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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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Post #15 Coin reject image Posted by tomdotcom (7 years ago)

Post #16 Strategy Posted by tomdotcom (7 years ago)

Post #37 Easter Eggs Posted by pinster68 (7 years ago)

Post #78 Easter Egg - SUN (High Score) Posted by DeathHimself (7 years ago)

Post #124 Moon - Green Lit Insert - Diverter is Active Posted by Rum-Z (7 years ago)

Post #145 Castle Lock Ramp Adjustment Posted by Doot77 (7 years ago)

Post #158 PAPA video tutorial Posted by DeathHimself (7 years ago)

Post #266 Prototype Slingshot Plastics - Hex installed (Photos) Posted by GRB1959 (7 years ago)

Post #306 Left side Castle plastic - For Sale Posted by GRB1959 (7 years ago)

Post #378 BSD backbox LED chart Posted by MrBellMan (7 years ago)

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#15 7 years ago

Here's a couple things I have in my BSD folder

Coin reject image, and my loop score for you guys to challenge...

bsd_loops.JPG dracula_reject.png

#16 7 years ago

Strategy from RGP:

If you haven't mastered bounce passes, stop shots (dead catches),
don't bother playing Dracula. You'll just get incredibly

Here's what I believe is the optimal strategy for Dracula.
0. NEVER attempt to hit the castle lock targets unless it's
during the time you start a multiball and the ball saver is on.
1. Hit the right ramp 5 times to ligh coffin lock, and then pass the
ball to the right flipper.Do not start locking balls, because
it's risky. anytime the ball is sent into the pop bumpers,
it's like Russian Roulette. The reason we LIght the lock
first is so that 12 Left Ramps will award a castle lock lit
instead of advancing Coffin by one measly ramp! This little
trick is a MAJOR factor in getting castle locks safely!
2. Start hitting the Left ramp. This is the bread and butter shot
of the game. Ultimate Glory awaits those who can hit this
shot anytime. At 3 ramps, it will start Bats. DO NOT
even bother trying to hit switches to maximize Bats. Just
Keep hitting the left ramp.
3. At 5 left ramps, mist is lit. If your castle lock targets are
close to being lit (i.e. one center hit away to light castle
lock), then hit the left ramp to light caslte
lock from the award at 6, and then once more to collect the
lock. Now start mist multiball. While the ball saver is
on, hit the center target to light another castle lock!
4. During Mist, collect 1 or 2 coffin locks if the oppurtunity
presents itself. I prefer to trap one ball on the left fliper,
and loop the left ramp with the other. The idea is to get
all three multiballs going.
5. Ok, now you're in the state where just about every multiball is
ready to get started. You should go for Mist first if
possible, since if you start mist during another multi, the
balls flying around keep you from getting a clean shot.
Second priority is Castle multi, because you can lock
up to two balls in the left ramp to get them off the
playfield for about 20 seconds. Keeping the playfield
clear will allow you to make unobstructed shots. So in
our preferred order, we start mist, get the third castle
lock from the targets during ball saver, start castle
multi, then go for a coffin shot or the sinkhole to collect
the jackpot, which ever is a safer shot. Never get greedy
and try to start the coffin right away. Collect a couple of
castle jackpots a couple of times if you don't get a good
clean collected shot at the coffin. Don't force up a bad
shot. Dracula is the most unforgiving game every made.
you can't afford to take a risky shot on the fly. Only
take controlled shots off a dead catch or a bounce pass.
6. All three multis are started: Go for Coffin or Castle?
Preferably Castle, since you can lock two balls up there
and clear the playfield for a clean shot at the jackpot.
But again, don't force a shot. If you have a clean shot
on the left flipper, take a shot at the coffin. But if you
are given the choice, Let the ball bounce pass to the
right flipper or do a dead catch from the right flipper
to take a shot at the left ramp or sink hole.

#18 7 years ago

Shop out guide:

2 weeks later
#151 7 years ago

This thread inspired me to play some BSD tonight..first game, 2.8 billion on first ball! Got to Thirtyyyyyy million twice on the first ball...then choked the rest pretty much haha..

3 balls, factory settings, but standard size flips..


#153 7 years ago

I've gotten high 2bill a bunch of times, I think this is the first time I cracked 3 though..what a game

#166 7 years ago

Mine never has a problem with the skill shot. Make sure the ball is getting struck dead center too..

#169 7 years ago
Quoted from Fatsquatch:

Am I the only one that really dislikes these things?

Nope, they are hideous...

2 months later
#261 7 years ago
Quoted from Fintan_Stack:

Could one of you kind BSD owners please take a close up pic of how your proto sling plastics are installed? I have some but I'm trying to work out the best way to fit them. Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Search RGP, there are posts about it just need some hex posts...just need to figure out the size and length...mine came with proto slings but I sold ugly haha

6 months later
#470 7 years ago
Quoted from mulder2010:

Have some questions about BSD:How common is planking on the LS playfields and where does it typically appear? Is the plastic above the center stationary targets available?

2 months later
#722 6 years ago

I have the BSD shop PDF if anyone wants it...send me a PM with your email...

1 week later
#754 6 years ago

Looks like white on the flyer too. I always like white on my games, but BSD was the one game I prefer in black...I also have black flipper bats with red rubber...perfect match

#757 6 years ago

White normally bounce alot better, so the game is more lively. Red flipper rubber usually bounces better than black as well, so I almost always use those for my flips..

#759 6 years ago

Black works great on mine, the game is hard enough

2 months later
#1004 6 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Video mode should disable during multiball - mine does. Taylor, usually, I don't get the Mist mb when that happens, and just video mode - such a bummer.
Also, yes, partnering the mist ball is another huge bummer. Sometimes you get lucky and the other one falls off when the magnet turns off, other times you gotta shake it pretty hard!

Video mode can sometimes cancel out your multiball. I don't know exactly under what circumstances. But usually if I start a mulitball, then hit the video mode at almost the exactly the same time...the game will go dark, video mode starts, and your mball is hooped. If this happens I try to quickly die in videomode haha...only happened a few times to me in about 3-4years...but it does happen

4 months later
#1705 6 years ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

New member here! I finally picked one up but after looking it over this one certainly has some interesting "features" (Ill have to post some pics for you guys). I was wondering if anyone had a set of shop out pictures they would be willing to share with me? I have a feeling some parts may be missing or in the wrong place.

I have a BSD shop out guide, send me your email via PM and I'll forward it to you..


8 months later
#2359 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Is there an easy way to tell which playfield type one has in their BSD? I know in mine i can see a serial number on playfield from an angle in between the slings ontop. Thanks

Remove the left apron card, and look down at the playfield.

3 months later
#2677 5 years ago
Quoted from Luppin:

I am going to replace the rubber on the lightning bats. First time, so need some suggestions.. Is the color influencing the behaviour of the rubber? Do lightning flippers require shorter special rubbers? Which color is suggested for BSD? (At the moment i have yellow lightning bats with red rubber)

I like black bats with red rubber for BSD. You use the same size rubber for lightning flips as normal flips....

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