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BSDracula 3-D Tombstone-cover

By Morpheus

3 years ago

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#127 3 years ago

Im new to the party but very interested as well! I'd be in on the bulk deal and mail one from the U.S. if possible

#128 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I'm in,looks great.
Nice fit.

I get his spot! Haha

1 month later
#239 3 years ago

Just confirming I'm in for just an original..not both!

#245 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Noted...and you'll regret moving BSD!!!



1 month later
#294 2 years ago

waiting for Canadian shipping!! thanks man

#314 2 years ago
Quoted from scylla:

Waiting on Canadian shipping and will then paypal immediately - thanks for all of this!

this! and whathefruk is an AMC Preacher?!?

#320 2 years ago

payment sent! thanks man
$81.10 CAD = $60 USD
Damn our dollar stinks!

#323 2 years ago

haha..all good man! appreciate your efforts!

#338 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Money sent via PayPal, the fastest way possible.

are u sure it's the fastest?!?

2017-07-27-13-31-13- (resized).jpg

1 week later
#359 2 years ago

Only another 30 peeps or so left to pay! Quite the task you are taking on Colson! much appreciated man! Looking forward to the upgrade that Morpheus came up with..woot!

1 month later
#410 2 years ago

Morpheus..you are a bad ass mofo! Thanks man .. and thanks Colson for hooking us up! Faakin Deadly!

#421 2 years ago

You can ship mine in that Gorgar! That'd be great,thanks!

1 week later
#427 2 years ago

Pretty sure he will post in this thread when your plastic tombstone cover has shipped! Relax and focus on your other 1st world problems.

1 week later
#451 2 years ago

I hope he gets 30 × "30 millions" next game he plays ..1st ball! Cheers!

#453 2 years ago

Hey Colson, You need to consider ditchin the Ron Jeremy lookin dracula and get one of these! I seen one on here painted with some red that would look sick on yours!

image1-2 (resized).JPG

#455 2 years ago

Sheeet, I didn't know that it takes long..i bought mine from the dude I got BSD from. Looks deadly tho!

#461 2 years ago

Thanks man!

20171003_095946 (resized).jpg

#463 2 years ago

Haha..I'll check the box again for the Columbian booger-sugar! And yes, that's my mutt. He was giving me the stink eye 'cause I tried to sneak to work without walking him! Very fast shipping! Everyone is going to be pleased with these! Way better than original!

#476 2 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Just installed my coffin mod from Brock along with the tombstone mod and found some fitment issues.
The tombstone mod isn't angled like the original and doesn't clear the main ramp which had to be trimmed when installed with brocks coffin. See pics.
I was worried about trimming the ramp but I thought ... What the hell, I've got the new replacements anyways!
Turned out well. Pm with any questions.

I've extended the tombstone back with a Mylar piece so it fits behind the coffin mod. My plastic cover or ramp will need to be modified.. not cutting the ramp yet tho! Gonna try and find another solution! I will post a pic when I figure it out! (You can see the lil extension bracket I cut out of Mylar that pushed it back into the ramp)

15073964976621319128065 (resized).jpg

#479 2 years ago

I'd slice the back of Morpheus's piece to fit the ramp but also have concern of it hitting the ball on the coffin lock .. i would have to cut the bottom corner out to let the ball roll past & not sure I wanna use the "smash to fit" technique yet!

#482 2 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

If I'm understanding you correctly ,
Extending the cover back will just make things worse with the tombstone mod on. Would have been great if the OP had made narrow covers for use with brocks coffin mod!

I think it would be tough to make this mod more narrow to use with Brocks coffin mod..just no room with the ball lock lights wires/sockets.. I laid the tombstone beside it for now while i figure out what I'm gonna do. Haha, don't mind it like this..but don't look quite right either!

1507431915887491710722 (resized).jpg

#500 2 years ago

What the heck?!? Did that just slide right in? Looks great!

1 week later
#541 2 years ago

Hey chef, where did u get that wolf mod?! Can u post a better pic of it?! Looks deadly..

#557 2 years ago

VERY cool of you to help make your friend's wedding memorable ! Im surprised you're alive enough to post!

#559 2 years ago

Nope..im gonna measure my posts right now to compare with Colson's #'s and remove that mylar spacer i made. See if i can get it to fit. I have a friend coming over to help with opto problems tonight so ill let ya know how it goes sooon!

