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Cactus Canyon Remake Club - New Sheriffs in Town! (with FAQs)

By jfh

2 years ago

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Post #1 Cactus Canyon Remake FAQ (Part 1) Game Information Posted by jfh (2 years ago)

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#1 2 years ago

Official club thread for Cactus Canyon Remake, the latest in Chicago Gaming Company’s successful series of Bally/Willams remakes.

Please read the FAQ below (updated as community experience evolves) before asking questions
F463950D-2C81-4374-9591-D92EC3A4BB59 (resized).pngF463950D-2C81-4374-9591-D92EC3A4BB59 (resized).png

Chicago Gaming Company formally announced the Limited and Standard Editions at Pinball Expo 21 on October 29, 2021 and the SE+ (SE plus topper) on November 6th. There is no Classic Edition as with previous remakes. Details on the official web page.

This is the fourth game in a series of Bally/Williams remakes produced by Chicago Gaming Company following remakes of Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars and Monster Bash. The games are created and distributed under license from SG Gaming, Inc. through Planetary Pinball, the only licensee for physical pinball assets from WMS.

The original Bally Cactus Canyon was the last WPC-95 game. Released in October 1998, only 903 units of a planned 925 were made before the production line was converted over to the then new Pinball 2000 platform.

The code was released unfinished (notable omissions included the planned Bionic Bart wizard mode) and the game sold poorly as distributors and operators looked forward to Revenge From Mars - the first game on the Pinball 2000 platform and sequel to the highly popular Attack From Mars. Cactus Canyon did not sell well and many distributors sold off remaining inventory at close out pricing.

Sheriff Wanted! (resized).pngSheriff Wanted! (resized).png

The Chicago Gaming Company remake features exclusive extended game rules, new sounds, additional playfield details and technological improvements like RGB lighting, and illuminated drop targets. An extra large display showcases thousands of frames of all new full-color display artwork, painstakingly animated within the framework of the original’s display art at four times its resolution.

Three code versions - Classic, Extended (completing gameplay as envisioned by the original Williams team), or the optional (future) upgrade designed and developed by Lyman Sheats and Josh Sharpe offer unparalleled game play choices. And to top it off - pinball’s first interactive topper seamlessly integrates a shooting gallery style mini-game with the fast and furious playfield action!

This Cactus Canyon brings the western theme back to pinball, brilliantly reimagining the last of an era for today’s players while maintaining the classic Bally/Williams look and feel. Immerse yourself in a humorous imaginative Wild West world under glass as you protect the good citizens of Cactus Canyon from bad guy Bart and his gang as the newest sheriff in the west.
52929DDA-BCCF-42A2-B963-EBAB2151E2B5 (resized).jpeg52929DDA-BCCF-42A2-B963-EBAB2151E2B5 (resized).jpeg

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs in this post are primarily useful before you get your game; those in the second post after you have your game.

Open allCactus Canyon Remake What models are there? Special Edition (base model)
Special Edition+ (base game + topper)
Limited Edition (1250 total)

Unlike MMr, AFMr, and MBr there is no Classic Edition.

What are the differences between models? 06120EBD-BEED-4F64-8905-7FCEA5AC69A6 (resized).jpeg06120EBD-BEED-4F64-8905-7FCEA5AC69A6 (resized).jpeg

All three models
Large Color Liquid Crystal Display and High Resolution Dots
Silk screened playfield with the original Cactus Canyon art
Premium Enhanced Sound System
RGB General Illumination, Jet Bumper and Back Panel lighting
Multi-color speakers
All new original sculptures
RGB Lighting Effects
Custom Lower Arch
Enhanced (completed) code and original Cactus Canyon code [user selectable]
Ability to run (future, optional) code
New operating system and service modes
Limited warranty [See details under Game Support in post #2]

Special Edition (SE)
Stainless steel trim
Classic train rail

Special Edition Plus (SE+)
Special Edition + Wild West Shootout topper

Limited Edition (LE)
Wild West Shootout topper
Gunslinger Lower Arch with branded wooden top
Limited Edition Metal Serial Medallion
Gun Metal Gray matte translucent black powder coat trim and shooter housing
Custom Interior Art Blades
Artist sculpted mine cart and tracks
Artist sculpted train tracks
Shaker motor
Extended warranty coverage
shootout (resized).jpgshootout (resized).jpg
B5C9008E-A442-4085-99F2-CA1ABF02B4CC (resized).pngB5C9008E-A442-4085-99F2-CA1ABF02B4CC (resized).png18F1BFE9-FBAB-4062-8EC2-9D85E5C87FC9 (resized).png18F1BFE9-FBAB-4062-8EC2-9D85E5C87FC9 (resized).png71553208-18F6-4785-885B-B4FFAE2E5930 (resized).png71553208-18F6-4785-885B-B4FFAE2E5930 (resized).png
Are the art blades, mine cart and train tracks on all models? You must’ve have skipped the first question or not looked at the next one yet
(No, those are exclusive to the Limited Edition)
Where is the feature matrix? 6D2260A5-B05B-4FB2-B08B-E07F8DF9E649 (resized).jpeg6D2260A5-B05B-4FB2-B08B-E07F8DF9E649 (resized).jpeg

Is the apron on the LE real wood? Yes. It’s an actual wooden apron, 1/2’, 6 ply, not just veneer over a traditional apron.
45E5BE35-817F-4429-979D-C202076AB93D (resized).jpeg45E5BE35-817F-4429-979D-C202076AB93D (resized).jpeg
7DDD85DB-4438-4BA7-9723-FF1AD8067347 (resized).png7DDD85DB-4438-4BA7-9723-FF1AD8067347 (resized).png

Is the code on the remake complete? Yes. Chicago Gaming completed the code as envisioned by the original design team.
Additional software is selectable when the (future) upgrade is installed.

See Game and Feature Adjustments for information on code options.

Who developed the new code? Sam Zehr, Lyman Sheats and the CGC team “completed” the original code.

Josh Sharpe and Lyman designed the optional upgrade code; Lyman had completed much of it.
Sam and CGC are working to complete the extended code as Lyman envisioned it with input and direction from Josh.

Are there any differences in game play between models? LE and SE+ games feature interactive game play with the Wild West Shootout topper enabled. Players use the flipper buttons to target the bad guys while saving the good citizens of Cactus Canyon in a mini-game similar in spirit to familiar carnival and arcade games of the past.

All other game play is identical between models.

Playfield differences between the SE/SE+ and the LE models are cosmetic only.
Are any features cut from the original Cactus Canyon in the remake? Yes.

The original drop targets were supposed to be clear yellow, lit from underneath the playfield. Unfortunately the polycarbonate material used cracked easily when hit by the pinballs. The design team tried different target designs and formulations compounds because they really wanted them to glow but couldn't get a reliable mechanism and reverted to the standard drops. Because of advances in technology Chicago Gaming was able to light clear drop targets with full RBG support in the remake. 52F1E471-615E-4628-B9A6-9EB777220AFA (resized).jpeg52F1E471-615E-4628-B9A6-9EB777220AFA (resized).jpeg

Some software features never made it because of time constraints. The most notable was Bionic Bart mode.
The enhanced code included with the remake completes the game as the original design team intended.

What significant improvements were made? a) The train and track assembly were redesigned to use a direct drive motor and a die cast train
b) Drop target assemblies were redesigned to support illuminated targets (see previous answer)
c) Magnetic Reed Switches were replaced with eddy sensors
d) A larger color display replaces the monochrome DMD
e) RGB LEDs replace the original incandescent lighting
f) new electronic components and custom PCBs

Notable cosmetic improvements:
a) redesigned Mine, Bart and Hat sculpts and new cactus sculpts
b) new art on some playfield plastics and ramp decals
c) gun sculpts and bottom arches

Who did the art package? John Youssi’s original art for Cactus Canyon is used on the remake (with some tweaks, like optimizing the translite for LEDs)
Christopher Franchi did new work in John’s style including the LE art blades and the background on the topper.

Are playfields silkscreened or digitally printed? The playfield is silk screened with the original Cactus Canyon art using the same process as for the original WMS games.

From Chicago Gaming’s Doug Duba:
“The playfield is the backbone of a pinball machine, it is perhaps the most important component. We are very focused on producing outstanding playfields.”

On the silk screening process and playfield production:
“In this process each layer of ink is put down separately by pushing ink through a silkscreen onto whatever media you are printing on.

Typically screen printing utilizes 4-color process (aka CMYK) which utilizes cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to create the appearance of a limited gamut of colors. Playfields typically screened CMYK utilize six silk screens (white, C, M, Y, K and opaque black). Solvent based inks are used when silk screening playfields.

We screened all remakes utilizing spot colors as done for the original games. Utilizing spot colors provides a much wider color gamut. Instead of colors being represented by a mix of C, M, Y or K dots, the color [you are] is achieved by mixing each ink to the specific color desired. Another upside is a richer appearance as solid colors tend to fully flood an area instead of appearing as small dots. [Downsides are efficiency and the skill level required]. Previous remakes required 12 to 14 screening operations. Each operation needs to be near perfectly registered to the previous layer of silk screen ink.

I believe other playfield manufacturers are digitally printing playfields and sometimes digitally printing and then adding a single screen printed spot color. Digital printing equipment puts down all four colors (CMYK) in a single pass. Digital inks are UV cured which mean they dry instantly. Most digital printers are 4-color process. Registration between the colors is never an issue and loading a digital press requires almost no skill.

I believe [they use] urethane clear coats. Some are using automotive grade urethanes which are widely available and less expensive. We still use the same supplier and material as Williams/Bally did. This product was initially developed to coat the heads of wooden golf clubs by a chemist named Dale Bodiker. He found a way to formulate a urethane hard coat that would remain flexible over time. We have looked for another product with similar characteristics but have been unable to find anything that remains flexible.

Urethane is extremely sensitive to certain contaminants. UV inks are typically produced by the manufacturer of the printing equipment. I have looked into digital printing equipment but have been unable to find digital inks specifically formulated for use with urethane. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We purchase solvent based inks mixed to our specifications which include purity level requirements.”

What color is the trim? The trim on the SE and SE+ models is stainless steel as on the original Bally game.

The trim on the Limited Edition (“Gun Metal Gray”) is a matt translucent black powder coat with an opacity of 80% applied over the bare metal. Because it is translucent, the underlying metal affects the perceived color and gives the finish some depth as a very small amount of the metal’s texture is visible. It looks and feels more like metal than the typical powder coat. [The shooter housing is not coated].

Does the Limited Edition come with a mirrored backglass? No, but one is available from Planetary Pinball. See Modifications for details.
Why is the Bally logo missing from the translite? Cactus Canyon Remake is a Chicago Gaming Company game.

The mirrored backglass from Planetary Pinball has the Bally logo.
Is a shaker motor included? Only the Limited Edition has a factory installed shaker motor.
Does the game have leg protectors? Yes. 6D9BD5C8-A67C-415E-9247-D8D67229D22D (resized).jpeg6D9BD5C8-A67C-415E-9247-D8D67229D22D (resized).jpeg
Does the game have low reflective glass? No. All models ship with standard tempered playfield glass.

Invisiglass, PDI glass and Stern HD glass are popular choices for low reflective playfield glass.
Does the playfield have protective devices installed? There are Cliffy-type protectors around the mine shaft entrance, the ramp entrances and the ball exit/trough.

The shooter lane/ball eject and both sides of the saloon entry (Bart) may need protectors.

Factory installed Mylar is around the bad guy drop targets and switches at ramp ball drops.
01549766-96AB-49F2-BFDF-0DC03BAB252C (resized).jpeg01549766-96AB-49F2-BFDF-0DC03BAB252C (resized).jpeg4EA5B054-4235-4469-AB88-E966968DD929 (resized).jpeg4EA5B054-4235-4469-AB88-E966968DD929 (resized).jpeg
Is there a full playfield protector? One is available from Playfield Protectors and resellers like Planetary Pinball.

(A playfield protector is quickly reversible if you change your mind; far easier than a playfield swap. Some think they are insurance for a possibly irreplaceable investment; others think they change the feel of game play. Since CGC playfields are produced differently than others standard playfield care (including new pinballs and cleaning on a regular basis) may be enough).

