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Bradish Street Pinball Parlor, Pittsburgh PA

By cjmjmm2006

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Wanted to pass on some information about a new location in Pittsburgh that I operate. It is called the Bradish Street Pinball Parlor, located in Pittsburgh's South Side Neighborhood.

Address is 1111 Bradish Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

Current Line up is:
Doctor Who
Theatre of Magic
Monster Bash
White Water
Fish Tales
The Simpsons Pinball Party
World Cup Soccer
Demolition Man
Revenge from Mars
Toledo (EM)
Jungle (EM)
Harlem Globetrotters on Tour
The Addams Family

Rates are $5/hour or $15 all night. BYOB $3 cork charge.

Hours are:
Thursday 5pm - 12am
Friday & Saturday 7pm - 2am
Sunday 2pm - 8pm

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#2 8 years ago


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#4 8 years ago

Nice lineup. I'll be sure to stop by next time I'm in the South Side.

#5 8 years ago

Great place, and fantastic opperator!!! Must see if your on the south side

#6 8 years ago

Thanks guys, it is a cool place and there are more games on the way. Hope to see you guys here! =D

#7 8 years ago

Wow everything sounds awesome, good games, nice rates and the ability to bring your own bottles! If venture out to Pitt I'll definitely stop by!!

#8 8 years ago

Cool man! I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. I've had a lot of casual players walk through the doors that are now regulars, so if you are already a pinhead, this is the place in Pittsburgh.

#9 8 years ago

First group of out of town Pinsiders in the house! Erie has been well represented!

#10 8 years ago

is this a place I could bring my 11 year old daughter to play, as well? Like maybe on Sunday afternoon? Is it mostly a "bar" environment, or is the emphasis on the games?

#11 8 years ago

This place is about the games first and foremost. There have been a lot of children under the age of 16 there in the past couple days. Kids play free this entire month of November. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



#12 8 years ago

Will definitely be stopping in as soon as possible!!!

#13 8 years ago

Looks awesome! Bring my own bottles on S Side?! Where do I sign up?

Is this the same place league was hosted at a few weeks back?


#14 8 years ago

Sounds like a great place to check out.

#15 8 years ago

Well worth the trip from erie. Great place to play some pinball and meet some good people. Can't wait to make it down there again.

#16 8 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Looks awesome! Bring my own bottles on S Side?! Where do I sign up?
Is this the same place league was hosted at a few weeks back?

Yes this is, except I knocked down a few walls and added the back room. BYOB is very popular, much cheaper than spending $6/drink.

#17 8 years ago

I can attest to the awesomeness of this place. Gonna get back there for some Funhouse ASAP.

And, not to suggest that the collection is lacking, but if you do bring in any more games, I vote for a Ritchie!

#18 8 years ago

Mark or Steve? Fish Tales is in the house. =D

#19 8 years ago

Whoops, guess it's obvious how new I am at this. Need some Steve!

#20 8 years ago
Quoted from PlixwIxn:

Whoops, guess it's obvious how new I am at this. Need some Steve!

Haha, I am sure STTNG, T2, HS etc will make their way there. =D

#21 8 years ago

Wow glad you opened this up. Very cool.

#22 8 years ago

After paying my first visit to the BSPP, I was AMAZINGLY impressed! First off, there was no "attitude" about the place...just friendly people that want to play/watch/talk pinball. Secondly, the machines were in IMMACULATE condition! I think there was one bulb burned out on one machine and one machine seemed a little "unlevel", but that was about it! Chris was great to talk to and then there were Gus, Jake and Brian that were also very nice. I will definitely be frequenting the place a bit more...especially on Sunday afternoons since I have free time on two Sundays a month. As for any "cons" to the place, it would only have to be the fact that it could be described as "definitely cozy" and the lack of signage on the outside (which I actually think is a GOOD thing) initially makes you think you are walking into a building where there had just been a 1920's gangland murder! But don't let that stop you...ONCE YOU ARE IN, IT IS GREAT!!!PINBALL--SOUTH SIDE 2.jpgPINBALL--SOUTH SIDE 1.jpg

#23 8 years ago

Thanks Scott. I'm glad you enjoyed the place and I look forward to your return. I do my best, along with a ton of help from others, to keep the games playing well. I think that is kinda what slowed pinball down in the past, lack of care and maintenance on machines. That will not be the case at Bradish street as I love to play pinball as well so I expect everything to work properly. anyone that is not on the email list, please be advised that is bring a friend free month. If you were thinking of checking the place out, now you can have. A friend come along at no charge. Check out the website for terms/conditions.

