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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#1630 5 years ago

What triggers the Left ball gate to open. In coil test mode the coil works fine and opens and closes the gate. Long opto works fine. I had a BSD years ago but forget what triggers the left gate to open to let the ball in. Do both the left and right gates open at same time and stay open till either ball goes into left gate pocket or is knocked off the long opto then both gates closed? I can't remember and I am sure someone in here knows off the the top of their head what opens that gate.

#1632 5 years ago

Okay so how is that fixed?

#1633 5 years ago

is it related to the C2 cap on the fliptronics board?

#1634 5 years ago

"Note that sometimes C2 is installed on this board and sometimes it is not. The board pictured does not have C2 installed. Since C2 is a 100µF/100V capacitor, it can't be doing too much AC smoothing of the full wave rectified flipper power. Some RGP discussions indicate that C2 may have been designed in originally to reduce EMI (electro-magnetic interference) from the board. Installing C2 will have a negligible affect on flipper power. Some report that installing C2 fixes a "jittery gate" symptom on BSD's "mist" assembly.
More information about bench testing FlipTronics board is available here."

#1636 5 years ago

Thanks phishrace. I will check that, hopefully that is what it is, simple fix!!

#1640 5 years ago

So I am back to square one? Wonder why its such a mystery to find out how the left gate knows to open...I can't find anything anywhere that definitively says what makes it open.

#1643 5 years ago

@aobrian5. In coil test the coil fires and opens the gate. In Mist ball test the gate will not open at all ever. During game play the left gate does not open at all. So what ever triggers or tells the CPU to open the gate to accpet the ball into the left pock is not working/happening. I can't find any info anywhere on what triggers the gate to open. If I knew what triggers it I could check that part and fix it. I don't have the full schematics for this game so I can't see what runs that solenoid. I see that the Fliptronics board has a "left gate actuator for sol. 36 via J907 4 - J902 4. and I also found U3 on the 24 Switch Opto assembly is labeled as a I.C. 555 Timer. So I am not sure if the left gate is controlled by a timer located on the 24 Switch Opto Assembly, If its controlled by the Flipptronics board, the MPU or the Left magnet switch under the playfield. So what I am trying to do is find out what controls the gate and fix it.

#1644 5 years ago

I have done some more research and I really think the I.C. 555 timer is the chip on the 24 opto board that sense how far the ball is away and opens the left gate. Can someone confirm if my guess is correct. Its like a $5 dollar chip so that would be a cheap fix.

#1646 5 years ago

@aobrien5 That would be awesome, really appreciate it.

#1656 5 years ago

@aobrien I am not quit sure I understand ur post. Are u saying the IC 555 controls the ball on magnet switch and I should replace that chip or are u saying just the ball on magnet switch needs adjusted/replaced

#1657 5 years ago

Just fyi when I took mist ball out during testing, using my hand I could open and,close switch 82 so that opto is working

1 week later
#1664 5 years ago

The sound on BSD to me is very mid range/tinty sounding. Has anyone here bought a speaker upgrade kit and if so is there noticeable difference?

#1666 5 years ago

Good to know. I really want to improve the sound and didn't want to spend the $ and find that it still sounds similar to stock

#1668 5 years ago

I am not sure I clearly understand your problem. Why would there be balls in the castle on start up? What test are you talking about? The machine will go mung mung mung press enter to enter test, in order to see errors. Do you have acid damage around your batteries? Weird stuff like that sounds like acid damage possibly? There are 2 manuals for the game an abbreviated and a full one. The full manual available in IMPD has a detailed schematic of the Fliptronics boards. Why are you needing info on Fliptronics is there issues with that too?

#1670 5 years ago

If you lock all 3 balls in the castle does the Multi ball start? Sounds like an opto is out in the castle, as after your game if a ball is in there is should eject it. So my guess is the machine does not sense balls in there, therefore does not eject them. Go into switch edge test and those 3 opto's in the castle should show as closed put a ball in there and see if they open as the ball passes through.

#1676 5 years ago

why would you disable the option to empty the castle? The bong always happens and does not mean there is a problem. The bong is just the machine starting. Are you thinking that the bong noise means something is wrong? In regards to the mystery giving video mode, i am 99% sure that when video mode is lit the target drops then once you get the ball into the hole it starts video mode. you play video mode then it kicks the ball out after you are done resuming play.

