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Bram Stokers Dracula Club....Welcome to the Carpathians

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#802 5 years ago

Thinking OF joining the club.

It the shopout difficult on a BSD? Looks not too bad, but then again...

#817 5 years ago

Pm me if anyone's selling!

2 months later
#1193 5 years ago

Hoping to join this weekend.

Can anyone talk of the shop out on bsd? Mine will need it badly.

#1197 5 years ago

Was looking at the pdf tomdotcom sent me. Yikes.

The things I hate the most are when removing posts, the t-nut falling into the cab. PITA!!

I should just hold out and spend a little more money and get one fully shopped and ledded.

#1209 5 years ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

I tend to go in under the playfield for those awkward lamps, just nut-driver the lamp off the underside and bingo.

Great tip.

#1228 5 years ago

Looking at a brams Sunday

What things should I be focusing on?

#1239 5 years ago

Still looking to join this club. If anyone is selling within a 4 hour radius of Buffalo NY, PM me. Looking for one with a SP playfield..

2 weeks later
#1295 5 years ago

Who is bringing one of these puppies to Pinfest for sale>? Anyone? Anyone?

Want to join the club..

1 week later
#1344 5 years ago

I'd also like to hear recommendations for LEDs.
I will just do inserts and backbox. GI is much more work than I wanna get into with removing parts.

1 week later
#1400 5 years ago

Fellas: joining this club after Allentown.

My question is this: how many gi bulbs can I swap out from under the pf?
I'd like to add LEDs to the gi but don't want to get into basically what would be a shop in order to do so.


#1403 5 years ago

So all GI can be swapped from under the pf?

#1433 5 years ago

Which LEDS are you guys using in the GI on the playfield? Ultrabrights? Cool?

#1442 5 years ago

Joining the club this saturday.

QUestion for you guys: what's the best way to protect the area where the ball drops off the shooter lane? I was thinking a piece of that removable mylar stuff.

Anyone have any thoughts to protect this area from wear?

#1444 5 years ago

I wouldn't put actual real mylar down. Someone makes a removable plastic sheet, similar to mylar, that i'd place down there.

Anyone else have any ideas?

#1469 5 years ago

Joining the club this saturday.

This pin better live up to the hype!

#1482 5 years ago

Also try reseating the ribbon cable from CPU to flipper board in the backbox.

#1491 5 years ago

I'm in! Picked up a nice Unfaded bsd at pinfest!
That's my friend AJ in the photobomb.

#1510 5 years ago

Fellas: I'm new to the club.

I added some LEDs to the playfield controlled lamps and had some serious issues. Lights staying on all the time, double lights flashing when only one should etc. These were supposed to be non ghosting LEDs.
In single lamp test, multiple lights going on at the same time. All issues went away when LEDs were removed

Is there a rom revision I'm missing to address the strange issues?

EDIT: I believe I have a lamp matrix issue, not related to ghosting. Thanks!

#1522 5 years ago

I figured i'd ask you guys as i'm new to the club:

1. Everytime I turn bsd on, a ball search goes off and the magnets goes across the pf and reloads. Sometimes it goes half way, drops the ball, and continues on.. then reloading the ball. Normal?

2. Won't completing the top 3 rollovers light the "2x" light? When I complete the rollovers, the DMD says "2X", but the light doesn't light. I know the light works as I've tested it in diagnostics.

#1525 5 years ago

I haven't run the magnet test, but will later on.

Regarding the dropping of the ball: this only goes on when it's starting up during the reload, as described above. Not during an actual game. Runs fine during the game.

I know there is an adjustment A2 44 "Game over unlock" that addresses balls being ejected at different times.

#1527 5 years ago

Perhaps then there is a ball trough switch that isn't registering upon startup, making the pin think that there is a missing ball, and therefore the ball search?

And why, upon a proper startup, does the right gate open to all the mist ball to drop out if it's already loaded properly?

#1532 5 years ago

That's what mine does if it's in the left lock too upon startup.

Pretty sure my mist is fine. My issues is always a ball search upon startup.

Makes me think trough switch isn't seeing all balls perhaps

3 weeks later
#1590 5 years ago

Do all BSD NOT have the coin interlock switch that cuts power to solenoids?

I don't get that annoying sound when I open my coin door.

#1592 5 years ago

Thanks Chet.

I was thinking it just was removed or something, but I think you're right.

There is just one button in the door, but I believe that's one for just the high scores, etc.

#1594 5 years ago

I think so. I'd have to recheck.

#1596 5 years ago

Pretty sure it's a reimport. Not sure where.

So dumb question: when the pin comes back into the US, who modifies the electrical? Or is 220v (reimport voltage) the same as 120v in the US?