Thanks again Scott! See you soon.

2 weeks later
#24 8 years ago

This just in, Star Trek (Stern) is in the house at Bradish Street Pinball Parlor. Stop by for a game Thursday and get GS off of this machine! =D

Star Trek.JPG
#25 8 years ago

Hoping to make it down some time soon... So busy with the new house...

#26 8 years ago

No worries man. It's not going anywhere. Launch Party is planned for Super Bowl Sunday. Stop down and GC this thing! =D

#27 8 years ago

Also want to add the new Demolition Time software is on Demolition Man. 3 video modes and some improvements in the game play. Strategies are different with this custom software.

#28 8 years ago

Very nice place, friendly atmosphere, and all of the machines played great. The most pins I've seen at one time in many years. Glad I decided to stop by to check it out. Nice to meet you Chris.

#29 8 years ago

Likewise, I hope to see you again.

1 week later
#30 8 years ago

January Happenings at the Bradish Street Pinball Parlor

Star Trek Launch Party

Join us for the Launch of Stern's newest Pinball Table, Star Trek. We will be holding a Launch Party at the Parlor this month. Qualifying will be open from Thursday, January 23 until early Sunday Afternoon, January 26. Check our event calendar for detailed times and dates. There will also be a periodic tournament held during the same time on a bank of specified games. The tournament is considered casual and practice games are allowed if there are not other participants waiting. Hope you can join us! Check out this page for further details on the entire event.

World Cup Soccer Contest

We are going to battle Ohio in an indirect challenge on World Cup Soccer 94. Stop down and learn the game then put a high score for an opportunity to represent Pittsburgh in the challenge. Top 5 players will be win a trip to Cleveland to play at KidForce Collectibles. A pinball hot spot in the Berea neighborhood of Cleveland. They have 14 finely maintain pinballs of which Pittsburgh will battle it out in a head to head tournament.

Monthly Offer

This month we will be giving 2 hours of pinball time to anyone interested in checking out the Parlor. If you know someone that may enjoy the place, have them check it out for free. This offer applies only to new guests.

GC and your free

Many people that have been to the Bradish Street Pinball Parlor notice the Grand Champion Board on the wall in the front room. Now the GC leader for the month of January plays free the entire month. That person will be notified that they are the king of their domain. See if you have what it takes to be at the top of the leader board! Check out our leader board here.

January Game List
Doctor Who Bally, 1992
Theatre of Magic Bally, 1995
Monster Bash Williams, 1998
White Water Williams, 1992
Pinbot Williams, 1987
Fish Tales Williams, 1992
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern, 2003
World Cup Soccer Bally, 1994
Whirlwind Williams, 1990
Indiana Jones Williams, 1993
Revenge From Mars Bally, 1999
The Addams Family Bally, 1992
Toledo (EM) Williams, 1976
Jungle (EM) Gottlieb, 1972
Sinbad Gottlieb, 1978
Funhouse Williams, 1990
Twilight Zone Bally, 1993
Star Trek Stern, 2013

Have a suggestion or comment about the Parlor? Think you have an idea to improve the place? We are all ears. Simply reply to [email protected] and put in the subject line "Parlor Suggestion" or "Parlor Comment". We appreciate and consider all the feedback our customers give us. Thank you all for the support.

3 weeks later
#31 8 years ago

Star Trek Launch Party and Periodic Tournament this week. Stop by and throw in some entries. Also offering all tournament participants the entire week of pinball, Wednesday - Sunday for $20. See you there.


#32 8 years ago

If any of you are in the area, please be sure to stop in and say Hi to Chris. I had the pleasure of stopping in, and I was really impressed with the friendliness of the owner (Chris) and the customers who were there.

And, to top it all off, I was there with my 8mo old son! We didn't feel out of place one bit.

2 weeks later
#33 8 years ago

Big Changes to the games list for the month of February.

Star Trek Pro Stern 2013
Theatre of Magic Bally 1995
Monster Bash Williams 1998
White Water Williams 1992
The Addams Family Bally 1992
The Lord of the Rings Stern 2003
Twilight Zone Bally 1993
Johnny Mnemonic Williams 1995
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994
Indiana Jones Williams 1993
PinBot Williams 1987
Flight 2000 Stern 1980
Future Spa Bally 1979
Fireball Classic (SS) Bally 1984
Sinbad Gottlieb 1978
Genie Gottlieb 1979

There will also be a wine tasting event one Saturday in the month of February, details will be posted here and on the website. Also want to share a recent review of the place. http://www.gprecs.com/2014/01/30/scene-report-pittsburgh-pinball/ Check it out!

