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Can't choose the next pin

By Jagrmaister

9 months ago

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“Which game to add the third?”

  • Iron Maiden Pro 16 votes
  • Pulp Fiction 6 votes
  • TMNT Pro 9 votes
  • TNA CE 5 votes
  • Scooby CE 6 votes
  • Wait for Spike 3/Other... 20 votes

(62 votes)

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#1 9 months ago

Really struggling here. I am wanting that third pin. Have a Godzilla Premium, a Cactus Canyon SE, and a Centaur Beast on order for 2024. The problem is between now and the Beast, what can fill a slot? Limited space. 4 pins is doable. 5 pins is a maybe. GZ is bolted. Had CCr 6 months and love it. Trying to hold out for that upgraded/new code adaptation. Ultimately, just having a tough time choosing #3. I'm leaning Iron Maiden. Love the band, love the table. Think it has staying power and is awesome to play.

Have mulled over:

Deadpool Pro - Played a helluva lot of this on location. Great game. But simpler and don't know if I need to own it with several locations having it on scene
Scooby-Doo (Kid's Choice) - Kid's top pick. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this game played. Definitely a contender and a fun pin.
Pulp Fiction - Thought this was a top choice. Played it. Great time, but it's missing some kind of magic for me with a limited lineup. Leery of single-level playfields with Centaur eventually coming into the mix. Need more games on it to make that final call.
TMNT - Yes. Hella hard. Hella fun. Never had a great game on limited location plays but love the theme and can see this being great in home with the 80's code in place.
TNA - Haven't played it but watched a few streams and wow. Looks like it's right up my alley.
JP - Love the theme. Game is pretty great. But don't feel an urge to own it.

Any other honorable mentions I'm missing? Leaning at taking on that IMDN Pro, but some great themes coming out and Spike 3 on the horizon. Also, see great deals here and there on TMNT's and because of that I'd consider it. TNA is probably a second choice and total Hail Mary even without having ever played it just due to watching streams of the code and game itself.

Will likely play em all at Expo and decide. Leave that "5th" slot open for some 2024 release and the ASTERISK next to CCr if MMr gets another run.

Voice your choice and thanks for voting!

#2 9 months ago

Dialed In has everything your looking for and super affordable right now.

#3 9 months ago

maiden all day

#4 9 months ago

Regardless of the question, the answer is never a JJP pin. With a Godzilla and a Cactus Canyon, on your list, I’d go with short ball time, tough shooter - TMNT. Off your list? The world is your oyster. Rick & Morty comes to mind.

#5 9 months ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

Regardless of the question, the answer is never a JJP pin. With a Godzilla and a Cactus Canyon, on your list, I’d go with short ball time, tough shooter - TMNT. Off your list? The world is your oyster. Rick & Morty comes to mind.

R&M is a contender. Another one with zero plays but a ton of watch on stream. Leaned towards TNA from the Spooky side, though. And Scooby for the kids in second. R&M is no slouch for sure.

#6 9 months ago

I was going to suggest Deadpool, then saw your description that you've played it enough on location, makes sense.

I think you can't go wrong with either Maiden, TNA, or R&M. All of those are quite resellable if/when you do want to move on from it, unlike Turtles, and unknown yet about Pulp Fiction or Scooby. I will give the caveat about Maiden - the downside is the tight timed modes, if you don't hit shots in the first half of the timer then you're not going to complete it and you kinda just want to wait it out.

#7 9 months ago

I vote TMNT, tough game but when you hit it you feel like a legend! It really has a one more game feel in a home setting.

#8 9 months ago

Best thing is to get a bit familiar with several different pins (and get familiar with their rules) and see which ones you think will hold your attention for awhile owning one at home.

For me I’ve always passed on Deadpool because multiple people who have owned the pin and who know me have advised that I’d get through it and be not as into it any more relatively quickly. Like you I think it’s a fun game and I like getting some play on it on location though.

I have played a good amount of Pulp Fiction and have one on order. Can’t wait to get it. But if it’s not grabbing your interest then see what else does.

A couple you might want to add to your list to consider.
-Bond has turned into a really good game. Lots of modes and they’re well crafted to be different from each other and they incorporate all shots on the layout. Recent updates have made it a fun action packed game playing modes pretty continuously. Good mini wizard modes too. I’ve found myself wanting to play this a bit more than the others lately.
-Elvira is a great package. Good layout, good rules & modes, good audio and video clips. Really entertaining pin. A couple good mini wizard modes in this one also.

The good thing is there’s no wrong answer as long as you’re having fun playing.

#9 9 months ago

Iron Maiden or TNA both are great but two very different games. Both are sold choices but you need to figure out what type of game you are looking for.

#10 9 months ago

I vote deadpool. Different designer and my kids liked it. I miss mine. The guy who made Godzilla made Iron Maiden.

#11 9 months ago

Please don't rate "Deadpool" with a "pro" model> I own a LE and it really kicks ass.The kids will love it and so will you!

#12 9 months ago

Get drunk and make a spontaneous emotional decision. Drunk you knows what you want.

#13 9 months ago

My vote from your list would be TMNT. It is a great game in a home setting and once you dial in the shots it is really fun. If you start looking around barely used pros are really reasonable. Also keep in mind with PF and Centaur who knows that may not even happen in 2024 so you might have time for two different pins in this timeframe! Have fun

Honorable mention what about picking up a Stranger Things from the upcoming run? Attack from Mars with more modes and pretty family friendly shooter.

#14 9 months ago

IMDN is a lot of fun and would be my choice. My buddy bought TNA and although the music and light show is pretty good the game is boring. Obviously others will disagree. IMDM is much easier to sell over TNA if you decide to move it along. Although...Jack may be on to something here.

3 weeks later
#15 8 months ago

Update, as if anyone cares but a followup...Maiden won the poll. And after Expo, Maiden continued to win my heart. Brought one home last Sunday. So, with Centaur as "4", what's the fifth gonna be?

Thanks for those that aided in the decision!

20231029_165040 (resized).jpg20231029_165040 (resized).jpg
#16 8 months ago

Great choice!

I bought an Iron Maiden Pro in August 2020 that had been on location after wanting one since release and ended up buying that off the operator during Covid when the bar had been closed for many months. I still love playing it now.

I've since purchased Rick & Morty, Mando Premium and Godzilla Premium. Out of all the recent purchases, I've had the most joy out of Iron Maiden and those newer games just didn't seem to scratch the same itch like Iron Maiden did. It was a perfect mix of gameplay and art for me. Also a casual fan of Iron Maiden music which didn't hurt.

I'm hoping to get Foo Fighters (not sure on Pro or Premium) and TMNT next year. Good to hear the positive remarks about TMNT.

#17 8 months ago

what about a classic b/w?

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