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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#6366 1 year ago
Quoted from davebart5:

Happy Dracula Day!
May your night be filled with bats, rats and triple stacks...
[quoted image]

Thanks Dave. I picked up my BSD on the date the book was released?! Now that is pretty freaky. Appreciate all the help from davebart5 and neverahighscore on this one. You can bet I will be bugging you some more. Yes Dave, per your feedback, the order needs to change, BSD between MBr & LOTR. Shout out to menacefire for the bird dog too.
lineup update (resized).jpg

#6382 1 year ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Anyone know where you can get apron decals for BSD?

I have heard mixed reviews on this vendor...

#6395 1 year ago

A few more notes on PinSound, first just install it yourself smcclain65; notes above from habo are great.

If you want a sub hook up then use the RCA jacks on the pinsound board to your external sub, a 10-12 foot RCA cord works well to the popular Polk subs.

The pinsound upgrade does not NEED the upgraded speakers to work, however, getting the 2.1 speaker cable is a great idea as you will most likely want the stereo setup after you hear the mix. You can buy cheaper speakers that will do the job, I just bought 3 speakers for my BSD from parts-express for $45 total. Not sure how they will perform yet as I just ordered yesterday.

Lastly, I am working on a revised pinsound mix. The base is Hazzard’s superb mix with some great work from davebart5. This will take some time as I know how long LOTR took for me, hopefully not as long for BSD. When I am finished I will share and update here. Big fan of pinsound.

#6400 1 year ago
Quoted from smcclain65:

Great. Thanks for the info, on the ordering the base pinsound. I can do that right, and then just use a USB stick and install the orchestration and save myself the extra $60? Are there instructions on how to install that?

Good feedback above from colsond3, the lesson there is search in the thread as well across the forums.

Also, you will need a nice fast USB drive or you could have latency issues. I think the PinSound guys have one they recommend on their site, that can then be easily sourced from Amazon, etc.

#6402 1 year ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Will you Include my idea of using your wife's sounds for replacement of some of the uh discreet callouts

Jeez, I have a litany of responses to that and pretty much all of them are just so wrong, moving on...

1 week later
#6457 1 year ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

Hey guys, does anyone know who makes clear coffin ramp or maybe knows how to remake them?

[quoted image]

The ramp referred to in this post from many moons ago. Where to source? Thanks.

EDIT: I just found this but would still need the blue metal riveted on, definitely don’t have the tool for that.

#6459 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

If you'd like, ship the parts to me and I'll take care of it.

Awesome, good to know. Thanks Bryan, will let you know for sure.

#6500 1 year ago

Looking for a NOS or used in perfect shape translite. PM me, thanks.

#6523 1 year ago
Quoted from pipes:

Anyone install radcals on their BSD? I have a set and I'm just in the middle of getting the cabinet prepped to install it. Should look really nice when it's done.

Mine are on the way, let me know how your install goes and any tips for a successful install. Particularly interested in how they can be repositioned to get lined up.

#6524 1 year ago

duplicate post

#6533 1 year ago
Quoted from hawknole:

Looking for a NOS or used in perfect shape translite. PM me, thanks.

With all the sales of this newest alt translite someone has to have an unscathed original translite they are willing to sell. PM me if so. Thanks.

#6536 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Did you order an alt? Better than having nothing, or at least until you find an original.
I like the original, and wouldn’t want to separate it from my game completely (in the rare and unlikely event that I ever sold my game).

Thanks Colson, my translite has a minor blemish and I am restoring the machine so looking for a cherry one. I might get pinstein’s but would prefer the original.

#6537 1 year ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

I have a original perfect translate. I'd give it you if you lived in PA. Ahh, too bad!!!!!!

Haha, you would have some other excuse if I was still up there. I know you keep everything. You still even have that awful Hef Playboy translite socked away and that is scary awful.

