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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#3622 3 years ago

gots a BSD wednesday night. having a mistball issue. sometimes i power it on, the game sets it up correctly; sometimes it doesn't. if you hit the mistball during gameplay, it won't repopulate the mistball gate and starts popping two balls out in the shooter lane. that makes sense, since the trough has an extra ball in it. how does the game keep track of that feature? optos?

#3627 3 years ago
Quoted from terryb:

Go into diag and run the mist magnet test.

does that run the whole process, populating an empty mist gate, etc.? i thought it just moved the magnet back and forth. guess i wasn't patient enough. surprise, surprise...

#3639 3 years ago
Quoted from barakandl:

bullet proofed the boards

explain? i'm having gi issues, plan on replacing j120 and 121. i think those are the #s. what else you do?

#3643 3 years ago


#3656 3 years ago

LS (Lenc-Smith) is what you want to see, i thought.

if you guys are bored, help me over here, please:


#3661 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Yes seems sp are the more preferred of the the 2 but no cost difference bc if u have a nice ls and it hasnt planked than i doubt it ever will now.

yeah, you're right. my FT is an SP. that's what i was thinking.

my BSD is an LS, and it looks pretty nice, too. it does have a skid mark across the drac inserts, however. never seen anything like it before.

#3662 3 years ago

how did you guys install the proto sling covers? i'm guessing 1" female to male hex posts?

#3665 3 years ago

quickie q here:

one of my pops is out. doesn't fire in test. solder looks good. should i try re-soldering anyway?

#3669 3 years ago

volts are ~72 on both lugs. next is continuity back to the board?

#3671 3 years ago

hmm, which transistor is it?

#3672 3 years ago

right jet. looks like drive goes to j127-5. transister q52? am i reading that right?

#3673 3 years ago

might be a problem...

IMAG0274[1] (resized).jpg

#3674 3 years ago

bigd, stop laughing .

#3675 3 years ago

i do have continuity back to q52 at least.

#3680 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

If you have a good solder sucker and soldering station, you can do this yourself. If you don't, contact Chris Hibler through pinside and ship your board to him. Super reliable and good price

could he redo my 24" opto board? i figure i need that one done, too. nothing visibly wrong with it, however.

#3682 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I feel for u man .... reason y i take someones word on condition and workability with a grain of salt lol. I guess it cld be much worse tho so whatever ...thats pinball for u tho.

all this will make me appreciate it more when it's working 100%. next time i know i need a flashlight. i couldn't see shit in that guy's basement.

#3683 3 years ago

pm sent. thanks, guys.

at least my golden tee still works (knock on wood).

#3691 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Not sure if this was answered or corrected, but my guess is you have 5 balls in the trough when it's a 4 ball game. I know with 5 it won't push to the mist and it will eject two at game start sometimes.

hey, bud. started a seperate thread:


i think most of the double ball was the outhole kicker being seized up. i tore apart and cleaned: working better. mist ball is opto/board related, we believe.

#3700 3 years ago

own both here. theme is the main difference. BSD is more adult-ish and can scare some little kids. FT is totally family friendly. game play: two of the best games under $3k from the WPC era. similar flow and ball times. good game code and satisfying shots on both. theme, theme, theme really.

it's kind of part of the theme, but i didn't think about it right away, sound. fire up youtube and watch some gameplay vids. pinball arcade vids are the best i think. see which one you can listen to the longest.

FT does have a great topper, and you should definitely be paying less for one.

#3701 3 years ago
Quoted from Gorno:

I was hoping someone could do me a favour and check which version of power driver board you have. I was referencing the manual which reports the board is A-12697-1, but the sticker on my board is A-12697-3. My board is missing the a few components like the opto isolators at u7 and u8, and I wanted to make sure I have the correct board.

my guess is it was replaced with a newer board, maybe a DCS or WPC-S power board. probably fine.

#3703 3 years ago

gots mines in, too, and they all work!

IMAG0269[1] (resized).jpg

all natural white, except the coffin.

#3706 3 years ago

my daughter is 4 and she's been fine with it so far. got it about 2 weeks ago. i'm kind of surprised, actually.

#3727 3 years ago

prototype sling plastics.


mine should arrive monday .

#3734 3 years ago

i was really bored.

riodrac (resized).jpg

#3738 3 years ago

not sure why they thought they needed to keep it powered on during the import process.

