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California power companies shut off power for thousands.

By cottonm4

6 months ago

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    #1 6 months ago


    " California's biggest utility cut power to hundreds of thousands of residents to prevent wildfires,..."

    Some people will be without power for a week. Deliberate power shut own. Can you imagine? Forget all your refrigerated food. Forget about forgetting to gas up the car and you have no gas. No traffic lights. No TV. No nothing.

    It will be no pinball for a week Without electricity and lighting you won't even be able to work on a pin.


    I'd like to see some videos of this. Especially at night. All of the business signs will be dark. No street lights. It could look like something you could see on Twilight Zone. Of course, I realize that if you are in the affected area that you will not be reading this but maybe when you are back online you will have had the presence of mind to make some movies you can share.

    Possibly 2 million with no power. Imagine the hit to the economy. You can't go to work but the mortgage and car payments still have to be paid. Grocery stores are going to have to do some fancy dancing to protect their meat and other perishables. All the ice cream melts. If you don't have a pocket full of cash you might have trouble getting around.

    No air conditioning puts the restaurants out of biz for sure. No movie theaters.

    #14 6 months ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    No one will be without power for a week.its not really a big deal...
    Plenty of back up generators for stores, gas stations etc
    Don't believe anything CNN tells you...

    I don't know. The thought of 2 million people and businesses having their own backyard generator belching out pollutants sounds absurd.

    I'd still like to see some night time pics of this. Looking down main street with no business signs burning.

    #85 6 months ago
    Quoted from adol75:

    What happens when public utilties are privatized.

    That's a good question. Before The Tennessee Valley Authority proceed, the government via FDR had to wrest control of one area near Muscle Shoals, Alabama from Henry Ford. This one area is where the dam was built and the govt. did not want it under the control of Henry Ford.


    “Today, the world knows Detroit, Michigan, as the center of the automotive universe, but if Henry Ford had his way, the nation’s auto hub would have been the Tennessee Valley,” says Chris Berryman, target market specialist for TVA Economic Development.

    It was 1921, and Ford saw in Muscle Shoals, Ala., the opportunity to snap up cheap and plentiful power from a dam still under construction—Wilson Dam, to be precise—and build an automobile-manufacturing city that would forever change the course of a sleepy corner of North Alabama."...

    #167 6 months ago
    Quoted from Dent00:

    It's really strange how different parts of the USA have a different perspective. I have lots of huge pine trees in my yard that dump pine straw and cones all over my yard, almost all the time. So, I am constantly cleaning up pine straw and cones so my grass will grow and my yard will look presentable, like my neighbors. The trees also drop all kinds of debris on my vehicles, which I also have to constantly clean off. Twice in the past 10 years or so, I have had tree limbs or entire trees fall on my roof and cause damage. They are a major pain and I just wish I could remove them all and plant nice small trees that look presentable, probably slow growing oak trees. However, the homeowner's association in my neighborhood will not allow any large trees to be removed without permission in writing (and I have asked). So, I am stuck with all these huge trees that I hate. The pine trees in my yard are the tallest in the general area, so they are also like a target for lightning. They are gigantic and several have been struck in recent years. I do have a riding lawnmower with a bagging attachment that makes cleaning up the pine straw a little easier, but it is a constant struggle. Having said all that, there is no way that I would want to live in a forest. My yard would never be clean, assuming I had a yard.

    There are ways to surreptitiously kill a tree with some time. Kill it. Then make it disappear.

    #168 6 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    That didn't take long.

    That looks like the wind is blowing. Is this the Santa Ana winds of which you speak? Or is this just a gentle breeze?

    #184 6 months ago

    If my recall is correct, while the governor and others hit on PG&E for years of mismanagement, wasn’t the Camp Fire from last year a treetop fire and what was on the ground was not much of a factor?

    And now I am reading one one the fire that is burning now was started by a trash truck.

    Other than cutting down every last tree, how is the topography supposed to be managed?

    I wonder if the trash truck company is going to get sued for millions of dollars.

    #185 6 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    The new one is Lee Marvin from Twilight Zone where he got in the ring to fight a robot. You don't think it fits?

    I recognize you now. That was a strange TZ episode.

    #194 6 months ago
    Quoted from Chitownpinball:

    Yes, electricity is needed in this day and age. Its also pretty simple to generate it yourself. We should all be doing this already. We should not rely on giant companies to distribute something we can all make and use ourselves. ESPECIALLY IN CALIFORNIA.

