Can you help me identify the part number for this toasty coil?

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By BlackCatBone

6 months ago


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Toasted coil in Key West - Mixer relay #4? (resized).jpg

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#1 6 months ago

Can someone help me identify the part number for the toasty coil in my Key West near the "Mixer #4 Relay" tag? The paper wrapper around the coil is missing, but I'm thinking that it may be a 2794-1 (90 ohm) or 2794-9 (50 ohm). Does anyone know for sure the correct part number? The relay is held in throughout most game play. I believe that when it drops out it disadvantages the player by disabling mixer #4 for the duration of the game play. (I might be wrong.)

The coil in question is outlined in red.


Toasted coil in Key West - Mixer relay #4? (resized).jpg

#3 6 months ago

Thanks for comment about the manual potentially providing the answer to what the part number for the toasty coil is. I did look at the user manual and didn't find the relay documented. Ditto for the schematic - no parts numbers are shown there. I'm hoping that someone who has Key West (or a game of similar vintage) will tell me the part number printed on the coil's paper wrapper.

#4 6 months ago

that is probably the extra unlabeled coil shown up in the search relay area on the schematic. Unfortunately, the picture I have of the back door shows that a largish paper tag should be next to the unit, but the resolution isn't good enough to read it.

since it's on the 17V circuit, tho, it's likely the same as the search relays coils, so see if you can read the number off one of those.

another approach when the paperwork is lacking is to look at the next machine of that type - in this case, show-time.

show-time schem says a similar function/circuit relay is called the #3 safety relay, and it's switch prevents search relay #3 from powering if a button is down - which disables/stops win detection and payout.

that doesn't help with the coil part number. If you can't find a part number on the search relays, yell and hopefully someone can dredge one up.

1 week later
#5 6 months ago

Did you ever find the correct coil number ? I will be digging out a Key West by the end of the week

#6 6 months ago

Hi Butch -

No, I never got the coil number. If you can provide the number, I'd be grateful. Thanks for offering.

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