#3748 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

might be a problem...

so i replaced both resistors and they cooked again, as soon as i turned it on.

this was the pop bumper not working issue where r88 and 89 were melted.

i'll start a thread in tech. thanks, guys.


1 month later
#3770 2 years ago

Untitled (resized).png

#3773 2 years ago

sounds like ball time, not game. i would have guessed it's ball save time, but i see that's a.2.03. who knows.

#3774 2 years ago

default works for me.

#3779 2 years ago

oursler overload, if that's even possible.

my buddy has a Space Shuttle. barry doesn't suck.

#3780 2 years ago

just installed my pinball pro 3-piece kit. feel the bass! too much actually. had to turn it down. glass still rattles on the lowest setting on the sub control dial. pretty impressive without it being powered.

2 weeks later
#3783 2 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

My bsd is resetting help i can start a game and it will reset randomly ive reset all connections still resets all power goes off for a milisecond then game powers back on and have to push start to start another game seems to do it more on multiball any help is appreciated


#3786 2 years ago

try a ribbon cable from another pin.

2 weeks later
#3806 2 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

Just joking. It's messed up again. Fails opto test and won't reload a ball into the gate

remove the opto "guide" in front of the opto receiver on the left-hand side. looks like an opto blank, if that makes sense.

2 weeks later
#3843 2 years ago

i always check the original flyer for stuff like that:


i just noticed the prototype sling covers on the flyer. that's pretty cool.

#3846 2 years ago

i have them, too. i meant that they were on the promo flyer.

#3862 2 years ago

if i bought a BSD with a colordmd, i doubt i would swap it out. i could see myself buying one if i need a new dmd, maybe. not a mod for me (just for fun), but if you want one, buy one. i'm not going to stick my nose up in the air at you. actually, i guess it could be the other way around .

the BSD hype did get me looking into the mod a little bit more than usual. i'll admit, this hi-res color SM vid got me excited:

#3863 2 years ago

i've bought speaker kits if i needed a new main cabinet speaker. that's been my most expensive mod to date, i believe.

#3876 2 years ago

not sure about that square piece, but the other goes over the beginning of the inner loop, behind the coffin. you need spacers, too, or you'll get ball jams.

#3877 2 years ago

my mist ball stopped working after led's. had to remove the beam "shield" in front of the receiver on the left-hand side. that thing that looks like an opto blank.

#3884 2 years ago

comet flat-tops. permanently removed the beam guide thingy. led's still installed and mist ball is working 100%.

#3885 2 years ago

knock on wood.

#3906 2 years ago

you are really handcuffing yourself with options to your collection with that mentality, but you can obviously have that opinion. i say have a little bit of everything. your collection isn't just for you. it's for everybody that visits and plays pinball, too, unless you don't let other people play them...

#3913 2 years ago

that's what he used the business card for. credit card has a better thickness. guess u could double-up on the business card. should be about right.

#3916 2 years ago

have a multimeter? i think testing resistance on the coil and volts at the lugs would be worth it. just guessing, but that's what you gotta do sometimes.

#3917 2 years ago

was the coil sleeve stuck in the right side coil or did it slide out fairly easy? sometimes coils will cook over time and the inner cylinder will shrink, causing more friction than you want.

#3921 2 years ago

agreed. give it a break for a few days.

1 week later
#3946 2 years ago

i'm having a weak flipper issue on a JD i just got. flipper parts look almost new. maybe i need an opto board, too.

#4001 2 years ago

already has collection updated .

#4031 2 years ago

i think i'm gonna fart around with some colored gi. you guys make me jealous with your pics. i figure i could easily match the blue and purple plastics with those colors and run red under the pops and top lane guides. of course, then there's the backbox... i'm also looking into upgrading my rubbers with some colored ones, since mine are showing some age. i'm starting with blue on the flippers.

this seems like a never-ending quest of tweaking, so i hope i'm up for it. i don't want it to wear me out to the point where i'm waving the white flag. i do hit the wall of frustration sometimes, but i think BSD is worth it. we'll see.

#4048 2 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

so I have mist issues I can't get figured out no matter what I do or how much reading I have done. I have put 2 homepin boards in, aligned the optos, taken all the gi lighting out, removed gates, cleaned everything, and still can't get my mist to work correctly. Sometimes the magnet unload errors out and every time the check opto 1 errors. I seriously don't know what else to do to get the game working properly again.

remove the opto blank in front the of the receiver on the left side. fixed my issues.

