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Buying my first pin

By KyleCat

4 years ago

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    #1 4 years ago

    I have never owned a pinball machine, but I have researched quite a bit on them. I am guessing you don't really know anything til you have a bad experience, which is why I wanted to talk to you guys. I am 13 and have been saving my money for quite some time. I am an entrepreneur. I am located in San Antonio, TX. I don't plan on buying new pinball's because I don't trust shipping. I have a pretty broad interests board. I was also wondering if once I am done with school I could resell the machine, so resell value is VERY important to me. But I also don't want money to get in the way with how much fun I have. If I am buying an older SS game my budget is $3000. If I am buying a newer to modern SS my budget is $5000 or less. I am leaning to Williams or Bally because I think they are a little bit higher grade as far as parts go. I am not interested in a Stern unless I can get a good deal (I think they will shrink dramatically in value). I haven't an inkling on price, as the only thing I have gone off of is eBay sold section. I am trying to get a good deal on my first pin (good things come to those that wait.)

    Thanks for stopping by

    #4 4 years ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Somebody in the same area as this dude hook him up with his first pin! Welcome to the hobby! If I was in your area I would definitely sell you a game. Try and find other collectors in your area to possibly help you find a pin or sell you one of theirs. Your budgets are realistic and should get you your first pin soon.
    Good luck!

    Thanks! I have found a T2 dallas.craigslist .org/sdf/vgm/5269115164.html but I am kinda not that enthused to drive to Dallas and risk hurting the machine on the drive back.

    #7 4 years ago

    The top older SS's on my list would be; FunHouse, Pinbot, Taxi, Banzai Run (maby), WhirlWind. Most pin's before DMD in my list will be Williams (I have enjoyed them virtually and IRL), I can't really seem to get into any non-Williams pins before 1991. For my list on top new SS pins I have; T2, TOM, TOTAN, NGG, STNG, Scared Stiff (first pin I ever played), AFM (doubt I can get a good one for under $5,000), WPT, and ST LE. If there are any that you think I might like feel free to suggest.

    #10 4 years ago
    Quoted from lancestorm:

    Didn't you say you were 13? How do you drive? Oh, Texas

    My dad is a pinball enthusiast as well, he doesn't mind driving.

    Quoted from Wickerman2:

    All those are great...Funhouse and Whirlwind should be easy to find in your price range. Both are great and usually really dependable. Hard to find a pristine playfield in that era though if you care about that...

    I saw a WhirlWind in excellent condition in SA for $1500, that was a long time ago too bad I was broke at that time :/

    #16 4 years ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    My advice:
    1. Don't pay for shipping
    2. Don't buy a new pin
    3. Don't buy something you can't inspect in person
    4. Use this price guide! (Can't post links yet)
    5. Don't pay more than $200 over the "Average Since 11/25/14"
    6. Offer LESS than the average if the game isn't nice.
    Don't ignore older Sterns, because there are some great deals to be had. I sold my Nascar for $1800 and it's a very fun, dependable pin. Most Sterns under $3k have already fallen as far as they're going to.

    Thanks a lot! This guide is superb I saw that maby I can snag a NGG for a fair deal!

    #19 4 years ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    Out of your list, I'd focus on Whirlwind, Taxi, T2, Pinbot and WPT. Or any 90's B/W title under $2500.

    Sure will!

    #21 4 years ago

    dallas .craigslist .org/dal/for/5231485866.html I have only virtually played this pin. Since it has good reviews I am assuming this a decent pin that will hold value. From what I am seeing this looks like a good pin. Curious if I am getting a deal or not is the real thing. From looking at swampfire's link it looks like I am pretty safe on this pin. +its licensed so no remake

    #29 4 years ago

    Should I act now? I might be able to snag it Sunday. If you think I should then I will request a video of debug mode testing all solenoids and gameplay to ensure that the probes, flipper strength, ball retrieval, ect work.

    #33 4 years ago

    What usually breaks? Whats to look out for? I can hardly find this stuff online.

    #37 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wickerman2:

    https:/ /pinside .com/pinball/forum/topic/sttng-what-to-look-for

    Thanks. I have contacted the chap asking for infrared and solenoid test videos before we drive 300 miles.
    Anything else I should ask about?

    #43 4 years ago
    Quoted from VolunteerPin:

    Can I contact your dad and see if he will let me adopt you? My 13 year old won't play pinball if I pay him
    Seriously though congrats on your focus and dedication. It will benefit you the rest of your life. Keep us posted on what you decide to do. Another thought not mentioned is Johnny Mnemonic. I think that pin is as fun/fast as Tron and nearly as flowy as Stern Star Trek but easily in your price range. If the STTNG doesn't work out that maybe another title to look at.

    I understand, hardly any of my friends want to go to Pinballlz Arcade with me and I'm like wth.

    #44 4 years ago

    Trying to find dimensions on the web for the big Bertha. I can only find weight and wow 300 pound beast. That's a lot of metal, roms, glass, wood, and plastic. Anyone care to measure their STTNG or link me to dimensions?