Where can I find official photos and videos? The official teaser video is at the top of this post. No high resolution photos of the cabinet or overhead shot of the playfield have been released by Chicago Gaming Company. Photos of some new features are on the the official web page.

Owner photos:

Special Edition96AF4176-E406-4172-8024-269DC00DB6EE (resized).jpeg96AF4176-E406-4172-8024-269DC00DB6EE (resized).jpeg
Limited Edition4C6E0D9D-9C51-4ED5-9F6F-E61D6B70FB55 (resized).jpeg4C6E0D9D-9C51-4ED5-9F6F-E61D6B70FB55 (resized).jpeg

Where can I find pictures of the topper? 978E62F7-968E-4829-8BBF-4921D8ED4840 (resized).jpeg978E62F7-968E-4829-8BBF-4921D8ED4840 (resized).jpeg
EE03E743-7B81-49ED-87D2-9722CE751C82 (resized).jpegEE03E743-7B81-49ED-87D2-9722CE751C82 (resized).jpeg
4A8C4474-EE2F-4591-934F-A8249A0DCF7D (resized).jpeg4A8C4474-EE2F-4591-934F-A8249A0DCF7D (resized).jpeg
3EB52AAB-26C3-45B7-A014-CB7B6ABDCA91 (resized).jpeg3EB52AAB-26C3-45B7-A014-CB7B6ABDCA91 (resized).jpeg
A94B601D-96B2-4B03-9A48-45311C2BF720 (resized).jpegA94B601D-96B2-4B03-9A48-45311C2BF720 (resized).jpeg
2122F7DE-0017-4D7F-8892-072DA5E79C7B (resized).jpeg2122F7DE-0017-4D7F-8892-072DA5E79C7B (resized).jpeg
Where can I find promotional flyers? No official flyers for Cactus Canyon Remake have been produced.

Initial plans changed after distribution of printed material at shows was generally discouraged in 2021 due to Covid guidelines. Pre-orders for games sold briskly after announcement, so early marketing value of flyers was diminished.
6F8BE358-4B3A-408B-878A-2E56A0BB67F0 (resized).jpeg6F8BE358-4B3A-408B-878A-2E56A0BB67F0 (resized).jpeg
Completing Cactus Canyon Chicago Gaming’s “Completing Cactus Canyon” linked here offers insight into the development of the remake.
F0B2D283-A962-456F-9207-EDC69133D827 (resized).jpegF0B2D283-A962-456F-9207-EDC69133D827 (resized).jpeg

Comments from Doug Duba Comments from Chicago Gaming’s Doug Duba on LEs, the decision to make the topper available on the SE+ and communication (December 2021):

“Resale value of our games is important to us which is why we haven’t released LE features on previous projects. This is the first time an LE feature has affected the experience of game play which is why this decision requires additional consideration.

We work hard to deliver great product at fair prices to people that love pinball. I am troubled by scalpers and a few dealers holding back inventory to later sell at a higher price. In the future, we will do a better job getting LEs to loyal customers at intended prices. A number of your suggestions were helpful and will be used.

It takes great effort and a large amount of capital to develop and manufacture pinball machines. Many days of my life and the lives of all of our team members went into this project. We could have shipped CCr nearly a year ago but took the additional time to make this game to the very best of our collective abilities. Hopefully this effort is apparent. Because we have expended the effort and risk the capital we are afforded the right to make decisions on how we sell our products.

I appreciate having the opportunity to read most everyone’s opinion on both sides, it has been helpful. I need to disregard the few posts that border on bullying as I believe they are not representative of the pinball community.”

“Had CCr-LEs sold at a similar rate to MB and AFM, most people who cared would have gotten an LE and offering the topper would not even be considered. We wanted to get a feel for demand before deciding if we were going to sell the topper and indicated so at the launch.”


‘After discussions with our dealers and customers, we have decided to add an option to purchase CCr-SE with the topper … Dealers will be initially allocated an equal number of this new model as their LE allocation.

We could have shipped CCr nearly a year ago but took the time to make this game to the best of our collective abilities. Hopefully this effort is apparent. Any buyers that no longer feel CCr-LE is an exceptional value or feels they will derive less joy from the game due to others having access to the topper will be allowed to cancel their orders with dealers and receive a full refund of deposit money.”


“Special thanks to those of you that have had our back through all of this. Your support helped me get through this.

On Pinside there have been several orders of magnitude more discussion over what we got wrong than what we got right. In contrast, the tone at Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend couldn’t have been more positive.

There has been far more concern over who can have the topper than appreciation of what I feel is our most innovative topper yet. Throughout it’s development, I felt it was borderline ridiculous to put so much effort into a topper.

I’m proud of the work our team did on this project. Lyman is the final piece of the puzzle that will make this game all it can be.

Our pinball division’s mission is to deliver the highest quality games in the industry while providing the best value to people that love pinball.
We are focused on customers that love pinball not scalpers or those concerned with making a quick buck. I know there are many disappointed customers that fall into this first camp but suspect those weren’t the loudest voices.

We have been remaking great Williams/Bally pinball machines to provide people access to games which had become unaffordable to many. Manufacturers are testing the waters with games retailing for over $25k and the marketplace has responded by saying more please. In time, this trend will exclude the majority of buyers from the coolest features on future games.

We build a large number of LEs because we want everyone to have access to the features we have developed. The value of our LEs is derived from their additional features more than rarity.

The goal from the beginning has been to provide people access to the best pinball machines. This decision was in line with that goal. Sales greatly exceeded expectations. Did we price the games too low? I believe we priced the games fairly in a market where many pinball machines have become overpriced.

Did we make mistakes? Absolutely, I can own them and learn from them. We will do better next time. I apologize for the drama this has created. It’s time for me to return my focus to building games.”

Open allOptional upgrade [not available yet] What is the optional upgrade? Chicago Gaming contracted Lyman Sheats and Josh Sharpe to develop new software for the game.

Although it has not yet been officially announced, CGC noted “[t]he Sheats/Sharpe upgrade builds on the original rules and the new CGC rules. It will include more than just code. It's still under development and pricing hasn't been determined. We are always committed to delivering value and the upgrade will be priced accordingly.”

Will the upgrade be available for all models? Yes.
What is the current development status? The hardware portion of the upgrade is complete and has been in play testing for over a year.

Code is playable and in testing and game play is close to functionally complete. However, unlike most other pinball code, it is expected the code will only be released after the team determines it to be finished (i.e. there will not be an initial release and incremental updates).

When will it be available? How much does it cost? How do I order it? Pricing, availability and ordering info will be in the official announcement.
What do I need to install it? Patience.
First thing you need the upgrade package and it’s not available yet.
How do I play the Sheats/Sharpe upgrade code? Once the kit is installed, set TBD under Adjustments Menu/Remake Adjustments/G 1.28 Extended Rules (p. 1-27)
Will anything from Cactus Canyon Continued be incorporated into the code? The creative and clever Cactus Canyon Continued package from Eric Priepke added significant enhancements to the original Bally game including popular modes Drunk Multiball and Cowboys versus Aliens.

Josh Sharpe:
“We got Eric's blessing early on in the project to pull CCC stuff into the update we were working on. We definitely took full advantage of that anywhere his ideas fit within the world we were continuing to build on with our update.

Cowboys vs. Aliens wasn't part of that list as we felt that wasn't a direction the original design team would have gone with the theme.”

[See Miscellaneous for more on Continued]

What’s going to be in the code? Details will be added here as available.

Summary of an audio interview with Josh Sharpe:

“Josh had already been working on the CCr project for a few years and was surprised when CGC made the announcement that Lyman was coming on board. He sends ideas and comments but Lyman’s doing all the work.

CGC had a 100+ page design document for CCr and a big part was how should the game should be finished. Since it was a remake of a 90’s game they felt it was important to keep the “Williams charm” and focus on story and entertainment to create an emotional connection quickly with a wide demographic of players rather than cater primarily to a top tier of tournament players.

The Lyman/Josh package will be an extension of existing game play using the world of Cactus Canyon and not a whole new game. They spoke at length to members of the original design team to get an idea of what they had in mind, with Eric on what he had done with Continued and were surprised at how much unused sound and speech there was in the original ROMs. They spent a lot of time getting backstory on the characters and doing a deep dive on the artwork to be able to draw the story into the rules.

Josh compared the software project as putting together a puzzle to complete the game and comparing it to a tree where the Williams code is the tree trunk, the CGC enhanced code added branches with Lyman’s package adding every leaf possible. There is new music and the possibility of additional speech being by the original talent though nothing has been recorded yet. The optional package will be a complete vision rather than a series of incremental releases like we have seen with Stern over time.

Josh was a bit coy when asked if the new code would add code for the topper noting that it was already very well integrated into the CGC code base. Turns out the topper was Doug Duba’s idea.

After Lyman’s passing in January 2022, Josh indicated the project would continue noting how proud Lyman was with what they had accomplished and that he would want the community to enjoy the update.

Lyman and Josh had worked from the Start button backwards (i.e. what the player sees) so all the concepts and much of the code were done. Josh saw first hand how Lyman wasn’t so much a programmer as a director of a movie or conductor of a symphony involved in all aspects of the game. He would put rules in, storyboard art, tweak the rules to the art and then add in sounds working with the art and music folks to ensure everything was timed perfectly. Lyman was committed to ensuring the entertainment value was top notch and that polish, charm and nuance of choice was important.”

There is/might be/will be a tribute to the Arnold Schwarzenegger “Shoot here” callout from the T3 pin. Josh said that Lyman really got a kick out of the idea of having “Arnold” say “shoot here” (lighting up a particular shot) “and here” (lighting another shot) “but not here” (after lighting the outlanes).

It would be cool to see that included. Not only because it would be funny and fit the theme perfectly but because it made Lyman laugh and that would be another wonderful tribute to him.

[Also see Completing Cactus Canyon]

Any screen shots? 6AE06F93-426A-45E5-AFB9-6D9CBAF89ED2 (resized).jpeg6AE06F93-426A-45E5-AFB9-6D9CBAF89ED2 (resized).jpeg7E8BADE8-8DAC-4245-A8D9-CB54F1FCAD96 (resized).jpeg7E8BADE8-8DAC-4245-A8D9-CB54F1FCAD96 (resized).jpegF65DE349-0008-4167-92DC-3EF982F9A9A4 (resized).jpegF65DE349-0008-4167-92DC-3EF982F9A9A4 (resized).jpeg
IMG_8699 (resized).pngIMG_8699 (resized).pngIMG_8700 (resized).jpegIMG_8700 (resized).jpeg

[See Completing Cactus Canyon above for more]

What are the Saloon Doors I keep reading about? The design team for the original Bally Cactus Canyon planned a saloon doors mechanism in front of the Bart bash toy. This was never completed due to cost and time constraints. Pictures show a prototype on an early whitewood and design sketch.
A8016A85-85A5-4B98-AC86-432958D489FE (resized).jpegA8016A85-85A5-4B98-AC86-432958D489FE (resized).jpeg
30192681-2A5A-4360-B9E8-4790C8664F1E (resized).jpeg30192681-2A5A-4360-B9E8-4790C8664F1E (resized).jpeg

Will they be in the upgrade? No. And yes.

[The upgrade will include new code and additional playfield hardware]

Open allLet’s move to Cactus Canyon! Where can I buy one? From any authorized distributor.
What does each model cost? MSRP for the SE is $7999.99
MSRP for both the LE and SE+ models: $9249.99

These do not include shipping, tax, or any credit card surcharge. Distributors may require a deposit but are prohibited from collecting the balance more than two weeks prior to your estimated ship date.

Can the topper be purchased separately? No. The topper is only available by purchasing an LE or SE+ model.

Can I get my LE or SE+ first and have the topper shipped later? No. The topper is a subassembly of a complete game (LE/SE+) not an optional accessory that can be shipped separately. Delivering the topper or other components independently would cause logistical and cost issues for Chicago Gaming, distributors, and customers.

What models are still available? The SE and SE+ can be ordered through most authorized distributors. SEs are not limited and may be produced as demand warrants; the SE+ was initially thought to be limited to 1250 games though CGC hasn’t announced a production cap and recent information suggests over 1250 have been sold.

