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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#818 5 years ago

Hi BSD Members,

i am new here in this forum ( i am from Austria so my english is not perfect ) and just got an BSD. I have to make the BackBox new because the wood is damaged.
Anyone have the grafics (in Print quality) for the Side Decals of the BackBox and for the front Decals (at the Display Panel) ?

Also i am missing a Part on the Playfield can anyone tell me where i can get this part (i marked it on the picture)

thank you all for your help

#821 5 years ago

thank all who have helped me so far!

now i have the Decals for the BackBox. It will take a little bit time to restore the wood but i will post a picture if it is finished.

To the part i marked on playfield: yes its the castle popper and i think it should hold a ball? On my playfield i miss the metal part but i don't know where to get this part ?


#825 5 years ago

thank you shock_me and goldpin!
Thats the right part!


#846 5 years ago

Hi to all,

now i have my BSD at home and checked out all parts. I need the following things and hope you can tell me where to get this ones

First thing: Error "magnet load error" which part do i need and where can i get this part ?
Targets at center: i have to replace one target (completly)
Plastics: the two side plastics (slingshot) and the pastic at the center targets
Kicker - The Ball shoot out coil...

hope you can tell me where to get this parts

thanks to all

#850 5 years ago

Thank you devils4ever and Choppa Cade,

i know pinballcenter.eu and allready looked there, but i don't find all parts i need, will look again

for the magnet i read this article and i think i have to do much more tests


#852 5 years ago

Now i wanted to start my magnet tests and removed the castle on the right side to see more parts.
I found the first problem there (the ball holder is damaged). Has anyone a picture of how it should look like ?


i am searching for the wire as spare part but i didn't found this as sparepart.


#858 5 years ago

i found the wire spare part, but only in USA - 2,5$ - shipping 25$ 3-4 weeks

I will buy a wire and try it myself to turn

but i have another question:

is it possible that there are more lamps on the playfiels as described in the manual ?

there are a lot of Lamps (think 5 Lamps on the back of the playfield ) that not work and i don't find in manual ( They go to cable brown/brown/white) ?

i attached a photo with one of these lamps

thank you for your help


lamps.jpg lamplocation.jpg
#859 5 years ago

Thanks for the pictures - it will help to make the gate myself

#861 5 years ago

thank you joe,

all lamps on the cable brown/brown-white not work (also the first lamp on this cable) , so i think i have to follow the cable to the backbox and find the problem there...



#862 5 years ago

thanks to your pictures,

i made the gate with a piece of wire!

What about the left gate ? Should it also hold the ball like the right gate ? my left gate can't hold a ball, just can eject ?


#864 5 years ago

i make the magnet test and the ball is going from right to left (with the magnet). on the left gate the ball is falling down, then the magnet is going back to right and then it is unloading.

The gate on the left side looks not original, so i am not sure what happens on the left side - i never see an original BSD machine with mist in progress...

#870 5 years ago

Wow, thanks TaylorVA for the Video! Now i understand the left wiregate and think i have to make it also new because the one installed doesn't work like this!

MrSanMaron: yes i don't think about the magnetic wire the first tests work fine but of course it can get magnetically after some games.

I will make it new with copper if i find some piece of copper with this dimensions now i know how to turn the wire...


#874 5 years ago

OK, I brought the mist to work crazy gates - the left gate always bends from the ball if i shoot the wire think i have to change it to harder metal

sometimes if the ball falls in this hole, it never comes back to the front ejection. could that be a problem of the switch in the lane under the playfield ? if i lift the playfield i hear the ball running back to the hole, and then if i insert the playfield the ball is normal ejected ?

has anyone the print grafics for the inside decals ?



#880 5 years ago

Thanks Kevinleedrum,

i cleaned the optos and now i have to wait if it will happen again (then i have to change or adjust the switch).


