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Bride of Pinbot

By tallgrass

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I am thinking about one that is for sale for $1100. Is this price resaonable and what should I look for if I go see it? The guy claims he has owned it for 8 years, but says he will clean, strip, and wax playfield, adjust all switches, and replace all burned out bulbs. Does this shound like he has owned it for a long time of is flipping the pin?

#2 9 years ago

the guide I use lists it at $1250

sometimes it's hard to play a game your thinking of buying, talk with the owner and look for potential problems all at the same time.

if you could bring a friend have he/she play it as you watch or if your lucky someone who owns a bride of pinbot and knows the table inside out?
In the end your going to go with your gut feeling even if you sleep on it first.
good luck

#3 9 years ago

1100 is very reasonable for this pin as long as it has no wear on the playfield. Not exactly easy to find nice bride of pinbots.

#4 9 years ago

I couldn't say if he has owned it for that long, only that if you think he's lying I would be distrustful of the machine's condition...

I paid $1100 for my BoP and it was in great shape; the only playfield wear was a little around the drain lanes. The backglass had one little speck missing. The previous owner had replaced all the lights and put in a new ring kit.

Things I didin't notice until it was too late:

-The heart ramp was cracked and taped together. Check this vulnerability closely. The ramp will cost you about $110.

-The head switch (#67) and the head directional relay were both bad, causing the head to turn the wrong way during gameplay and really disrupt the enjoyment of the game. Either ask about this or demand to play the game for ten minutes. If it does occur, the parts aren't expensive but you'll be into it for some serious soldering and if that's not your bag, you'll be out of luck.

#5 9 years ago

Pull the glass off, throw some balls up the shuttle ramp, and MAKE SURE THE HEAD TURNS!

That, and check the condition of the shuttle and heart ramps at the entrance, both love to break in that area. Cliffy makes a protector set for this.


#6 9 years ago

Actually, if you're going to get the glass off, you might as well just use the testing utilities to check the head. Test #14 is the Head Cycle Test. It will rotate the head clockwise, kicking the coils where they should be kicking, then go backwards and do the same thing. This will repeat until you stop the test.

If the head doesn't go back and forth, seems confused about the proper rotation, or kicks the coils on the wrong faces, you have a problem with one of the parts I mentioned above. If you're even a bit savvy you can fix these parts pretty easily, and use the malfunction to try to drive down the price.

Of course, the seller may just tell you to piss off, at which point it becomes obvious that he'd rather sell the machine to someone unaware of the problems with the machine, thus making him untrustworthly.

#7 9 years ago

Thanks for all the advice.

#8 9 years ago

Great game when it works. Bought mine for $2100 2 years ago, had several problems with it..like hhaase and K said make sure the head works !!!!

#9 9 years ago

I got mine as part of a package deal (3 pin haul), and it's the only game I kept from that haul. In the end it cost me $900, but it's one of my most played games by my guests and family and I would easily pay $1,500 for it in the condition mine is in. It's my favorite game from the alphanumeric era, despite it's relative simplicity. The game is just fast and addictive fun, and I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up in the $900-$1,200 range if there isn't any condition issues.

#10 9 years ago

Yes, Maldoror. It is very hard to find a nice Bride these days.

#11 9 years ago

I bought my BOP before I got my more popular games I belive it was 1100.00 and it was well worth every penny. It is very fast and fun to play. I play it as much or more than my TZ or STNG. I have only replaced rubber rings , balls, and flippers and never had any problems at all.

#12 9 years ago

I bought my BOP for $175, but had to have the board repaired due to battery leakage. I found it and got to it first[hard to do on Craigslist!!!] because I searched Pin Ball instead of pinball! I also found my HUO TAF for $1600 the same way. I love it when people can't spell! I do the same on Ebay! I found a set of $200 floormats for my Navigator for $18 because he typed NavigatEr. NAVIGATOR WAS WRITTEN ON THE FLOORMATS!!!!!

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