    #45 4 years ago

    Nvm just downloaded the flier from ipdb.

    #46 4 years ago

    Still no response from the email :/

    #49 4 years ago

    ugh guess I will have to wait. It will all be worth it if he responds with more details. I hope he doesn't say the S word. (sold)

    #50 4 years ago

    http://houston .craigslist.org/tag/5270036566.html

    Curious if this is a good deal or not. Help appreciated.
    Might be able to haggle him down to $4500

    #59 4 years ago

    I think I am going to wait it out on the STTNG and if I don't get an email within the next 2 weeks I will pray to God that the TAF is still up

    #60 4 years ago
    Quoted from Toasterdog:

    Tough to tell from the pictures. I think it's an okay price at best personally. It's a reimport , but the Fester scoop looks fairly clean. I would ask for better pics before making the drive.
    I might hit the seller up of the STTNG again to see if it's available. Might have been intimidated by the whole video of opto/ir testing.
    Had similar experiences with well priced cars on CL. If it's an easy sale, they don't want to jump through too many hoops to make a sale. Hell, I had a tough time getting VIN #'s.

    My dad emailed him as well (didn't know he was going to email him). Not a reply to any of our emails. My dad's was pretty welcoming compared to mine.

    #66 4 years ago

    imagine how many memories are in landfills

    #69 4 years ago

    I noticed no good gophers was somewhere around $3500. Is that a usual price?

    #72 4 years ago

    The problem with that is that I do care about resell value. I may be wrong but when you open a NIB I am pretty sure they drop $300-$800 after you open it.

    #74 4 years ago

    This is what I was thinking, I buy the pin at a decent price, I play the ever loving crap out of the thing, make modifications down the road, and then when I need a car I will sell the pin. (knowing my self I will become emotionally to the pin and never sell it and pass it down to my kids.)

    #76 4 years ago

    Luckily I don't just have 5K but I still don't really want to spend more then 3.5k but that's my budget just in case of a mm or afm.

    #82 4 years ago

    Nope, he is just a player not a collector. But when I move out I am sure he will get some. (I am taking mine with me )

    #83 4 years ago

    Found a local guy that has a TOM and a STTNG. Hoping he can part with one.

    #84 4 years ago

    Anyone have an idea on how much Street Fighter 2's run for in excellent condition?

    #86 4 years ago


    #89 4 years ago

    The guy said there was someone before me on the STTNG so as of now I am trying to talk to a local guy selling a TOM. I think I should of left out that I am 13 because he hasn't responded yet. (He may not take my interest seriously)

    #91 4 years ago

    Thanks for your concern. My dad will be with me helping me negotiate and inspect.

    #93 4 years ago

    Can someone price check this TOM https://sanantonio.craigslist .org/vgm/5285145625.html
    Thanks a lot!

    #94 4 years ago

    The guy said $4700 and I think that's above market and ridiculous.

    #99 4 years ago

    Already have! Man that place rocks! Just wish they had better lighting. I stayed there from 11 to 6 and damn my back hurt after that. Kinda wish they had chairs. My profile pic is me there.

    #100 4 years ago

    I am going to try to get him down to 4 because all the art is fine but the rubbers are bad and some of the metal is rusted on the trim. He said there might be some minor issues with the parts.

    #106 4 years ago

    I have already spoke to him. He said he would sell them separately but he is selling them for $4700 each and the EM for $800.

    #111 4 years ago

    I'm home schooled and I love it. No distractions, no dress code, and you are more comfortable while you work. No fights, no mean teachers (unless aunt flow), and I can go on more vacations.

    #113 4 years ago

    I dont plan on spending that much. But that is a great pin.

    #114 4 years ago

    Do ToM's run hot? I hope not, my room already doesn't get very much A/C.

    #117 4 years ago

    None local. But I've heard that is a great pin that isn't talked about much. I am going for either the TOM or STTNG. Depends on both there conditions. Which one is worth more, the guy is selling them both $4700 each?

    #119 4 years ago

    That's what I figured. Thanks.

    #124 4 years ago

    I am going to look at the pins but before any negotiating happens I need to run some tests on the pins. Check the flipper strength, test solenoids, ect.

    #126 4 years ago

    Is $4700 a good deal? From my research if seems barely under market, but I think it will rise in price.

    #130 4 years ago
    Quoted from practicalsteve:

