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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

8 years ago

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#390 7 years ago

Put some money down on one a couple of days ago.
Going to pick it up this weekend!
Can't wait!

Quoted from Almost4200hp:

Tech challenge guys. Pops and slings sometimes don't work at all them burst into life, sometimes halfway through a game. Only recently started happening. Any ideas as to cause?

Sounds like a power issue to your solenoid circuit.
Check for a bad connection on the board or somewhere down the harness? My guess would be that something is loose and making intermittent contact. The schematics will help you figure out what connectors and wires to inspect.
Also run a solenoid test and see if they work in test after they've stopped working in game.
Don't rule out a poor fuse holder. It could be anything.
If not a bad connection, then I would move to the power driver board.
Good luck

#392 7 years ago

Wow. That's pretty dramatic.

1 month later
#473 7 years ago

I posted this in a separate thread, but not having much luck... maybe one of you good people can help me?

I picked up a player copy of BSD. Plays great and most issues are only cosmetic, but I did want to repair the two multiplier inserts by the flippers (2X & 3X).

If anyone has the ability to scan these, or even take a really good quality top-down photo of them for me, I would really appreciate it. The font seems impossible to nail down so a scan or photo is my best bet.

Thanks in advance!

#479 7 years ago

Thank you Robert!

Ill pull these as soon as I get home.


#485 7 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

If you are passing by me anytime soon and need other shots, I have a perfect PF.

This is just my "player" copy so I want to clean it up as I'll be selling it soon.

1 week later
#517 7 years ago

Big thanks to MrSanRamon for providing those insert shots last week. I was able to fashion something decent to create a temporary fix for my player copy of BSD. Sadly, it was sold a couple of days ago, so I am officially out of the club temporarily while I await a nicer copy.

Here are some pics.

IMG_4544.JPG IMG_4590.JPG

#518 7 years ago

Also, this BSD had a really poor botched attempt at re-applying the reds. Someone actually used brushed on acrylics!
I found some special acrylic pens a while back that blend beautifully with no streaks or lines... and they come in various thicknesses. I was able to do a reasonable correction and still keep the cost of the machine down for the next guy... who seems pretty happy with it overall.

IMG_4592.JPG IMG_4594.JPG IMG_4598.JPG

1 week later
#547 7 years ago

I have a set of decals for this game.
I got them a while back from some dude in Europe. They seem to be of good quality but most certainly not licensed. I don't need them any longer and will happily let them go if anyone wants them.
My cost was $300 to get them.

I'll also be at expo next month of shipping is an issue.
PM me if interested.

3 months later
#877 7 years ago

Can I get back into the club?

Sold my original BSD a few months back and just got this beauty.
I was missing it. Glad to have one back.


2 weeks later
#958 7 years ago
Quoted from little-italy:

Hey I'm putting on those sling plastics with the actors faces on them and does anyone know what spacers I need to get the plastics off the regular sling thanks and who sells them

I used 4 of these to mount the prototype plastics:

You'll need a couple of extra nuts as well.

The right plastic requires the 1" spacer in order to just get under the ramp return (you should loosen the ramp a little at the bottom), but the left plastic almost needed to be a little higher. I was unsure what would work so I purchased 1-1/4" spacers as well. These were perfect for the left side... but it looked uneven. So, I just went with 1" on both sides and forced the left plastic against the ramp wireform a little. It was fine.

If you go smaller, you'll interfere with other plastics. Any taller and it looks weird.


#968 6 years ago
Quoted from little-italy:

thanks for the info 3 of my studs are 6/32 1 bigger I guess8/32

You don't use the bigger one. See below.

Quoted from phishrace:

A friend let me borrow a couple for my game and the holes weren't close on either side. No idea if they are repros or not. I used the bottom sling post, but the upper hole didn't align on either side. Not nearly close enough. I used shorter standoffs there resting on the top of the factory sling plastic (with a small patch of mylar on each side to prevent damage).
Short story: Depending on if your holes line up or not, you may have to get creative.