#1611 5 years ago

Guys: i'd like to use an extra plastic over that bottom pop so it matches the other two.

Where to find?

#1613 5 years ago

Yes, that's the one.

Two pops have cool plastics on them. Shouldn't the third?

#1616 5 years ago

Just looks like the bottom pop should have a plastic too.

1 week later
#1663 5 years ago

Well i'm gettting there. Finally got a double multiball going with mist and coffin. 20 Million!!

Put up a 460 million game too. My best yet!

Bring on 30 million!!

Absolutely LOVING this game. So simple in design... no toys (sans mist ball). Just shooting for a high score. Brilliant game.

#1677 5 years ago

I've got my pin disbled too.

I get impatient after every game, waiting for any locked balls to drain, before starting a new one.

Having it disabled makes for a quicker new game.

#1685 5 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

John, how do you lock the balls the next game if they are already in there? Maybe thats why your not getting multiple multi balls all the time, b/c all your balls are stuck in the castle waiting to get out!

Dracula is an excellent counter.

Just drops one outta the lock if it needs one to go into play. It'll keep track of how many "should" be locked. This same scenario would occur if you're playing a 2 player game too I would think.

#1687 5 years ago

When turned on, if mist ball is located on left, the mist will run and drop the ball half way, then reload it to the right.

Mine was firing solenoids like yours upon startup, but now it doesn't. I don't think it should be.

Run your trough switch test and make sure those are running correctly. If the game isn't seeing a ball there, it will fire the solenoids trying to kick out a ball that it thinks is lost.

#1688 5 years ago

The startup "bong" is normal and is telling you that the cpu is good to go.

If 1-3 aren't going off, then your pin is working correctly I'd say.

If you turn the game off while the mist ball is in the left pocket, upon turning on the game again, the ball will come out and drop half way, then reload into right.

#1689 5 years ago

You've got me thinking now if there is a bug in the game.

I'm wondering this:

Game is turned off while ball is in left mist pocket. Upon turning on pin again, mist ball comes out and drops like it should. However, doesn't the game count that mist ball in the total of balls? Cause generally when I turn off with the ball on the left, upon startup again, I think a ball search usually goes off. Shouldn't the game know that mist ball is coming down into the trough shortly?

#1692 5 years ago

Kport: I believe his game is functioning as it should.

He is asking why a ball search is going off at the start up of the pin sometimes. Mine used to do this when I'd turn it off with the mist ball in the left pocket. Doesn't happen if mist ball is in the right pocket though.

I'm thinking the cpu isn't seeing the ball for counting purposes when it's left in the left pocket. Therefore, a ball search. May be a little bug we've discovered.

Can someone test this out to see if other pins do this? Turn the game off when mist ball is in left pocket. Then turn game back on and see if a ball search goes off.

I think sometimes this pin loses track of where balls are with the mist feature.

#1694 5 years ago

In general, it's not a normal occurrence. But what I"m saying is that I believe there may be a bug (if that's what one would call it) when the ball is left in the left mist pocket upon powering on. I think for some reason the pin isn't counting that ball in it's total, therefore triggering a search.

This happened to me in the beginning too bc I never was hitting the mist ball when it came out. I"ve gotten better and the mist ball is generally in the right pocket.

Ok, no more of this thread for me today.

#1696 5 years ago

Mine doesn't do a ball search, which I believe is correct.

Aobrien: I bet you have a trough switch needing adjustment.

#1700 5 years ago

I think porter has it. Just does whatever the hell it wants.

In the rulesheet, the author somewhat states this.. that the pin loses track sometimes of the balls.

Regardless, awesome game!

1 month later
#1742 5 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

Anyone know a place to get a Red DMD at a good price?

Quoted from PsychoPsonic:

I have a set installed on my BSD. Very nice quality, highly recommended!

Prefer mirror blades. (Or diamond plated blades if you're choggard)

#1766 5 years ago

KP: contact Black_rose on here. He's redone a few bsd's. He may know where.

5 months later
#2186 4 years ago
Quoted from ktrain315:

I want to join this club, anyone selling near Cleveland?

I have a gorgeous unfaded one, but it would take your star wars and taxi to do the trick

#2189 4 years ago
Quoted from ktrain315:

OMG that's like $10,000...YOU CRAZY!


#2190 4 years ago

They're out there.

I saw a few on Mr. Pinball that were really reasonable in terms of pricing. I probably overspent on mine, but it's unfaded and really clean/nice. Doing it again I'd probably spend a bit less and go for a player.

1 month later
#2360 4 years ago

Mine has a LS playfield but it's gorgeous! Not a bit O' planking anywhere.

#2363 4 years ago

I used to have a bias of the LS playfields. I don't anymore after I've seen my share without issues.

Planking can happen to just about any pf.

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