#6544 1 year ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Sorry. Just looked at my original. It has a blemish also from one of the incandescent bulbs

Thanks sulli

1 week later
#6591 1 year ago
Quoted from pipes:

Almost finished with my restore job on my recently acquired BSD. Repaired all the dings and imperfections in the cabinet and painted around all the edges black to receive the new radcal artwork. Wow, I have to say, it came out looking even better than I had hoped. The radcals are cut so perfectly that I didn’t really need to do any painting. I was worried there might be 1/8” or more gap to the edges of the cab where the radcal would not cover but instead they go pretty much right to edges. I was also a bit worried about cutting the holes, especially for the start button since the cut will be visible - that turned out to be a breeze. With the proper dremel bit I had no issues. I just had to touch up the wood with some black paint around the inside of the hole where I took off some of the paint. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Worth every penny!
I’m away on vacation till july 9th and didn’t take any pics. I’ll be sure to post some when I get back.
Also, that alternate translite everyone has been showing off looks fantastic! Now that’s one I actually might consider over the original.

Yes, waiting on pics. Especially interested in your Radcal corners and that start button cutout.

#6610 1 year ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

Thanks to everyone for the recommendation. I've ordered a Pinsound board and found the speakers on Amazon for less than Parts Express. At the moment, it seems Pinsound is out of stock, and anticipating a 2-month delay, so I'll be exercising some patience as well.
I'm really looking forward to this one.

I have a PinSound in my BSD & LOTR. The BSD is a full replacement with matching form factor while the LOTR is an additional board. Clearly PinSound was designed for this era game. I am a PinSound fan and am still refining my BSD mix in collaboration with davebart. The Hazard mix is great and just as his is a remix of the original, ours will be simply an alternate mix.

#6614 1 year ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

I would very much like to give it a listen when you feel it's ready. I'd even be happy to help beta test if it would be helpful.

Zen, I will send you a PM when we get to the point of “beta”.

#6617 1 year ago

Per the above two posts:
No worries neverahighscore.
PM sent to Hazzard to explain and possibly collaborate.

After playing BSD last night for a couple hours, I had a thought about adding non BSD soundtrack music to another alternate mix, a non-pure mix if you will.

1 week later
#6628 1 year ago

Anyone know if I can source the back panel decal somewhere?

5D728765-0617-491D-BEE2-E409AA1107C8 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#6744 12 months ago
Quoted from weaverj:

i need to have a usb stick permanently in the board, correct?

Yes, USB stays in place, that is where it reads the files from during the game on PinSound.

4 weeks later
#6801 11 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Ok...my game with Pinsound has never had that happen. Balls load fine when I boot the game up.
My issue definitely seems opto related. It won’t always repopulate the Mist ball mid-game, or after a game ends. Luckily I already picked up the opto boards and other parts for my tear down this Fall.
Sorry you’re having issues with the Pinsound. It’s a great upgrade.

Are all the optos in BSD the same? I heard reference to long range optos that goes across the playfield for the magnet, however, with my game currently under construction, it looks to me like that opto is no different than the others, with the exception of the black one having an extra piece of black housing. Plus the manual does not list any different part number. Thanks for any and all help.

#6821 11 months ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

The long beam opto is a different part from the others.

Thanks, any idea what the part number for the long beam opto is?

I have my BSD fully torn apart and I replaced all the standard optos. In looking at the long range ones they look the same with the exception of a bare silver wire (extra ground?) on the black side and an extra empty black side housing that stacks in front of the black housing, almost like a gun sight. Plus a cardboard cover to prevent shorting along the side rails for both black and white optos. They apparently plug into their own opto board.

Pics below...

IMG-1709 (resized).JPGIMG-1710 (resized).JPGIMG-1711 (resized).JPGIMG-1712 (resized).JPGIMG-1713 (resized).JPGIMG-1714 (resized).JPG
#6824 11 months ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

According to the manual, the part numbers are the same as the other optos in the game, A-14315 and A-14316.
I also don’t recall having to track down different optos when I tore my game down.

Cool, thanks Dave. I am going to go for the swap out then.