    Not sure if you are in this for the right reason. Its a FAIR price to be sure. Your going to be hard pressed to find some magical 3k$ TOM somewhere. You said you want it to raise in value within the next few years... who knows what will happen by then. Pinball is seeing a resurgence in popularity, whether or not it holds is anyone's guess. Could be that people start getting bored of the hobby and everyone moves on.
    Right now you see a huge influx of people into the hobby around my age (thirties). Why? because we remember these games being in arcades, they are nostalgic. We are now settling into homes where we have space and our jobs give us some disposable income. we wantto relive our youth. The next generation may not feel that way. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, you are one of them, but I bet people your age are the extreme minority on here. There might not be a high demand in a few years which drives these high prices. Who knows what the next big nostalgia thing will be.
    Buy a game because you love it and want to play it. Sure no one wants to lose money down the road, but its a possibility. I look at it this way. Say I bought a TOM, a $4700 game. Say in five years the bubble bursts, no one cares anymore, at least most people don't, now its only demanding $2500 if I wanted to sell it.
    Ask me why I don't care.
    Glad you asked, lots of reasons. I had countless hours of fun playing it. Friends over and tournaments at my house. I had a lot of fun cleaning it, repairing it, maybe adding things to it. That's the FUN value. Its hard to put a dollar amount on the hours of fun I have had. Second reason. Its not going to be just that one game going down in price, ALL $4700 games will go down. If I still love the hobby I can always trade it for a White Water or a STTNG, there will still be comparable games out there for trade. As soon as I buy a pin I consider that money gone. At that point its a game I can trade or sell to get the next one.
    So if all you are hoping to do is make money and thats your primary goal you may as well stop. The projects and cheap deals are few and far between (and rarely on craigslist). If you are looking to have fun and build memories then go for it.

    Thanks. I kinda needed that. I had lost sight on the real prize after all my years of saving.

    #132 4 years ago
    Quoted from PinballManiac40:

    KyleCat , did you decide on a theme that you would want the most?
    Up until Christmas is a really good time to find different theme machines.
    So far, you seem to be considering anything that is popping up on Craigslist and Pinside in Texas.
    Buying the first available game turns out to be some of the worse choices.
    Best to figure out which 5 machines you want the most in your price range and hunt those down.
    Hate for you to get a machine and find out you don't like playing it after a week.
    I used Youtube a lot when I was searching for my first 5 machines.
    I will have a Demolition Man for sale before Christmas. At some point a Stargate too, but will be after Christmas.
    There are many collectors in Houston I keep in touch with that have games for sale as well. One has a modded Metallica Pro for sale now.

    So far I am only going for pins I "enjoy playing". Which is mainly late 80's to early 2000's. It could be taxi or ac/dc for all I care. As long as it is worth my while. After thinking a little harder I think I am trying to go for games with "deeper code". A game in which would have a large plot with certain goals and then after completing all the minor goals you get to face the "master" goal. Where lets just reference TOTAN where you have to rescue the princess and slay all the genie's skeles. But I still would like a pin which is more for going for score like on Pinbot where the code isn't nearly as deep. I have only played TOM virtually but I enjoy it.

    #134 4 years ago
    Quoted from practicalsteve:

    I'm glad you took it that way, I wasn't trying to be rude or a jerk, that shows real maturity on your part. I really hope you find a great game for a great price.

    I'm glad you told me. I was getting a little desperate.

    #139 4 years ago

    Just got back from a long day of picking up and standing. I have a TOM in my room for a great price. I payed $4400 and he gave me a new rubber kit, 10 trunks, new cord, and a brains worth of info. The guy was one of the nicest men I had ever met. He was like finding a marshmallow in a box of Lucky Charms.

    #143 4 years ago

    I plan on keeping them until they range over $60 each.

    #144 4 years ago

    Does anyone have any idea whats going on here? On my TOM the sound won't go below 8. Any ideas are good ideas!

    #146 4 years ago

    Thanks! Will try that once I get all my vacuuming done tomorrow. The playfield only has one wear spot that is a tiny scratch in the left outlane to the flipper. Everything else is vibrant, exciting, and attractive. The guy gave me 3 boxes of every type of bulb for the machine. So tomorrow I am going to test all the flashers and lamps and get everything working. Then around Christmas I will clown puke the lamps and leave the flashers fluorescent.

    #151 4 years ago

    Couldn't take any good pictures cause my dad wouldn't let up on his "silver ball apprenticeship"







    #153 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot! Sure will.

    #156 4 years ago

    Thank you, I will enjoy this for years to come and pass it on in the family.

    #158 4 years ago

    I already put some black magic tire cleaner on it!
    Any other solutions?

    #163 4 years ago

    I have blinds but when I took that picture my window was open. In about a week my whole house is going to get triple pane 95% UV blocking windows

    #166 4 years ago

    They got me pointed in the right direction. I was having problems with the trunk being to weak in sensitivity where you had to hit the dead center for it to count. I got my eddy tuned in perfect.

    #168 4 years ago

    lol. I am just keeping them unless they go up to 60-80ish

    #169 4 years ago

    Anyone ever use hobbyroms.com to get WPC roms? I am looking to get 1.3X and get the anti ghosting code compiled in there too. Curious if this guy is trust worthy or not. From what it looks like on other pin forums they swear by him.

    #171 4 years ago

    I don't think he sells the led ghosting patches.

    #173 4 years ago

    I know that but its going to run me far more then it would just using this compiled rom.

    #179 4 years ago

    Just got back from west Texas, awesome mountains and good hiking trails. Came home to the novus 2 I ordered and other miscellaneous parts. Got my table VERY shiny and the ball sometimes rolls too fast. I think I have more fun cleaning and fixing then I do playing. I am loving this hobby. Thank you to everyone's advice.

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