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Borg's Best?

By rai

4 years ago

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“which is your favorite John Borg pin from the last 6 years?”

  • IM 38 votes
  • Tron 88 votes
  • Metallica 185 votes
  • TWD 105 votes
  • XM 25 votes
  • Kiss 10 votes
  • Avatar 5 votes
  • BBH 6 votes

(462 votes)

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#1 4 years ago

I currently have 4 John Borg ((pro)) pins which were ~$4700.

While some might say that's a lopsided tilt in my medium size collection, I love them and would be hard pressed on which one I like the least.

While Borg has designed these great pins, we can't ignore how the rules/art/theme/sound/music/dots (etc.) come together and in how the Pinside community has augmented the sound/music in great ways.

One thing in common is they're somewhat simple (on the pro) not a lot of moving parts, but the simplicity is often an asset and the (often) short games with intense moments and big rewards keep me hitting play and on pinball nights these pins are great for multi player games especially since one single shot can turn the tables in a big way.

Met is probably my favorite. While I am not a master or have not got very deep into the back side of the rules. I just love the shots (ramps and loops) as well as the fun in line drop targets, the simple yet elegant captive ball and snake toys. I love the theme, music, rules etc..

Tron not be as intense but is very smooth and the sound/music go along with the rules and love the way SOS is attainable leading to Portal which I've yet to reach.

IM which is so easy great flow loops, ramps and great toy (Monger) and three spinners! Can't get much more simple yet intense.

TWD speaking of intense, this is the one that gets me hitting the tilt more than any other. It's another seemingly simple pin without too much going on (at least on the pro) but yet it does a lot with it's simplicity.

I have owned XMLE and played Avatar a bit. They are both fun but didn't think they were *as* good as the four I currently own. I have only played Kiss once have not formed an opinion, have played BBH but don't recall it very well but the theme was not my favorite.

#2 4 years ago

I had to vote MET.

I prefer TWD more but it's not because of the layout. It's the mood of the music and the lighting and theme. The layout however has a couple of flaws including the woodbury shot, the reliance on bash toys, the placement of Well Walker, and the pops SDTM (I've heard a lot of complaints but I've never experienced it myself). The flaws are minor though and it's still a great game.

Met is a great layout. It still has a over reliance on bash toys or mechs (Sparky, Hammer) but the hammer lock is awesome. The inline drops are really great and something not seen recently. The snake is a neat toy and the orbit and ramps are nice shots.

I'd like to get more familiar with his other games though, especially his early DE and Sega output.

#3 4 years ago

I have played, owned (or previously owned) most of these titles; and IMO MET premium and TWD premium are two of the best pins on the planet. They both offer a truly immersive experience; with deep rules, great flow and are simply a blast to play.

#4 4 years ago

From what I hear, Aerosmith..... Longest time he has had to be on a game project. In contrast, look at IJ4 which was 4 months design that was originally to be Led Zeppelin.

#5 4 years ago

I don't even like the band, but MET wins this one because it's a fantastic pinball machine.

#6 4 years ago

Even tho I prob play IM and Tron more - I gotta give the nod to Metallica for just killing it on every level & having 100% custom art and toys.

#7 4 years ago

I think GnR might be one of his best. Twister's not too shabby either. I see neither one made the poll.

#8 4 years ago

GNR and TFTC and the MET which is an upgraded version to me of TFTC.

#9 4 years ago

TFTC gets my vote. From the last 6 years easily TWD wins for me.

#10 4 years ago

That's a tough choice. The 4 Borgs I own are 4 of my favorite pins of all time for sure.

I have IM, Tron LE, MET Premium, and TWD LE. I used to own XMen LE.

I guess if I had to pick one it would be TWD. The layout is unique, it's brutal, the dots are great, the lightshow is cool, the callouts are good thanks to Cleland, and I think the code is the best of all time.

#11 4 years ago

Why do you think TWD has the best code? I just picked up TWD pro to replace XMLE, I think the code is great but have not got too far maybe I haven't got to the best part yet.

I believe XMLE was terrific except the code was not quite great. Had a ton of good stuff just not a great overall code, Stern really dropped the ball on that game code IMO. Needed one more good update.

#12 4 years ago

Havent done avatar, but have all the others. Sold my TronLE and TWDLE with no regret. Not for me. Love the XMEN and Kiss, along with BBH - call outs make it for me. MOPLE is awesome. IM is okay....sometimes to fast, but XMEN got my vote in your poll. Most fun per dollar, IMHO for all pinball machines I own.