1 month later
#6958 9 months ago
Quoted from davebart5:

In the spirit and celebration of Halloween, I’m happy to share a little update with my fellow hunters of the night creature, and have uploaded the BSD Expanded Remix (V1) on to @Pinsound. It's currently awaiting them to officially publish.
In the meantime, I have posted the zip file on this Google Drive link for those that want it for tonight's spooky festivities: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-sgtK3Q-kBvcYIAajLnXyITHqKV3Myba
Before I dig into the details and creative direction…
Big thanks to @hawknole, a very helpful partner in this. Even as he embarked on a PF swap / re-decaling of his BSD shortly after breaking ground on this update several months ago, he helped organize/create some great assets used, always there to bounce ideas off of and help test things as the ungodly amount of hours and countless vampire-like nights preparing and placing materials went on. It was a beast, a monster.
I’d like to acknowledge and thank @Hazzard for being the originator and first to kick off the BSD Pinsound saga with his mix, which directly inspired me to get my own BSD. It reminded me how great the movie’s music was. I like challenging games, classical music and the monster genre, so having all of that in this iconic gothic theme got my blood flowing. There are sound effects and voice call outs from his mix that I loved and are still in place for this update.
And thanks to my friends @colsond and @neverahighscore for tossing this into your games to beta test.
The mission of this mix is to bring through more elements of the movie, and primarily focuses on a completely revamped suite of music. It includes some new call outs and SFX replacing some items, and a fresh twist of audible depth to gameplay (see The New Features below).
To compliment the rinse and repeat nature of the rules, there is good variety in the songs with (81) tracks in total. Some of them are alternates of each other, most of them new, and only a few repeat across the modes. Each mode has it’s own carefully selected suite of music to choose from, and each multi-ball has it’s own signature song(s). The vision is to create a unique feel to the various levels of the game, and increase the chances of a different musical experience from ball to ball, game to game.
This V1 edition is somewhat of a first draft. I already have a list of tweaks and additions, things to clean up in the files, further dial in levels, etc. I’ll consider all community feedback, and eventually release V2. The things I still want to do aren’t worth the hold up to not share this where it stands.
Everything added into this mix are assets collected from the 1992 Columbia Pictures film, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. And if you haven’t in a while, or ever, I highly suggest you WATCH THE MOVIE!
The film’s director, Francis Ford Coppola, sought a classical old world eastern European feel to the project’s music, so he bucked the usual Hollywood name and tapped Polish composer, Wojciech Kilar, who was not a big name, even in Poland, and had no prior experience placing music to film, let alone a major studio project.
Kilar’s style is described by Coppola as “sustained emotion-minimalism crossbred with Polish folk music and the meditative mood of the Catholic church.” Kilar came up with this described low prodding piano appreggio that marches us into ancient Transylvania, ominous melodies in lower registers of brass, with lush swirling flirtatious music box sounds and deep cello lines that swirl like fog. Dark, mysterious, seductive, romantic strings, thrashing themes, a chanting chorus with trumpet-sputtering and percussive violence befitting of the legendary impaler. The composition is aimed to portray the old world, worship, the brutal and dangerous nature of the Vampire, but also the pain and heartbreak Dracula carries with him.
Kilar created a full scene-by-scene score that tells the entire film through music with a 100-piece orchestra and 50-voice choir.
The original soundtrack album released in ‘92 is missing a lot of the great music you hear in the background of the movie (Kilar’s score), so it’s rather limited and has roughly 5-6 good songs fit for pinball throughout the album.
The game changer for me in all of this, is while digging into this mix, I was able to source Kilar’s scene-by-scene score (legally) in full remastered quality. Prior to that release, most have never been heard if they weren’t used in the background scenes of the film or made the cut for the ‘92 soundtrack. So now in addition to the original soundtrack, this gave me over two hours of new music, alternates, and bonus tracks to play with. I tried to squeeze as much of it as I could in the BSD Expanded Remix. I still have a couple odd ball songs, sound effects, call outs and chants I’m trying to find a home for in V2, and surely more to come as I dissect the movie to place into the game.
Start and End of Game Call Outs:
The monster that breathing men would kill begins and ends the game with an additional call out from the movie.
Players Added:
Hear the growls and howls of the wolves in the forest as you add to the pack.
Pre-Launch Music:
(16) songs to choose from sets the stage with an eerie ambiance before you begin the hunt.
Ball Launch Sounds:
(6) different sounds to choose from as you plunge into the dangerous territory of Dracula’s lair.
Skill Shot Success:
New sound for when the player achieves the skill shot. This is inspired by the scene where Harker (Keanu) gets dropped off by carriage in Dracula's territory and has an intense moment where he notices a crucified wolf on a stake as lightning cracks. I view this as valuable intel before you go on the hunt and should be rewarded for it.
Multiplier Rollovers:
As you enter the castle through the upper rollovers, you’ll hear a variety of eerie sounds of Dracula’s spirit, just like when Dracula disguised as the carriage driver reached his monster arm out to pull Harker in. This is to portray being pulled into the castle.
In-Game Music:
(1) main song with (6) variations of that song to choose from as you enter the castle to begin the hunt.
Based on the art, the slings to me represent the castle structure itself, and in the movie, anytime you’re around Dracula in the castle, you hear the faint yells and cries of his victims or the hauntings of the old castle’s inhabitants. It’s those spirits manipulating the ball.
Lighting the Coffin 2X insert from the left in-lane, you’ll hear the sound of Van Helsing’s blade sharpen as you gear up to attack the coffin.
Lighting the mystery hole insert from the right in-lane, you’ll hear the Romanian prayer spoken to Harker as he was dropped off in the Carpathian wilderness. I viewed this as an asset for the player to recall on and light the mystery reward upon doing so.
Spot Targets:
Hear the new cries and moans of the concubines as you battle them in the castle. You’ll be taunted if you hit the middle target prematurely, you’ll hear subtle groans and foreign language of the concubines progress as you achieve the first and second hits, and lighting the castle lock insert by completing all 3 targets, Dracula or the brides yell out in anger as you get ever so closer to their destruction.
Feel your heart pump faster as you take on the swarm with (2) new songs to choose from.
Survive the infestation with (1) new song to embody your dismay.
Video Mode:
(1) new song and (2) variations of that song with a new call-out from the movie upon being eaten by the wolves.
Castle MB:
(3) unique songs to symbolize each bride, with (5) variations to choose from, some with customized add-ons. Besides the song called ‘The Brides’, all are meant to be fast paced and riveting as you fight these devils of the pit.
Castle MB Target Jackpot:
New sound for when completing the three spot targets mid MB.
Coffin MB:
(1) main song with (5) variations to choose from, some with customized add-ons. These songs are meant to be medium paced as you attack the monster himself.
Mist MB:
(1) main song with (4) variations to choose from, some with customized add-ons. These songs are meant to be a slower pace to symbolize the flowing nature of the dangerous mist.
Post Mode Music:
(8) songs to choose from with a couple having customized add-ons. Now as you exit modes like any Multi-balls or Rats, you will be met with a unique set of songs to symbolize you witnessing the horrors of Dracula.
(1) new main song with (5) variations of that song to choose from.
Enter the Initials - Grand Champion:
(1) new song strictly for the newly crowned GC. One of my favorite songs of the bunch. You can actually listen in it’s entirety if you don’t input all 3 letters. All other initials pull from the Mist MB folder.
End Game Music:
(25) new songs to choose from that play a short melodic tune as your hunt officially ends.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND clearing your external hard drive before uploading any new mix to avoid interference from a past mix saved. Not just dragging files to the trash, but a complete reformat as the drive erases past data not seen in the devices contents. It’s easy and can be done in less than a minute.
For Mac: http://osxdaily.com/2012/01/04/format-an-external-hard-drive-or-usb-flash-drive-for-mac-os-x/#targetText=Launch%20Disk%20Utility%2C%20located%20in,Mac%20OS%20Extended%20(Journaled)%E2%80%9D
For PC: https://www.wikihow.com/Format-an-External-Hard-Drive
The mix was created on my machine wired for stereo and using the Pyle speakers in the head and cab previously mentioned in this thread.
My volume is typically set to 7 or 8 out loud, 5 or 6 if I play with my Bose headphones via the Pinsound headphone station and the volume knob on that is typically set to max.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND an external sub as that’s how it was mixed, and my Polk sub was set to 0’ phase, half strength on the Low Pass (HZ) knob, and 3/4 strength on volume knob. My sub is directly connected to the Pinsound board. This to me is the full experience and I can never go back.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND switching the ‘Volume Change’ setting #8 in the Feature Adjustments menu to ‘No’. This helps avoid the game making random volume peaks and lows I’m not fond of. I think it sounds great with this set to off.
If the mix sounds off to you, or your machine rattles due to the bass, etc. tweak your external sub and/or the Pinsound board’s knobs to dial it in. Mine sounds crystal clear and like a movie. Anything rattling is diluting the clarity of the experience.
Please enjoy, happy Halloween and for the dead travel fast...
[quoted image]

