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5 years ago

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#2037 1 year ago

Just joined the club, but have not installed the kit yet, I have a couple of questions:

is the code up to a good place?

is the game still worth upgrading the 2.0 kit to?

replayability... is it there?

I ask these because I still love the original and have no problem keeping it stock, however... it's 2.0... should I go for it?

#2040 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You can still play original code with 2.0, so it's 2 games in one.

Yes sir, I'm aware, just want to make sure it's worth while, unless there's someone out there desperately needing it

#2043 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

As much as I hate Dutch Pinball right now - I'll still say that bop 2.0 is an incredible mod/upgrade/modernization of BOP. Whether it's right for you - that's up to you! Maybe check out some YouTube videos of it if you haven't already?

I've played the game a few times at tpf , but there were glitches, it looked cool , and there was only one kit left, I couldn't resist after turning down the pin I went to tpf to buy

#2052 1 year ago
Quoted from jsa:

I tried electrical tape, packaging tape, felt, nothing worked very well and often these tapes would cause too much friction inserting the glass.
However, when I tried Pinball Pro's tape, it was thin enough to allows the glass to move yet the surface of the tape created a better contact to reduce rattle.

I use it on my tron le, I had to put 2 strips on each side because of the bass

#2066 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Just hit the heartbeat ramp or an inlane switch. On the real BOP, the second you hit that ramp switch, you hear the heartbeat...on the emulated version, the ball's way past the switch when you hear that sound. At the end of the day, it's still awesome that it's 2 games in one, and I think 1.0 sounds great thru the 2.0 sound system...but if you're used to the original hardware, the sound delay is really obvious. There are no sound delays on 2.0, though...just 1.0.

Seems like there would be a no input lag version of pinmame that could be used

#2077 1 year ago

Has anyone figured out a way to run both sets of hardware ? I know that BOP 2.0 plays the original, but I still want to run off of the original hardware if possible

Edit: I guess that would be impossible changing the complete speaker panel and display

#2082 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

As an FYI to anyone doing an update to V1.19, I ran into a problem that caused the boot sequence to get stuck in a loop. I had added a custom ROM for BoP1 (bop_l8) to the ROM directory in pinmame while running V1.16. During the update, this ROM didn't get copied to V1.19 while the configuration file for for the system did. This cause the boot sequence to check for the bop_l8 rom, not find it, fail, and restart the boot sequence. After the update, I manually copied the rom over, which fixed the problem. Thanks to Koen at DP for pointing me to the log file that helped me find and fix the problem.

what did the custom rom do different for bop1?

#2097 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

L8 has the billion point bug fixed and the ghosting patch applied to l7

Right on, I guess I'll be looking for the L8 for the bop1 ... unless anyone here has a link to the L8?

2 weeks later
#2142 1 year ago

Curious if anyone wants to or has tried to change the music yet? I have some ideas of what I'd like the music to be changed to.

I'd like a nudge to know what needs to be done before I dive in

#2145 1 year ago
Quoted from mgpasman:

As I understand, they are .wav files that are looped. The files are all accessable via the file system so very easy to change. So create a simple .wav file to see what the effect is, and take it from there. Probably MUCH more easy to experiment if you make the PC accessible via remote/network shares .

Is the machine running windows, or Linux ?

4 months later
#2223 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Metamorphosis. Haven't made the big wheel billion (yet).

When you go back to the original Bop, do you notice any switch lag? If you do notice it, does it bother you?? I've been hesitant to install bop 2.0

1 month later
#2285 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

From your ad:
$2000-base game
$2000-Bop 2.0 package with color dmd.
$500-new Bop 2.0 decals and translite
$100-new rails
$300-new ramps
$1000-brand new playfield
(included with 2.0 kit) -flipper fidelity speakers and amp
$15-new shooter rod assembly
-lit flipper button
-comet leds throughout
-the good pop bumper led rings from pinball life
-new legs
-new colored posts and purple silicone rubbers
-custom bop apron magnet
$50 -new upper playfield
-helmet super nice original
$100-new faces
I'm guessing around $6k in parts. Labor costs really depends. Some people like doing it, some people don't. Not sure how to charge for it unless it was done by one of the big names in restorations, but let's say $1k. You are the second owner, it has been enjoyed, etc. Say it has 500 plays since being redone. At $1 per game, take $500 off.
$7k seems high, $6500 seems more reasonable.