#1678 5 years ago

@aobrien5 If when video mode is lit and the drop target is still up and you hit it that would mean you would have to make another shot up there to start video mode? If it stayed up and he hits the drop target, the target would just drop and the ball would bounce away and drain. I don't recall that happening? I thought it stayed up in that corner and then went into the a tunnell or got kick out some how. Funny how little things like that are hard to remember without having game in front of you.

#1679 5 years ago

John, how do you lock the balls the next game if they are already in there? Maybe thats why your not getting multiple multi balls all the time, b/c all your balls are stuck in the castle waiting to get out!

#1680 5 years ago

I just have had limited play on my new one and I have gotten it a bunch of times with mist / coffin combo and I suck

#1691 5 years ago

The coils firing at the beginning is a ball search. So if you fire up the machine and you are hearing all the coils fire, the CPU cannot find all 4 balls. It sounds like your game is working fine, what is the problems again you are worried about? I am having a real hard time following what you are looking to fix. It sound like your game is working fine and that you were confusing your game working correctly (b/c you didn't hear items 1-3 listed above) and only hearing the BONG correct? If there is anything else you specifically need help with repost it.

#1699 5 years ago

I did the same thing rudygulp42, I put a ball in left pocket and it didn't do a ball search the first time, then I tried it again and it did do a ball search so I am under the assumption this game is just does what it wants!

3 weeks later
#1724 5 years ago

Anyone know a place to get a Red DMD at a good price?

#1734 5 years ago

Anyone ever try these out? I see them on EBay all the time but have not seen them on an actual game. ebay.com link » Bsd Dracula Pinball Mod Sideboard Decals

#1755 5 years ago

@newpinowner I think aobrien is correct in regards to your castle ball kickingbout. My guess is ur game, when it kicks out that second ball, is not realizing it worked therefore dropping the castle lock ball into play. So i would check the switch matrix and make sure all your trough switches are registering and that your shooter lane switch is working. I had a similar error a few years ago and it was a malfunctioning switch. 2) The opto 10 board runs all the,optos around the game except the mist ball. The mist ball uses the opto 24 board. So take a screen shot of ur matrix in diagnostic mode and post it.

#1763 5 years ago

@Newpinowner In regards to your flaky trough switches, next time you do that fill the trough with balls exercise and you have 2 balls in but it says last switch touched pull the ball out and see if its registering. it looks like its is registering correctly on the matrix diagram, it may just been a software glitch in regards to it telling you last switch was ball #3. The actual cherry switches are probably all good its probably the metal that activates the switches that need adjustment. I 100% agree with Rlermen and MrBellmens advise. Also in regards to the dumping 2 balls at once. I didn't see you test the ball shooter switch in the video. Can you confirm it is working properly. Many times the 2 balls at once error is b/c after the ball is locked and the 2nd ball is ejected into the shooter lane, the computer is not registering that second ball fast enough and thinks that a 2nd ball didn't eject out therefore it ejects the known ball in the castle lock. I would bet your kicker arm needs cleaned and/or the lane switch needs adjusted.

#1765 5 years ago

Anyone know if new side are is available anywhere or is currently being made? Just bought my Bryan Kelley plastics need new side art too

#1772 5 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Anyone in need of a new backboard decal? Mine is trashed and I need to see about getting another made. Might make more if there's any interest.

ill take one Bryan just let me know how much $

#1790 5 years ago

Okay my turn for help. My Right mist ball gate is acting up. I have it adjusted and working but need a new gate and Lift that connects to the wire gate. I believe these parts are #A-16269 and #12-7064. However!!! The bolt that held the wire gate to this lift twisted so much it broke, So i have it rigged so that it works but I just used a regular large screw, with a nut as a space and a nut holding it together. I know this is a pain, but can anyone take off their Castle plastic and take a couple shots of how this is all supposed to be connected for me. My problem is the gate isn't keeping the ball in front of the opto correctly, so I had to tape the top and left portions of the opto to get it to play correctly and I am re-doing everything on this machine so I want all original parts and things working as they should. Thanks in advance!