All 1250 Limited Editions sold out within a few days of the reveal (approximately 250 overseas) but distributors may have LEs available if pre-orders cancel. Also, those with LE pre-order spots may transfer them to new owners (often with a transfer fee to the distributor).

I have the other remakes. Can I get a matching number on my LE? Yes. Contact your distributor for details.
CGC is continuing the matched LE numbers for owners of MMr, AFMr, and MBr but those games are no longer be produced at the beginning of the LE run.

What are the dimensions/weight of the shipping box? Of the game? Shipping box dimensions 32” W x 32” D x 58” H not including pallet and (for LE/SE+) topper box strapped to the game.
Total weight of the SE is approximately 305 pounds, the LE/SE+ 335 pounds.

When the game is set up:
Without Topper: 29”W x 55” D x 75.5” H
With Topper: 29”W x 55” D x 85.5” H
Weight: approximately 290 pounds
2059E526-EF46-49E4-B10F-C85F1B8413E6 (resized).jpeg2059E526-EF46-49E4-B10F-C85F1B8413E6 (resized).jpeg
560A6A6A-98FB-4BDA-931A-D4DF519FAA98 (resized).jpeg560A6A6A-98FB-4BDA-931A-D4DF519FAA98 (resized).jpeg

What’s in the goodie bag? The manual, power cord and cover plate, tilt bob, four pinballs, extra fuses, a flipper gap tool and an extra set sling plastics.
59CCBFFC-A014-4368-B5C5-87D7B803E8D2 (resized).jpeg59CCBFFC-A014-4368-B5C5-87D7B803E8D2 (resized).jpeg

Open allWhen will I get my game? When will my stagecoach arrive? Most delivery dates are set within two weeks of final invoice payment. Your game may be drop-shipped from CGC or sent to your distributor first. (Don’t bug them; they’ll let you know when your game is ready!)
14216107-64D0-4D98-BE77-2AAEEA43DDAA (resized).jpeg14216107-64D0-4D98-BE77-2AAEEA43DDAA (resized).jpeg

How many LEs have shipped? As of the end of June 2024 almost all of the 1250 LEs have shipped and/or been delivered.
489D914F-B28B-4678-BB43-EFBBC980CA6D (resized).jpeg489D914F-B28B-4678-BB43-EFBBC980CA6D (resized).jpeg

Do they have saloon doors? No.

In what order are the different models being built? The plan from the very beginning was to do the LEs first. That was very quickly changed to do an initial run of about 500 SEs first because of a supply chain problem.

When the SE+ was announced it was stated they would be produced last after the LEs. However that was quietly walked back last summer after another parts issue with a “not necessarily” and some SE+ games have shipped (easy to swap models on the line given the few sku changes).

SE+ games are currently being built while CGC waits for additional LE specific parts.

I ordered my LE on announcement day. Why are some getting their games before me? Pre-ordering a new game is quite different than buying one from dealer stock.

When you order a game from a dealer/distributor you are on their list (typically in order and/or deposit receipt time). These details aren’t used by CGC to create some master order list so there isn’t a “slot” for your game to get built. No one at GCG is going to know who the end buyer is for any individual game on the production line. (Some coordination is done for matching serial numbers).

Each dealer has allotment(s) of games determined by CGC in the build process. Most dealers don’t get their entire allotment in one shipment; CGC determines the distribution of each batch of games ready to be shipped. This is done to distribute games across multiple dealers, especially in an initial production run. Dealers do not know weeks/months in advance when they are getting games and may have their expected allocation cut.

Some allocate received games based on customer relationship, order position and/or whoever pays in full first. CGC prohibits dealers from collecting a balance due more than two weeks before ship date so generally you will have your game about two weeks after you have made final payment.

When should I contact my distributor? If you have an LE and want to cancel it, have a payment issue or need to delay your delivery.

If you haven’t been asked for final payment yet knowing where you are on the list isn’t as helpful as you might think. Games are distributed based on the distributor’s internal criteria and their list may change over time for various reasons. How quickly the list is fulfilled depends on the number of batches, their size (number) and when CGC allocates them (which isn’t known very far in advance).

From one prominent distributor:

“CGC usually doesn’t give out a lot of updates when games are in production, as factories are working very hard daily to get the games complete (their priority is physically getting games produced not really re-calculating the timeframe as things change daily due to various hurdles, supply chain issues, weather, covid, etc. Also having to then stop and give constant time frames out as again things change daily, only delay them more……so while updates are nice, please be patient and know things are moving). CGC will reach out to us as we get close to games shipping, and at that time we can start to notify LE customers in order that final payments are due.”

Are the Limited Editions built in order? Probably (unlike like past remakes).

Medallions numbered 1 through 1250 are part of the Limited Edition Bottom Arch Subassembly handled like any other part on the production line. However since the CCr medallion number is printed on demand that allows the number to be controlled without having to worry about a specific subassembly being used. There has been inference from CGC that there is a hardware flag enabled on games shipping with a topper (LE/SE+).

This seems to indicate the games are more or less produced in order except for those in the number matching process (which are handled on a distributor basis).

How long will it take to build all the LEs? Production of the LEs is expected be complete in first quarter 2024.
549DB4D7-9774-44D9-B8A9-AC7E6BF944C3 (resized).jpeg549DB4D7-9774-44D9-B8A9-AC7E6BF944C3 (resized).jpegF7794F1E-F63D-4D24-98B9-CDD984DACE0C (resized).jpegF7794F1E-F63D-4D24-98B9-CDD984DACE0C (resized).jpeg

Is Cactus Canyon Remake currently in production? Yes.

Open allMy game is here! Now what? If you have previously set up a Bally/Williams game or almost any modern pin the process should be similar.
If this is your first new game review the assembly instructions in Section One of the manual.

- Unbox and set up the game. When cutting the straps securing the game to the pallet DO NOT cut the strap securing the backbox!
- Install the topper
- Check the playfield glass side channel
- Remove playfield packing material
- Inspect the playfield and connections
- Wax / wipe down the playfield
- Level the game.
- Install 4 balls, replace playfield glass.
- Move the game into desired location and recheck level.

This quick setup video and/or unboxing video may be helpful.

Unboxing the game Remove screws from the small wood planks holding the box on the pallet.
Remove the cardboard box.
Cut the straps securing the game to the pallet. DO NOT cut the strap securing the backbox!
Remove leg cartons, manual and parts bags.

Locate coin door and backbox keys Two keys for the coin door and a key fob plastic are zip tied to the shooter rod.
Two backbox keys are hung from a small hook inside the door on on a side of a coin mech.
Keep a pair together away from the game.

If you are prone to losing keys replace the lock with a 7/8” Keyless Thumb lock.

Set up the game Sit game upright on bottom pads.
Attach front legs using leg bolts (in the mounting brackets). If there is not enough clearance to prevent legs from touching cabinet decals replace the two flat head screws on each leg protector with #6 1/2” hex head screws. [Should not be necessary on games produced after fall 2022]
Support back of game and attach rear legs.
Cut packing strap and raise backbox into position making sure interconnecting cables are not kinked or pinched.
Raise the hinged backbox upright and latch it into position (latch on back).
Unlock the backbox. Lift translite/insert panel from the bottom, slide it out and lay it down on the playfield glass.
Unplug the insert panel cable from the controller PCB and set backglass/insert panel aside.
Lift the speaker panel so the top notches clear the top pins and lower toward the playfield glass.
Install wing-head mounting bolt and washer in each hole into threaded fasteners in the cabinet.
If you have an LE or SE+, install the topper. [Details below]
Replace the speaker panel and translite/insert panel.
Lock the backbox.
Attach the power cord and secure it with the power cord plate.

[Refer to Section One of the manual for diagrams and details]

How much clearance is needed for the topper? The full height of the game with topper installed is 83.75”. However an extra 3/4” is required for the top arc of the arm swing so you need at least 84.5”.

Your game height may vary based on adjustment of rear levelers and pitch. If ceiling clearance is an issue — Take the nut off of each leg leveler and screw the leveler all the way in. Put the nut inside the leg on top of the leveler thread. This should provide about an inch of additional clearance.

Install the topper (LE or SE+) Disconnect power from the game!
Disconnect the backglass assembly from the driver board.
Remove the center hole plug from the top of the backbox.
Run the three wires from the topper through the center hole.
Secure the topper to the backbox with supplied screws (Black Phillips head wood #10 screws, 32 threads/inch, 1.5” long, with washers).
Connect the three wires from the topper as shown. The connectors are uniquely keyed.
Reconnect and reinstall the back glass assembly.
Remove the packing material from behind Bart and the protective film from the buildings.
Set Adjustment G. 21 to Yes

See Cactus Canyon Topper Installation on manual page 1-6 for detailed instructions.
822A7F3A-5AA9-4FBA-9AB3-842398AB021E (resized).jpeg822A7F3A-5AA9-4FBA-9AB3-842398AB021E (resized).jpeg
066B6D86-E4A0-433F-BBAB-9F8A1E4FA486 (resized).jpeg066B6D86-E4A0-433F-BBAB-9F8A1E4FA486 (resized).jpegCE1CF5DD-7287-4E85-A5F1-FEEBF1E95CB0 (resized).jpegCE1CF5DD-7287-4E85-A5F1-FEEBF1E95CB0 (resized).jpeg

Check the playfield glass channel (side rails) The side rail channel edges may be quite sharp next to the glass if the rails were not deburred. This is unusual (and probably only seen on some SEs) but could result in your hands being cut while removing/installing the playfield glass.

Carefully remove the glass and inspect the rails. If necessary take a fine model hobby sanding stick on the edge at an angle to remove the burr. Do the same at edges at the cabinet sides carefully by running parallel with the stick slightly tipped. Each area may require a couple of passes.
F785B837-0248-4B20-99B2-27692A80E6D3 (resized).jpegF785B837-0248-4B20-99B2-27692A80E6D3 (resized).jpeg

Remove protective packing material Before you power up the game remove the protective packing material unique to Cactus Canyon.

1) Remove the bubble wrap bag and rubber band from Big Bart
2) Cut cable tie and remove foam block from the Beer Mug
3) Remove foam block from under the mine assembly
4) Cut cable tie securing the train assembly
5) Remove the protective film from the side art blades (LE only)

Keep the foam blocks and bag in case you need to transport the game.
89134B49-3836-4A97-BE07-00398F9A7544 (resized).jpeg89134B49-3836-4A97-BE07-00398F9A7544 (resized).jpeg

Inspect the playfield and electronic connections Remove the lockbar, slide the playfield glass out and raise the playfield. Install the tilt bob if necessary.

Look for loose screws or parts that have become dislodged or stuck to the cabinet speaker magnet and reattach as needed. Check that connectors on the main circuit board are fully pushed in so the pins are not visible.

Lower the playfield and inspect it.

Remove the light tub and lower speaker panel from the backbox. Check that cables/connectors are fully seated on the CPU/driver boards. Most connectors are keyed so they can only be plugged in one way. Never force a cable or connector. If any cable is completely disconnected refer to the manual. If you are unsure of any connection post a picture/question in this topic.

Level the game and adjust tilt bob Adjust foot levelers to ensure game is level from side to side and pitch is at 6.5 degrees. Tighten leveler nuts when done.

For the most accurate reading take the glass off and place a level or inclinometer directly on the playfield.
See p. 1-4 for guidance if you prefer to use the game’s level.

The plumb bob tilt is factory installed for a 6.5 degree angle. To adjust, loosen the screw at the bottom of the mech and move the pointer one grove at a time right or left depending on degree desired. Hold the pointer in place and tighten the screw.

Test lights, switches and solenoids Take the playfield glass off, enter the Service Menu/Tests Menu. Check individual switches using a pinball and test lighting, coils and game features to make sure all are working correctly. See manual p. 1-40 for details on running individual tests.

[This step is not required but recommended to ensure everything is working as expected after transport]
Wipe/Wax the playfield Using a microfiber cloth gently clean the playfield and playfield parts to remove any debris and/or dust that may be left from manufacturing or shipping. If desired, apply a light coat of quality Carnuba wax to the playfield with a chamois or microfiber cloth. Buff off any excess wax.

What type of pinballs should I use? How many? The game uses four pinballs.
Since there are no magnets in Cactus Canyon no special type is required.

