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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#6117 9 months ago

just got a bsd that was on route in a bowling alley so that means as long as it made noise did a few things and accepted money it was in great shape. fixed multiple connector problems and reflowed light boards for cold solder joints. have broken opto 56 led burned out and receiver eye missing off the board have no idea how that happened. board also shuts down at irregular times, seems to restart when I press board near eprom or nvram or memory area. going to solder in that area to see if cold solder joint causing problem may have something to do with my current problem. The current problem is that while playing the game and entering video mode the flippers of course are disabled. the problem is that the flippers will not renenable themselves after the video mode is over. I have even had another ball served up to me after loosing the ball I was on and the flippers are still disabled. could this be a problem with bad connection to eprom or memory or is the eprom having its own problems?

2 weeks later
#6138 8 months ago

have had family problem set backs and have been unable to replace opto yet to see if flippers come back after video mode. hopefully be able to test in a few days.

#6149 8 months ago
Quoted from wugly:

have had family problem set backs and have been unable to replace opto yet to see if flippers come back after video mode. hopefully be able to test in a few days.

changing th eopto fixed the dead flippers after video mode

1 month later
#6198 7 months ago

dracula , he hate me. I had a perfectly fine working dracula after my tear down and cleaning of two months ago and then I got cocky. I decided to buy new ramps and replace them. the reproductions were great except that the the coffin ramp was a little bit long on one side. didn't notice it since it got assembled under the coffin. it was just long enough to press on the up down ramp which kept the ramp from settling flat on the table. this was after trying to reassemble th etable 4 times to get everything working and adding new led strips. had to take it all apart again to sand down the ramp with a dremel. I hat dracula right now and he hates me. amazing how compliated the playfield is to put it back together again

#6200 7 months ago

quick question. I have had my bsd for a short time and have just finished replacing the ramps. I have noticed that occasionally I have a ball drop into the castle lock even though the diverter is up and the ball doesn't hit when I have a slow moving ball. is this normal or should the ball continue past if not diverted if moving slow?

#6231 7 months ago

drak is messing with me again. while playing games I would notice that sometimes switch 36 would not register. tried it under test and never had a problem. tested while playing game and noticed that sometimes it would not register when I manually triggered switch. I then noticed that switch 88 was not registering in game some times. it also always tested good in test mode. found out it would test in game when I pressed it very hard. Wished I hadn't, after this I lost switches 83 81 and 82. they have worked sporadically as they are optos but it is causing major playing problems being unable to load mist ball and magnet moving back and forth without stopping. left pocket works. interesting thing is that switch 88 has its green 8 wire tapped to switch 86 so I know that the 8 column is not having problems because 86 registers fine. 88 was jumped because the was no 8 column wire for it when I got the game which is why it is daisy chained to 86. any ideas on what to check and how to proceed with troubleshooting?
optos work sporadically and magnet stops

Added 7 months ago:

with fiddling around a little I got the stop switches to come back. not really sure if they were dead at the time but I assumed since the motor was going back and forth without stopping. on startup. opto is emiting light butnot functioning even when I use a remote control on reciever at close range. 36 works good in test mode but game play it can fail to react. and 88 does not function at all. going to trace the 8 wire row to another 8 row contact see if it conected. then i fit is check on diode.

#6232 7 months ago

solved the problem. took out switch 88 and found cold solder joint on a jumper wire happened to be column 8. the opto 82 was jumped off switch 88 so that even though the optos were working nothing got to the mpu. weirdly after fixing the problems with 88 and 82 for some reason 36 started working correctly, I can only assume there is some weird correlation in the program to make that happen. definitely an evil machine almost as bad too the bone as christine.

#6233 7 months ago

I was wrong th eproblem with switch 36 came back. I am wondering if the switch itself might have a problem that only appears under vibration and movement. going to swap it out with another in a few days

#6236 6 months ago
Quoted from RGAires:

Im IN AGAIN... Im going to restore my 4ยบ Bram Stokers Dracula, love and hate relation with this machine...
I have a question, my flippers are so strong, when i make the coffin ramp, the ball always stops a lot on the curve of the ramp... Any way to adjust this?!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Don't fully understand the question. Are you saying flippers too strong or not enough. At the point in the curve gravity should make ball continue. Whatever is angle of table and do you have the right size space under ramp maybe short or spacer under wire form to tall.

#6242 6 months ago

What is causing the ball to slow. Any friction or rubbing? At that point gravity should be making it move. Possible wrong spacers holding ramp or wire form. Easily put back together wrong. Took me 5 tries to get them right. Hopefully not banging into other wore form for castle lock.

#6245 6 months ago

Spacer under wire frame is 16mm. When ball has passed mounting screw on ramp the ball should roll towards bottom of game through wire form.

2 weeks later
#6275 6 months ago
Quoted from Saddath:

So I played already a little on my new BSD. Love it so far. Anyone else ever had a problem that balls going into the mystery hole get kicked out that hard that they somehow manage to get bounced up right beside the left slingshot and manage to drain sometimes?

the first question is what type of coil is in the kicker

1 month later
#6348 5 months ago

I would double check that you didn't blow a fuse on the power driver board first. its the simplest thing. look to the leds

3 months later
#6756 63 days ago

for an intermittent fault I would first look to the optics being dirty then I would think about the connections being loose or coroded.

3 weeks later
#6796 42 days ago

check the opto switches in test mode. did you depower the opto boards at the power board

#6800 41 days ago

with the pinsound in check the opto switches in test. if they work test the voltages to the optos with a game playingdrawing full power on the game and see if it is dropping.

#6822 38 days ago

regarding shorts blowing fuses. fuses only blow when the short happens between the voltage supply and a component which will be a load facilitating the voltage drop. think of pull up resistors on data buses. busses are precharged but are shorted to ground when you need a 0 logic but the resistor limits current flow and facilitates the voltage drop. the same can happen on the boards allowing partial current on part of the circuit but in essence removing other parts in a shorted section or shorts can be partial from a chip, enough to draw down voltage but not enough to stress a fuse. I actually had a dead short on a light bulb on a dragon pinball that would burn out the fuse while playing the game but not in test mode. the fuse was a slow blo. the test mode cycled the lights fast enough so that the short was powered on long enough to blo the fuse.

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