#4049 2 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

This is the first machine where I've been happy with adding color to the GI. Normally, I don't want to drowned out the plastics, but the plastics in this game are so minimalist that it works. I used all mostly blue with red under the buildings.

you read my mind.

#4060 2 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

Already did that. Still nothing.


i will say, when you get your BSD working 100%, you'll quickly forget about all the problems you had.

#4062 2 years ago

why are we looking at flipper board? i'd like to tag along.

#4064 2 years ago

no, he asked you to look at it. i just don't know why. thought we had an opto issue.

#4079 2 years ago

is there a local board guy you could have make a house call?

#4102 2 years ago

are there bugs in the L1 code with the game losing track of balls or is it just nature of the beast with BSD? there's been a few times where i have two or three multis going and i feel like it'll go to the next ball while i have other balls in play. there's a ball shooting in the shooter lane and the 3 heads skill shot starts flashing. what's up with that?

#4123 2 years ago

i did some cleaning up of my cabinet tonight. took a little flathead screwdriver and scratched some dirt and boogers off of it. i also need to get off the old glue from the serial number sticker that is missing under the coin door. that'll take some elbow grease.

then i did it, i ordered some ice blue, purple and red led's to play around with for some colored gi. that should be fun. my daughter is excited. i put on my blue flipper superbands, too. look sweet as hell. i'll be replacing everything pretty soon, after seeing those on there. damn you, BSD!

#4128 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Where did you buy your LEDs from? Thanks!

cometpinball.com. i bought an ocd board for the RBION i'm selling (plug). i threw in some colored single smd frosted bulbs for BSD. it was the cheapest bulb, i think, where i could pick ice blue and purple was in stock. up to this point, i've only bought frosted natural white flattops. i'm splurging .

#4132 2 years ago

i hate to ask this, because i know it can be an annoying topic, but what about the backbox? i feel like color matching is always tough, but it doesn't look too difficult on this one. i was also thinking of just switching to all warm white. the natural white waters down the reds and oranges pretty bad. that would be the easiest thing to try.

#4134 2 years ago

IMAG0463[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0464[1] (resized).jpg
can't wait to do the rest. going to try to match plastic color throughout, hopefully with my gi.

#4137 2 years ago

thanks, brah.

#4166 2 years ago

since they sell them on their site pushing the titles and not the display in a generic way, yeah, i'd say they should come pre-loaded.

#4171 2 years ago

my rat vuk started hitting the top of my right sling. i adjusted the position of the assembly in the hole; i slide the back max right. guess i could move the front max left. just kinda weird that it would go weak all of a sudden.

#4187 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

my rat vuk started hitting the top of my right sling. i adjusted the position of the assembly in the hole; i slide the back max right. guess i could move the front max left. just kinda weird that it would go weak all of a sudden.


#4189 2 years ago

finally took the colored gi plunge.
IMAG0474[1] (resized).jpg

#4197 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Wow!!!!!! Looks fantastic!!!! Comets? What kind?

yep, comet 1smd frosted. ice blue, purple, red. i need one more purple under the coffin and i need to get the red in under the left ramp. oh, the right pop bulb, too. looks way more natural in person. colors bleed out very nice. camera on my phone stinks.

#4200 2 years ago

not sure if i want ice blue bottom or darker, normal blue.

#4208 2 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I LED'ed my BSD with no OCD or patched ROM.

same. i've never really noticed much of anything with any of my wpc's, even with the cheap comet bulbs. just turn the power save setting off in the adjustments. now my RBION is a different story.

#4211 2 years ago

damn, you are anal .

#4213 2 years ago

yeah, i've just used flat-tops so far so not very noticeable, if at all. i had entry level cointakers on my Sorcerer. i didn't notice anything on that either. we all have our pet peeves.

#4226 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Theres lots of things u can do but the most cost effective and quickest fix is a patched rom....


#4229 2 years ago

tonight, i started replacing all rubbers on my BSD with superbands. holy shit; i'm going to break something. they are so hard to get on. a simple 5/16" on a star post is almost impossible. maybe i'll try titans next time...

#4231 2 years ago

i got about halfway and quit. i'll finish tomorrow maybe. my fingers hurt.

