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Buyer Beware!!!!! (Treasure Cove)

By Kal_el

3 years ago

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#55 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

Upon further inspection the WPU board was severely damaged due to severe battery acid damage.
I had e-mail and texted Ray for a week. With no reply. Last night he finally e mailed me back and now he's lying and basically saying the WPU just got this damage in the week I've had it.
As you can see, he discounted the game $200.00. Not, $800.00 like he's saying and claiming the acid damage happened since last Monday,1-30-17.
I have nothing but respectful and polite throughout this process with him.

Just informed of this post..and I wont let someone like Matt Dodge throw me and my brothers business under the bus with all his lies and made up BS! We don't do business that way!! Matt Dodge claims he has been emailing me for a week?? HA BS..try 1 day! And texts he sent late last night plus an email today, wanting me to reimburse him for an MPU he bought for a game I sold him? Why didn't he contact me first with any kind of problems he had.. or even call or allow me to offer a solution like exchanging the MPU first for one I have here..or allow me to have a tech come over and look at the game, before he takes it on himself to buying a new one?? And I would not have knowing sold it anyway with a corroded board so I don't know what game he is playing..or if that is even the corroded MPU that came from the game? Since Matt has lied to me about all the supposed emails he has sent for over a week I find him to be dishonest. The game needed cosmetic cabinet work and we bought the game from a collector in Cincy as a trade. Allen and I had intentions of restoring the game and selling for $3995 but since he passed I decided to sell it for less a week later, to help pay some of his funeral expenses, which is why the 2 invoices . I discounted the game $200, gave him free $140 prep packing and a polish kit and decals also for free. Yes I tested it and it worked fine, wasn't restored which I explained to him on the phone. He then emailed asking if the Deadworld worked fine which I answered him..yes(read his post). I have since just called the collector I got this from and he verified with me No Way the board was corroded when he sold it to me. I sent outside game pics to show him the cabinet wasn't perfect. Matt Dodge has played the game for a few weeks since getting it from NAVL and now notices MPU corrosion? And here is the last email I sent him...not what he says above.

Matt, sorry you are angry, but I am not going to pay you for a new board you ordered "without contacting us first" before doing so! Normally we would have you send the board back and we would decide to repair or fix it and then send it back to you. The game was tested and did work here ..and for you when you got it from NAVL.  Re: The Discount..$340 (according to you) which is more than enough to pay for a new board anyway.

#61 3 years ago

Here is all the emails sent and you can see the one is from Feb 1 not a week ago??


I e-mailed you last week. Battery acid damage like that has clearly been going on for more than a week.

Again, this was not a thoroughly tested and working 100% like you stated. Which is why I paid that amount.

Sent from my iPhone

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> On Feb 1, 2017, at 11:19 AM, <ray@aye.net> <ray@aye.net> wrote:
> Matt, sorry you are angry, but I am not going to pay you for a new board you ordered "without contacting us first" before doing so! Normally we would have you send the board back and we would decide to repair or fix it and then send it back to you. The game was tested and did work here ..and for you when you got it from NAVL.  Re: The Discount..$340 (according to you) which is more than enough to pay for a new board anyway.
> Quoting matt dodge <mdodge@hotmail.com>:
>> Sir,
>> Battery acid damage like that doesn't happen in a week. You  discounted the game from $3,400 to $3,200 stated "game was throughly  tested and working 100%".
>> You should make this right.
>> Thanks,
>> Dodge
>> Sent from my iPhone
>>> On Feb 1, 2017, at 8:12 AM, Ray <ray@aye.net> wrote:
>>> Matt, Sorry for the problem, you played for a while now so I don’t  know what happened. ..but I cant reimburse you for the board. I  discounted the game to you from $3995 to $3200 because my brother  had just passed away. If you remember, I didn’t charge you the $120   "Shipping Prep" we always charge either.
>>> -----Original Message----- From: matt dodge
>>> Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 12:55 AM
>>> To: Ray
>>> Subject: Re: Judge Dredd
>>> Sir,
>>> The game start button doesn't work and memory doesn't save. Upon  further inspection, the MPU has severe battery acid damage. I  texted you a few pics, I'll e-mail some as well. Would you be  willing to reimburse for the MPU?
>>> I already ordered one as this probably the main culprit.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Dodge
>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>> On Jan 31, 2017, at 9:44 PM, Ray <ray@aye.net> wrote:
>>>> OK Matt.. whats up??
>>>> -----Original Message----- From: matt dodge Sent: Tuesday, January  31, 2017 8:39 PM To: Ray Subject: Judge Dredd
>>>> Sir,
>>>> If you could e-mail me or text me I would appreciate it.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Dodge

#128 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

He's you're brother?! Soooooo I see how this is going to go.