#882 5 years ago

Anyone have this Graphics for print out ?
also i want to make inside decals but can't find the grafics...

thanx Mike

instruction.jpg custom_card.jpg
#884 5 years ago

Thank you, on pinballrebel there are much good cards, but not this one


#891 5 years ago

wow thank you aobrien5, thats it think it will look good with light on my BSD...


#898 5 years ago

I plan to make the Insert Decals for Dracula myself (or someone have the grafics ?)
I am searching for the Font D R A C U LA...

hope some one have it ?


#906 5 years ago

the flashes I've done (without Letters), if i don't find the original Letters so i will use the Dracula TTF Font for my new decals...

#911 5 years ago

I try to make my Decals this way because i can't find the real Font...

1 week later
#977 5 years ago

Hello BSD Fans,

i plan to make red illuminated flipper buttons on my BSD. So i have to change to illuminated arcade buttons with integrated microswitch. can anyone tell me wich wires i have to use for the mechanical microswitch ?

on the opto boards i have the following wires:

Switch 1
Switch 2

thank you


#987 5 years ago

To Raven: The last 2 weeks i also made new decals for my BSD!

i had to disassemble all parts, a lot of sanding and filling now everything is reassembled and it works fine, perhaps i will post pictures

I only one have one problem with the GI:

The lights under the left house, and the lights of the bumper and the lights on the middle targets don't light.
if i turn on the pin, all this lights flash with the other lamps but if i start a game this lights always are dark ?
So it can't be a promlem of cable/wire ?

I changed all fuses for the GI but the problem is still there.
Anyone have an idea where the problem can be located ?


#1019 5 years ago


i plan to make my own Inside Decals for my BSD. I changed the cabinet Decals last week (with the source grafics printed from a friend) - looks great

For the inside decals i need the grafics without the red Dracula write on it (only the blue back grafics).

Can anyone send me this grafics for making my own inside decals ?



#1022 5 years ago

Raven: here are 2 pictures! on from the cabinet and one from my selfmade decals for the D-R-A-C-U-L-A

The A currently won't light its not the lamp and not the connector - have to search for the problem


P1040020.jpg P1040021.jpg
#1034 5 years ago

I found the Problem with "A" from Dracula, now it works fine this week i will get my new order with much blue and red LED's and the right flipper buttons. I want to complete the playfield with red and blue lights.

Also i am thinking about to change the flipper fingers to metallic blue ones. what do you think about this ?

After complete the lights i will post a new picture for you.

incidentally i get ready my playboy pin


1 week later
#1077 5 years ago

This part is also broken at my BSD
I think i will scan it and make this plastic new ..

has anyone the scan ?


#1078 5 years ago

i have another question,

have anyone a pic how the left building on playfield is mounted ? think at my BSD there are missing parts for mount the building with the two screws. so i only can place the building loose, and sometimes it happens if the ball is ejected the ball is thrown back the rail.


#1092 5 years ago

Thank you aobrien! Do you know the size of the spacers ?


#1093 5 years ago
Quoted from Wickedbass:

Any idea where i can get a replacement background sticker for my BSD?

20140217_090351_zpsvj9ijqlc.jpg 93 KB

you need this picture ? you can download it at www.mpr-soft.com/download (for 1 week)


1 week later
#1118 5 years ago

after a few weeks working i finished (hmmm, think i have to light also the blue starposts with starpost light ) my BSD - here some pics


ok_1.jpg ok_2.jpg ok_all.jpg ok_starpost.jpg
2 weeks later
#1173 5 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I agree. Just finished mine.

IMAG0496.jpg 116 KB

WOW that looks great !

The blue sky is only made with blue LED's ?? Do you use normal led or superbright LEDs ?


#1174 5 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Forget those flashers, they are useless. Install an led strip. Look at the sky, there's one there too, changing colors.
ยป YouTube video

great idea and looks great!

i have a LED stripe with 12V , but i think for flashers there are 13,6 Volt ? or do i think wrong ?


2 years later
#3328 3 years ago


got a BSD with damaged translite. Anyone have the grafics for the translight so i can print a new one ?


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