Congrats my friend, some vampire-like nights indeed. Thanks for the new mix and to my fellow hunters, Happy Halloween and enjoy!

3 weeks later
#7019 8 months ago
Quoted from dr_nybble:

Anyone repaint the hammered blue rails? Looking for advice on how to do it (what paint etc.)

Yes, I used a rattle can of Krylon Fusion Satin Peacock Blue, not perfect but a pretty good match. Then cleared it with Mod Podge. Also protected the left side outlane with 3M clear auto bra film
7AD832AD-340B-4C24-8010-5492C7F8C9B3 (resized).jpeg

#7022 8 months ago

...duplicate post, previous post edited and added paint color...

#7024 8 months ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

I did a flipper rebuild and at the same time replaced the flipper coils with the correct coils.
But now I find the flippers too strong the right flipper shoots the ball round the ramp and its so fast it manages to bounce out of the ramp end and drains 50% of the time.
Any suggestions?

Try and add an energy absorbing bumper to the end of the ramp, felt or a cabinet bumper

#7026 8 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

You’re gonna need new rubbers for that thing by the time you get it back together.

Haha, that was an old picture. It is all together and playing, just before Halloween with the new mix. Now it has mirror blades, those vinyl blades were a major pain, Dracula just chewed them up.
FB7F8BCC-4D6E-429B-8902-8E0640006127 (resized).jpeg
BB8D3338-DC72-453A-88D0-B443CEA784A8 (resized).jpeg

#7029 8 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Haha...Game looks awesome man! Very nice job.
Do you have good clearance down the sides for your mirror blades? I was going to put some on mine, but it looks a little tight on the right side.

Thanks, it is all tight but I am liking the stainless over the vinyl decals. My playfield does move a little side to side, when it gets crooked that is what I have to try to avoid.

#7030 8 months ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Can you post a better pic of your apron? Also would like to see how the LED strips look under the main ramp

Here you go, I took the image from the playfield, added to it, cleaned it up & took it to a local printer, he printed it on vinyl and I put it on a craft magnet, the colors aren’t perfect but I can’t bring myself to take it off. I did not use the LED strips because I ended up going mostly purple. I believe earlier in this thread davebart5 posted what his looks like, the idea came from him & I think he is pleased with the strips
6A1B4B38-F3E8-4A39-A314-3CC6AB7CA6B2 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#7062 8 months ago
Quoted from weaverj:

hopefully, i figured out my weird issues that seemed to start around the time i tried to add pinsound. i called in the big guns, jim from jt amusements. he was diagnosing for a while, had the power board out ready to start soldering some new components, then the idea of replacing the ribbon cable popped in his head. turns out the one i have from the cpu to the power board isn't even the right one. he popped a new little shorty in there and everything started working.
pretty sure someone on here suggested that and i was on that path, but just didn't get there. i ordered a new game rom and sound roms, sort of with that same idea of weird stuff happening that didn't make sense with normal troubleshooting. eh, oh well.
i think i wanna try the board again, but i just might do the factory sound package. sorry, i'm an old school guy; like the original stuff. my question is would the stereo conversion pinsound offers be beneficial with me only using the factory sounds?

Short answer, no. The factory sounds are provided in mono. I don’t see a reason to spend the $ on a PinSound if you plan on keeping the original sounds. Buy an external sub like the reasonable Polk and possibly a pinnovator board if they make one for BSD to hook it up. Just my opinion. If you already have a PinSound use it in on a different game or sell it as they keep their value well.

#7064 8 months ago
Quoted from weaverj:

ok, how about this? i'll put the remixes on there, too, then i can switch between them when i want. it just looks weird having all rottendog replacement boards, then a factory sound board. know what i'm saying?
maybe i'll mess with that tonight, if i get bored.

Yup, you could do that. Those original WPC sound boards sell for $200-$250 currently if you want to sell off.

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