#4234 2 years ago

i also don't understand the flatside on the smaller ones. sometimes it'll face down; sometimes it'll face in. it's hard enough to get them on, let alone get that to go the right way. is that suppose to make them easier to get on, because it doesn't. makes them impossible to get off, i'd imagine. i know the mini posts aren't coming off.

#4237 2 years ago

extra ball at 200k?! million, you mean?

#4256 2 years ago

got an update on my superband install aches and pains. i used a little naphtha to lube the rings before installing. i think it helped a little. i also figured out the correct technique finally. i was trying to push the 5/16" star post rings on whole, but you need to start at one point then go around the circumference like you would a bowl or cup lid. once i got that down, it made it way easier. almost done now.

#4257 2 years ago

oh, and i found a ball, back right corner, underneath the red finger pointing plastic. a previous owner must have lost a ball, couldn't find it, so just threw another one in. kinda funny.

#4259 2 years ago

i knew my original rubbers were old. they looked like crap. i did not, however, think about the performance benefits of replacing them. i was doing it more for cosmetics. man, it's like a new game. so much more bounce. the ball just won't quit.

#4262 2 years ago

i'm checking out pinballpt inside cabinet decals. wondering how hard the install would be. would i have to remove the playfield?

#4274 2 years ago

i always thought water was a no-no on a pin, since it's wood.

#4276 2 years ago

okay, so it's not an all-encompassing no-no. yeah, that would seem to make it a lot easier. thanks, guy.

#4279 2 years ago
Quoted from simplykind:

Whats the value on a reimport BSD with some planking on the lower middle portion on the playfield and cab fade on one side. Rest of the pin looks to be in good shape. Full led.


#4280 2 years ago
Quoted from Elicash:

Hello - Just joined the club. What a great pin! A couple questions

i always prefer matching part #'s with the manual. i've never heard of downsizing coils on BSD.

i like working from the topside, when possible. yeah, you have to remove that subway to get to the screws for those switches. if you have to go that way, remember to put the subway back in on top of the vuk landing. i've gotten balls stuck there, since i botched the reinstall.

#4282 2 years ago

even better.

#4285 2 years ago

if you want the trade, then do it. sounds fine to me.

#4289 2 years ago

after i got all the kinks worked out, it quickly became my favorite of what i've owned so far. you'll love it.

#4308 2 years ago

remove the opto blank in front of the receiver on the left-hand side. it fixed mine and have heard of that fixing others.

#4311 2 years ago

at that point, i'd be afraid to play it.

#4313 2 years ago

yeah, i have no explanation for your issue.

left-hand side. it would look like you have two opto receivers there. the one in front is just a blank; nothing in it. if you see two empty screw holes in the playfield there, it's been removed already.

#4315 2 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Anyone have pics of these installed?

i'm still waiting for your decals .

#4321 2 years ago

i've got rat hole, mystery hole, both inlanes and shooter lane. i am a freak, however, when it comes to cliffys.

#4333 2 years ago

is that different than coffin jackpot?

#4334 2 years ago

i guess the castle is where you stake his hoochies, huh? i go for coffin, stake drac a few times and kill him.

#4349 2 years ago

wish the red was darker.

1 week later
#4361 2 years ago

i have the some things are louder than others "issue". had the same on my HS2. i think i'm on volume 11. if i go up to 12, it evens it out (everything loud). i always figured it was pre-DCS crappy sound programming.

2 weeks later
#4372 2 years ago

bend it up a lot. don't be nervous. bend it at the factory bend closest to the actuator, too. i use needle-nose pliers.

#4373 2 years ago

IMAG0548[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0551[1] (resized).jpg
first is what i had in it, flat-top frosted natural whites. second is single smb frosted sunlights. i wanted brighter and i wanted to bring the red and orange back out in it. now that i did it, not sure i like it. definitely lost some blue.

#4379 2 years ago

i'll try a mix of natties and warms and see how that goes. i may get to the point with the colormatching, but you'll have to drag me, kicking and screaming.

#4384 2 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I wonder if that would work inside the buildings to simulate candle light if you cut out the windows.

you just went next level.

#4385 2 years ago

i just noticed in attract mode the programmers blinked the backbox gi in and out for that effect. i don't think you'd get the best payoff for putting those back there. that is unfortunate.

