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Cactus Canyon - strange glitches, software issue?

By meeotch

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Got a Cactus Canyon here that's exhibiting two weird glitches, and I'm wondering if it's because the ROM version is v1.1.

First, when entering Lost Mine Multiball (and I believe the other multiball modes as well, haven't tried them all yet), the game kicks out a ball into the plunger lane, then immediately kicks out a second without auto-plunging the first. Then, when it attempts to auto-plunge, it's not strong enough to clear both balls. The plunger switch and all the trough optos are working, and the Empty Balls test successfully kicks out and auto-plunges balls one at a time.

Second, the Jets Exit switch (#48, in the lane that returns the ball to the left orbit from the jets) awards Trick Shot (right orbit, behind the Bad Guy). I'm pretty sure this is software related, as a changelog I googled up mentioned something about erroneous Trick Shot awards, though it wasn't specific.

Are these known software glitches? And if not, has anyone seen/fixed this behavior before?

#2 4 years ago

Sounds like switch issues.

First I'd go into Tests - Switch Edge and see if any switches are closed that should be open.

Then I'd go over mini switches and stand up targets. Look for any switch wired wrong, diodes on backwards, or shorts to switch wiring. This would cause different switches to activate.

LTG : )

#3 4 years ago

Yeah - for the Trick Shot issue, my first thought was a switch matrix problem. All the switches seem to be operating normally, though, and I'm not seeing multiples / weird combinations in the Switch Edge test. (Unless I've missed something.)

Also thought the multiball thing might be a switch issue, but there again, everything seems to be operating as advertised.

#4 4 years ago
Quoted from meeotch:

I'm not seeing multiples / weird combinations

These aren't software issues :

Quoted from meeotch:

hen immediately kicks out a second

Quoted from meeotch:

Second, the Jets Exit switch (#48, in the lane that returns the ball to the left orbit from the jets) awards Trick Shot (right orbit, behind the Bad Guy).

LTG : )

#5 4 years ago

For the ball in the shooter lane -
Check ALL trough switches, including the 'BALL JAM' switch. (i.e. With all balls removed, in switch test, add a ball, one at a time, to the trough.)

Also, make sure that you have the right number of balls installed. (Silly thing to check, but..)

#6 4 years ago

This is what got me thinking along sw lines, for the Trick Shot issue: http://pinballrom.com/tech/roms/cactus.html See "changes from v1.2".

I agree that the multiball thing seems unlikely to have been missed in a sw release, though. But given all the things that are listed above that are functioning normally, I'm somewhat at a loss. My gut says the game thinks that the first kickout failed and tries again. Perhaps the trough optos are "noisy".

1 week later
#7 4 years ago

Just to update and provide very partial closure: The v1.3 software did indeed make a difference in the Trick Shot problem. The Jet Exit switch now scores a hit on the Bad Guy, rather than a Trick Shot. Not sure if this is intended / some sort of fallback position in the rules - as shooting around behind the Bad Guy's head does actually put the ball into the jets. Anyway, it's a better outcome than the previous, imho.

Sadly, and as suspected, v1.3 didn't affect the multiball trough kickout issue, though. I did go back and re-re-check all the trough optos, though I didn't have time to replace them before having to leave the area to return to NYC. If any CC owner stumbles on this thread and has further insight, feel free to post and I'll pass it along to the folks who are currently slaving away there.

1 year later
#8 2 years ago

I'm having the same issue. Two balls kicked to the trough when multiball starts. Facing the same thing as you, no switch errors or problems with the trough or shooter lane.

Before anyone gives me advice to check the shooter lane switch and the trough optos, I have. Multiple times. 1.5 hours worth. Everything registers fine and stays closed.

Game is on location, I'm going to go do some more troubleshooting this afternoon and I'll report back if I find anything.

#9 2 years ago

I disable the interlock power switch for my location games so that power isn't killed when the coin door is open. Makes it easier when running tournaments and lets players trap a ball and get your attention, and it lets you fix something or remove something from the PF without the flippers dying when you open the door and remove the glass. So when testing, I usually have the coin door open since high power isn't cut and the door doesn't have to be closed to play. So the issue was that the coin door was open.

I've never run into another game that didn't work correctly when the coin door switch was open. But Cactus Canyon has to have the coin door switch closed to start multiball correctly and not launch two balls into the shooter lane.

#10 2 years ago

Here is one other thing that will cause two balls trying to autolaunch with no success. If the shooter rod protrudes too far into the shooter lane it will interfere with the Autolaunch kicker. This will cause a low power ball launch resulting in the ball not to be able to make it up the ramp and return to the kicker. By this time the second ball is released and they just bobble in the shooter lane. This has happened to my game. I had to replace the barrel spring and shim the shooter rod back some. Works perfect now.

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