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7 years ago

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#17 7 years ago

All is well guys, please don't get nervous... things (like licensing) take time, and we have to comply with the wishes of parties involved to keep everybody happy. We hope to update you soon on this subject as well as the color display upgrade, still working out the details on that one.

We have top men working on it right now... top... men

1 year later
#542 6 years ago

Cheddar, an official version of similar functionality is very close to release. So maybe users should wait with your mod because the official one doesnt require a local web server and has some more features (though still basic at launch).
That's not to say I discourage custom stuff like this, nice job so far!

2 months later
#731 6 years ago

The car is the same car as in the Return To Base mode, which is the car on the translite of the game. We figured the shuttle had enough on screen time as is. The Shuttle and the Brides boots do show up as landmarks across the levels.

The difficulty ramps up over the six levels, level 1 is just getting used to the mechanics, and has been sped up a little based on MGC feedback. In later levels "reverse" pads are introduced which adds a puzzle element to this videomode. Also bases on MGC feedback we removed the extra lifes by default, now you can earn them by shooting the miniplayfield while videomode is already lit.

Users will be able to create brand new levels, share them with other users, and select which levels to load into your game, all via the Live page.

If after all this you still don't like it, it can be disabled in the service menu.

Have a good weekend guys, I will distribute a beta update later today.

- Koen

1 week later
#812 6 years ago

You can load the existing (factory & public) levels by selecting them from the dropdown.
Also on the bottom of the page there is a description of all the possible input characters although admittedly that was quickly typed up the night 1.102 was released.

3 weeks later
#905 6 years ago

Thanks to MapleSyrup's report the problem has been reproduced and is fixed now. Customers have received an e-mail with the fixed update, and here are instructions on how to fix the situation:

- Koen

#908 6 years ago

Unfortunately there was one more issue with update 1.11. Customers have just received an e-mail with new update 1.12 along with my sincere apologies.
More info here:

1 year later
#1719 5 years ago

You only need to hold the start button. No vulcan death grip

4 months later
#1990 4 years ago

No worries guys, an update is currently in the works, as stated on our forums earlier today:

And 1.17 is just too buggy for public release.


11 months later
#2355 3 years ago

E-mail [email protected], they should be able to hook you up. Let them know who you purchased the game from to transfer the account.

1 year later
#2559 1 year ago

Looks to me like they are super bright leds and bleeding to the neighboring inserts. Can you show us what the leds look like inside the lamp boards? Do they have room to bleed to the neighboring inserts (where a incandacent bulb would sit in the playfield hole, maybe the led is a bit farther away.

If you have ghosting you would also see random lights somewhere across the playfield act in unison with lights somewhere else (having to do with corresponding light matrix columns/rows I think).

2 months later
#2590 1 year ago

Hi algrande,

Please try these instructions and see if they help:

Thanks, Koen

1 year later
#2697 3 months ago

We need alpha testers for this update somewhere in the coming weeks.
Please apply if you have some time and are comfortable to hook up mouse and keyboard in the case the update needs to be reverted. Send me a PM with your email address to apply, thank you.

1 week later
#2703 3 months ago


First go into the 2.0 software (right flipper button, then start button, then maybe you might need to select the current face).

Then try adjusting the scaling value of the display in the service menu: Adjustment Menu -> Display -> Scale. Set it to value 10.
Now that you can see the full dmd frame, you can adjust the horizontal/vertical position with the other settings in the "Display" subcategory.

Also please check if you are running the latest software (1.19) under "Software Menu > Current version".
If not please update because the 1.0 software display will not scale correctly on the 1366x768 display.

- Koen

2 weeks later
#2706 78 days ago
Quoted from beerorkid:

I am excited to get in on the upcoming run of the kits. I have one question for when in 2.0 Can you still light the extra ball by shooting the left loop around the shuttle ramp 4 times?

Only during the small wheel mode "Return to Base" ("Lites Extra Ball" insert). During that mode you have to hit the left loop 4 times, resulting in the extra ball being lit if you do so.

Other extra balls opportunities are in:
- small wheel mode "Mission Control" ("Extra Ball" insert), by completing the 4 in/out lane rollovers.
- big wheel mode "Slot Machine" ("Special" insert), as a random award in the scoop.

3 weeks later
#2711 52 days ago

Hi guys,
Two factors in this delay:
1) I had no BOP2.0 to test with, but 5 weeks ago one was finished at DP HQ.
2) I then found a bug in the PinMAME update (the helmet lights being inverted). Snux wanted to fix this but his PinMAME development laptop broke down (somewhere before the PinSound agreement was done) and setting up this environment is a hassle. But he wanted to try and do that, so that's what we are waiting for at the moment.

Sorry about not replying to those who reached out to beta test, I was hoping the delay wouldn't be this long.

- Koen

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