#4389 2 years ago

just put my cab art in. not a perfect install; i'm about two inches off. oh well. should have looked at the pics, again. you can see my newish superband rings, too. very bouncy.
IMAG0567[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0568[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0569[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0570[1] (resized).jpg
IMAG0571[1] (resized).jpg

#4390 2 years ago

anybody know where i can get the clear plastic at the top of the mistball ramp in the shooter lane?

#4396 2 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Guy on Etsy sells them too. Again, linked in this thread.

found that one. ty.

#4410 2 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I just played and discovered​ my right ramp is staying in the up position.
Oh well. A project for another day.

there's always another project .

i just rebuilt my rat hole popper. it was dribbling out and hitting the top of the right sling. put a new plunger and sleeve in there. back in business.

#4413 2 years ago

my pinballpt inside cab decals are peeling off. installed sunday. wtf?

#4416 2 years ago

thought it was.

#4418 2 years ago

i was liking the idea i could remove them if i didn't like them.

#4419 2 years ago

gents, the shooter lane plastic guard, at the top of the mistball ramp, should that be oriented towards the back or the front?

just got mine in the mail.

#4422 2 years ago

yep, i think i can see it on the flyer:

#4423 2 years ago

IMAG0576[1] (resized).jpg

#4425 2 years ago


#4430 2 years ago

i was just thinking about how hard a playfield swap would be . probably not for my BSD, but just in case i see a game with a beat pf. i looked at a TOM on sunday, which would have needed one.

3 weeks later
#4459 2 years ago

i like "best damn" better. plus, you can get pounders.

#4461 2 years ago

whoops, didn't read that label. wow, no wonder.

BSD is gone. it was a sad day for sure. probably my favorite game owned so far. need a quicky to lift my spirits. either that or take a fistful of cash to allentown. maybe both...

#4462 2 years ago

got a guy coming to look at JD in about an hour, too. i'll be down to just CV for a few weeks.

#4481 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Got them on today....vast improvement.

how much of a pita was that?

coin door next?

#4535 2 years ago

i do believe.

1 month later
#4615 2 years ago

looks good; i'd have one.

4 weeks later
#4661 2 years ago
Quoted from scylla:

I may have to pretend this is the real answer.
This is like the time I misread "gray" (i.e. gray gorilla) as "Gary" on Congo - and my husband's friend was like: "Why do you keep yelling 'Gary' at the pinball machine?"


1 week later
#4663 2 years ago

is the plunger hitting center ball? sounds like you've replaced more than necessary.

check to see if the shooter lane switch is causing any issues, plunger hitting it, etc. check along the ball path for issues, too. is the top gate flapping freely?

#4666 2 years ago

game can reload during gameplay. you shouldn't have to wait for it either.

#4677 2 years ago

would a flaky transistor cause weak power?

#4695 2 years ago

it's been two weeks; drop it a little.

#4699 2 years ago

i thought it was funny you specified german reimport. i had a german JD, and it was in nice shape, too. my WCS, however...

#4703 2 years ago

is the ball sitting there waiting or when you shake does it complete its journey down the subway?

#4705 2 years ago

i tore my subway off one time to get to some lights and i put it back together wrong and had a similar issue. make sure the subway sits on top of the ball landing section of the assembly bracket for the upkicker, not under.

2 weeks later
#4715 2 years ago

play BSD like it was supposed to be: a quarter-munching, moneypit .

2 months later
#4770 2 years ago

mine was fixed just by removing the opto "blank" on the left-hand side of the playfield. it sits right up next to the receiver opto and i guess it's there to block out light from screwing up the beam. if it's crooked or warped, it'll block the beam just enough to give you fits.

also, use the camera on an android phone to see if the transmitter is working. it'll show purple on screen. if i missed that step with you guys, i apologize.

#4772 2 years ago

i went through all this with mine, too, buddy. definitely frustrating, but oh so worth it. don't give up.

#4777 2 years ago

the short beam on the left-hand side is almost never the problem. correct, you can test that in standard switch test with a pencil or something. with your camera phone, does the long beam transmitter on the right-hand side show up purple? then you know that's "working" at least.

also, when you go into switch test, does the long beam pop up immediately as closed? i'm guessing that's the case. you can then use a tv remote and shoot it into the receiver on the left-hand side to "open" that switch. if you can't, it could be the receiver. if both the transmitter and receiver seem to be working, try removing that "blank" right in front of the long beam receiver.

