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By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#2095 5 years ago

After months of looking I picked up this gem last week. As to be expected I am experiencing multiball problems (motor sounds like it is constantly running, but the magnet does not seem to be engaging). I am also getting 3 bongs upon fire up. It looks like this is a U18 error. I am looking forward to getting this baby error free.

#2100 5 years ago

Thanks for the leads. This setup does seem to be a bit finicky. When I run the magnet test I have a fault before I even begin. During the left/right test the ball just drains right down the middle-no magnetic pull whatsoever. Briefly, ever so briefly during the test I had the magnet moving left to right, but it only lasted about ten seconds. I guess I'll start going over all of those odds and ends tomorrow.

Is it safe to assume the 3 bongs is unrelated?

#2102 5 years ago

Many thanks for the reply. This is definitely a keeper. I was already talking to my board guy today. I didn't want to send the boards off if it was a simple fix. Luckily I have a Rottendog CPU in there so it's just a matter of bullet proofing the MPU/PS.

I thought the three bongs was a U18 error. I included a vid I shot. Occasionally a test report will come up stating a left and right mag error, but it's not consistent. I will go through everything you mentioned tomorrow. Many thanks. It's so hard to finally have the game and not have it playable.

3 weeks later
#2134 5 years ago

So I was out of town on Saturday and my roommate and her BF fired up BSD. I go to play it on Sunday and the ball launch won't work. I run the coil test and none of the High Power coils are firing. I also noticed the ramp beneath the coffin is stuck in the up position. Any tips on what I should check first?

#2136 5 years ago

That's what I was thinking, but I went through and tested 105 and that came back fine. I did notice I am getting the Top Right Ramp Down Error. Could this have something to do with it? Right now it is set in the upright position. I can pull it down and set it, but upon power up it pops back up and makes a less than pleasant "grinding" sound.

Anyone know any of the causes for this ramp to malfunction? I guess I am wondering if the ramp is the root of the malfunction or the product of.

#2139 5 years ago

Thanks for the sheet. It's definitely not a locked on coil-sounds more mechanical than anything. I'll still go through and check the transistors just to be safe.

What's really puzzling is the fact that all 8 HV coils are down, but the fuse is solid. I may toss a new fuse in there just to be safe.

#2141 5 years ago

I actually did pull it, I am getting continuity. Which is what I find so baffling. I didn't have any 3A slo blow so I will grab some today. Hopefully I will have some time over the next few days to sort though this. It's such a bummer to have this one down.

2 months later
#2297 5 years ago

After a couple of months of down time I have my BSD almost 100%. I have sorted out the issue with the HV coil line, cleared up the switch errors, have a new Mist Motor on order. All that remains is the rumbling and grumbling going on at the back of the PF. Trying to sort out if it is the up down diverter or ramp. I can't wait to get this going 100%. It was a bit more of a train wreck than I bargained for when I picked it up, but well worth the struggle.

#2302 5 years ago

Wow ballsofsteel, that graveyard mod is pretty epic. I absolutely love it!

Yeah, I bought the BSD as not working-unfortunately the person before the guy I bought it from hacked the heck out of things. So nothing has been easy. Once I get this grinding thing sorted I feel all will be well and then I can shop it out and you know, maybe play it.

#2306 5 years ago

Edit: I just reread and saw that you needed the lamp assembly. I'll try and grab some pics later

#2308 5 years ago

Yeah Blenderhead, there's lots of tape, and interesting fixes, etc underneath. Thankfully I have a great local board guy and a great local community to help me out. Right now it's playable, but without the mist option. I'm waiting to get a friend over to help flip the switch so I can sort out where the grinding noise is coming from. It's hard to tell if it's the ramp lift assembly or the diverter assembly without being back there/underneath

#2319 5 years ago
Quoted from AJNada:

I notice my BSD audio has a slight "hiss" at times. Audio has a slight static sound to it, but then again, it may just be the quality of the era. Is there a good set of speakers out there that improve the sound quality? Any specific brands to look out for?

If you have the $$ Pinball Pro does a nice setup

#2322 5 years ago

Hope these help Jaybird.

IMG_6191.JPG IMG_6194.JPG IMG_6196.JPG
#2327 5 years ago

Yeah, definitely 3 prong

#2335 5 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

had my mist MB work for the first time this machine has seen in a while i'm assuming today (new motor and gear). Super pumped up to see the ball go across the field! then the custom welds on the ball shooter bracket broke off..prrrrt. this machine is going to play like new with all of the new parts and money I've put into it. now i just need to mail in the opto board for repairs, and wait for a new opto board kit, then i'll have a backup for the short optos.

I am in the same boat. I have a new motor/gear box on order. I can't wait to see it work. Though given this machine's history I am sure I will have some onto issues or something else to sort out when the time comes. Good luck with everything

#2341 5 years ago

Oh my god, it works! Sadly my plunger is down again, but the mist multi ball works. First time since I have owned the game.

#2343 5 years ago

I'm going to either order new ones/have these rebuilt when I strip the machine down to shop it out. I picked this up in October and have been slowly, but surely working through all of the kinks.

#2346 5 years ago

The wiring harness splits off from the knocker. I can try and trace it when I get home from work, but it looks like the 3 purple wires go their own way. The knocker is interconnected with other connectors/coils so you may have the wires there somewhere.

IMG_6259.JPG IMG_6261.JPG IMG_6262.JPG
#2348 5 years ago

The two purple with yellow trace wires are live and go to the red. The purple with black trace is negative and goes to the negative.