#34 8 years ago

I finally made it out here for league last weekend. It was great to see so many well kept B/W machines on location instead of the usual lineup of Stern games like Avatar, BDK, TAV, CSI, SOP, Nascar that most locations around here must keep trading with eachother. Thanks to Chris for giving us free access for the day and kudos for making this killer lineup available to the public.


#35 8 years ago

Hey Chris....your big TV... do you have an overheard camera that you use to broadcast the current tournament table to that TV?

#36 8 years ago

Brian I appreciate your post. Means a lot to see that you recognize some of our hard work, especially because I know you have some really great machines yourself. We are back up to capacity so stop down again.

Sarver, I can definitely do that, it is actually in the works. I had some camera people down here before opening today and they took some photos of the place but also gave me some advice as to what type of equipment to use for optimum view-ability. Hopefully soon I will be able to spring for some of the equipment necessary.

Thanks again everyone for your interest. All the hard work we put in is well worth it when we see how happy people are with the place. Your patronage means a lot.


#37 8 years ago

Stopped in with my girlfriend and met Chris. Thanks for the warm welcome. Brought a couple of beers and had a good time Got to check out Star Trek .. She really liked Theatre of magic.

#38 8 years ago

It was nice to meet you guys. I hope you enjoyed the place. Stop back again! Thank you.

#39 8 years ago

wow, great place, wish we had something like that. great pins.. i would never leave !

#40 8 years ago

Will definitely be checking your place out on our annual summer trip to Pittsburgh.

#41 8 years ago

Thanks for all the kind words guys. We do put a lot of effort into the maintenance of the tables. I look forward to meeting each of you.


#42 8 years ago

We made plans to stop in to play some pins without the kids tonight after eating at the casino. It was really nice to be able to concentrate on playing, rather than keeping on eye on the kids.

We spent $50 for dinner, then gambled another $60, which we lost in about 15 minutes (seriously).
Then we stopped in to see Chris.

Paid my $30 for 2 people, and had a muuuuuch better time than at the casino. Wayyyyy more worth the money than the casino was...by far.

2 other couples were there playing as well, and Chris gave us all an impromptu tournament of split flipper (one person plays the left flipper, another person plays the right), and we mixed up the pairingd throughout. What a blast!
The last game was back to the original pairing (husband/wife or bf/gf) and was for the big prize, 2 free admissions to the winner.

And guess who won? Yup, me and my gf.

Chris made us feel like friends, knew his stuff about every ruleset, the ins and outs of each machine.

I repair machines on the side, as I'm sure most of you guys do too, and when I pointed out a small problem, he didn;t take offense, and was quick to fix it.

If you're in the neighborhood, please stop in and get your pin on!

#43 8 years ago

If I ever find myself in Pittsburgh, I'm there. Looks Boss!

#44 8 years ago

Thanks Brian, I am glad you and your lady stopped by. The whole idea is to get people to know each other and that way when you see someone in there you know, you can have a playing partner. Improving your pinball skills is about more than just playing, its about watching others play too. We also often discuss strategy on specific tables e.g.; if you are on ball 3 and your opponent is winning by 15 million on Monster Bash, what is the best way to top his score. All these things coupled with many of the special events we have at the Parlor set us aside from a normal coin drop pinball location. Thanks again for all the kind words, I have said this many times but this place is nothing without the participation from people like you guys. I am grateful for your patronage! See you soon.


1 week later
#45 8 years ago

Pittsburgh pinball league night tonight at Bradish Street. I'm sure there will be some dollar games afterwards. Stop down!


1 week later
#46 8 years ago

Bradish street now open 7 days a week. http://www.pinbash.com/bspp.html

1 week later
#48 8 years ago

Current line up at Bradish Street is

Theatre of magic
Monster bash
White water
Lord of the rings
Twilight zone
Ripley's Believe it or not!
World Cup soccer
Indiana jones
Star Trek
Nine ball
Fireball classic
Nip it
Royal flush
Ding dong

1 week later
#49 8 years ago


Bradish Street Welcomes the Brand New Stern Mustang to the fold along with Haunted House. Stop down play the first on location Mustang pinball!

#50 8 years ago

Just want to let everyone know that the lineup Chris has at Bradish Street right now is, to me, the best I have seen so far! Mustang is great (I think my best game was around 49 mil) and The Champion Pub is awesome, too! Last night I spent most of my time with it and Royal Flush and Nine Ball. Also have a nice Ripley's, too. YOU MUST stop by and spend a couple of hours! You will not be disappointed!!!

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