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Bro-in-law balled out by Ma-in-Law for playing too much

By pinnaf

4 years ago

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    #1 4 years ago

    I saw this train wreck coming a mile away.

    I have a decent collection of "cool" games in the basement. My wife's sister visits with her family usually 1x-maybe -2x per year. She comes with "family intow": husband (competitive guy that doesn't get out much, may have a little complex..... sort of thing...), 2 young boys (4,6) and new born baby.

    He has $ but says he doesn't want to own a pinball because he would play too much, so he just plays the shit out of mine each time he is here. Compliment to me? yeah.... How much play is being a dick about it. You see where this is going.

    More of family shows up, good eats, celebration, and family drinking (maybe a bit too much by some). The chatter by some is that he will help cook a meal (taking a real long time), meanwhile have his wife tend to the 3 small children. He tends to brag about how good of a cook he is. We all eat. Then sit and gab. Then people start to break up and watch the game, clean the kitchen, keep gabbing, kids will play - ya know FAMILY USA sort of thing. But this guy over the past 3 nights just dips away into the basement. Meanwhile his kids are still being tended to by the mother (his wife)... plus uncles, G-pa, and family but scuffles, toy tosses, tantrums, and family drama kicks in invariably. In the basement level, KISS is rockin hard , and so is the bottle of wine. (I don't play that much because I like to play but yes as Shatner would say "I GOTTA LIFE".

    Things get later, his younger kids break down quicker and "maybe its time for beddy-bye". The mother is nursing on 1 tet, cleaning kitchen with other hand, and separating the 2 fightin' young lads with her leg. (watch the spongebob episode: Rocka-bye-valve) We all help parent of course but YOU KNOW WHEN ITS TIME FOR MOM PLUS DAD to TAKE CHARGE and start the hard parenting. At some point my mother in law says "where is FATHER X"..... Someone will blow his cover and say he is downstairs playing pinball.

    IT BLEW UP LAST NIGHT (night 3 of 3)! Thank God, it took his/my Mother-in-Law to have an intervention with him infront of everyone and it was pretty darn uncomfortable but GOLF CLAPS FOR GRANDMA!!!! I feel bad because I could have maybe averted it getting to this point by maybe something like this :

    1 "hey I need to keep the plays low on my KISS LE?"
    2. "ya know pins tend to overheat"
    3. "go to the breaker box and flip the fuse switch- blame it on the house wiring or the damn power company
    4. or other claims that I try to limit the plays on my pins? sounds kinda chump
    5. "maybe you should get your own"
    6. LASTLY my type B personality makes it hard for me to do what's right: "DUDE, its time to be a DAD and give your poor wife a break"

    We are all not sure why the wife doesn't step up and stroll down nicely to the basement, grab the "father" by the ear like one of their kids and drag him upstairs to "tend to more important things"

    Not sure if he REALLY got it, he's a strong personality and think he may not take the info in and change his ways or adapt and evolve or "GET THE HINT!"

    I post this little story for your read, Maybe what I hope to get out of it is hints on how to subtly cut this off at the pass PRIOR to the next time they show. It wont be soon, but already thinking of the NUCLEAR OPTION for some reason on my end about the games. I just have to let his wife and mother-in-law deal with what is probably a deeper problem, its not my place.

    HAVE YOU USED SOME SORT OF STRATEGY TO LIMIT VISITORS' TIME IN THE GAME ROOM (but still be nice about it)??? Is there a friction timer thing that can be wired into the power plug? HA


    #12 4 years ago

    I just had to click back on the thread for the FIRST RESPONDERS!!!

    ha ha.... love it.... I can add this (like the pull the playfield up trick)

    he was playing at some point with someone else (VS.) on other games --- and he played so much I can tell you across 3 games this happened (WITHOUT ME CALLING THE REPAIR GUY (me))

    1. Scared Stiff - ball stuck up on top behind the left ramp frog on a stick
    2. TSPP - ball stuck between left wire ramp and comic book guy
    3. Whitewater - flipper spring broke or came off ("dead flipper") - I checked the next early AM before work.shhhhhh!

    so prior to night 2.5 that was three games down. Funny my youngest son that was playing with him here and there said to me...."HEY DAD the ball got stuck on 2 games" then later "HEY DAD WHITEWATER HAS A DEAD LEFT FLIPPER"... I was like hooooolllllleeyyyy shiiiiiiiiiit whats next "HEY DAD Addam's family is on fire"

    I quietly but loudly enough told my son..."ahhh man - now I gotta fix that, sorry don't have time now THE FAMILY IS ALL UPSTAIRS" so this IS one way, but was a quick random cure to not slide the glass down and roll the ball back into play. My son saw me wink at him and "GOT THE POINT!"

    I am waiting to hear someone comment about how he confronted a relative and said " HEY DUDE, PLAY 2-4 games and Get the "F" OUT. call it a HYPER TYPE A!

    #13 4 years ago

    LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR .. real clear ... CRYSTAL CLEAR...... the guy needs no "Brake from his kids".... moreover the WIFE NEEDS A BREAK. FLAT OUT.. so lets stop that train of thought/comment.

    They just came back from a Hawaii trip for 1 day to turn around and visit with us and other family, and while here he was booking ANOTHER trip to Hawaii for 2-3 weeks from now.. I exaggerate NOT! OH YEAH - THEY HAVE A BABY SITTER AT HOME (A lot)

    Drop the mic
    (on any thoughts that poor ole dad works too hard)

    #14 4 years ago

    I hear all the comments and the "hey that's why you have an arcade"

    but I kind of know why he plays... "to set a record" and wont leave a game until he does. IS THE FUN IN PLAYING A DAMN NICE GAME TO SET A RECORD. I guess this is whole new conversation thread. Its like the Capri Sun commercial dad

    #55 4 years ago
    Quoted from CCary:

    Ha! Lol... My poor buddy.

    HEY CC,


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