll spray it notice the Xs are lined up with a little boxes

1559845504815739471717 (resized).jpg1559845519445797929859 (resized).jpg
#122 5 months ago

Blues painted cabinets basically done
15598472088101652112234 (resized).jpg

Starting to look like a pinball machine again

15598473025341832575389 (resized).jpg15598473200201425858147 (resized).jpg
#123 5 months ago

It's alive... kind of, playfield comes next. I have to do a Playfield swap first
1559848655552147983062 (resized).jpg

#125 5 months ago

Starting work on clearing out the play field for the swap

155992514058036507335 (resized).jpg
#126 5 months ago

Playfield swap is moving along. I use blue painter's tape and wrap around anything that has screws so that I don't forget.

The drop Target assembly completely taken apart cleaned it all up and then reassembled
15601777899091624775960 (resized).jpg1560177813253305898746 (resized).jpg156017784651874279491 (resized).jpg20190608_115559 (resized).jpg20190608_115604 (resized).jpg15601778914791421611157 (resized).jpg15601779417721245479090 (resized).jpg

#128 5 months ago

Hey thanks for pointing that out good eye I never even noticed it

I did actually have to open it when the power went out using the emergency release and that's one heavy freaking door

#129 5 months ago

Was able to get the Playfield wiring off the old Playfield got to switch out some of the hardware underneath and then put it on the new Playfield

You sure don't realize how dirty everything gets until you start tearing everything apart

1560182038892208446488 (resized).jpg
#130 5 months ago

Now boring work polishing all the screws
15601922005561404139254 (resized).jpg

That looks better

15601934370202069043219 (resized).jpg
#131 5 months ago

The transfer of the wiring harness is complete I just have to screw everything into place and keep cleaning as I go doesn't look like much progress but actually come quite far

1560264581677177862293 (resized).jpg
#132 5 months ago

Bottom side of Playfield is 90% done just got up put in the flippers pop bumpers slingshots, all that Hardware is in the tumbler getting cleaned up then I can flip it over and work on the top
1560367980976114521581 (resized).jpg

#133 5 months ago

Okay well I couldn't wait and see what the top side look like so I flipped it over looks pretty good

15603693886591504707436 (resized).jpg1560369412017840601025 (resized).jpg
#134 5 months ago

Pulled all of the flipper Parts pop bumper Parts out of the Tumblr this morning nice and cleaned up and shiny

1560433111256191694425 (resized).jpg
#136 5 months ago
Quoted from ReadyPO:

I saw your using walnut shells in the tumbler, are you using Flitz or something else as well?


#137 5 months ago

Making more progress on play field still waiting on parts hopefully they'll be here Monday but this is what I got done so far

156071355981177271702 (resized).jpg1560713583455463175931 (resized).jpg156071360239223065017 (resized).jpg
#138 5 months ago

Well my parts came in late today so I'm open tomorrow to have the play field done back in the game and possibly up and running

#140 5 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Dam nice looking if I may say so.

Yeah I told you I'd try to do a good job on it.

1 week later
#142 4 months ago
Quoted from PinballPimp:

This CF is looking AWESOME!
Glad you liked my stencils!

If I can get the thing playing right it that would be great

#143 4 months ago

Okay well it's been 3 months and I finally am 99% done with the game.

I think it probably took more hours to get it play correctly then it did refinish everything.

Got a lot of help from a lot of great people here on pinside so I'm very thankful for that.

The only thing the game needs is it back box door and one white post and some new scorecards which I'm going to order with some other stuff so it doesn't cost so much to ship other than that basically done here's some pictures.

15616637654761831956205 (resized).jpg15616637871911714531767 (resized).jpg15616638768141617399567 (resized).jpg15616639071051711725229 (resized).jpg15616639705961449968383 (resized).jpg15616640100541841001638 (resized).jpg15616640251631705475712 (resized).jpg
#145 4 months ago

Thanks I appreciate the kind words.

2 weeks later
#147 4 months ago

Managed to get a coat of white primer on it today.

156304120194672203220 (resized).jpg
#149 4 months ago
Quoted from phillyfan64:

What is this one?

Opps...posted the wrong picture on the wrong post. Sorry

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