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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#5 7 years ago

Score! An exclusive club to join...I like those black flippers.

Have most of you guys put regular length bats on BSD?

#83 7 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

No, not normal. Go to test, test flashers. Maybe bulbs are bad?

That 4 pin connector might be messed up. I often have to reseat the connector to get the "Love never dies" to work. One day I will fix it, but after shopping the machine a couple months back I just want to play it.

5 months later
#317 7 years ago
Quoted from Iamdarras:


prob just need a new dmd, but check the ribbons first. Maybe you could get one of those new Sigma displays, choose the color red and the upscale smoothing!!! bet that would be dope in BSD!!

I think the display is amber with that wonderful red filter over it. Choose wisely...

1 month later
#347 7 years ago

I love my BSD but replacement parts are rare and expensive. I just found a replacement speaker panel and paid an arm and a leg for it.

I hit 1.3 billion this weekend after waxing the was amazing...

2 weeks later
#397 7 years ago
Quoted from ulmpharmd:

Mine just shipped today! Pumped...

Grats on finally getting one!

2 months later
#613 7 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

I noticed low voltage on the emitter opto for the beam going across the playfield for Mist Multiball. I was getting about 7 volts where it should have been 12. This caused the opto to register closed and the game to constantly run the magnet because it thinks there is a ball somewhere in that path. I'm re-capping the daughter opto board to the right underneath the playfield, I believe it uses 2 30v 100uf caps. Check your opto emitter voltage. The 12v power supply is unregulated so the game probably relies on these opto boards to smoothen out any remaining ripple in the supply.


Did this solve the long opto problems? I get 1.1 volts at the emitter and 12 volts at the receiver. Ordered new optos but may beed to cap the 24 opto board if that is the issue.

#633 7 years ago

Well, I was having intermittent issues with the mist multiball. It seemed to work fine after the machine was on a while. I replaced both the emitter and the receiver and now something is wrong. The magnet goes back and forth constantly as it thinks a ball is stuck on the magnet since the long opto is screwy. I did actually see that the emitter is working via the camera test. I get 7 volts at the emitter now and about 13.5 at the receiver. I can't get the remote to trigger the receiver in test mode but when I put a meter on the receiver I can see a 1 volt drop when I sent a tv remote signal to it. Any ideas? New board?

#636 7 years ago
Quoted from nthack:

Yes, but how do you adjust it? It sits in a slot and cannot be moved either way. I think I may be missing something here.

Yea. Rides in that slot with very little adjustability.

#638 7 years ago

I ordered the Homepin opto board last night to hopefully solve my problems. I will let you guys know when it comes in. (From Austrailia)

#651 7 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Just finished the project! it's going straight back to location, where it was back in 2011 only in a dirty half-working state.

Looks good. I guess you got mist working right. Did you replace the opto board or did the new caps fix the problem?

Patiently waiting for the new board to arrice from Austrailia...not really that patient.

#652 7 years ago
Quoted from nthack:

I got a bit carried away when replacing parts and cleaning my BSD. My record keeping wasn't as good as it should have been and my memory is poor as well. I have these parts which I'm not sure where they go. I'm sure someone can help a novice. Many thanks in advance.

My BSD is partially torn down so I can take some pics when I get home from work tonight if nobody beats me to it.

#667 7 years ago

One of the posts is 3.5 inches and the other is 2.5 inches....

Anybody ever order the long opto board from Homepin? I sent the paypal payment Sunday and never got any word from them that the order was received or when it will be shipped...

#671 7 years ago

Regarding Homepin shiping:

I found a reply from Homepin in my spam box. I hate when that happens. It looks like 3 weeks which is fine...

Thanks Mike for making this product!

#675 7 years ago

I am using the same cards. They look great...laminated them at work.

1 week later
#677 7 years ago

Mystery hole gives a random reward. I think these are the rewards:
Light Castle Lock
Light Coffin Lock
Light Video Mode (completes V-I-D-E-O)
Advance Bonus X
Extra Ball
Mystery Score (100K to 5M or 20M)

Does the switch test good in test mode? Are you sure it gives you something every time the mystery award is lit?

1 week later
#679 6 years ago

I wanted to leave some positive feedback for Homepin. I was still having problems with mist circuit and they helped me solve the problem. They even sent me a nice "test jig" to test that my long optos were working right. I can happily say that my mist issues are done. Now, if I can only solve the pinball 1 missing error...

#682 6 years ago

I replaced the left with a stock coil too.

#683 6 years ago

And my missing ball error was operator error. You have to put the right number of balls in the game. Seems simple. except to me.

I spoke to soon on the mist multiball issues. It loads and carries a ball in test mode like it's supposed to. When I go to start a game, the ball loads up into the right pocket and stays caught on the magnet for a second or so and then drops against the gate in the pocket. That must drop too far down and cause the gate to drop the ball and they try to reload a new ball in the pocket. I attempted to bend the gate slightly inward but no luck yet.

Any ideas? I may be missing something so simple...

#688 6 years ago

Fixed my mist load error. Pretty easy to use the green led on the Homepin board to see if the optos are being properly lined up with the ball in the pocket.

Quoted from Kawasakiltd:

Here are a few pics of the one I just got a month + ago. Will get a full tear down here shortly and some leds.

Machine looks pretty darned good. Give her a good cleaning and enjoy...

#691 6 years ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

Hi all Dracula fiends...
I have just got hold of a BSD, but sadly it has a lamp matrix issue, where in single lamp mode test more than 1 lamp will light.
First off I have noticed that the lamp on the mist multiball magnet is missing a diode, so I guess this is as good a place to start by fitting one.
Could I ask someone who has a BSD please photo the lamp on the magnet so I know where the wires go and the way round the diode goes.
Once I have fitted it I will then see if the fault clears up.
Many thanks Dracula Dudes

Hope this helps!

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