#2351 5 years ago

Oh so you just want to know the polarity of your coil? Why didn't you just say so The banded side of the diode/lug it attaches to is positive. If there is no diode it doesn't matter you can hook the pos/neg up to either terminal.

1 week later
#2376 4 years ago

Hey guys, my HV coil line just went down again. I posted about this before here, but thought I had fixed it. I have a Rottendog CPU, my driver board was just rebuilt, all transistors are fine, fuses fine, coils all have power and proper resistance. I just played fifty games and all was as well as can be until I get my mist opto board and then all of a sudden, the entire line went down again. I thought it was the ball launch coil as that is what appeared to cause it last time, but I disconnected that and still no go.

Here is my thread. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


#2431 4 years ago

Man, I log in and see 45 new posts since yesterday and I think "damn, something wicked cool must be going down". I click and it's just a bunch of guys talking about their tips....

#2441 4 years ago
Quoted from n0s4atu:

Well, rebuilt my flippers and they're working much better. So much better in fact I decided to not fix the hack job yet since I didn't have the time to make sure I did it right. Finally put up a decent score too.
And of course it was good while it lasted, we had a kid over who didn't know what a pinball machine was pretty much and was pretty much just pounding the flippers constantly. Then the game stopped working properly and reports a ball missing. The trough isn't working or registering anything and the launch button is not lit or responding.
Now, I had the flippers rebuilt for a bit and logged at least 20 games on it to "test" it. This kid plays less than a game and it's jacked up.
Is there a fuse that could have possibly gone? Any ideas? Thanks as always for the help.

When you go through test mode is anything else not responding? Have you tested to see if you are getting power to either? Is it the 4 trough switches that are not registering or the shooter lane switch?

I'm looking at the switch matrix and trough 4 and the ball launch are side by side. The ball launch is part of the HV line. If you are not getting any power you may want to check fuse F105 and F112. Though, I think that perhaps something came loose or is making contact, etc. When I reinstalled my launch coil I noticed it made contact with my cabinet flipper switches and took them out.

#2442 4 years ago

Hey guys, I am about to partake in the "adjusting" of the optos. This is completely foreign territory to me and I was wondering if there is any great literature out there on how to properly test and align.

#2445 4 years ago

Radio Shack generally has 7ASB's in stock if you want a quick fix. 5ASB won't do damage, but not sure how long it will last.

1 week later
#2480 4 years ago

555's in the backbox, pops and inserts should be 47's in the GI. Should be able to get a quick count if you have the machine on site. The manual should also have them listed. I can check in a bit.

#2489 4 years ago

That looks awesome!

6 months later
#2991 4 years ago

So Drac is being all emo again. After months of not being turned on I had some free time, I fired it up and every time a ball get kicked into the shooter lane and fired, a new one is reloaded into the lane. I'm guessing it's a trough switch issue, but I just wanted to make sure before I go down that route.

I also notice the shooter plunger overshoots and gets stuck. Any idea on what would cause that?

#2996 4 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

It does sound like a ball trough switch issue. Are they all working during switch test?
My plunger armiture used to stick as well, but in troubleshooting skill shot issues a while back I ended up replacing the coil, sleeve and armiture for the ball shooter. All easy to replace and inexpensive. I haven't noticed the plunger sticking again. Also I realize now the main culprit for that old skill shot issue was a bad connection on the drop target microswitch. Oh well...

Many thanks! I just didn't want to start down the wrong road.

#2997 4 years ago

OK, got the trough and plunger sorted-many thanks! Now back to my original issues- surprise, surprise my right gate is having issues. I am sure you are all shocked. I mean who would have thought, it seems like such a bullet proof design.

I installed a homepin board and that cleared up many of the issues. In test mode it seems to be working fine. Brings the ball left and right, but at start up when it goes to load the ball in the staging area, it just drops.

I am also getting an error message for switch 52, it stays open. I was going to replace the receiver and transmitter today if I can find them at my Rat Shack.

Could opt 52 be affecting 82? Are there any good sites on how to adjust/align the optos? I've read through the threads here and I am guessing that either my gate is bent, ball is too far one way or another or my optos are not aligned.

Man, this game is emo.

#3016 4 years ago

Got mine mostly sorted. A bad wire on 52. 82 seems to be holding the ball (for now). This is the first time since owning this pin that everything is working 100%

+1 on the Homepin board!

2 months later
#3165 4 years ago

I think this is the first time in my life I have coin for envy. Nice work!

1 month later
#3235 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Cool idea. Post a pic with the room dark and the village lit up please.

What he said.

1 month later
#3283 3 years ago

Just needed to vent, after months of a working Mist Ball, I had a gathering last weekend so I was going through and just tidying up all of the pins, I stupidly raised my PF and swapped out the white light for a green on my magnet. Now no more mist ball. Swapped it back and still a no go. I went over and re-checked the wiring and nothing came disconnected. Man, I hate how moody this bastard is.

#3290 3 years ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

Anyone else ever have the problem of a coil firing intermittently on the left side? Mine is the coil at the end of my mystery subway. I had a spare brand new driver board so i swapped and still the same issue. Changed both of the optos and same issue. Nothing blocking the optos during switch edge test and works correctly when i test. My next move is replacing the molex connector as it seems like it doesnt fit right. Any ideas?

Could be a bad or flaky diode on that coil or one up/down the line.

#3306 3 years ago

I dig that alt translite!

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