They are reproduced and sold here: http://www.pinballcenter.eu/catalog/extra-prototype-slingshot-plastics-forbram-strokers-dracula-p-1604.html?language=english

Only the lower sling posts are used. Remove the nut, thread the female end of a 1" hex spacer onto the post and save the nut for the new plastic.

The extra holes on the proto plastics require that you add an additional post location. If you look closely at the original sling plastics, you will see there is an unused hole in both. This was originally meant to hold an extra spacer.

Just take a new 1" hex post and attach it on top of the sling plastic by threading a machine screw through the hole from underneath to hold it in place. Now you will have two posts in the appropriate place for the holes on the proto plastics. The top posts on the original slings are not used at all.

Go to page 6 of this thread. Someone posted very detailed photos on what this looks like.

#970 6 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

The holes are there. They don't line up. You can hold them over the existing slings and see that they don't line up.

I probably didn't word it right, but yes, I'm aware of that. Did you buy yours from the link above? My friend wasn't sure where he got his.

I never removed the lower sling to install these, so I did not align them face-to-face to check if they lined up perfectly. In any case, there was enough play with the 1" spacers to make it work and I didn't experience any difficulty with the fit. Check the close-ups on pg6 to see if they look like the ones you had.

And yes, I got them from that link.

#990 6 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

REPAIR: Have to find a way to secure the backbox in the upright position. The wood on the bottom of the backbox is "crumbling" for lack of a better word, and the hardware has fallen off. The head is staying in place purely on faith right now.

Not sure exactly what you're describing. Can you post a pic? Which piece of hardware has fallen off?

If it's just the latch at the back, I'd say use the through-hole inside the head. It's meant for a bolt with a large wing head and will lock the head an body together... like older style games. Operators used to use these all the time to keep people from tampering with the latches. If you don't have a wing-bolt, use a regular bolt with large washers.

A more 'ghetto' approach would be to get a metal plate from Home Depot in the cabinet hardware section. Just a flat plate with screw holes on both ends that's longer than 4"-5". Place it on the back of the game spanning the head and body and screw it down. Obvioulsy this will cause damage, but it sounds like that ship has sailed.

But, if it's the actual bottom plywood that is crumbling, you have bigger issues and need to get that rebuilt/reinforced somehow.

#1007 6 years ago
Quoted from jimbeam42:

I need to make a left mist gate, any recommendations on wire thickness? Was going to use stainless steel rod. Thanks

I was pretty fortunate. The BSD I picked up last month had a wonky gate that I was able to repair... but when I looked in the coinbox, the OP that owned it originally had left a NOS replacement... along with a few plastics too!

This gate takes a beating and is easily bent out of alignment. Happy to have the backup!

1 week later
#1042 6 years ago
Quoted from Raven2012:

I got a question, if you guys put new rails, legs & lockbar on your machine and want it to be red are you gonna paint them or powdercoat ?

powdercoat is ultimately going to be more durable

1 year later
#2486 5 years ago

Any talented sculptors out there?

I've been trying to make a new coffin for my BSD using a MacFarlane figure set.
I've been able to modify the toy as much as possible but really need someone with some skill to help create the 'busting out of the crate' effect.
For those familiar with the movie, this is a far more realisitc representation. Dracula would travel to England and back in these crates filled with Transylvanian soil.

Hoping to find someone who can help me finish this and maybe take a mold so other BSD owners can enjoy it too.


Here's the fit in-game before I started carving up the crates.


#2491 5 years ago
Quoted from Wickedbass:

Drano, wow best looking drac mod ive seen. very nice

Hope I can get it done.

Again, if amyone can recommend a good sculptor I'd love to work with someone to get this off the ground. I can probably pull something off myself if I had to, but would like it done right.

#2505 5 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:


Already tried Matt.
Although he seemed very positive about helping me out with this coffin mod (and another small thing I needed for a custom pin project) I've only had one reply from him and he seems really tied up.

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