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Breakshot club, members only...?

By DefaultGen

5 years ago

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#67 2 years ago

Hey guys, about to join the group.. I'll toss up some pics in a week or so when it arrives. Super excited. Any of you install NVram? got pics or suggestions?

1 week later
#72 2 years ago

Hey guys so the new toy came in! I got it for a great price however it did come with reset issues that I was aware of. Just working through troubleshoot now . It plays bloody amazing though!

My board doesn't have a c97 capacitor. Does yours?

IMG_8461 (resized).JPG

IMG_8489 (resized).JPG

IMG_8490 (resized).JPG

IMG_8491 (resized).JPG

#74 2 years ago
Quoted from guss:

My Breakshot doesn't have one. When you find out what the problem is would you let me know. My machine does the reset thing on the first or second game and then straightens out. As long as I keep the game on it plays great. If I turn the game off and back on it does the same thing.

Will do, maybe it's that cap? Haha half kidding.

1 month later
#76 2 years ago

Hey group, still battling my board issues but hopefully will have resolved with some new parts coming in.

I emailed Cliffy about protectors for the machine and he said its on his list and to keep checking in. Just wanted to gauge interest on any potential buyers, if we can get 5 or so people signed up to get some, it may speed up the process on getting them.

Comment if you're interested in some cliffies!

#80 2 years ago

Awesome, that's 4 so far. It wouldn't hurt to bug him =] . To be clear, this isn't really a group buy, it's more of a petition to get cliffy to make the protectors and sell us a few . Once we get 5 people I'll email him and let him and let him know we have about 90% of the breakshot owners on pinside lol

1 month later
#83 2 years ago

HeyCrew - Cliff got back to me and he’s working through making the protectors. Here is a teaser . Forgot to take a good before pic.

Keep you posted .

69170FC7-CA03-4EF2-BB2D-9AD7462C2860 (resized).jpeg

#87 2 years ago
Quoted from IN_Pins:

Did you get your reboot problems resolved? What did it take?

No actually - ran into a couple of snags on my own machine. Tried to replace the 5v regulator with the more efficient one and just ended up causing more problems.

I just ordered switching power supply that I am going to install to see if I can get some consistent 5v.

I did notice that the C96 470uf capacitor was way out of spec. Check that with an ESR or straight up replace it. The manual shows a 10v 470uf while I believe there was a 16 installed on my board. If you do replace it, I would stay with the 16 for a little headroom. The c96 capacitor was reading around 360uf so that could have been the root cause.

3 weeks later
#99 2 years ago

I’m doing the same thing right now. No, I don’t believe there is. Get a magnetic toolset maybe. In all honestly it’s not bad compared to games with ramps, those are a nightmare!

Also, another cliffy teaser . Should have it installed tomorrow!

8B477D57-0C84-444E-B881-D798B791230F (resized).jpeg

31B3986D-9557-41BB-85D8-585D4D879A40 (resized).jpeg

#101 1 year ago

Ok so the install was pretty rough but it’s done and it looks. Awesome. I will send some photos to cliff about the shooter lane but there may not be many options due to the design.

6D146E4E-5657-4247-A2FC-C1A8F02EBDC3 (resized).jpeg

6C9C24E5-5722-4D21-AAF7-850A7740A307 (resized).jpeg

991B1F28-9A00-433E-8129-2D700A951744 (resized).jpeg

CCD06A6C-ABBE-428A-B9DA-9C51945DFD3F (resized).jpeg

#104 1 year ago

Cliff has been making scoop protectors for this game. I asked him about a shooter lane protector and currently he doesn’t have one designed. He’s using an unpopulated playfield so he needs pics of a populated one. No promises on a shooter lane protector.

#105 1 year ago

Ok so Cliff is going to make a shooter lane eject protector modeled off of pinball magic. Couple of weeks I’m guessing. So hopefully we can start ordering kits in the new year.

2 weeks later
#107 1 year ago

Hey everyone, final cliffy update... the complete set is done! Cliffy’s price is $52 per set.

Please do up an order with him as he is super busy and still found time to make a set for us! Also know that he is quite busy so allow some time to get them shipped out you can his email is crinear (at)Comcast.net

Let me know if you have any questions about the install. The middle pocket set is a big job so give yourself half a day or so.

0B1ACC7F-54D8-4275-AB51-E45FB6390B5A (resized).jpeg

E884DE13-9B7F-4631-999F-A82A0EC6AA22 (resized).jpeg

#110 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Wow. 1/2 day? That is a big job. I’ll have to grab some from him.

Yup, you have to remove most of the plastics around that area, most of the posts, then remove the entire assembly below. Have fun! Lol. Looks amazing though. I posted pics a few back.

3 weeks later
#121 1 year ago
Quoted from IN_Pins:

Did you get your reboot problems resolved? What did it take?

New update on this.