    So, how are you living? Do you have a generator in the back yard? Solar panels on your roof? Let us see some pictures of your abode and show us how it is done. If is is simple to generate for ourselves then surely you can show us how you are making your own electricity, yes?

    I'm all for anything that will save me money and make me self-reliant. I'll listen intently to any suggestions you would be willing to provide and pictures, as you know, are worth thousands of words. I check Pinside regularly.

    #199 6 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I don't have any but solar panels are popping up all over the place. On days like today there is plenty of sunshine to run them. Year round there is plenty. My electric bill is so low I don't need them. I can do without power for some time if need be.
    In the fire areas a backup generator is all that is really needed or a wind driven generator in these conditions makes pretty good sense.

    My electric bills are low enough that the payout for solar panels and wind generators would be years out.

    My grandpa had a wind generator on his farm. In 1946, he got electrified and never looked back. Piped in electric was more reliable. I found his original contract papers from the Rural Electric Company. It is a hoot to read: Dear Mr. Day, welcome blah blah blah and just remember the more electricity you use the cheaper it gets.

    Out in some of the rural areas a lot of ranchers still use these windmill/generators to water up their live stock tanks.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.21.15 PM (resized).png

    #202 6 months ago
    Quoted from Djshakes:

    Pretty much this. We are trying to fight a natural occurrence. I'm not saying the fight isn't worth it, but fires are natural for the habitat here. I remember taking a tour in the redwoods and the guide mentioned they didn't understand how the seeds wouldn't drop from the trees. They learned that fire causes the seeds to drop so they scorch the bottom of the trees (something like that).
    One has to remember how vast and large CA is. So various areas have various natural issues (flooding, mud slides, fires, earthquakes, temperature). You could honestly break this state up into multiple states it is so large (I wish they would but will never happen for political reasons).
    I'm from WI, and although I don't agree with the politics out here, it would be hard to move back because I would rather deal with all those other natural issues than winter. Again, I'm in San Diego, which is THE best climate mainland (if you prefer 65-75 degrees and sunny year round). I live by the coast. Moving inland 15 miles will change that climate by 15 degrees in either direction. If I had to live anywhere else in CA I would move. It wouldn't be worth it. I firmly believe if it wasn't for the weather no one would live here. You pay the sunshine tax for a reason. No one would pay what they pay out here to live in the Midwest. This is a large reason why people of all political leanings tolerate what they do out here. It's basically the laffer curve theory. The government squeezes you just to the point of revolt (moving). They never say it, but that has been monarch/government philosophy since the beginning of time.

    In 1994, I went on a road trip and ended up going to Yosemite. I remember driving through one forest where the government boys were doing controlled burn of the forest floor. It was strange to see what essentially a grass fire burning between and around the bases of the trees.

    #236 6 months ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    Dear Lord!
    The hits just keep on coming.

    Price gouging laws? I know we have them here and they are enforced when hurricanes or tropical storms hit.
    o-din , my place may be small but I would make room if you ever had to get out! Should you be willing to come to TEXAS that is.

    Just in time for another Houston flood ?

    #239 6 months ago
    Quoted from Chitownpinball:

    I, myself, have a gas generator in the garage if needed. Not a permanent solution. I was honestly hoping those freaking solar shingles would be out soon as I will need a roof in the next couple years.
    My inlaws however, who are very close, have a natural gas generator, well system with reverse osmosis, and a septic that gets filtered and dumped into their pond. That is my plan when the shit goes bad. Go to their house.
    I would love a NG generator, I may get one some day. I would rather get a solar roof and have a shed in the back with a battery array when I can store power.
    I really liked this idea for storing energy, although unrelated to what california is going through at this moment. Check it out.

    This does not sound like the slam-duck you first made it out to be.

    I live in a small house. Sort of like o-din. My average electricity is about $50-$60 month and would be less if i did not keep the AC on COLD. The gas bill averages about $30.00/month. The payouts to step up to the later and latest technology are just too far out there. As far as for doing my part for the environment, The Prez., Airforce 1, and Secret Service burn more fuel in one hour than I will burn in a lifetime.

    #255 6 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    If you left California in say 1980, the population was close to 24 million, and now it is close to 40 million. Most in So Cal I believe.
    In that time, building never stopped, so places you might have gone to or not out in the boonies, are today's housing projects.
    Take south Orange County for example where there wasn't much between Santa Ana and San Clemente. It is now fully built up the entire way.
    And on the north end the area around Magic Mountain which used to be way out in the sticks, is now a major metropolis.

