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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#2161 5 years ago

Also joined the club! (BSD is my first machine) And I really like it.. it is very addicting because of all those bad games ending within minutes and then suddenly have a great game with combined multiballs What a rush!
Did not yet got the 3 multiballs combined.. takes a lot of practice to correctly aim for all the ramps.. Especially the Coffin Ramp I find very hard to hit.. (loop high score: only 10, after 100+ games..)

Question for other owners:
when the ball kicks out of the rats hole, does it consistently hit the same spot (e.g. on the right flipper)?
In my case it sometimes hits the right flipper, sometimes the left.. And sometimes just in between with no chance to catch it.. And sometimes it hits the top of the right slingshot, which poses a high risk to lose the ball in the drains.
Is there a way to adjust the "aim" of the rats hole "up kicker"?

Post edited by JWV

#2164 5 years ago

Thanks Mike, that was what I was expecting.. Not sure how to improve this by loosening and re-tightening the up-kicker as Thor-NL suggested.. as the ball can go anywhere between hitting the top of the right slingshot and hitting the middle of the left slingshot in rare cases.
Already replaced the rubber sleeve next to the rats hole, the replacement is slightly smaller: less chance for the ball to hit against that sleeve. This did not help though.

#2171 5 years ago

@BLACK_ROSE: nice leds, looking good!

Quoted from terryb:

If the ball is hitting various spots as you describe I would guess there is some slop in the mechanism, mech has come loose, missing a screw, etc. Also possible the plunger is not aligned on the pinball and is putting some spin on it.

Yesterday dismantled the mechanism. The plunger indeed was not 100% aligned and there was some wear (small dent in the metal) at the corner of the housing (I suspect this was the culprit). I smoothed this and now it is working perfectly again, the ball shoots at the right flipper every time

1 month later
#2194 5 years ago

Recently discovered you can get an additional 5.000.000 from the Asylum by pressing either of the flipper buttons (animation of guy hitting a fence is shown).
Did you all know that already?

Also noticed that the Coffin ramp is sometimes raised after a skill shot is made, but I don't understand the circumstances yet (thought 3 skill shots in a row, though that's not true).

Any more tricks to get more points?

#2197 5 years ago

Ah, thanks guys for explaining! Didn't notice the V-I-D-E-O was advancing as well..

#2206 5 years ago

The Coffin ramp of my BSD is very hard to complete.. Only a 100% perfect entry at full speed and the ball rushes through the ramp, though most of the times it stops around the corner beneath the coffin.
Already leveled the play field and checked the ramp can't be lowered on the left-hand side..

Is this just part of the game? Or is there something wrong causing the ball to slow down at the beginning of the ramp?

#2211 5 years ago
Quoted from Axl:

Hi Jwv, you are probably missing the clear plastic on top of the ramp.
Contact JASONPAULBAUER and he will sort it out!
There are aome pictures in this thread.

Hi, I know which plastic you mean.. It's not missing though.. But maybe it is somehow slowing down the ball.. hard to 'debug' this issue, should film it to diagnose this..
At my BSD the "point of no return" for the Coffin ramp is at the yellow arrow, is this where it should be?
I read somewhere that getting around the first corner should be enough to get through the ramp. That would mean the ramp should be raised at the right side..

#2214 5 years ago

Ok thanks..
Then the ramp is just "very hard" (for me ) to complete..

@aobrien5: thanks, will check the gap..

#2220 5 years ago
Quoted from terryb:

The ramp should not be that hard to make. Check the posts as aobrien said, they often get installed in the wrong locations when someone strips the playfield. There's info on which length post goes where somewhere on pinside.
Are you sure it's not a flipper issue? If the flippers haven't been rebuilt lately I would start there.
Hi-res photos that also cover the right side of the ramp would help.

Checked that the ramp was installed correctly.

Performed an unorthodox method: I cleaned the balls and sprayed some "superflipp" on it.
Now the ramp is easy to make.. Think I need to clean/replace the rubber posts at the ramp entrance as the ball apparently lost a lot of speed there when it touched a post during a not-perfect-but-good-enough shot..

1 week later
#2249 5 years ago

Finally got the Multi-Multi ball for the first time! However the feature lamp of the coffin multiball appeared to be broken, got confused because of that and lost the balls before I would hear a Thirrrty Million.. No high score..

#2251 5 years ago

Or reflow the solder of the connector pins on the board, these tend to crack due to the shocks and shakes of the game play. In my case the bulb was just dead and replaced it, now it is much brighter than the other two multiball inserts.. This machine is eating bulbs, replaced so many already since I bought it! Lol

1 week later
#2267 5 years ago

Welcome back! Looking great with the black(?) side rails!
Did you apply new decals?

2 weeks later
#2356 5 years ago

Woohoo! Acquired a BSD playfield (SP / Sun Process version). Some minor (usual) damage around rats hole and tiny dented track at the 'landing zone', though it's in better shape compared to my current one which is showing some minor planking overall and cracked paint at the landing zone (LS / Lenc Smith version).
Going to read all about polishing and waxing and step into the adventure of a playfield swap soon

#2358 5 years ago

Under the apron. Either LS or SP.

#2381 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Drop should be up, hitting it should award the skills hot.
No settings I know of.

Indeed.. Only in case you enabled 'Video Mode' with the previous ball, the drop target remains down at ball launch.
When the drop target is not activated, any other switch will activate the skill shot award (for example the roll over lanes above the pop bumpers).

@ZenTron: are you sure the drop target is functioning properly? Mine was stuck at some moment and was not raised.

#2426 4 years ago
Quoted from mjfisher:

Brilliant - mine's been backwards all this time and I never realised. Thanks for that.

Mine too.. (for a long time, there are some scratches on it caused by the metal of the castle ramp)
Lots of useful stuff is posted here once in a while

1 week later
#2469 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

if anybody is making custom left copper ball gate switches I am willing to purchase.
thanks people


2 months later
#2568 4 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

Tried my hand at painting the models this weekend.... I figured no matter what they couldn't look worse than stock. I was inspired by mclad's paint job he posted last year. Nowhere near as nice as his, but I'm pretty happy with the result considering I've never painted anything like this before.

castle.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
graveyard.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Impressive! How did you do the Castle? Paint gray and then fill in with black using a tiny pencil?

1 week later
#2611 4 years ago

Indeed.. Also moved the posts to reduce the outlane size, game became much more fun for a novice like me
Still using the lightning flippers and the game remains brutal/frustrating/addictive

1 month later
#2752 4 years ago

Its J905 according to the manual, J905-1 for Lower right flipper, J905-3 for Upper right flipper opto.
You could also run switch test to verify correct working of both optos.

2 months later
#2917 4 years ago
Quoted from RGAires:

Hello, im willing to buy my first BSD, can you pinsiders help me, i need to know the height of the machine with the backbox folded down on the cabinet!?!? No legs included
Thanks to all
Love never dies

About 75 centimeters (30")

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