#13 4 years ago

I have TWD Pre, and a nicely modded Tron Pro. I think I have a pretty sweet collection overall... but if I had only one pin, it would be my Metallica Premium. Like Pezpunk, I don't even like the band. This machine is the spirit of pinball to me. Fast, fun, bright, a bit edgy... Borg, Lyman, Dirty Donny are a holy trinity as far as I'm concerned.

Borg is the man.

#14 4 years ago

I voted Metallica, but my favorite layout from Borg is TFTC by far. Can't go wrong with 3 spinners, awesome ramps, etc.

#15 4 years ago

Half of my 12 pin collection are Borg games (MET Prem, Tron, TWD LE, IM, X-Men LE, IJ4). He is my favourite designer by far (and a nice guy too). Of the 6 that I own, I'm hard pressed to choose between MET, Tron and TWD. But if I had to pick just one it likely would be MET. Its the perfect balance of speed, flow, great shots, awesome art, great sounds and dots, and deep rules but ones that give you the carrot of playing awesome CIU modes at early stages of the game. Tron is outstanding at speed and immersion. A Tron pro modded to the tits is just an amazing game experience. TWD is punishing with possibly my favourite mode in pinball (Horde on a prem or LE with the lights dimming, shaker going off, music). But MET is just a cut above as a bit better overall package.

#16 4 years ago
Quoted from gabegabegabe:

my favorite layout from Borg is TFTC by far. Can't go wrong with 3 spinners, awesome ramps, etc.

I understand with the updated rule set TFTC is now better than ever. I kind of miss mine.

#17 4 years ago

MET is not only his best, but surelly one of STERN best, and even more, one of the best in all pinball history

#18 4 years ago

All games mentioned are all awsome, Borg definatly is my favourite designer, Avatar got my vote, coz I totally love it, but there all worthy of the top spot, funny I didn't really think to much of kiss till I watched the papa tutorial now I've put it on my Wishlist .

#19 4 years ago

Anyhow, Mr. Borg HAS been quoted on record as saying this [Walking Dead] is his best design ever...

as per https://creditdotpinball.com/tag/john-borg/

The man knows his pinball and pinball design. I agree.

#20 4 years ago

I voted for Metallica but would keep Tron if I had to decide between two right now. He, Lyman, and Donny nailed it on so many levels with that game. It's hard to deny the awesomeness of Metallica.

#22 4 years ago

I can't believe 2 people voted for KISS...


#23 4 years ago

TWDLE. One of my favorite pins of all time

#24 4 years ago

I own a METLE. So of course I voted MET, BUT this poll got me going, as a first time pin buyer, what does a designer do? What is his job? What makes Borg, well Borg? Lawlor, jpop, jpooop (Ok dont answer that, we all know lol )

Are they like a project manager? Do they work out the angles of the shots and let others figure out the toys? Give a general mode and rules insight and let Lyman achieve it? Do they personally oversee the art and pick the artist?

So what does a pinball designer do?

BTW MET LE #199 here!

0430162247 (resized).jpg

#25 4 years ago


1026160022a (resized).jpg

#26 4 years ago

IM not pictured

I'm playing TWD a lot since its new, but to me it's so much more brutal than any pin I've played. Maybe I need to get my shots down better but it seems as if a small millimeter off leads to a screaming missile towards a drain. But I love it.

image (resized).jpeg

#27 4 years ago

I have 7 DMDs, 5 of which are designed by Borg. IM, MET, and XM are all awesome, can't pick a favorite as they are all excellent in their own way.

#28 4 years ago

My favorite Borg games are Tron, Metallica, & Kiss. Also he is a really nice guy to hang out with to talk about pinball.

2012-10-20_18-55-00_248 (resized).jpg

#29 4 years ago

TRON is his best, then MET maybe,

GNR is great but he had help from Slash on it.

Avatar is super underrated. It's way better than IM in my opinion.

His worst is probably Frankenstein.

#30 4 years ago

I agree Borg has designed some flat out awesome pins! My favorite 3 in order is XM, MET, TRON

#31 4 years ago

I say this with the utmost respect for the dude and anyone who loves his games:

Man, I hate some of his games so much! Tron. Avatar. Dear god, X-Men.

But TWD and Metallica are sooooo good, definitely up there with my favorites!

That's funny, to me, that his games are so devisive. To me. MHFO.

#32 4 years ago

Wait he did Frankenstein?!? And you don't like it???

*consults IPDB*

Tales from the Crypt?! Apollo 13?!? Twister???!? HRC!!!?!?