Replace them every 100 games or whenever they show signs of wear to avoid playfield damage. Mirror finish pinballs look terrific. For a softer satin look use carbon steel pinballs (especially in games with magnets).

Final steps - Move the game to desired location
- Check game level and readjust if needed
- Make sure four pinballs are loaded
- Turn on the game. (Power switch is underneath the game, near the right front leg)
- If the topper is installed, Set Adjustment G. 21 to Yes
- Save Cactus Canyon from the bad guys!

Open allGame Play Where can I find the rules? These Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Game Rules have been updated from those in manual pages A through F.

As a starting point (or if you are playing the Classic version) the original game rule sheet may be helpful as well as the rules page and the shots page from the Williams web site. (These pages are well over twenty years old and primitive by today’s standards!)

How does the game play? Game play is similar to that of other 90’s favorites like Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, and Monster Bash. Cactus Canyon is a very approachable game; fun to shoot with straightforward rules and goals.

Although the game has been completed with the new CGC code most would not consider it “deep” by today’s standards. That may change somewhat with the future upgrade kit but that code is expected to extend the Cactus Canyon world rather than completely transform it.

How do I play the Wild West Shootout topper mini-game? Hit the beer mug ten times then shoot the saloon (Big Bart) to start topper game play.
The number of beer mug shots required to start the mini-game can be set under in Adjustment G.24 1st Shootout (5 to 20 - default 10) and G.25 2nd Shootout (25 to 35 - default 30).

Use the flippers to move the shot indicated by lights along the bottom of the topper left or right; hit both flippers to fire at the moving illuminated characters in the building windows. If you shoot a bad guy a skull and crossbones appear and the shootout continues; accidentally hit one of the good citizens of Cactus Canyon and it’s over!

See game play on the interactive Wild West Shootout topper when the topper is installed and activated and a demo on Topper Cam.

D0CC1B79-2554-4059-A864-C11B4EB3A757 (resized).jpegD0CC1B79-2554-4059-A864-C11B4EB3A757 (resized).jpeg

Is there a Shootout video mode when the topper is not installed? No. Shootout was designed specifically for the interactive topper. The display is just used for instructions and to mirror the action.

Shootout can theoretically be played on the display like video modes in earlier WPC games IF Adjustment G.21 is set to Yes (Default is No) but without the topper there is no way to see where your gun is aimed so odds of you actually shooting a bad guy are slim and playing without the topper is pointless.

Here is the shootout video mode when no topper is installed.
9A76B286-C574-4526-8CFD-76D22F2FBF05 (resized).png9A76B286-C574-4526-8CFD-76D22F2FBF05 (resized).png

Why isn’t there a Shootout video mode on the SE? From Josh Sharpe:

“Because [the topper Shootout mode] wasn't meant to be a video mode by design.

It felt weird to have the display simply pointing an arrow up or being dark, so Lyman thought of the idea of showing what was transpiring on the topper down on the display. He had some fun with it having the artist add in some blood animations along with the defeated "Flat Stanley" as I called him anytime you lost the shootout.”

How is Big Bart supposed to react? - When exiting the pop bumpers or out of the mine Bart moves and taunts you (e.g. "you couldn't hit the broadside of a burrito").
(It is not a switch problem and there are no points awarded)

- On a direct hit Bart moves, his hat flies up and points are awarded.

Are there any flipper codes or Easter Eggs? Maybe.

Oh and watch out for livestock. Moo.

Open allMiscellaneous How are game serial numbers assigned? Serial numbers are assigned as CC-nnnn
0001 - 1250: Reserved for Limited Edition models
1251 and up: Assigned to SE/SE+ games.

Numbers are not necessarily assigned consecutively in production order.
F44C9D77-DAB0-4AE0-BD57-36B735CC820C (resized).jpegF44C9D77-DAB0-4AE0-BD57-36B735CC820C (resized).jpeg

What are the model numbers? The model numbers for Cactus Canyon Remake are 14000-SE, 14000-LE, and TBD.
[The model number for the original was 50066]

What other Pinside topics are related to Cactus Canyon remake? Hype thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/ccr-cactus-canyon-remake-hype-thread
Modifications discussion thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cactus-canyon-remake-mod-thread-

All linked topics

Club thread for the original Cactus Canyon

Where can I learn about the original Bally game? The original Bally Cactus Canyon was the last WPC-95 game. Released in October 1998, only 903 units were produced (of a planned 925) before the production line was converted over to the new Pinball 2000 system. Game details are in the Internet Pinball Database entry.

There was a terrific fireside chat at Pinball Expo 2006 with WMS design team members Tom Kopera, Matt Coriale and Rob Berry summarized by Pinball News (after the story about the Sharpe fireside chat).

The initial code was released unfinished (notable omissions included the planned Bionic Bart wizard mode) and the game sold poorly as distributors and operators looked forward to Revenge From Mars - the first game on the Pinball 2000 platform and sequel to the highly popular Attack From Mars. Cactus Canyon did not sell well and many distributors sold off remaining inventory at close out pricing.

The game later became sought out by collectors for its historical interest and relative rarity. It received a boost in popularity when the Cactus Canyon Continued computer-based modification was released in 2013.

What is Cactus Canyon Continued? Cactus Canyon Continued is a modification package designed for the original game.

Developed by Eric Priepke, it added color DMD support, additional code including multiple Polly Peril ‘episodes’, fan favorite modes Drunk Multiball, Marshall Multiball, Cowboys verses Aliens, flashbacks to Addams Family, Scared Stiff, Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness and Monster Bash incorporating original sounds and graphics from those popular WPC games along with many other cool features, transforming and effectively finishing the Bally game.

Is there gold in Cactus Canyon? Not in the mine
But there are multiple tributes to one of the best in the west. 689979B2-A734-44C4-988C-2D3BD3C236E2 (resized).jpeg689979B2-A734-44C4-988C-2D3BD3C236E2 (resized).jpeg
Code Champion is one (In a classy move, the lights dim when the tribute appears); Another is far more subtle.

Lyman’s shares comments on Cactus Canyon in Episode 29 of The Super Awesome Pinball Show podcast.

Thank you Lyman.
F684DB92-64F4-400F-97A8-087E273A4F4C (resized).jpegF684DB92-64F4-400F-97A8-087E273A4F4C (resized).jpeg

Is the beer mug supposed to light up? No.

Is there steel in Cactus Canyon? Steel has been sighted in unusual places
F90B33EE-1811-454F-83BC-5C2DAE1A3193 (resized).jpegF90B33EE-1811-454F-83BC-5C2DAE1A3193 (resized).jpeg
23810F71-5C77-43B7-8578-698E3C5F1C8D (resized).jpeg23810F71-5C77-43B7-8578-698E3C5F1C8D (resized).jpeg

Nuggets from the gold mine The game was officially confirmed in August 2021 at SFGE.

In October 2021 CGC announced Lyman Sheats and Josh Sharpe had been contracted to develop new software for the game.

“We are pleased to be working with Lyman and Josh on this project. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and excitement have been instrumental in taking this game to a level above and beyond our expectations,” said Doug Duba, President of Chicago Gaming Company.

Production of Cactus Canyon Remake started in February 2022.

Games were originally to start shipping in November 2021 beginning with Special Edition models, Limited Editions in January 2022 with production anticipated to be complete by May but this plan was impacted by supply chain issues. (SE+ models weren’t in the original plan).

A small number of LEs shipped in the US mid-November before production was paused to address a part design issue. Shipping resumed just after Christmas.

One of the first SE games received February 14, 2022: AC537A5E-9BA6-4A27-BFBF-09F66BFD1E27 (resized).jpegAC537A5E-9BA6-4A27-BFBF-09F66BFD1E27 (resized).jpeg

Are there trolls in Cactus Canyon? Not in the actual game but unfortunately there are a few in the owner’s thread.

There are a handful of individuals with an agenda against CGC or just don’t want to bother with facts. They also may not understand that we are not CGC’s customers - the distributors are. One individual has done this with every CGC remake and others just seem to do it for sport.

This happens early on in many owner’s threads in part because there isn’t much to talk about and some with preorders are frustrated they don’t have their game yet.

There are many in the thread, myself included, that would like to see CGC communicate more. That’s not likely to happen. CGC has made a business decision to not participate in this thread and understand all the reasons people want them to. Some insight can be found in the “Comments from Doug Duba” entry above (Doug is the President and CEO of Chicago Gaming Company).

Early on CGC participated frequently on Pinside and most people welcomed it. But for a small and increasingly vocal group whatever CGC did wasn’t good enough and they have significantly reduced their participation.

When there were supply chain issues in 2022 many offered reasonable suggestions on communication and most understood why CGC chose not to respond. But some wouldn’t let it go and seem to take every opportunity to tell the rest of us how poorly CGC treats end users and distributors, how they should run their business or that they will never buy another CGC game again. Interestingly, as horrible as they say the company is, they still want Cactus Canyon Remake …

Please don’t let the trolls diminish your interest in (or love for) the game. As more games get delivered the rants and attacks will fade.

For some CCr is their first pinball game (or first new game). If you are one you may have questions you may think are stupid. Don’t. Review the FAQ. Many of the entries are written with you in mind.

This owner’s club was created so owners and those interested in being owners could ask game related questions and share information and experiences.

Don’t let the trolls prevent you from that. If you have a question or comment (or information), post. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, send me a PM. I love talking pinball, especially Cactus Canyon, and be glad to help however I can.

Part 2 of the FAQ is in the next post
FAQ formatting Reserved for notes and hiding Pinside formatting workarounds

Add link to whitewood vid

[Pics moved to second section]
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93C40AE1-8EA8-4E13-AAF1-D26A6AA5B607 (resized).jpeg93C40AE1-8EA8-4E13-AAF1-D26A6AA5B607 (resized).jpeg
E3E00861-F78E-4160-89FF-1A4B892FB7D4 (resized).jpegE3E00861-F78E-4160-89FF-1A4B892FB7D4 (resized).jpeg