#4779 2 years ago

IMAG0848[1] (resized).jpg

#4781 2 years ago

we removed that thing and bam: mistball BSD.

my receiver worked with a tv remote, however, so that is disconcerting. you might need to replace that...

#4786 2 years ago

dracula fears us.

does the board adjustment thing work with an original board, new one or both?

3 weeks later
#4832 1 year ago

add a couple washers somewhere?

1 week later
#4861 1 year ago
Quoted from marksf123:

Any suggestions on what LEDs I should use for the GI lamps?

whatever you want, just make sure they're frosted.

#4879 1 year ago

when i started led'n my own games, i just got 100-bulb packs of frosted natural white flat-tops from comet. ~$25/pack. used them for inserts, gi, backbox, coin door, everything. i've never color-matched inserts; don't like the look. you'll need some colored bulbs for the coffin tombstone, however.

5050 5 smd flashers are about $1 a piece. you can do a whole game for ~$75. can't beat that. don't forget a couple lense-less single smd 5050's for pops and start/launch button. i think that's it.

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#4923 1 year ago

wow, that is awesome.

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#4941 1 year ago

playfield not steep enough?

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#4957 1 year ago

i'm trying to get back in. my first return visit to a club. let me know if you're thinking of bowing out and local. ty.

#4965 1 year ago

i thought the same when i had my BSD, with the sound. it's more noticeable at lower volumes. there is a sweet spot you hit as you increase it and it seems to even everything out, but it was loud for my tastes. pinsound board .

#4977 1 year ago

think i read somewhere winona didn't like her sling plastic, so they were scrapped.

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#5003 1 year ago

of all the games i've gotten rid of, BSD is the only one i want back.

#5019 1 year ago

gotta be a switch. with all balls in trough, does it populate mist gate properly?

#5021 1 year ago

you got a long opto issue, brah.

#5025 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

You deal with that before?

i think we all have.

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#5054 1 year ago

if you already know you're bringing it home, what's the point of checking anything? price negotiable or something?

#5056 1 year ago

boards: battery acid, burnt GI connectors, hacks. playfield: shooter lane, insert wear, planking (including right orbit where the ball drops off the shooter lane, rat and mystery holes. cabinet fade; translite. fire all the coils and flashers in test. replacing resistors and transistors sucks.

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#5100 1 year ago

i don't like regular blue LED's; washes out the artwork too much. comet ice blues are a must. i'd stay away from orange, too; same reason. stick with purple for the top 2/3's of the playfield. reds under the top lane guides, pops and coffin locks. natural white flashers and under inserts. sunlight white in the backbox.

miss my BSD, if you can't tell.

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#5127 1 year ago

it'll reset immediately after the skill shot, i believe.

#5129 1 year ago

mine stayed up for skill shot.

#5130 1 year ago

the game can't mechanically make the drop go down; only you can do that with a ball.

#5137 1 year ago

like the red habitrails.

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#5200 1 year ago

love when you can see the grain in the carve-out for the shooter lane.

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#5203 1 year ago

gonna be a while. have no room. need to sell a few.

#5205 1 year ago

not supposed to lube a pin, brah. it'll work for a while, but dirt will mix in with it and gum it up, again.

#5207 1 year ago

okay; your funeral.

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btw, sold W?D today...

#5230 1 year ago

get an external sub!

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#5297 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Putting some games on this...

even has proto slings; that's funny.

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#5315 1 year ago

now you have to get a custom inserts that says "crate multiball" and "crate lock" to replace the coffin ones.

#5317 1 year ago

it's a crate!

#5322 1 year ago

very creative.

#5328 1 year ago

shooter lane looks siiick.

#5333 1 year ago

easy hobby.

#5335 1 year ago

only thing you can do is keep the glass on.

#5343 1 year ago

you'll be back.

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#5367 1 year ago

all BSD owners know the etsy link.

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#5479 1 year ago
Quoted from Metzu:

I want to join the club what should i know about BSD im going to see one that its for sale

mist ball.

#5488 1 year ago

where does the daughterboard plug in?

#5496 1 year ago

don't do it!

#5508 1 year ago

can anyone tell what kind are in the flyer pics? those might be lightnings. that's usually what i base my games off of. BSD flyer shows the proto sling plastics, and red condoms on the lights above the coffin, too.