DODGE STOP NOW!! You wont post this kind of BS against my brother!! Understand! And regarding your posts here you made a week ago?? Sorry I don't read this forum, which is different from sending "direct emails like you said" a week ago, texts! You could have easily just called me a week ago...but didn't ...as if you didn't have my phone number..expecting me to read posts you made about a problem you have?? Ridiculous! Since I haven't seen any invoice of what you bought, who you bought it from.. or the price you paid, I have refunded your paypal $149 for what Arcadeshop.com charges for a new one. If you paid more, then you should have asked here the best place to buy it on the forum first before ordering.or contacted me first before buying it. Do me and my late brother a favor and donate your old MPU board to someone financially strapped on the forum here that could seriously use it. And the next time you have a problem with a game or a part, try calling the vendor first before posting negativity on all the forums.

#231 3 years ago

WOW!! Unbelievable...reading some of these forum members comments here, like asshole Terrapin99 made bashing my brother years ago!

This Matt Dodge guy creates 2 threads, one yesterday and one a week ago... its Buyer Beware..and its Treasure cove is now the biggest piece of shit scammer that has ever lived, with all these f--’ comments before I even know whats going on??

He bought a JD with eagle topper, non-broken ramps, new rubbers, LEDs, new Pursuit Ramp covers etc etc for $3K...not a minty fresh clearcoated restoration.. as if I charged him 2K too much or something? The game worked for me and Dodge said it worked when he got it.. so WTF. And now, its we have scammed him for $3K and he didn’t get what he was promised? Gimme a break..read further? I would like to know where these forum guys buy and sell JDs for 1500-2500?
I questioned his intentions because he owns other games, and we have had guys trying to pull a fast one swapping boards or parts from different games, trying to get a refund from us. So I am the asshole for not questioning his intentions>

I know it doesn’t matter but the other facts are, ..believe it or not I didnt see the corrosion(I don’t care if you believe me or not)!! Not to mention, I probably wasn’t working on 100% shortly after my brother passed in DEC...but not of some members concern here I see..right! Kick my ass. and my bad... for not inspecting every single inch of 1 game for a customer that I may have made $200 on..

I am not making excuses for not seeing the corrosion, but he lied to me from the get go texting me 2 times late Tuesday night with a phone text(wanna see it) that he somehow.. has been “emailing me” personally for a week..NOT.. when in fact I find he was posting on another forum topic he started, without FIRST allowing us the benefit to correct a problem first with a simple phone call to avoid all this ?? I had no idea what he was even texting me about Tues night and it looked really sounded strange when I read it the next morning?

Yeah I know, according to him he has desperately tried to contact us because he got scammed for $3K and we didn’t help him?? Wed morn he then sends this email, with some small corroded pic of a board, telling me that he has just up and bought a new board from someone a week ago and expects me to pay him for it? Yeah right, w/o the pleasure of me seeing the paid invoice or a chance to replace it from stock we have?? Excuse me, but it sounded like some kind of Customer Scam BS! And I bet not one member here would just fire off a refund immediately, seeing “Just One” small close up ..(not the serial number pics) of board corrosion w/o talking to him. What happened to using a phone when he saw the corrosion? Also when he first got the game from NAVL he called me 2 times with a threats claiming I didn’t send him the topper.? I told him twice the topper was packed and tied down under the playfield. So to me his intentions are very bad..because he cant call me FIRST for some damn reason and thats why I called him a liar about the corrosion?

Why didn’t Mr Matt Dodge also see the corrosion either on the hi res pics I sent before he bought it I have no idea, or am I the only one needing glasses? He didn’t ask the first question about boards so I “assumed” (excuse me) he wasn’t a newbie and knew what he was buying, especially since he also owns other games? Had I seen the corrosion when it was in the shop First I would have fixed it or replaced it beforehand with the many other MPU boards I have. The game worked for me here and Dodge said it worked when he got it. If Marco sold you a bad board, do you think they will just automatically reimburse you for another one you just up and buy elsewhere, so gimme a fucking break.