0DE7B1F4-1DE0-40D3-85EC-AF5BDD91CA10 (resized).jpeg0DE7B1F4-1DE0-40D3-85EC-AF5BDD91CA10 (resized).jpeg23DBB0DE-48AB-4FCC-A8B3-D989A45B10E8 (resized).jpeg23DBB0DE-48AB-4FCC-A8B3-D989A45B10E8 (resized).jpeg4AEC0CA2-4375-4846-AA94-D34D574AA6C1 (resized).jpeg4AEC0CA2-4375-4846-AA94-D34D574AA6C1 (resized).jpegAA0C5C44-7EE2-464D-84B2-8ADC7FCA1A38 (resized).jpegAA0C5C44-7EE2-464D-84B2-8ADC7FCA1A38 (resized).jpegB5788E46-92F2-4194-98AF-5FA3A4149F81 (resized).jpegB5788E46-92F2-4194-98AF-5FA3A4149F81 (resized).jpeg2AF06F91-A8D9-4236-AB88-0ED2BAA637D3 (resized).jpeg2AF06F91-A8D9-4236-AB88-0ED2BAA637D3 (resized).jpeg2849B7FA-F071-4F77-A36E-D43C2B189CFB (resized).jpeg2849B7FA-F071-4F77-A36E-D43C2B189CFB (resized).jpeg3ED60C96-1287-4DF7-BCFB-9AB4A9B4D673 (resized).jpeg3ED60C96-1287-4DF7-BCFB-9AB4A9B4D673 (resized).jpeg4A63EA55-BD13-480D-824B-C13C17E8AF57 (resized).jpeg4A63EA55-BD13-480D-824B-C13C17E8AF57 (resized).jpegD350D99D-7CC6-4A70-90D8-0122922A893A (resized).jpegD350D99D-7CC6-4A70-90D8-0122922A893A (resized).jpegC6CDB117-50B4-46A5-B319-2B1412CB9630 (resized).jpegC6CDB117-50B4-46A5-B319-2B1412CB9630 (resized).jpeg4CDA5B9E-BDF3-46D4-B90B-10E714A64A3D (resized).jpeg4CDA5B9E-BDF3-46D4-B90B-10E714A64A3D (resized).jpegE99550FF-269C-4BBF-B15D-1A3959157D11 (resized).jpegE99550FF-269C-4BBF-B15D-1A3959157D11 (resized).jpeg236C5711-73DF-4BA6-B999-030FF676B898 (resized).jpeg236C5711-73DF-4BA6-B999-030FF676B898 (resized).jpegB18514F0-6C6F-42F0-948A-D6E5E0833EAB (resized).jpegB18514F0-6C6F-42F0-948A-D6E5E0833EAB (resized).jpegCA584886-042B-49A9-A33C-C99E59AE8014 (resized).jpegCA584886-042B-49A9-A33C-C99E59AE8014 (resized).jpegDF60772B-8F63-49BF-B8B3-C8A49680AC2B (resized).jpegDF60772B-8F63-49BF-B8B3-C8A49680AC2B (resized).jpegBE8E7ED9-EF66-426B-9307-0AB35502AE47 (resized).jpegBE8E7ED9-EF66-426B-9307-0AB35502AE47 (resized).jpeg4AA56FB5-DC15-493D-A585-335294A582FB (resized).jpeg4AA56FB5-DC15-493D-A585-335294A582FB (resized).jpeg99D975B3-917B-4979-BC30-8417545D6DFC (resized).jpeg99D975B3-917B-4979-BC30-8417545D6DFC (resized).jpeg2A7295EE-F4C7-4ECE-A359-1C0B2907A6AD (resized).jpeg2A7295EE-F4C7-4ECE-A359-1C0B2907A6AD (resized).jpeg5839E867-4926-47BB-93C2-714460BDCE98 (resized).jpeg5839E867-4926-47BB-93C2-714460BDCE98 (resized).jpegC806EC86-638C-4837-B245-DA6516093570 (resized).jpegC806EC86-638C-4837-B245-DA6516093570 (resized).jpeg8413D00E-3CDA-4960-8141-B02C9F7DC07B (resized).jpeg8413D00E-3CDA-4960-8141-B02C9F7DC07B (resized).jpeg0485967C-668B-4C7B-A89A-1B9D306AD6E2 (resized).jpeg0485967C-668B-4C7B-A89A-1B9D306AD6E2 (resized).jpeg02C4ACCF-906F-4D5D-92FD-566B73FD8E91 (resized).jpeg02C4ACCF-906F-4D5D-92FD-566B73FD8E91 (resized).jpegFA3B9E83-86D6-438F-BD93-B8341F7D88DA (resized).jpegFA3B9E83-86D6-438F-BD93-B8341F7D88DA (resized).jpeg5F41BA77-DFC4-4DA8-B193-2A4D53A651EF (resized).jpeg5F41BA77-DFC4-4DA8-B193-2A4D53A651EF (resized).jpeg

IMG_2252 (resized).jpegIMG_2252 (resized).jpeg

Internal PDFs

FAQ updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Chicago Gaming’s Ryan White talks about Cactus Canyon Remake at Pintastic 2021. The video opens with the CCr teaser originally shown at the announcement (same teaser as in the top of this post)

Ryan’s presentation at Southern Fried Gaming Expo in August 2021 also has some information on Cactus Canyon.


#2 2 years ago

Cactus Canyon FAQ Continued … last updated July 9, 2024

Open allGame and Feature Adjustments How do I get to the service menu? The service menu is accessed using the buttons inside the coin door just as you would in a WPC game. See the demonstration video.

How do I get to the Chicago Gaming menu? There is no longer a separate CGC menu as there was for MMR, AFMR and MBR.

All Bally and CGC adjustments/diagnostics are integrated into a new menu system similar to the Bally/Williams WPC-95 games.

How do I switch between code versions? Select the desired version under Adjustments Menu/Remake Adjustments/G 1.28 Extended Rules (p. 1-27)

Extended: Cactus Canyon code completed by CGC in the spirit of what Matt and the original design team intended. (Default)

Classic: Original production code for Bally Cactus Canyon (with minor additions like the Match sequence).
To use the original DMD graphics also set Colorize to NO in Display Adj. R 12. (Default YES uses new XL color dots)

TBA: Lyman/Josh code (selectable only if the optional upgrade is installed)

Where do I change settings for features in the extended code? There are multiple adjustments for new features in the Extended code:

Adjustments/Remake Adjustments/Extended Rules Adj./ (see p. 1-30 to 1-32 in the manual for details)

Where do I set warm white incandescent style general illumination instead of the RGB lighting? Adjustments/Remake Adjustments/Lighting Adj./R 19 Interactive GI (p. 1-28)

Default is Yes.
When set to No, select the incandescent simulation mode desired (“Warm White” or “Cool White”)
—> Lighting for the Bad Guy drop targets is disabled when Interactive GI is set to No
52F1E471-615E-4628-B9A6-9EB777220AFA (resized).jpeg52F1E471-615E-4628-B9A6-9EB777220AFA (resized).jpeg

Can I set the display to use monochromatic instead of full color dots? Yes, under Adjustments/Remake Adjustments/Display Adj./R 12 Colorize

Default is Yes. Set to No for monochrome display.

How do I install a custom logo and/or attract mode message? For a custom logo create/obtain a Windows bitmap (BMP) file 320 pixels wide and 80 pixels high with a bit depth of 24.
Name the file userlogo.bmp and copy it to the root directory of a MicroSD card. (The attached Bally logo can be converted to a bmp file; a jpg file will not work).

For a custom message use a Windows BMP file 256 pixels wide x 64 pixels high with a bit depth of 24.
DF60772B-8F63-49BF-B8B3-C8A49680AC2B (resized).jpegDF60772B-8F63-49BF-B8B3-C8A49680AC2B (resized).jpeg

Follow the instructions in Adjustment U.10 in the manual to load your logo (p. 1-47):
E99550FF-269C-4BBF-B15D-1A3959157D11 (resized).jpegE99550FF-269C-4BBF-B15D-1A3959157D11 (resized).jpeg
236C5711-73DF-4BA6-B999-030FF676B898 (resized).jpeg236C5711-73DF-4BA6-B999-030FF676B898 (resized).jpeg

Select Adjustment U.11 to set a custom attract message (p. 1-47):
C6CDB117-50B4-46A5-B319-2B1412CB9630 (resized).jpegC6CDB117-50B4-46A5-B319-2B1412CB9630 (resized).jpeg
4CDA5B9E-BDF3-46D4-B90B-10E714A64A3D (resized).jpeg4CDA5B9E-BDF3-46D4-B90B-10E714A64A3D (resized).jpeg

The shaker motor doesn’t seem to be working. What do I do? First make sure you have a shaker motor installed. LEs have one factory installed; SE/SE+ models do not.

Go to Remake Adjustments/Coil Adj/R 28. Shaker Strength and make sure it’s set to your desired setting and not to “Off”.
If still not working review the installation instructions to make sure it was installed correctly (if you have an SE/SE+) and double check the connections.

Open allGame Support Where can I find the game manual? Revision 3 (online version) is available here.

[The picture below is currently static and not a hyperlink]

82C84730-ACEB-43C5-B038-39CC062FCBD2 (resized).jpeg82C84730-ACEB-43C5-B038-39CC062FCBD2 (resized).jpeg

A full printed manual is included with the game. [The initial run of SEs shipped with v1; later SEs, LEs and SE+ with v2]

Game rules
Operations & Adjustments
Testing & Problem Diagnosis
Parts Information
Reference Diagrams & Schematics

[There are multiple versions of the printed manual and/or some information may not be correct (e.g. references to the small display available on earlier CGC games) are not relevant to Cactus Canyon Remake. All references to Adjustments in the FAQ are based on preliminary information and will be revised to the current version shortly]
CA584886-042B-49A9-A33C-C99E59AE8014 (resized).jpegCA584886-042B-49A9-A33C-C99E59AE8014 (resized).jpeg

How do I get help if I have a problem with my game? Your first point of contact should be your dealer or distributor.
If needed, open a support ticket with Chicago Gaming.

What is the warranty coverage? Standard Editions: Electronics are covered for 12 months; Mechanical and other components for 6 months.
Limited Edition: Electronics are covered for 24 months; Mechanical and other components for 12 months.

What does this warranty cover?
CGC warrants to the holder of a valid proof of purchaser that the Product is free from defects in material and workmanship when installed and used normally and in accordance with operation instructions. Only the original purchaser of the pinball machines is covered by this warranty and the purchaser must promptly notify CGC of any claims within the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the date of invoice from the authorized dealer or distributor.

CGC, at its sole discretion, will be liable to repair or replace components which are returned to CGC during the warranty period. CGC will repair or replace any covered part at no charge, exclusive of shipping and handling charges or any labor to install the part. Unless instructed otherwise, all defective products must be properly packaged and returned to CGC freight prepaid

The Limited Warranty covers:
1. Electronic components including the controller board, CPU board, playfield board, power supply board, solenoid driver boards and LCD controller board;
2. Mechanical and other components that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship excluding normal wear and tear, and component
failures arising from original Williams' design.

The Limited Warranty will not cover:
1. Labor or service calls necessary to replace any part;
2. Any part replacement which is a result of improper installation, shipping or handling damage, negligence, misuse, alteration, modification abuse, or rust
of any kind;
3. Any damage caused by an electrical surge or by intrusion of any liquid, repairs by persons other than our authorized service personnel, fire, theft,
acts of God (such as a flood or earthquake), and/or improper electrical connection.

What’s new in the Operating System? The operating system was rewritten for Cactus Canyon Remake. This allows the ability to run multiple code versions rather than just emulate the original WMS code, enhancements and extensions to original game play and better device driver support. Another noticeable benefit is all Bally and CGC adjustments/diagnostics are integrated into a new menu system similar to that in Bally/Williams WPC games.

What’s inside the backbox? The three primary components in are the controller board (left), the solenoid power/driver board (right) and the XL LCD panel assembly (bottom, not shown)
D350D99D-7CC6-4A70-90D8-0122922A893A (resized).jpegD350D99D-7CC6-4A70-90D8-0122922A893A (resized).jpeg

What’s underneath the playfield? B18514F0-6C6F-42F0-948A-D6E5E0833EAB (resized).jpegB18514F0-6C6F-42F0-948A-D6E5E0833EAB (resized).jpeg

Where do I get parts? All Cactus Canyon Remake parts sales are exclusively through Planetary Pinball.
If your game is under warranty, contact your distributor.

Many parts not unique to the game can be purchased though your favorite pinball parts retailer.

What rubber rings are used on the game? 8FE1433E-EFB5-489E-B413-1EFFD4F40EF1 (resized).jpeg8FE1433E-EFB5-489E-B413-1EFFD4F40EF1 (resized).jpeg

How do I verify the drop targets are working properly? Navigate to “T.7 Drop Target” in the Test menu and run the test.

This will cycle through all drop targets, firing them in sequence until the test mode is exited. If a drop target does not fire when pulsed or reset properly, there is an issue with that target. Check to see if the molex connector for each target not responding is connected securely.

[See the first entry in Common issues during game play]

Open allCommon issues during game play Drop target(s) not reacting as expected First make sure the target has power in Switch test (see “How do I verify the drop targets are working properly?” above).

If you experience drop target related problems (drop target resets after being hit and immediately drops back down, target doesn’t register a direct hit, drop targets randomly being awarded, etc.) it may be because the spring is too strong.

If a drop target pops back down as soon as it lifts/resets excess pressure from the existing spring may result in the target not staying parallel to the bracket (front to back movement of the target from the latched position).

Replace the spring with a lower tension (weaker/stretchier) one like a Bally/Williams flipper return spring (#10-364) or Stern flipper return spring (#265-5035-00).

After changing the spring make sure the target is level. See ‘Drop target not level” under Physical Adjustments.