    My aunt sold her home in Gardena in 1981 or 1982. She had been living there for years and worked for Hughes. She took her proceeds and moved back to Kansas and bought 2 homes. Today, the numbers are bigger but the trend continues. Sell high priced Cali real estate and move inland ( and jack up the prices so the locals with non-Cali wages get priced out.

    There are more people around here, as well. Especially Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas.

    In the early 70s I was in the military, stationed near Dallas. I drove home to Wichita 2 or 3 times per year via the straight route of I-35. I always drove at night. The traffic would be moderate between Dallas and Oklahoma City. Once I got through OK City the Interstate was mine. I rarely saw another car. I could turn on my brights and leave them on. Those days are gone.

    It does not matter what time of day or night, on the Interstate between OKC and Wichita there is always another car in sight. Always. Most of the time I don't even bother to turn my brights on because I'll be dimming them again in 20 seconds.

    That's my myopic gauge for saying there are more people in the mid-west.

    And, yes, we do have a lot more sub-developments around than there used to be. But nothing like what you guys in Cali deal with.

    Dallas/Ft. Worth iarea s much different from my home in Kansas. Houses are being built everywhere down there. It used to be 30 miles of open highway between Denton TX and Dallas. Now it is wall-to-wall freeway businesses---and houses.

    I go down to Ft. Worth now and the traffic sucks. But people coming in from California think the traffic is not bad at all.

    #260 6 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I've been tempted to go to Wichita, where I can work the soil and watch the sweat drip from every pore.

    Ha Ha Ha. A shovel does not fit my hands very well You can work my share of the soil, as well. And you will sweat. All you have to do is sit down in a lawn chair and start sweating.

    But if you ever are coming this way, send me a PM. you are welcome to come on in and play my pins.

    #262 6 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    Those girls are probably no so hot today being in their late '50's or early '60's....

    You are probably be right.

    If you did not see her in this movie.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.39.48 PM (resized).pngScreen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.39.29 PM (resized).png

    Then you may recognize her as the car wash girl in Cool Hand Luke.

    MV5BOWFlNzZhYmYtYTI5YS00MDQyLWIyNTUtNTRjMWUwNTEzNjA0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUwNzk3NDc@._V1_ (resized).jpgScreen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.42.57 PM (resized).png

    now, she is someone's grandma.


    Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.44.41 PM (resized).png

    #272 6 months ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    yes, as decades go by people
    Become older. Even hot women in ancient movies.

    But hot cars never die

    Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 8.48.34 AM (resized).png

    #287 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Dude, that was my car! Same color and all. 1962.

    I know. You showed me a pic of yours several months ago before you took a vacation from Pinside. I showed you a pic of my Cascade Green 60.

    I posted it just for you.

    #290 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Dude, that was my car! Same color and all. 1962.

    I don't know what color your interior was but I'm guessing you recognize this view.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 8.04.14 PM (resized).png

    #293 5 months ago
    Quoted from Dent00:

    Somebody in that vehicle has had the tachometer in the red region where there could be engine damage.

    How can you tell that? I just see a tachometer at rest.

    I would not doubt it, though. Many of these cars were driven hard and put away wet.

    This is the hi-rev 6500 rpm tach for 315-365 HP engines.

    Here is a low rev version for the base engine.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.46.03 PM (resized).png

    #294 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Meanwhile the fires are still raging and they have mandatorily evacuated 100,000 people.

    How do you all deal with this every year? If not fire, it is the mudslides. And falling rocks.

    #310 5 months ago
    Quoted from Dent00:

    The official talking about what charges would be filed against the trash truck that started the fire said that they had not decided what charges would be filed. That seems a little strange. I wonder if the trash truck might be responsible for the trailers that were destroyed by the fire that he started? If my trailer was destroyed by a fire these people started, I might be seeking some legal assistance.

    The news I saw on TV yesterday was attributing the trash truck's dumping of its hot load for the destruction of the mobile homes. But the news always needs to be vetted.

    #311 5 months ago
    Quoted from romulusx:

    What we need is common sense solutions in this country

    Your common sense solution is somebody else saying, " WTF is he talking about? Where did this idiot come from? "

    #312 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Don't live in the areas where this shit happens.
    Except about 10 years ago a tornado ripped down my street and dropped 4 trees from the parking into the street, mine included.