#560 2 years ago

I got 'er done! I ended up moving the wire ramp forward( a small amount) by loosening and re-tightning where it mounts.(pic#4) I also slid the plastic base of the coffin forward where the screws will no longer line up. (Pic#3)took my mylar bracket off and used original mount plate. Tried a ball on the ramp and it passes by fine!(pic#1,2) The screw to hold down the 3-D cover dont line up but i'm sure it will stay put.

20171022_160704 (resized).jpg
20171022_160850 (resized).jpg
20171022_154508 (resized).jpg
20171022_160928 (resized).jpg

#561 2 years ago

The face of the tombstone is recessed in a bit to allow more clearance near the ramp. But looks cool! Im sending my village,graveyard& cave off to be custom painted..really want that wolf mod too! Dammmmit!

15087111025411412880416 (resized).jpg

#563 2 years ago

That red powder coating sure does pop! It's awesome to see young kids interest in pins! & crazy how good they are right away! Haha

#565 2 years ago

I didn't tighten the two screws (into hexheads) under the 3-D cover down super tight..left a bit of play in em. Also wondering if 30fathomDave left the 4 screws out of the coffin base & one on top of the cover as none of mine lined up. I dont mind mine like this..its not going to move i dont think.

#567 2 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Nice.. where can we get those?

Post #550 sir! Mezelmods...next week! I agree, they look sweet

#570 2 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

FYI, This mod will not fit with Brock's mod.

well, sheeeeet! They look cool anywiss!

#576 2 years ago

What about the clear speaker panel? I paid $190 CAD & was told it was the last one on eBay.. can you still get them?

#578 2 years ago

1 vote LED! the dots really seem to fit the older games in my opinion. I have an LCD for Metallica and thought it was the only way to go..then i got an LED for Dracula! Its so much better than than original! (Imagine that!)

#581 2 years ago

1508960177285732252471 (resized).jpg

#582 2 years ago

1508960371727865819968 (resized).jpg

#584 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

On BSD it requires a clear speaker panel as well. Both products linked.
ebay.com link » Williams Bram Stokers Dracula Pinball Machine Speaker Panel Dmd Brand New

That eBay link shows the speaker panel with a RED screen...not the CLEAR one needed for BSD..**EDIT **never mind! I see it only has a red film! Which is removable for the colordmd .

#587 2 years ago

I dont think u can peel the red film off the original.. i would be pissed if you can! Haha, i should go check! But pretty sure it's a red lens (not clear)

#600 2 years ago

Shit boys..you're right! Purple blood! Haha ..i never even noticed..im not very fussy with it being exact like the original..but i understand how some people want it the exact same. As soon as u turn the colordmd on..you'll stop looking at the speaker cover!

1 month later
#629 2 years ago
Quoted from smiley:

Put me down for an original, thanks. Update me on price with shipping to Canada too, please.

$62.64 USD.. you wont be disappointed!

#630 2 years ago

Actually..i shouldn't speak on that..appologies.. but its ballpark around that number i bet!

1 month later
#643 2 years ago

Search for Mollyspub 's posts..he sent his new tombtstone cover and bsd village,castle, and graveyard to the Modfather..it looks reeeal good and matches ALL the pieces together! Cheers to Colson for continuing to be a deadly pinsider!

20171022_163241 (resized).jpg

20171022_170833 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#704 2 years ago

Hope your feeling better Colson. You're a great community member and it's awesome of you to work with Morpheus and get these into peoples pins! I still love mine.. What a difference!

1521310025530885795607 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#710 2 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Is the money still not sent??? Ahhh, was hoping this wasn't going to be a multi-month wait...

If you want to PM me your address i will mail you mine from the first batch and have Colson mail me yours. It's a piece of plastic for a toy on a pinball machine! Gotta hate those multi-month wait's. Don't know Colson, but i bet he isn't getting paid to help you out and i bet he has a real life issue outside pinball preventing him from getting these shipped. But i also bet u that if ya just chill and have a lil patience... everything is gonna be aight... aight?! **Actually selling BSD tomorrow so no pm..aight!

3 weeks later
#737 2 years ago
Quoted from Shadrac:

Hi guys,
I bought my Tombstone from Jeroen aka Morpheus, it was sent fast, very good package, no problem at all, perfect deal.
Thanks again, this mod is just perfect for my beloved Dracula.
Love never dies.

The ones shipped by Colson were the exact same way. It costs too much money to ship each one individually to north America so that is why Colson stepped up and helped us all out. He didn't have to nor did he make any profits off them. Glad you enjoyed yours! They're a nice mod.

1 month later
#773 2 years ago

DIRECT...Awe pinside..

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$ 25.00

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