[Only change the springs on the drop target(s) behaving badly. If you see this on a brand new game the target my need a few hits to “loosen up” and may not need a different spring. You can also try stretching the spring just a tiny bit to reduce tension before replacing it]

Apron gun flashers are too bright Their intensity can be adjusted (or turned off) in setting Adjustments/Remake Adjustments/Lighting Adj/R 49. (p. 1-28)

If the lowest setting is still too bright LED diffusers like these available from Amazon work well: https://www.amazon.com/LightDims-Original-Strength-Electronics-Appliances/dp/B009WSJNCW

Ball gets stuck in outlane If balls get stuck between the post rubber and wire guide bend the guide slightly until the ball clears. If the issue persists try again or change the rubber to a smaller diameter one.
77B0B664-ACD2-4F9A-829C-398CCE225D66 (resized).jpeg77B0B664-ACD2-4F9A-829C-398CCE225D66 (resized).jpeg

Balls exit quickly from pop bumpers If balls seem to exit quickly from the pop bumper area or if they don’t exit from the mine into the pops, one or more switches may not be registering properly. Adjust the pops and/or the Bottom Jet Bumper (i.e a sling) with a leaf tool. (To adjust the bottom bumper from the top of the playfield you may have to remove the mine and VUK diverter).

[See adjusting pop bumpers and slings in the Physical Adjustments section]

Game ends unexpectedly / has trouble feeding pinballs to shooter lane This is not unique to CCr. The pinballs are not likely rolling down the ball trough correctly. Make sure there are no obstructions in the trough, cables are connected tightly and the balls are not magnetized (shouldn’t be as there are no magnets in CCr).

You shouldn’t see this in a brand new game unless there is a physical issue with the ball trough but there is a quick and easy solution. Open the coin door and install this ball trough shim under the pinballs to allow balls to be fed more reliably.

F6AF0987-5FAB-4165-9869-22C000C78838 (resized).jpegF6AF0987-5FAB-4165-9869-22C000C78838 (resized).jpeg

Also check if the plunger that kicks ball to shooter lane is sticking up a tiny bit too high and trapping the balls from rolling into position correctly.

See this Pinball Mayhem Jeremy video for more.

The flippers feel different The game was designed to have the same feel as the original Bally game which used different coils (red) rather than the stronger (blue) coils used on Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars and Monster Bash. Many consider that CCr flippers act more like true Bally/WMS flippers in terms of power, travel, and lack of "lag".

If you are prefer the feel of previous remakes CCr may feel different or not quite as strong. If there are no physical issues (coil sleeves, coil stops, etc.) adjust coil power using Adjustment R. 26 FLIPPER STRENGTH (start with +2 or +3).

Open allPhysical adjustments Power OFF before doing mechanical adjustments! Turn the game off or interrupt high voltage power before doing any mechanical adjustments unless explicitly noted otherwise in the following topics.

Slings not working as expected Remove the plastic over the sling shot kicker and leaf blade switches. Pull on the rubber ring around the posts, so you have equal pressure on all sides, not tight on the kicker/leaf blade switch side.

Check the leaf blade switches - front long one should be resting on the rubber ring, not pushing it or away from it. Shorter rear one should be close enough so the slightest ball hit triggers it, yet vibration doesn't.

There are two leaf blade switches, one each side of the kicker. At least one needs a little adjusting. When bending forward or backward, get as close to the fiberboard spacers as you can.

[Thanks LTG !]
Pop Bumper(s) not working or firing randomly Adjust the leaf blade switch for the affected pop bumper(s) (below the playfield):

Lift playfield up and lean back. The leaf blade switch is the long one with the plastic spoon is pushed by a plastic rod coming down from the pop bumper skirt. This plastic spoon should be clean, (not worn on older games) well centered on the rod, just resting on it, not pushing it up.

Clean the leaf blade contacts by putting a piece of paper between them. Gently hold closed and pull the paper out.

The shorter lower leaf blade switch should be close enough so the slightest ball hit triggers it yet vibration doesn't set it off. A little adjusting/tweaking, and you'll be fine.

[Thanks LTG !]

The beer mug shot isn’t registering (or is constantly registering) If the mechanism is moving freely check the gap on the leaf switch (same as last two questions). It’s either too much or too little.

If shots aren’t registering because the mechanism is not moving freely see “ Beer mug is stuck or does not move freely” below.

How do I know how much to adjust a leaf switch? The rule for gapping a leaf switch is simple if not precise - make it close enough so that a proper hit triggers the switch but not so close as to cause vibrations that may impact other playfield switches.

Beer mug is stuck or does not move freely This can be caused if the switch plate is too far back pushing the rod against the edge of the ramp protector. Loosen the Phillips screw and pull the switch plate forward a bit.

8163966D-C1BE-4378-9F34-6D58180D9A0B (resized).jpeg8163966D-C1BE-4378-9F34-6D58180D9A0B (resized).jpeg

If you still have a problem check if the rubber grommet on the bottom of the rod (under the playfield) is catching on the switch housing and adjust as needed (a plastic washer on the grommet may help).

Also try unscrewing the nut on top and pull the layered metal braces apart from each other to open the hole where the beer mug shaft sits just enough for the beer mug to flow freely and tighten it back down.

Beer mug hits playfield glass violently The beer mug is supposed to tap the glass (like the frogs in Scared Stiff) but if the retaining nut is the wrong size or missing the mug may not stop correctly. Put a tiny rubber grommet, small washer on attached with a size 2-56 lock nut at the bottom.
06439E98-6EC4-4E60-8628-A22815B453D5 (resized).jpeg06439E98-6EC4-4E60-8628-A22815B453D5 (resized).jpeg

Drop target not level If a drop target is not level with the playfield lift the playfield and adjust the screw at the bottom of the assembly until the target is level with the playfield.

(Due to the target design one side will be slightly higher than the other. Level the higher side to the playfield).
E083D86F-EA85-48AE-846F-0D16E2765DBA (resized).jpegE083D86F-EA85-48AE-846F-0D16E2765DBA (resized).jpeg

Ball gets wedged between Bart mechanism and playfield In some early production games a ball will get wedged between the left side Bart mechanism and playfield and ball search will fail to free it. There may be a rubber nipple behind Bart to help mitigate this, but it’s unclear if this was a production line adjustment. If this is persistent open a support ticket.

To free the ball — open the coin door, remove the lockbar, slide the playfield glass far enough to reach the ball, place the ball in the shooter lane, replace the glass, reinstall the lockbar and close the door.
3F543E86-870E-4954-B293-D645A1AD8474 (resized).jpeg3F543E86-870E-4954-B293-D645A1AD8474 (resized).jpeg889DBB7B-6B16-4435-ABBF-25B5EE5B4208 (resized).jpeg889DBB7B-6B16-4435-ABBF-25B5EE5B4208 (resized).jpeg

Ball gets stuck on the right of Bart If the ball gets wedged as shown below bend the flap down slightly (toward the red line) to prevent the ball from getting stuck.
AFEDE9EB-C65A-4D2E-B80B-10F9832728EB (resized).jpegAFEDE9EB-C65A-4D2E-B80B-10F9832728EB (resized).jpeg

Lockdown bar is loose Remove the lockbar and adjust the two brass screws on the receiver plate to tighten (or loosen) it as necessary.

Inductive sensors Cactus Canyon Remake uses new inductive ball sensors to replace some traditional and reed switches used in the original game. These auto-calibrate at the start of each ball and were designed to eliminate the need for adjustments and increase the reliability over the original switches.
03EEFE56-9C4E-4B27-BEC1-B470C2B5BA0F (resized).jpeg03EEFE56-9C4E-4B27-BEC1-B470C2B5BA0F (resized).jpeg8130F9FB-6673-45D6-BFA1-B8B9EE54D1B5 (resized).jpeg8130F9FB-6673-45D6-BFA1-B8B9EE54D1B5 (resized).jpeg

If you experience related switch issues you can adjust the sensors (if you are comfortable working on the game with the power on and using hot glue):

• Note the playfield location of the sensor in question and lift the playfield.

• Locate the Inductive Sensor PCB (towards the bottom of the playfield behind the large playfield PCB).

• Enter service mode and navigate to the Switch Test menu.

• With game in switch test, please jiggle the wires that are connecting to the Inductive Sensor board in question.
DO NOT DISCONNECT THEM. You will hear an audible sound as the switch is being registered in switch test.

• Once you have identified the cable for the sensor with the problem, disconnect the power cable from J1 on the sensor PCB.

• Disconnect the cable to the sensor with the error. (This will be identified in switch test as one that is either locked on or not reading when the ball passes over it).

• Remove the hot glue from the connector and make sure that the area is clean of any remaining glue.

• Remove the 2 pins from the connector and expand the pin slightly.

• Reconnect the sensor cable to the PCB and the power cable back to J1 on the sensor PCB.

• Exit and re-enter switch test to recalibrate the Inductive Sensors.

• Recheck the sensor.

• Once it’s reading correctly, reapply hot glue to the connection.

Inductive sensor connections
7C680B3D-A3DE-4CF1-9FE7-A6CFF88ED3AB (resized).jpeg7C680B3D-A3DE-4CF1-9FE7-A6CFF88ED3AB (resized).jpeg
[Playfield pictures to be added when available]

Shooter rod doesn’t move freely FAQ work in progress - cover multiple reasons

2562F954-344B-42A4-AB6F-B0E3EA048E99 (resized).jpeg2562F954-344B-42A4-AB6F-B0E3EA048E99 (resized).jpeg5782C065-2B41-4DC7-90D0-863D7F97DC09 (resized).jpeg5782C065-2B41-4DC7-90D0-863D7F97DC09 (resized).jpeg

FAQ work in progress
>> Assuming the rod is not bent, see if the ramp protector is pushing against the rod locking it in place. Tighten the skinny yellow post to to move the metal hole away from the ramp protector.
Clean this up as a switch example

Running into a slight issue with the left River Rescue ramp not recognizing a passing ball. Unable to activate the river rescue mode despite multiple balls up the ramp

Edit: my left loop bottom switch is in the closed positions (see pic). I assumed it might be a ball sensor issue but unclear on how to test.

6BDE413C-9ACD-4127-AB74-70D4BF951A17 (resized).jpeg6BDE413C-9ACD-4127-AB74-70D4BF951A17 (resized).jpeg

L LOOP BOTTOM is an opto switch, not from the 'ball sensor' PCB
The red line is switch test represents the beam not broken, (no ball there), and is the normal state.
It is right by the beer mug, you should be able to trigger it with your finger to test
It is connected to the playfield PCB with 4 wires using a 5-pin connector. Normally, if that was disconnected, it would show up in the opposite state (beam broken)
Normal opto troubleshooting should apply, others will have better tips on that

Wait, that switch is for the loop (orbit) - that shouldn't affect the left ramp. I think the left ramp has 2 switches (enter and exit) and they are both from the ball sensor PCB - you need to run a ball over them to test them - you can see the little sensor PCBs mounted right underneath the ramp plastic if you look closely

Open all Other issues Clock not working / Date, Time not retained If the game retains settings but not date and time ensure the CR2032 battery at the top of the control/CPU board is clean and seated properly. If the problem persists, replace the battery.

The date and time are only displayed in attract mode or in status reports if Adjustment A.1 24 SHOW TIME+ DATE is set to YES (default is NO).

[If your battery is corroded check the board for acid damage and open up a support ticket]
1C997C88-2933-4DF3-967C-BF23A55946A1 (resized).jpeg1C997C88-2933-4DF3-967C-BF23A55946A1 (resized).jpeg EFBFDDB8-09EE-4382-BAEF-429ED882A646 (resized).jpegEFBFDDB8-09EE-4382-BAEF-429ED882A646 (resized).jpeg

Audio level seems off and/or seems low, muddled or distorted CGC reworked the audio for CCr based on customer feedback so levels may not be comparable to previous remakes.

A few owners have reported muddled or distorted sound, especially at higher volume levels. If you have audio issues please post your experience and open a support ticket with CGC.

Apron guns hit the backbox The apron guns hit the top of the backbox when the playfield is lifted to the service position.
5F41BA77-DFC4-4DA8-B193-2A4D53A651EF (resized).jpeg5F41BA77-DFC4-4DA8-B193-2A4D53A651EF (resized).jpeg
Add black felt, rubber or foam padding on the top front edge of the backbox to prevent accidental damage to the apron guns when the playfield is fully raised.

If you prefer a removable solution 1” foam pipe insulation fits over the top edge of the backbox.
FA3B9E83-86D6-438F-BD93-B8341F7D88DA (resized).jpegFA3B9E83-86D6-438F-BD93-B8341F7D88DA (resized).jpeg

And there’s always the old standby - a folded bath towel.