#1792 5 years ago

First, Ill send photo's later tonight or tomorrow I am at work and have a date with some SUSHI later. Second, this is the RIGHT mist ball gate I am talking about, where the mist ball gets loaded. You can't see where the wire form gate attaches to the actuator (which is attached to the coil) unless you take off the large Castle Plastic. The coil controls what looks like a tongue depressor (i think its called an actuator) which attached to the wire gate. Therefore the coil fires, actuator goes up and lifts or closes the right mist ball gate. When I bought the game the wire gate and actuator looked "rigged" to work and finally broke the bolt used to hold them together in half. So I am asking if someone can take some photo's of this right mist ball gate area. The problem is the large Castle Plastic is in the way of the photo's I want. I want to see if I am missing a pieces or if its just a bent wire gate that is causing me my issue. The issue is the mist ball load but doesn't cover the opto beam fully due to the gate. So I had to rig up my the right opto with electric tape so that only the bottom and right side of the opto or visible. If I don't the ball isn't blocking the opto 100% and the game is thinking there is no ball loaded so the gate opens drops the loaded ball and then re-loads over and over. The tape is a temporary fix and I want it working as it should. WHEW....sorry for hte long winded post.

2 weeks later
#1828 5 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

So, my wifey went ahead tonight and started applying reds to the side art on the cabinet. It looks pretty darn good! Way better than those pale whites I was looking at. We still have a ways to go before it's all re-applied, but we'll get there; it definitely is looking great so far!

What did she use as paint to get the red back? I am going to eventually put new cabinet side art on but wouldn't mind doing that till I get time.

#1830 5 years ago

is that the web site you bought it on? I can't seem to find where to buy it from the link. It tells you all about it but no buy option?

1 year later
#3064 4 years ago
Quoted from Luppin:

I often get a credit dot relative to switch 44 - through balls 4, although it looks like its not affecting the gameplay at all - as far as I understand.
What type of problem is this?

Did you put game in switch edge test and test that switch yet? Sound like that switch needs adjusted or replaced as its not registering. That switch isn't really needed but the error is annoying

#3067 4 years ago
Quoted from Thor-NL:

It's in a through, so all switches gets triggered going down.

Yeah it would get hit every ball drain. Its probably loose, or metal lever is bent, or the switch just stopped working. Since the game rarely has all 4 balls in the trough its not a top priority. Remember 1 ball is locked in the mist gate and the other three in the trough would be balls 1, 2 and #3 so #4 is rarely used in this game. I can't even imagine a scenario other than freshly dropping all 4 balls into the machine, that it would ever matter and even then it wouldn't matter as long as 1-3 are working

2 months later
#3193 3 years ago

So not sure if this has been discussed before, but Gooterman, here on PS was having Right gate issues. He read schematics and found that the right gate coil uses the Fliptronics board for hold power specifically the C2 cap 100mu. His was missing, upon further investigation, he found that many of the BSD's were sent out with the flipper boards not having this C2 cap. I looked at mine and found that I was also missing my C2 cap and I have always had sparatic right gate issues. Anyone else every here of this or know anything about it?


#3195 3 years ago

Gotterman said during his research this is the only game that required it, that is why many BSD's slipped through QC without it.

#3197 3 years ago

Nice! Well I never saw your thread before and I am glad to have had this topic back up in my life anyways and it looks like Smiley appreciates it too! So Thanks for figuring this out 4 years ago, my buddy may have read your thread and it (edit for clarification: your original thread) gives credit to my post, that this is a real issue and fix! Love Pinside! can't wait to do my and report results!!!

#3199 3 years ago
Quoted from smiley:

Yay! So happy to have that problem fixed. Thanks Guys.

Fish Tales requires that Cap. So you'll need to buy one and solder it into the old board.

1 month later
#3270 3 years ago

Listen to Aeobrien5. He knows what he is talking about. $3200 for a BSD gets you the nicest BSD around that isn't a Bryan Kelly model. Proto plastics don't mean anything. Make sure Opto boards are all rebuilt or replacement boards. and makes sure all your ramps are solid with no cracks. also What playfield model is it LS or SP that has a huge $$$$ flux right there. LS are prone to Planking and SP are pretty solid. In my area Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh Triangle there have been 5 sales within last 6-18 months. I got ripped off on my at $2400 and MJM69 and Blackbeard sold there B+ games for just over 3k and they were both show pieces. Gooterman also recently sold one for i think $2800 in above average shape. Just do your homework. I've owned 2 of these and about 20+ pins in my life and by Far BSD is the most finiciky. Best of luck force brother!

#3289 3 years ago

Well I finally added a 100uF 160V Cap to the Fliptronics 2 board @ C2 to help with the Right Gate Hold. I also got a new right gate from Marco. So we will see if that right gate starts kicking ass for me. (side note. I have installed 1,000 caps in my time doing arcades, and I installed my first cap backwards.....ugh blew immediately thank god it didn't do any other damage. Just put another one in and seems to be working good. So remember kids triple check your polarity!)

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