Star Wars? GNR?!???? Austin Powers??!

Haha his output is crazy varied.

#33 4 years ago

Borg did a really nice job on TFTC and kept building on that--ChadH turned it into a super game. If you had nothing but Borg pins in your collection, you would not be bored.

#34 4 years ago

I'm not really a fan of any of those games except MET. I'm learning that all games are fun in their own way once you learn the rules but games like KISS or TWD are just unappealing in how they look to me. Not sure what hooked me on MET but it was a game that just kept growing on me the more I played it. I suppose you could say it's the code and just feels solid and balanced playing it like B/W games. Maybe it's that you are always shooting for worthwhile things in all parts of the games. Whatever the reason is it doesn't matter because it's just flat out fun to play.

#35 4 years ago

None of them. His best is still G'n'R, back when he wasn't lumbered with the arse-end of the nightmare design briefs that basically amounted to, 'see what Steve's doing over there? Do that, but cheaper and with shit ball times'.

I did like X-Men most out of that list, followed by Iron Man and BBH. X-Men is an 'instinct' game on a par with Steve on a good day, while the other two are both unpretentious, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin and don't try to be anything they can't stretch to - one is pure left-to-right flow, the other is a straightforward target shooter.

I also owned a Data East Star Wars for several years too.

#36 4 years ago

Metallica or tron then everything else

#37 4 years ago

I could never get into Tron myself. I tried to like it, but John's work isn't helped by the overall package being so abstract, and expecting you in advance to follow what all the icons and pictograms mean, just like the names in Avatar. As much as Dialed-In appeared to be doing at the show, Tron I feel is a game where if you're not invested in the theme, it just isn't that much fun to play.

#38 4 years ago

He's one of my favs!! But no one mentioned lah!!!! A great deep game with many different modes fun toys. Probably the best multiball. THE of at the bottoms is a little open so your 6 balls don't drain right away.
But I give it to twd! The thing that everybody bagged on first is why I like it. It a weird layout!!!! Go borg!

#39 4 years ago

About TWD at first I was like what? Regarding the layout, I thought the ramps were too slow and the pops were too much, but now that I own it I'm really enjoying how odd it is and how it really is nicely designed. I think he improved on the Wolverine / Well Walker bash toy both in location and action. The long ramps and pops give me time to breath or park a ball during MB.

#40 4 years ago

i hate Metallica songs. could i like the pin? hardly i suppose.

#41 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

i hate Metallica songs. could i like the pin? hardly i suppose.

Honestly, I pretty much tune out the music after the first few seconds after launching the ball. I like some of Metallica's music, but the music seems like it takes a backseat to the pin itself. So yes, I'd say you could enjoy the pin without caring too much about the music.

#42 4 years ago

I currently own Xmen, Tron, Met, and TWD. I traded my IM for the Xmen LE. I really like Xmen and Tron the best for design and overall game play. I do love Met and those sweet ramp shots. My vote was for Tron in the poll, but you can't really go wrong with any of his newer creations. I am also a sucker for Avatar.

#43 4 years ago

Avatar is a better game than its reputation around here.

#44 4 years ago

I love Avatar but I think one ramp is a drawback. I really love the art package.

#45 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

i hate Metallica songs. could i like the pin? hardly i suppose.

initialy, i'm not a fan of MET neither hard/rock music, but i love the pin without a doubt, and even more, when playing it i feel the music is more than OK and right on theme

#47 4 years ago

I loved Metallica but I voted for X-Men because the LE Wolverine I had was beautiful and the Upper Right flipper shots were incredible

#48 4 years ago

He designs some good tables...I currently own several: XM, Tron IM, Met, KISS. Sadly, I had sold my Avatar.

I hope he is designing Aerosmith....

#49 4 years ago

Where's TftC? Oh yeah... Stern.

TWD just BARELY edges out XM for me. Both of those tables are fantastic!

MET (other than the band and music), Tron and IM are great. BBH takes getting used to, but I like it more than I used to. Avatar is always a challenge.

Kiss, good rules, not so happy about the left side and the music is boring.

#50 4 years ago
Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

Where's TftC? Oh yeah... Stern.
TWD just BARELY edges out XM for me. Both of those tables are fantastic!
MET (other than the band and music), Tron and IM are great. BBH takes getting used to, but I like it more than I used to. Avatar is always a challenge.
Kiss, good rules, not so happy about the left side and the music is boring.

I think you had wrotten in another thread that Met was hitting Sparky over and over. Changed you mind?

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