Cabinet decal bubbling or damage The cabinet protectors on some early SEs may be too thin and/or the crimp on the legs may be over done allowing the leg(s) to contact and possibly cut or damage the cabinet decals.

Later games, including SE+s and LEs, have thicker protectors:
132BE534-585D-433F-B360-D9DB3DC00CCB (resized).jpeg132BE534-585D-433F-B360-D9DB3DC00CCB (resized).jpeg

If you have an earlier game you can offset Bally/Williams legs using eight #6 1/2” hex screws. Two or three washers can be used to provide additional clearance. Using Mantis leg protectors can also prevent legs from touching the decals.

Sharp side rail channels The side rail channel edges may be quite sharp next to the glass if the rails were not deburred. This could result in your hands being cut while removing/installing the playfield glass.

Carefully remove the glass and inspect the rails. If necessary take a fine model hobby sanding stick on the edge at an angle to remove the burr. Do the same at edges at the cabinet sides carefully by running parallel with the stick slightly tipped. Each area may require a couple of passes. F785B837-0248-4B20-99B2-27692A80E6D3 (resized).jpegF785B837-0248-4B20-99B2-27692A80E6D3 (resized).jpeg

Shaker motor squeaks or is noisy There are two common fixes:
1) Spray automotive contact cleaner inside the motor
2) Reverse wiring polarity

Fuse blows when testing the topper Running the Topper solenoid test (test T.6) may blow fuse xx.

[This appears to be an issue with the test itself and is not an issue during game play]

Open allModifications (all models) Physical knocker Use five #6 x 3/8" wood screws (#8 is ok) to mount a knocker assembly and striker plate in the pre-drilled holes in the upper left corner of the backbox.

Connect the assembly to the two pin connector marked Knock J115 on the power driver board using a knocker cable after soldering the 48v (red) and ground wires to the knocker. Polarity doesn’t matter. Do not put a diode on the coil (there is one on the driver board).
5B4344E0-ED2E-4B9B-826E-F891A6736095 (resized).jpeg5B4344E0-ED2E-4B9B-826E-F891A6736095 (resized).jpeg

There is no setting to turn the knocker on. The knocker is always active, even if not installed, and fires for extra ball, match, and high score awards credits. To have the knocker fire when an extra ball is awarded change standard Adjustment A.14 and A.15 from “CREDIT” to “EXTRA BALL”.

After installation set Knocker Sounds to OFF under Audio Adjustments A.5 (if you leave it ON both are used).

[Fun fact: The last WPC-95 game to include a physical knocker was Medieval Madness]

Mirrored backglass All confirmed Cactus Canyon Remake buyers were allowed to purchase one backglass per game $249.99 + shipping from their distributor. In July 2024 Planetary Pinball released remaining stock for sale on their website.

These are old school actual mirrored backglasses which take more time to produce than those that simulate the mirror effect with silkscreened ink. Some of the colors have been improved over the original as well as the CCR artwork to adjust for lighting, skin tones and to highlight the mirror effects.
4AEC0CA2-4375-4846-AA94-D34D574AA6C1 (resized).jpeg4AEC0CA2-4375-4846-AA94-D34D574AA6C1 (resized).jpeg13D087CE-59FA-4B52-8E56-CEB675B44D41 (resized).jpeg13D087CE-59FA-4B52-8E56-CEB675B44D41 (resized).jpeg
To install - Remove the trim holding the glass cover and translite to the white tub. Replace the translite and glass cover with the mirrored backglass securing it to the tub with the existing trim. (Consider replacing the side trim pieces with System 11 trim if the factory trim is too tight).

Trim for mirrored backglass Some owners have reported that the factory trim may be too narrow to use with the mirrored backglass. If this is the case for your game, changing the two side trim pieces to System 11 trim (#03-7578-8) should result in a better fit in to the backbox channel.

[You don’t need to replace the top and the lift channel as the System 11 versions are too narrow to fit both the backglass and lighting tub together]

Alternate translite Flyland Designs added Cactus Canyon to their popular series of licensed products featuring alternative artwork for Williams classics including a translite and side blades. (The Limited Edition acrylic backglass is sold out).
99D975B3-917B-4979-BC30-8417545D6DFC (resized).jpeg99D975B3-917B-4979-BC30-8417545D6DFC (resized).jpeg

BB4B0F88-CDC2-4C44-804F-8D1FE0A82806 (resized).pngBB4B0F88-CDC2-4C44-804F-8D1FE0A82806 (resized).png
0485967C-668B-4C7B-A89A-1B9D306AD6E2 (resized).jpeg0485967C-668B-4C7B-A89A-1B9D306AD6E2 (resized).jpeg
02C4ACCF-906F-4D5D-92FD-566B73FD8E91 (resized).jpeg02C4ACCF-906F-4D5D-92FD-566B73FD8E91 (resized).jpeg
6E0EBBFC-1D53-4619-88CE-05BC3E50D34E (resized).jpeg6E0EBBFC-1D53-4619-88CE-05BC3E50D34E (resized).jpeg
2A7295EE-F4C7-4ECE-A359-1C0B2907A6AD (resized).jpeg2A7295EE-F4C7-4ECE-A359-1C0B2907A6AD (resized).jpeg
8413D00E-3CDA-4960-8141-B02C9F7DC07B (resized).jpeg8413D00E-3CDA-4960-8141-B02C9F7DC07B (resized).jpeg
5839E867-4926-47BB-93C2-714460BDCE98 (resized).jpeg5839E867-4926-47BB-93C2-714460BDCE98 (resized).jpeg

Cup holder - Barrel with Rope This cup holder fits the Cactus Canyon theme perfectly. A reversible mount lets you put it left or right, inside or out. Second picture shows brown and walnut; custom colors available.

PM the designer for details.
2D8A9A38-2BA4-4FCF-8E63-5573F44EB04B (resized).jpeg2D8A9A38-2BA4-4FCF-8E63-5573F44EB04B (resized).jpeg30BDF15A-93FA-40BB-B126-1254455BBC88 (resized).jpeg30BDF15A-93FA-40BB-B126-1254455BBC88 (resized).jpeg
191D013A-BB04-4476-915D-EB42E3F6EC38 (resized).jpeg191D013A-BB04-4476-915D-EB42E3F6EC38 (resized).jpeg

Cup holder - Bullet Holes in Barrel Another great option for a cup holder. A reversible mount lets you put it left or right. PM soulrider911 to order.
36B7E7BA-6ABB-4AD2-B791-1E47E2D49FB1 (resized).jpeg36B7E7BA-6ABB-4AD2-B791-1E47E2D49FB1 (resized).jpeg

Coin door and display panel art WizardMod has display panel and coin door art (US and one slot options) for CCr.
23DBB0DE-48AB-4FCC-A8B3-D989A45B10E8 (resized).jpeg23DBB0DE-48AB-4FCC-A8B3-D989A45B10E8 (resized).jpeg
15EB821B-07C0-4E7B-8C62-508DA9108CD1 (resized).jpeg15EB821B-07C0-4E7B-8C62-508DA9108CD1 (resized).jpeg0020EE97-7560-4C06-AFEC-3291F627E0EA (resized).jpeg0020EE97-7560-4C06-AFEC-3291F627E0EA (resized).jpeg
0DE7B1F4-1DE0-40D3-85EC-AF5BDD91CA10 (resized).jpeg0DE7B1F4-1DE0-40D3-85EC-AF5BDD91CA10 (resized).jpeg

Headphones, external volume control, subwoofer support Pinnovators PinPAC headphone, headphone/volume and subwoofer options for Cactus Canyon Remake.

Polly in Peril, mine cart with gold and more The artist in “Artist sculpted” cactus, rock, mine cart (and presumably Bart) is Matt Riesterer of Back Alley Creations.

Back Alley is well know for their detailed work and has sculpted and hand painted train tracks for the SE models. These were designed for the remake but are not the same as those on the Limited Edition.

A custom sculpt (Polly tied to a log) that attaches to the left ramp, a rock and mine cart and gold (pinballs) (available now) and another cactus that didn’t make it to production (available soon).

Polly in Peril
Don't let the bad guys send Polly down river to Danger Falls... as just a sticker on the ramp! This highly detailed sculpt is a multi part mod that includes Polly, a sculpted rock pile with weathered wooden sign on a new light blue laser cut ramp plastic. All parts are painstakingly hand painted.

[The wooden sign shown in the pics is a placeholder; the final sign will be shown soon]

C3E83EC2-F746-49E9-93BB-975A45FC66E8 (resized).jpegC3E83EC2-F746-49E9-93BB-975A45FC66E8 (resized).jpegDF698B56-24B4-4D38-8203-50C0848B1635 (resized).jpegDF698B56-24B4-4D38-8203-50C0848B1635 (resized).jpeg

Mine cart with gold
Whether you have a Cactus LE or an SE, this mod is a great enhancement for the area behind the mine entrance.

If you have an LE, remove the original mine cart with barrels and add our rock with new mine cart with gold.
If you have a SE, just add this sculpt.

D03A6656-FF1F-445D-8A96-1BFA7316E4A7 (resized).jpegD03A6656-FF1F-445D-8A96-1BFA7316E4A7 (resized).jpegED15DDEA-362E-4B32-8CA2-917C15900B6C (resized).jpegED15DDEA-362E-4B32-8CA2-917C15900B6C (resized).jpeg

[Direct links coming soon]

Mezel Mods playfield enhancements The Trick Shot train station, rustic train tracks, gold mine sign, beer mug, moonshine jug, train stop building, two styles of gun posts (Revolver Cylinder, Bullets), mine cart/tracks (SE/SE+) and playfield plastic protectors are available on the Mezel Mods Cactus Canyon page.

AA0C5C44-7EE2-464D-84B2-8ADC7FCA1A38 (resized).jpegAA0C5C44-7EE2-464D-84B2-8ADC7FCA1A38 (resized).jpeg

B5788E46-92F2-4194-98AF-5FA3A4149F81 (resized).jpegB5788E46-92F2-4194-98AF-5FA3A4149F81 (resized).jpeg

3ED60C96-1287-4DF7-BCFB-9AB4A9B4D673 (resized).jpeg3ED60C96-1287-4DF7-BCFB-9AB4A9B4D673 (resized).jpeg
2AF06F91-A8D9-4236-AB88-0ED2BAA637D3 (resized).jpeg2AF06F91-A8D9-4236-AB88-0ED2BAA637D3 (resized).jpeg
4A63EA55-BD13-480D-824B-C13C17E8AF57 (resized).jpeg4A63EA55-BD13-480D-824B-C13C17E8AF57 (resized).jpeg0F992C5E-8D73-4241-B265-EAD482BA1790 (resized).jpeg0F992C5E-8D73-4241-B265-EAD482BA1790 (resized).jpeg
2849B7FA-F071-4F77-A36E-D43C2B189CFB (resized).jpeg2849B7FA-F071-4F77-A36E-D43C2B189CFB (resized).jpeg

Speaker grills Information on the crossed guns/badge stainless steel speaker grills shown here is in the linked Pinside thread. (You will need a Torx security bit to remove the factory screws).
C806EC86-638C-4837-B245-DA6516093570 (resized).jpegC806EC86-638C-4837-B245-DA6516093570 (resized).jpeg

Old West dry cattle skull miniature This dry cattle skull miniature diorama railroad accessory is a nice accent that can be use in many places on the game.
FF7E0906-7150-4558-802D-2565E4C7BF98 (resized).jpegFF7E0906-7150-4558-802D-2565E4C7BF98 (resized).jpeg

Art blades The art blades on the Limited Edition are not available separately but there are a few other options:

Flyland Designs has licensed side art blades that complements the alternate translite. 4AA56FB5-DC15-493D-A585-335294A582FB (resized).jpeg4AA56FB5-DC15-493D-A585-335294A582FB (resized).jpeg

Tilt Graphics has Canyon Plains art blades and Western Town art blades.

How do you apply side art blades? The Allen blades are positionable and should not require using the wet method.
Use an Xacto or similar knife to cut the blades to fit the bolts.

