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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#5060 1 year ago

Hi everyone I have not been on pinside for a long time but just got a BSD on Sunday and love it. Not sure if I need to ask a mod to become a part of this owners section (no idea how it works) Anyway my only problem right now is my ball launch is somewhat inconsistent. I'd say it'll rattle up the lane and short plunge or not hit the drop target and just go through a top lane maybe 3 out of 10 or 15 launches. Any advice?

#5062 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

You just joined the club. Congrats!
Do you have the clear square plastic above the shooter lane right in front of the ramp? If you do, is it pointing toward you? It should be.

I do not. I am assuming it would be right past the metal ramp at the beginning of the plastic ramp with the screws on either side... nope nothing there. I saw a wire kind of hanging barely in the lane under the castle lock ball hold/release and seems to have helped. 1 weird plunge out of about 20 or so. Thanks!

#5063 1 year ago

I have noticed something also strange, instead of saying "REPLAY AT 299,000,000" on the DMD while in playing a game (typically between ball 2 and 3) it says "BALL 2 299,000,000" is that supposed to say that? I figured it would say "replay at"

can I change that?

#5066 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Here you go, get a new one. The other clear plastic prevents rejects from the right ramp, so make sure you have that one too.

my ball is not jumping up at all when I launch it so for now I do not think i need that shooter lane plastic and I have the coffin ramp plastic already on there.

#5079 1 year ago

I am relatively new to working on Pins but I have some knowledge... I just played a game and when the ball goes into the mystery/mist MB it will sometimes kick out into the right inlane as it should, or sometimes it takes an extra 4 or five seconds or it will have to do a ball search. What should I be looking at or checking? Thanks in advance. It will register mist MB and mystery just fine and I can hear the ball get all the way into the VUK and that is where it sits or launches up depending.

SOLVED: I think I did at least. I took out the opto for the VUK and gave it a cleaning and then tested it with the game on while they were out of the VUK. They were working every test and then put them back it and seems to be working fine now. Glad it was so easy...for now.

#5081 1 year ago

So my first coffin lock just started staying half lit or dim, but it’s on all the time. It fully lights when lock one is triggers. Amy ideas to fix? Change out for non ghosting bulb maybe? All my lamp fuses are fine.

79442DBE-8ADC-4662-9E11-A5AC68654B6F (resized).jpeg

#5085 1 year ago
Quoted from Haggy38:

So the project is looking really good, what do you think guys.....
» YouTube video
One question I would like to use a couple of LEDs of n the playfield, blues(sling shots) and purples on the sides, the rest the original lamps, I really like the warm yellow as been designed. What type of leds do you suggest and where can I get them? I guess to replace some 555, 44 and 89 flashers. Thanks

I have been using a lot of Blue, Purple, and limited green and red and 2 amber to the right of video inserts. Also lit up the grave yard with a 4 inch green LED strip. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND comet pinball. The product is great along with the service and fast shipping. Heck They'll probably ship your order today if you order soon. I am about to put an order in myself.

#5093 1 year ago
Quoted from Haggy38:

Thanks, theres lots of different ones, any one in specific ? Thanks

EH, I kind of ordered a hodge podge and tested different ones until I liked what I had. Non Ghosting in your coffin lock sockets, and purple passions are really nice.

#5095 1 year ago

I kind of did something from similar but I put a 4inch green LED strip from comet above the graveyard.

IMG_2389 (resized).JPG

IMG_2390 (resized).JPG

#5116 1 year ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

I went with doing a blue led strip across the entire back of the game. Really brings out the blue in the ramp decals

i have a big long blue one where yours is as well. then a for inch green all the way to the left.

#5117 1 year ago

SO when my ball goes into the mist/mystery hole it trails down the under ramp and sometimes gets caught stuck right after the plastic ramp and barely not enough to fall in the opto hole. it take a small nudge to the left have it fall in but annoying. any thoughts before I take this damn thing apart? Any advice on a tiny ball hop on the left flipper as well? Again...I am rather new to working on games but been studying and reading and watching tons of videos.

#5119 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Make sure the plastic subway is above the metal weldment it's rolling onto.
Loosen the lane guide and hold it up toward the top of the playfield while tightening it so the ball will roll smoothly.

I figured it out. The ramp was over the metal but the vertical wire habit trail need to slide forward a bit cause the ball was catch against one of the wire legs and the ramp. now it's smooth as ice!

New Problem: my with flipper/ inlane has a bit of a ball hop. and haven't figured that out yet.

#5121 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

That was my second sentence.

Thanks I’ll give it a whirl.

1 week later
#5150 1 year ago

Having inconsistent ball launches again. Seems to rattle when it drops downs from the launch trail right at the video lights. Also its doesn’t happen often but it’ll drain my multiballs and I’m back down to one ball and end my game. Any thoughts?

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