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Calling all early Bally SS experts! EBD help needed!

By Dewey68

10 months ago

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#17 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Finally got around to replacing all of the connectors on the CPU board, and the pin still won't boot.

What changed between your first post when the game was booting and now where the MPU board wont start?

Quoted from Dewey68:

does it matter if my 12 volt supply is providing 17 volts?

Not really, it's normally between 14.5 - 16.5 volts.
What voltages do you read at TP5 and TP2 on the MPU board? Use TP4 on the MPU board as the ground connection for your multi-meter.

Post some clear high resolution pictures of the MPU board.

#19 4 months ago

You have the U2 ROM chip installed in the U1 socket - this will cause the MPU board to fail the first LED flash. Install it in the U2 socket.

Your pictures are not high resolution enough and I can't tell if U6 is installed 180 degrees out (the label is upside down). The short side of U6 that has the notch should be on the left - look at the RAM chip at U7 underneath it with the notch on the left. If U6 is installed backwards with the notch on the right side then it's now fried.

Quoted from Dewey68:

reflowed the solder on the header pins on the MPU board.

Any chance solder bridged across two pins?

Quoted from Dewey68:

I did notice that when I first turned the game on the LED was off and I had nothing at TP2.

The voltage for TP2 comes from pin 12 of connector J4 at the MPU board (it comes from the solenoid driver board at J3 pin 11 (red-green wire)). Check the terminal crimps at each end.

MPU board looks pretty clean (no battery corrosion).
I see a bare pin at the bottom of MPU pin header J3 so it looks like the connector J3 plug is sitting up one position too many.

#21 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Are those RAM chips hard to obtain now or readily available?

You can get replacement game EPROMs on ebay. They're generally available in two different EPROM chip types - one being a "2532" and the other "2732". These chips have different pinouts so to save you headaches in re-configuring your MPU board for the chip type, you'd want to get the same chip type that you currently have. We'd need to see clear closeup pics of U2 and U6 to determine which they are. You can probably read the model yourself by taking a close look.

But first determine if U6 is backwards or not.

#26 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

it won't take credits... It plays the sound for credits but it doesn't add them.

Your credit display above shows you have 40 credits. That's the maximum credits this game supports with factory ROMs. DIP switches 25 and 26 on the MPU board configure maximum credits between 10 and 40. If you want support for more than 40 credits you need aftermarket ROMs. On location games were generally set to 10 credits max preventing players clocking up too many credits.

Quoted from Dewey68:

When I power it on now it says "5 ball" and then when it finishes booting "eight ball deluxe...4 ball". It was playing 3 ball when it was booting correctly.

The number of balls per game is configured by DIP switches 31 and 32. Do you still have both these switches "off" for 3 ball?
When exactly is it announcing "5 ball"

#28 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

They are both set to off. The game says "5 ball" while it is booting (around flash 3-4 of the MPU LED sequence). Then after it boots it calls out "eight ball deluxe....4 ball"

Can you remove all playfield balls from the game and make sure all drop targets are raised. Then go to switch test mode (by presssing the little red button inside the coin door 5 times). What does the game report in terms of any closed switches?

#30 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Rebooted, same behavior, calling out 5 ball during boot process, after boot, "EBD.....4 ball". I did have to power cycle the game to get it to boot correctly after the test.

Is the game playing 3 or 4 balls?
The 5 ball callout during MPU LED tests shouldn't be happening.
Are the solenoids all working properly or are incorrect solenoids sometimes activating?

#32 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

actually, the start button is probably not on the switch matrix.....

The start button is on the switch matrix - the manual calls it the "Credit Button" which can be a bit confusing. It's switch 06.

Have you tried to work out what other switches aren't working to see if there's any pattern? i.e. all switches on a single row or column, etc.

#35 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Credit button, along with all other switches are working in the switch test.

The Start (Credit) button is working in switch test mode but it won't start a game? Just checking but the game has credits, right?
When you press the start button in attract mode exactly what happens?

#37 4 months ago

Hmm, can you go into audit mode at book keeping item number 06.
This will show the Current Credits, presume 40. Then press the S33 switch on the MPU board to reset credits to zero.
Exit audit mode and let the game reboot.
Add a credit via the coin switches and press the start button. Does it work?

Quoted from Dewey68:

Are the flipper switches supposed to register in the switch test?

No, EBD doesn't have any switch matrix switches on the flippers - some games do for features like lane change, etc.

#45 4 months ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Quench, what setting in the audits is for credits? I'm not seeing any number that matches the credits displayed when I cycle through the audits. I couldn't find it in the manual.

See the diagram below, audit item number 05 is the current credits.

Quoted from Dewey68:

The switch test will now show that the A rollover switch is closed if I raise and lower the playfield during the test. It looks fine. Ugh.

Might be an idea to have a close look at the wiring harness coming off the back of the playfield to see if there's any damage/hacks/shorts.

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