This kind of topics and comments made are exactly the reason why my brother and many other have quit posting offering restoration tips, help and tricks here, because some of the Forum members that constantly post hate here are just “game players” and not sellers or game restorers. They enjoy making assinine comments without knowing the facts!! And the sad fact is they don’t care either because its no sweat off their ass.

However thankfully.. most of the members on here contribute to the hobby with their expertise and knowledge to help others..

#235 3 years ago

Yeah and now i see Matt Dodge has posted here 3 times since last night he didnt get his precious refund yet ..again we are the scammers!! FYI, Matt Paypal money had to be moved around last night from another account and will be paid shortly after lunch..Trust Me...Thanks for your patience! Do me a favor Matt, and post here your invoice for the MPU board you bought last week and the supplier so we can see your problem has been taken care of.

#242 3 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

So, did you buy a new board already? You stated you had and wanted to be reimbursed for the purchase.

Yeah he told me in the email and everyone here he already bought a new board?? So now he didnt a week ago?? Thats why I didnt offer to send him one from my stock?? I really want to see his invoice...

#248 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Will be paid???? You came on here last night and claimed you already sent a refund!
You are a liar, period. Everything you come on here and claim can be considered complete bullshit.
Keep digging....

I guess you didnt or cant read that Paypal money had to be moved around first?? Why dont you just pay him for me since it concerns you so much smart ass !! Duh1

#280 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Kal_el...two things to put this to rest. A screenshot of the board you ordered last week and a screen shot of your sent email to ray with last week's date. So far all your screen grabs show Feb 1. Now you don't owe us anything but it would solidify your time line of events and eliminate any doubts.

Yeah he has yet to show any of us the emails he sent a week ago, and hasn't sent a copy of the invoice for the board he supposedly bought a week ago either... and Dodge I got the info from where you said it worked on the damn post you made a week ago!

#287 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

The post you said you didn't see?

Yeah read it yesterday after it was posted here! Regardless Matt Dodge isn't going to post his invoice for a board he bought a week ago...because he didn't buy it yet!!
Anyway I paid him the $149 friends and family just now as the money cleared. Here is the Unique Transaction ID # 13S20125CP357312U

#289 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

The $140 was going to karcade to buy a plug and rotten dog with the forever battery. Yes it's more than $150 because I don't know how to take out the chips. Want the e-mails?

It was going?? So In other words YOU NEVER BOUGHT AND PAID FOR AN MPU BOARD LAST WEEK!! So Who is the f--in LIAR!! Just like you never sent me an email last week either!!

#307 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

You need some help dude. No playing, no sarcasam, no ill will. Get some help. Talk to a friend and decompress. Ok? We'll talk later. Just log off and we'll talk later. Just do that. Log off and we'll talk later.
Take care.

Do you even have a phone or use it?? No thanks..you cant bother to call me a week ago when you saw corrosion before you started all this? I would have gladly sent you a replacement board and tried to help you....I guess you aren't going to own up to your "supposed board purchase" you made either..or the emails sent last week? I seriously didn't see any corrosion before it left here...Believe it or not! I played 2 dozen games or more ..You have your $149 ...good luck!

#330 3 years ago
Quoted from Kal_el:

If any of you have any questions e-mail me. I'll give you and answer however I best can.
Ray gave the price for a board. I was ripped off but what's done is done.
Thank you all for the helping me.
Ray, I wish you the best in all endeavors.

Thanks for the comments ..you as well, please close the thread!

#372 3 years ago
Quoted from TxJay:

I wonder if TC would be willing to sell the business? I would offer to purchase it right now while there is some worth to it, but I feel that if they wait to long it will not be worth anything and he will just have to close shop. Pitty.

Yeah sure..call me but why would you want it? According to all the guys here I am dead..

#373 3 years ago

This thread needs to remain open to serve as warning to anyone who would do business with Treasurecove. The amount of customer disservice here is incredible. Sweeping problems like this under the rug just encourages more abuse.

Well if it isnt Larry Scott aka Metallik.. How ya been buddy? I never will forgot when my brother and I drove to Cincy about 10 yr ago to buy a few games from you. A HUO TZ and a few others we were looking at.. never will forgot my brother catching you telling fairy tales about how your HUO games were just regular route games. Nice but not HUO, everything way overpriced and we left empty with a lesson learned scratching our heads. Remember that? You are the pot calling the kettle black arent you!! What about ole Pinlicious and his Tshirts LOL!! See ya buddy

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