    I live in Tornado country. 20 years ago, there was a small business center that got stuck on the wrong side of the plans when a major thoroughfare was revamped. All the businesses broke their leases and left. The buildings owners were trying to sell but were sort of screwed. Along comes a tornado that magically drops down and scrapes the area down to the concrete slab. I assume the strip's owners cleaned up on insurance

    Then the tornado goes back up in the air and travels 2 miles and comes back down on the street across from my backyard and one house away. I was at work. A co-worker who lived a couple of blocks away came in late and said i might want to go home and look around.

    I had a bunch of insulation from somewhere else in my backyard is all. But I had a dog in the house--a pit bull. I walked in and called to Queenie and she had gone into hiding in the bathtub. After that she was terrified of all bad weather.

    My brother-in-law and his wife (my sis died years ago) was in that monster tornado that leveled Joplin MO in 2011. They shoved their little dog under bed and managed to get their heads under the bed, as well. All that was left was a dresser, the bed, and the 3 of them. Everything else was splinters.

    #319 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    At least that gets the driver off the hook. Perhaps.

    If he was following company policy then there is little way management can scapegoat him. I wouldn't think.

    Quoted from o-din:


    Quoted from o-din:

    Apparently, trash truck fires are not all that uncommon.

    I have never heard of such a thing but it sounds plausible. Spontaneous combustion in a package compressed under high pressure and who knows what got tossed; Somebody's grease rags, maybe?

    1 week later
    #339 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Wherever the fires are burning today, that sure is some stinky air blowing this way.
    This whole week has been miserably dry and hot. We could use some humidity. This kind of heat is like they just stick you in a toaster oven on high.

    Yeah, I have been reading about more Cali fires and P.G.&E. shutting down power again. Or maybe it should be stated as they are still playing the shutdown game.

    #340 5 months ago

    Seems like no end in sight. More fires. More PG & E customers enduring planned power outages.


    #366 5 months ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    No I’m a nice fun guy that makes a living building and maintaining power lines. It definitely gives me a different perspective on this situation. You haven’t lived till you’ve bit 500 thousand volts with your teeth. Remember your house runs on 120 volts. Flying under a helicopter on a 100 to 200 foot rope is pretty fun too.

    So, you are one of these guys. Yes? Your name should be Balls, not Buzz !

    #401 5 months ago

    Is this a food fight?

    #418 5 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I remember when there weren't so many fires.
    Before people with no water started building extensively out in brushland.

    Do you mean when Antelope Valley used to be the Mojave Desert?

    #432 5 months ago

    I only know what I read on the internet, which is that Cali is experiencing more and more fires. And more and more people are moving into harm's way.

    With the earthquakes that hit Cali from time to time, earthquake insurance for your home is prohibitively expensive. What I read somewhere this morning is that some people were burned out in a previous fire, rebuilt, and now they are getting burned out again ( I don't know if that is true. I just read about it).

    My question: Could it come to the point that the insurance companies say they will not insure against fire? Or could it come to the point the insurance companies refuse to insure homes in certain areas? Or could fire insurance become so expensive that no one can afford it?



    1 week later
    #454 5 months ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    Todays weather forcast...
    Whats the temp where you live?[quoted image]

    It is a roller coaster. Right now 42 degrees to move up to 70 this afternoon an down to 40s tonight. Next week will be in the 30s a lot.

    I like where I live. But I loathe winter.

    #465 4 months ago
    Quoted from poppapin:

    But you're allowed to pitch a tent on the sidewalk and take a dump...

    From what I saw on Youtube, L.A. allows tents to be set up. Culver City does not. So, not all of California has derailed.

    #472 4 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    So concerned with the incoming rains, I put a coat of Zinsser 123 primer/sealer around door of my shed this morning before work.

    Huh? It never rains in California. You are polluting the atmosphere with your primer

    #476 4 months ago
    Quoted from xsvtoys:

    Then there was a pretty good water park and a nice amphitheater for concerts, now those are gone as well.
    Now we have...... can you guess??
    More houses.

    Quoted from xsvtoys:

    Then there was a pretty good water park and a nice amphitheater for concerts, now those are gone as well.
    Now we have...... can you guess??
    More houses.

    So, everybody moves to Cali because all the things to do. But more people means more housing and the entertainment gets bulldozed for a subdivision. People move in....and there is nothing to do? Except watch things burn?

    You gotta love it

    #478 4 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    We still have our lovely beaches for when people need an escape from the daily rat race.[quoted image]

    That looks like Woodstock 1969. But I don't see any Johnny-on-Spots planted anywhere.

    Beach gear.

    Come prepared.

    Don't leave home without them.

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