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Capcom Breakshot fuse info

By Jmckune

1 year ago

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breakshot_fuse (resized).jpg
breakshot_fuse_harness (resized).jpg
breakshot_fuse_side (resized).jpg
#1 1 year ago

Can someone help me out with the fuse location for the general illumination on the green/GRN-WHT string for Breakshot? I can see various references in the manual but when I was quickly looking through I couldn’t see a specific fuse identified. I believe it is one of the 4A fuses but wanted to make sure before I showed back up tomorrow with the wrong value. Thanks

#2 1 year ago

I see now on the amendment page that it should be a 5A. Based on the drawings, unless I’m confused, it should be located somewhere under the playfield

#3 1 year ago

The solid colors are fused, not the stripes
The fuses are located left of the cab speaker, fuse-lamp conductor exits the fuse on the RHS. The harness/splitter in the pic shows the breakout.

breakshot_fuse (resized).jpgbreakshot_fuse (resized).jpgbreakshot_fuse_harness (resized).jpgbreakshot_fuse_harness (resized).jpgbreakshot_fuse_side (resized).jpgbreakshot_fuse_side (resized).jpg
4 months later
#4 1 year ago

shaneo I’m confused by your photos, why are those connectors disconnected, as well as some on the fuse block?

I’m trying to diagnose a recurring GI fuse blowing within a few minutes of startup.

#5 1 year ago

GI fuses blowing.

Because all the bulbs are wired in parallel, it could be any bulb socket, or any length of wire associated with that GI string that is causing your problem.

It is EXTREMELY valuable to have both a 4Amp and 5Amp circuit breaker connected to a fuse that you can put in place of the GI fuse. Basically, remove the 5Amp fuse, and replace with a 4Amp breaker. (4Amp because it'll show the problem quicker).

This can save you a couple of boxes of fuses tracing this down.

So, you know which fuse is blowing. You know what color of wire that is connected to that fuse.

Blowing GI fuses in my experience has been: Bad lamp sockets, or pinched wires (inappropriate touching). So examine all the sockets for all the bulbs in the string that is suspect. Look for pinched wires, bad soldering, etc.

With the circuit breaker in place of the fuse, see if you can spot anything. Pull the bulbs you can, look into the sockets. Is there is little bit of solder, a small wire, inside the socket? If you find anything like that, fix the problem, use the circuit breaker to test.

But suppose you don't find anything, and the circuit breaker is still tripping.

Given that Breakshot isn't a terribly hard playfield to disassemble, I'd probably remove every GI bulb in that string. Then I'd remove the plugs that power that string of lights. Then I'd measure for ohms across the sockets. With every bulb removed, there shouldn't be any connection, there shouldn't be even enough connection to be anything but nearly infinite resistance across the sockets.

If you measure across the sockets that have no bulbs in them and you have some connection, you know you've got a bad socket partially making connection.

So, suppose I have nine bulb sockets connected:


Cut the wire to socket 5. Test to see if the shorted socket is still connected to sockets 1-4. If it is, cut the wire to 3, if it is still connected you can only have socket 1 and 2 connected. If it isn't, you have a problem with sockets 3 or 4.

It only takes a couple of cuts to divide the problem in half until you find the suspect socket.

Now, if you've put LED bulbs in, you may have a bad LED bulb. Easiest answer here is to replace all the LED bulbs in that string with new ones, and throw the suspect ones away, or test them external to the machine.

Hope this helps!

#6 1 year ago

Wow that’s incredibly detailed, thank you.

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