Background: The previous owner replaced the large 15000uf filter caps, and still had reset issues. Very intermittent

Heres what I did:

-I tested the BR's and the filter caps, all tested fine
-I replaced the C96 capacitor (you should test yours, this could be the root cause)
- I replaced the LT1084 voltage regulator - still did not fix, and cause more problems


- I ended up removing the LT1084 and R408 and R409 resistors, and installing a 5v linear power supply with a molex connector on J3 on the driver board. Power supply plugs into the service box in the cabinet. I keep the cabinet on switch engaged and turn on/off the machine with a power bar.

The game has absolutely no resets now and plays great. I know there are people that frown upon these fixes but replacement boards are very hard to come by and Clive from coin op cauldron mentioned servicing these boards can cost alot! Also, spare parts australia has quite a few boards that are returned and likely not working.

If you don't want to do what I did - I would suggest sending your board to Clive and just eat the cost

1 month later
#135 1 year ago

lol never knew that scooter. Thanks!

1 week later
#149 1 year ago

It’s a great game, great for the price. I always enjoy playing it in my collection. Just make sure that everything works mechanically 100% parts are harder to find now. Also ask about game resets, apparently it’s pretty common , stems from issues with the large caps that handle the 5v logic supply.

4 weeks later
#170 1 year ago

Yes, you will want to check your 5v going to your dmd or mpu/cpu. You can do that through the free connector on J3/j4 (can’t remember which).

You could also unplug your sound board and try again. Might be a weak 5v

Also I’m guessing your game doesn’t go into attract or it would start a new game when you hit the button.

#172 1 year ago

Lol no prob, we will figure this out!

#174 1 year ago

You could try asking mark @ http://www.pinballspareparts.com.au to see if he has one

#206 1 year ago

Does the sound board led blink at all?

There’s diagnostic codes for it.

#211 1 year ago

Hmm super odd, pasting the sound board bulletin just in case.


1 week later
#218 1 year ago

Welcome! not that I know of. I have asked my wife to add it to her list of projects. Don't hold your breath!

#230 1 year ago

Does B1.5 have the cutthroat countdown high score board? I know my older version did not. I am rolling 1.3 now and it does.

1 month later
#248 1 year ago

Hey guys - Not sure if I am allowed to sell in this thread... but I have various capcom parts that I would like to sell. Willing to ship anywhere, buyer pays shipping. I will test any of the boards before I send out. Pm me if you are interested.

A0017703/4 - Breakshot power driver board - Tested works
A0017704 - Breakshot power driver board - "Says it was tested and good in 97... haven't tested yet.

A0015004 - Sound Board - works on all capcom - Haven't tested. Can test

Various mechs pulled from a capcom flipper football, fits most capcom.

A-00153 - 3 bank drop target assembly
A-00155-L - left flipper assembly
A-00155-R - right flipper assembly
A-00476-R Star bumper assembly
A-006540-1 - Slingshot assembly
A-00546-1 Single ball ejector assembly

Added 17 months ago:

All mechs, sound board, and 1 drive board is spoken for. I have one more power driver board that I will likely be posting on the market once I test it.

#251 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Gonna buy that sound board, but Boat told me my no sound issue could also be sound roms.
Anyway I can test the roms to see?
I do have a multimeter and I'm only slightly afraid to use it.

Sorry, just replied. I don't know your situation but you would need to validate the voltage coming into your sound board first to make sure its spec. If that looks good then you can check the diagnostic codes on the sound board. I think you can do a sound test in the diagnostic menu. Past that you could either replace the roms (they aren't too expensive) or get an eprom tester. Last resort IMO is replacing the sound board but doing so helps you narrow down the issues at the very least.

1 month later
#281 1 year ago

sorry to hear you are still having issues,

edit: ok you swapped the roms nvm.

See bulletin below for beep codes!


#286 1 year ago

It’s there if you scroll down, no?

#290 1 year ago

hahaha, where is the facepalm emote!

#292 1 year ago

astill Dave sells roms at a reasonable price and ships quick, if you need options. Very happy with them. Also invest in a rom chip extractor! Go slow and take your time

#295 1 year ago

i got one like this amazon.com link »

Yours looks like it would work too. Super fancy though.

I have had LED's in mine I believe they were comet non ghosting. I did not install them though (previous owner)

#297 1 year ago

I honestly can't say, it was the previous owner that installed them but they worked great. Maybe wait for more people to chime in. Thats the same extractor I have. its not perfect but works for those rom chips.

1 week later
#327 1 year ago

Hey guys, lots of confusion going around here, that sound board that I sold grizz works with 1.1 sound roms. See attachment for game cpu and sound that I was running in my breakshot. Hope this helps...

D3535D2B-7809-4A23-B8DC-C194ECF7465D (resized).png
#328 1 year ago

Also, are your chips on the sound board installed the correct orientation? I can’t see

9 months later
#421 6 months ago

Pinball spare parts Australia

On the boards comment, the power driver board is unique to breakshot and they are hard to find in good shape. Your best best is to budget a few hundred and get one from PSPA and send to your board guy for a refurb.

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