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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

7 years ago

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#684 6 years ago

We've yet to play our BSD yet but since it's due to Mist problems I think that counts as a standard hazing ritual to join.

Our BSD spent the start of it's life as a 230 volt machine in Germany.
bsd achtung.jpg

It was definitely on route since there's holes for a lockbar and at some point it apparently had a sign attached to it since there are a series of holes in the cabinet.
bsd cab holes.jpg
Not too bad but sad to think of the life it once had.

At some point it was converted to work in the US, ended up in Florida and then made it to me. Inside, we found, among other items, this nice collection:
bsd surprises.jpg
That's an empty pill bottle on the left and some tin foil on the right. The little bag in the middle has some white residue marks on it. Oh the stories BSD could tell.

No more of that for this poor pin, it will have a simple suburban life now...

1 week later
#720 6 years ago

mandrick, That doesn't seem normal to me. Have you tested the Castle optos? One of mine (#3) is out and it really has it confused at different points of the game (though different than what you're seeing).

It could be your #1 or 2 optos are out or maybe some other sensor so it's just trying to find a ball wherever it can.

1 week later
#775 6 years ago
Quoted from pflueeb:

Could I possibly appeal to one of you fine people to point out where I need to solder them back? I looked at the wiring diagram and damned if I can understand it!

Why should we help you leave the club?

I don't know anything about the wiring myself, but here's a pic of my working switches.
BSD switches.jpg
Just looks like each hot wire goes to the lower left post (depending on your view). You have 2 wires and 2 free lower left posts, I say wire them up and (in theory*) the worst you can do is swap the 2 switches. Trying to change your volume will tell you if you need to swap them back. Do that test before soldering of course.

Good luck with your sale.

* I am not a professional and have limited experience. Don't blame me!

1 week later
#786 6 years ago

Cool, please post pics when you have them installed. I keep seeing these on eBay and thought about it but wasn't sure how they'd look.

4 weeks later
#834 6 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

So I started tearing down the playfield today to shop my Drac and look what I found! How in the world did that get there??

When I received my BSD it had a ball in the exact same place. I had to loosen some plastic to get it out so not sure how it got in there. Whoever lost it did not try to recover and instead just added another ball to the game.

#865 6 years ago

When the ball gets to the left side does the gate lift up to accept the ball? There's a little solenoid under the village that pops that gate open so maybe it's not firing (or if the spring connected to the gate is too weak maybe it's not pulling the gate enough).

2 weeks later
#912 6 years ago

Did my first "shop" of my BSD (strip the PF mostly, clean PF/plastics/inserts, wax PF, replace rubbers, all bulbs to LEDs) and in total it took me about 15 hours. I went very slowly and took lots of pics. Following the invaluable guide:

I successfully got it back together and everything worked! One minor hitch with the diverter rod seen in this pic:
That ring between the star post and the rod was too tight and stopped the rod from moving. This picture saved me from needing to remove the coffin again since I found this problem after the PF was back together. Using the picture I was able to blindly guide a screwdriver in there and unhook the ring from the metal post below the diverter rod. That eased the pressure enough that the rod could move.

LEDs and cleaned inserts have made a huge difference in lighting. Very cool and so much easier to see the ball drain down the right outlane now!

#914 6 years ago

Yeah, glad I had switched to LED or I would have worried about it sitting there. Looking forward to seeing your color scheme. I stuck with white on the GI (except blue under the slings) and then did some color matching on the inserts (blue/red/green).

#925 6 years ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

Planning to work on my cabinet repaint this weekend, going to redo one side.

Best of luck. Are you using a stencil or touching up by hand?

1 week later
#984 6 years ago

Anyone have an extra village plastic/model to sell? My is warped so it doesn't sit right and I'm not sure how to straighten it. I've seen them for sale online:

but the color looks off to me so I'm worried about buying one.

1 week later
#1089 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Im shopping this game for another pinsider, anyone have a spare one of these I could buy from you? Marcos has them listed but out of stock....Thanks! Marcos part number lists it as #31-1744-20

DSC08007.JPG 218 KB

Ebay auction for a set includes this, currently at $30 shipped: link

1 month later
#1223 6 years ago
Quoted from n0s4atu:

This is a strange hobby, my game is "broken" for lack of a better word and I'm looking forward to the topper I ordered coming (thanks Joe at Laseriffic) and oddly looking forward to the person coming here and showing me what's wrong and how it gets fixed.

Owning pinball machines often reminds me of this Billy Joel line:

"And if he can't drive with a broken back
At least he can polish the fenders"

Hopefully you just have a connector that slipped out, a few of the short ones might not hang down if they're loose.

Just give up on the basement, it's going to be a pinball room eventually. Better sooner than later...

3 weeks later
#1331 6 years ago

First try switch test mode and see if blocking the sender's beam changes the switch. If not, try a bright flashlight pointed at the receiver to see if that triggers the receiver.

1 month later
#1568 6 years ago

I found this cool Department 56 Dracula Castle and used it as a topper:

dept 56 castle sm.jpg

It comes with a red light that plugs into the wall but I wired it to the coin door so it would flash. Crappy video but you get the idea:

I ran the coin door light wires (6v & signal) plus ground to the topper so I have a steady light and a flashing but can't find a good combo I like so I just used the flasher so far. I wanted to do a steady white and have the red flash over it but the white drowns out the red too much and muting the white just turned the red orange. I'll keep experimenting but it's still cool with a red that flashes.

#1570 6 years ago

This one is no longdr produced but I got lucky and found it on eBay for $28 though they normally sell for more. This one was missing the Bela Legosi Dracula figure which I didn't want anyway. Post a pic of what you put together.

#1576 6 years ago
Quoted from joe2012:

hi g, crappy camera but you get the idea. the led strip puts a blue wash on the castle. joe

That looks cool, like the blue, I might try blue & red instead of white and red...

1 week later
#1658 6 years ago

Months and months after owning BSD I finally heard "30 Million!" and broke a billion! Granted, the triple MB happened on ball 5 and a billion happened on the extra ball after that, but I'll take it!

7 months later
#2229 5 years ago

Anyone have some good pics of how the village connects? The one that came with mine was not connected and now I have a new one to install. I have the two tall standoffs but don't see how they connect unless it's with screws from underneath that plastic piece (which might be the case but want to make sure).

#2231 5 years ago

cool, thanks!

#2233 5 years ago

The front one is 2.5 inches and the back one is 3.5.

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