In general, if you are unsure or there aren’t instructions provided by the vendor the wet method may be the safest option:
1) Raise playfield to upright position.
2) Cover wires, electronics, under cabinet side edge etc. with bath towels.
3) Peel and place art blade reverse side on towel and spray with water.
4) Lightly spray inside of cabinet panel where the art blades will go.
5) Position the blade on the inside of the cabinet, adjusting for proper fit.
6) When in desired position squeegee out water with a credit card.
7) wipe excess water, remove towels and carefully lower playfield.

Will Cliffys for the original fit the remake? Playfield specs are identical to the original. The ramp and shooter lane Cliffys should fit. The drop target protectors should fit too but may interfere with the operation of redesigned drop targets.

The remake comes with protectors installed for the mine entrance, left of the Big Bart mechanism, the drain area and Mylar around the drop targets so those areas may not need additional protection.

Can Cactus Canyon Continued be installed on the remake? No.

Open allModifications (Limited Edition) Medallion number This engraved plate (Square, adhesive mount, satin nickel silver) would be a nice upgrade in place of the factory label.

Custom plate options (including the version pictured here) are also available. 9C59CFF3-1005-4AD8-A1B5-9A3A04D5BAAD (resized).jpeg9C59CFF3-1005-4AD8-A1B5-9A3A04D5BAAD (resized).jpeg

Limited Edition information is printed using Badjka Regular font on this labeling tape: https://www.amazon.com/DYMO-Industrial-Permanent-LabelWriter-18486/dp/B0001AU7CA/ref=sr_1_11

The space for LE number on the apron medallion is 0.5” x 1.5”
7EB48948-210F-4341-877B-1932AB713D8D (resized).jpeg7EB48948-210F-4341-877B-1932AB713D8D (resized).jpeg
[Patched Bold seems a close fit to the “Limited Edition” font]

Open all Modifications (Special Editions) Shaker motor The official Chicago Gaming shaker motor for Cactus Canyon included on the LE is available from Planetary Pinball or Pinball Life.

It is easily installed as shown in this installation video or your distributor may be able to install one for you.

Ignore any instruction to hold down the service button for 4 seconds to access the CGC menu - this only applies to MMr, AFMr, and MBr. The remake setting are now integrated in the service menu. Set the desired shaker setting under “Remake Adjustments/Coil Adjustments/R 28. Shaker Strength”

Train tracks Train tracks for the Special Edition models are available from Back Alley Creations (sculpted/painted) or the UKLEstore (shown here). Mezel Mods also has a version (see their entry below).
BE8E7ED9-EF66-426B-9307-0AB35502AE47 (resized).jpegBE8E7ED9-EF66-426B-9307-0AB35502AE47 (resized).jpeg

Mine cart In addition to the one from Mezel Mods this mine cart on Thingverse is available for the SE (though it was not designed for Cactus Canyon).

Back Alley Creations also has a mine cart with gold (see “Polly in Peril” above).

Parts to powder coat trim Use those on the game or order side rails, legs, lockbar and a shooter housing.

[The side rails used on the remake are fabricated with thicker metal and attach with screws. The original WMS rails used double sided tape]

Gun bluing trim Gun manufacturers and owners blue guns to improve their appearance. Using Van's Gun Blue would be a unique and theme appropriate option (can also be used to restore ramp flaps). See the previous entry for parts needed.

Pistol side armor Custom laser cut side armordesigned for the SE/SE+.
B9727A45-FB6E-4CE2-A828-C890D2A295EB (resized).jpegB9727A45-FB6E-4CE2-A828-C890D2A295EB (resized).jpeg

Can I add the topper to an SE? Yes, if you are able to buy one from an LE or SE+ owner.

93C40AE1-8EA8-4E13-AAF1-D26A6AA5B607 (resized).jpeg93C40AE1-8EA8-4E13-AAF1-D26A6AA5B607 (resized).jpeg

#3 2 years ago

I hope I get the one for tech support soon.

LTG : )

#4 2 years ago

Just simply celebrating the sighting of an actual CCr-SE in the wild today! Gonna have to find a way to patiently wait for my LE!

#5 2 years ago
Quoted from Goyomex:

Just simply celebrating the sighting of an actual CCr-SE in the wild today! Gonna have to find a way to patiently wait for my LE!

Where was it?

#6 2 years ago

an SE was built before the LEs?

#7 2 years ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

an SE was built before the LEs?

Yes, this was announced long ago. I'm not sure how CGC usually does it, but they made it clear it was SEs first this time.

#8 2 years ago

The other CCR thread by Dan1733 Mequon WI

LTG : )

#10 2 years ago
Quoted from CoolCatPinball:

Yes, this was announced long ago. I'm not sure how CGC usually does it, but they made it clear it was SEs first this time.

I think they said it was a topper part supply issue. SEs, LEs, then SE + I believe is the order.

#11 2 years ago

So excited they have started shipping!! Upgraded to the SE+ (so who knows when I'll get mine) but at least we know it's starting to happen! Hats off to the lucky ones who got the LEs and the ones who will have their CCr SE soon.

#12 2 years ago

I’m in on an LE and can’t wait!!

#13 2 years ago

Yes, all indications are this game will be fun, and funny and a work of art. Glad I drifted into this one-horse town! Can’t wait to send the Bad guys packing.

#14 2 years ago

Hey all, just a quick post I have a couple extra specials that are immediately available. $8000 plus shipping.

#15 2 years ago
Quoted from Hemispheres:

Hey all, just a quick post I have a couple extra specials that are immediately available. $8000 plus shipping.

Seriously?!?! My distro still says "no word from cgc" as of last night!!

#16 2 years ago
Quoted from Hemispheres:

Hey all, just a quick post I have a couple extra specials that are immediately available. $8000 plus shipping.

Pm sent

#17 2 years ago

Trying to patiently wait for final invoice, instead of email distributor. Good to see we will all have games soon. Could have bet this would happen as I got sick of tying up money with no updates and bought a CV and a SM in the last week. oopps my wife just laughed and said you knew it would happen.

#18 2 years ago
Quoted from polishedball:

Trying to patiently wait for final invoice, instead of email distributor. Good to see we will all have games soon. Could have bet this would happen as I got sick of tying up money with no updates and bought a CV and a SM in the last week. oopps my wife just laughed and said you knew it would happen.

Glad I’m not the only one staring at my email obsessively in hopes I get to give them my money. Too funny on your other new pins, isn’t this pinball market fun? Lol!

#19 2 years ago

Thanks for starting this page.

#20 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinster5000:

Too funny on your other new pins, isn’t this pinball market fun? Lol!

I had to get them as they were pretty much local and I could check them out and not ship, but ouch just getting back into the hobby 3 years ago after a decade away these prices really hurt. At least the SM only cost me $800 more than i sold my last one for 10 years back, but not talking about CV lol.

#21 2 years ago
Quoted from polishedball:

Could have bet this would happen as I got sick of tying up money with no updates and bought a CV and a SM in the last week. oopps my wife just laughed and said you knew it would happen.

Thank you for jump starting the shipments.

#22 2 years ago

Just checked with distributor. Most only got one for display/showroom, but should be seeing larger quantities in the next few weeks. Getting closer!

#23 2 years ago

I'm glad these are finally shipping! I hope the code is updated enough to make this the pin it was always meant to be .

#24 2 years ago

Press Start in Reno NV has one set up and playing.

#25 2 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I'm glad these are finally shipping! I hope the code is updated enough to make this the pin it was always meant to be .

The default code completes the game as envisioned by the original WMS team. The original code can be selected as well though it used the new XL dots and not the original ones.

#26 2 years ago

Patiently waiting for LE for home. So thankful CGC tackled this title. The new Bart sculpture looks great. I look forward to knocking his teeth out.

#27 2 years ago

Hoping someone streams one of these soon!

#28 2 years ago
Quoted from flipperstick:

Thanks for starting this page.

Do you we really need another thread about the same game?

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

Do you we really need another thread about the same game?

This is the Official Club thread that can only be started after a pin was delivered to a buyer. Every pin has only 1 official club thread.

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

Do we really need another thread about the same game?

This is the official club thread for owners.

The opening post will be updated with information relevant to owners (common issues, FAQs, etc) as the community experience with the game evolves. This thread essentially replaces the pre-order thread which will no longer be maintained.

The hype thread is still active for other related discussion.

#31 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinster5000:

Glad I’m not the only one staring at my email obsessively in hopes I get to give them my money. Too funny on your other new pins, isn’t this pinball market fun? Lol!

I’ve never in my life checked my junk email folder more than in the last couple of weeks…..Just In Case!!! Lol

#32 2 years ago

Just got them email from Joe at PinballSTAR it says "SE games are on the production line now and have started shipping. Orders fulfilled in order they were / are placed". WOO HOO it's happening!

#33 2 years ago
Quoted from Heavyk:

Just got them email from Joe at PinballSTAR it says "SE games are on the production line now and have started shipping. Orders fulfilled in order they were / are placed". WOO HOO it's happening!

Nice I ordered day of announcement, hoping my distributor placed the order quickly.

#34 2 years ago
Quoted from CoolCatPinball:

Seriously?!?! My distro still says "no word from cgc" as of last night!!

Some dealers don't pre sell games so this can happen... for us it is cuz most of our sales are SEplus and LE so these were a flash in the pan. I am sure your distro will reach out soon! There coming...

#35 2 years ago

Not sure how long my SE will take - but when I get it - it WILL be streamed
Keep an eye on http://www.youtube.com/c/PinballMayhem & https://www.twitch.tv/pinball_mayhem_jeremy

#36 2 years ago

Cannot wait for the LE's to ship

#37 2 years ago

I’ve owned several pins but this will be my first new in box, can’t wait to get it. I wonder how many pins CGC can build a day and how many Cactus Canyons they plan to build total.

#38 2 years ago
Quoted from Gallatinfly:

I’ve owned several pins but this will be my first new in box, can’t wait to get it. I wonder how many pins CGC can build a day and how many Cactus Canyons they plan to build total.

Once things get rolling I think they can pump them out pretty quickly. Maybe not Stern level quick but quick enough. I am super excited!

#39 2 years ago
Quoted from Gallatinfly:

I’ve owned several pins but this will be my first new in box, can’t wait to get it. I wonder how many pins CGC can build a day and how many Cactus Canyons they plan to build total.

I believe about 60-65 or so a week

#40 2 years ago

Gameplay from one of the other threads.


It's probably ridiculous, but this angle brings a lot of my attention to the posts. They stand out too much being black and I'm thinking brown may fit the theme/look better.

#41 2 years ago
Quoted from Hemispheres:

Hey all, just a quick post I have a couple extra specials that are immediately available. $8000 plus shipping.

Quick note. I have bought a number of NIB Games from Kurt and Mark at Hemispheres Amusements. Those guys are great and their customer service is outstanding. I’d actually be getting my game if I hadn't decided on an LE.

#42 2 years ago
Quoted from The-Hum:

Gameplay from one of the other threads.
It's probably ridiculous, but this angle brings a lot of my attention to the posts. They stand out too much being black and I'm thinking brown may fit the theme/look better.

Not ridiculous. Customization can be super fun and add up.

#43 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Not ridiculous. Customization can be super fun and add up.

Speaking of… looking forward to some tasteful mods!

#44 2 years ago
Quoted from MachineGunGuy:

Quick note. I have bought a number of NIB Games from Kurt and Mark at Hemispheres Amusements. Those guys are great and their customer service is outstanding. I’d actually be getting my game if I hadn't decided on an LE.

I also live in WI are they charging you Sales tax?

#45 2 years ago

I have moved the FAQ section to the bottom of the opening post. Please PM me if there are other questions you would like to see included.

#46 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I have moved the FAQ section to the bottom of the opening post. Please PM me if there are other questions you would like to see included.

Nice job putting all the info together!

#47 2 years ago
Quoted from JohnTTwo:

I also live in WI are they charging you Sales tax?

They are not.

It is technically the responsibility of the purchaser to pay the sales tax. There is a spot on the Wisconsin Income Tax Form where you can voluntarily pay any uncharged sales tax.

#48 2 years ago

Great start to this thread. Thanks for the detailed summary of current info.

#49 2 years ago

Cannot wait for my LE. Too exciting!

#50 2 years ago

Hoping that some one makes a mod for the train tracks to look like the LE. *cough* looking at Tmezel

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