Could you please help me find a $2000 base bop!?? I’d really appreciate it

#2290 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

That is the kind of game you want if you are swapping playfields, putting in a 2.0 kit, and redecaling the cabinet.

Which Is exactly what I’m looking for

#2292 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Wish I had one -- it would be yours.

Nice bro, I appreciate that!

I need to be clear... I’ll be on the hunt again soon, or something... all my efforts at the moment are here...

I personally have never seen a bop at that grade or price, I want another I can convert badly, I have the 2.0 kit and Playfield. But damnit, I’m so invested in expanding space I can’t yet... yet. Stay tuned

#2296 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I just finished this up for a buddy of mine. I would have put chrome trim on it if it was mine.


Quoted from lyonsden:

That looks really good.

Thank you!

2 weeks later
#2313 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Finished installed the helmet back in my BoP and have updated the code. I think it came out really well (and kicks the snot out of the stock lighting).
» YouTube video
Code, as always, is open source:
If anyone is interested in a plug and play kit, just PM me (and I'll get this listed in my Pinside store). I think the cost will be $125 (or you can DIY for around $40-$50).

Dood, that is amazeballs, I’m down for a diy method... looking forward to the guide, mind posting the diy guide here?

1 month later
#2339 1 year ago

I haven’t opened my 2.0 kit yet, does the kit come with a translite or no?

2 months later
#2369 11 months ago

I still have not installed my 2.0 kit. Still bummed about the sound emulation on 1.0

Snux , I really hope you have a good trick up your sleeve

3 weeks later
#2378 10 months ago
Quoted from Snux:

Oh, I do. My machine sounds awesome. Discussions ongoing about if/how it can be released. If we do push an update, I'll post here first listing what else I've fixed and seek any other things people have issues with on the 1.0 side, be good to fix those (if possible) at the same time.
This will take some time, even if there is an update bear in mind that BOP2 isn't real high on DPs list of priorities.

Im watching with great anticipation... I have yet to install my 2.0 kit, kind of a shame really, but my family and I love 1.0 so much that The possible lag was keeping me from installing it .... have I said all this before?, forgive me if I have, just really excited to see this fix implemented!

Thank you Snux! If there’s any lobbying I can do to push things along, let me know. You can even send this post to DP if it helps

#2390 10 months ago

snux , this is all very good news, I’m crossing my fingers this will all take place sooner than later, patience is ensuing though

4 months later
#2417 6 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Not sure how many of us still have an uninstalled BoP 2.0 kit. I purchased from DP’s first batch. I live overseas and pinball is on hold until I return to the states in a couple years.
With all that’s going on with DP, I want to make sure the latest code is installed. I assume all I need is the P-ROC and mini PC from the kit? Maybe a mouse, keyboard and monitor too?
Can someone give me the BoP 2.0 ‘upgrade for dummy’s’ version to get the newest code in my uninstalled kit?

Same here guys

I have not installed mine yet, waiting on the next code drop and to finish my gameroom, but being prepared is where I’d like to be... any help is appreciated

#2420 6 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

good luck on that wait.

Thanks! I’ll take good luck


I have 2 problems... one, I’m building a gameroom by myself, its taken all of my time and focus, I don’t have space to pull my bop and install the kit, I also have a new playfield, so I need to wait to do it all.

Two; I love 1.0, it’s got lag in the switches on the 2.0 software, going to get real annoying pretty fast

Some day soon I’ll get on the project

1 week later
#2441 6 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

have you considered the original excellent art and stainless so that the game stands out in a lineup rather than being a boring black base cab?

Looks like the 2.0 art package is already on...

what about pink, or white for the trim, or a really great blue, blue would be great, none's done it yet that I know of, maybe that electric blue thats on the art under the brides feet?

#2444 6 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

have you considered the original excellent art and stainless so that the game stands out in a lineup rather than being a boring black base cab?

Quoted from MustangPaul:

How about chrome with Candy purple pc on top? Expensive but damn it's purdy.
[quoted image]

tell me THAT won't stand out in a crowd!!

Isn't this the BOP 2.0 Club?... I would think anything BOP 2.0 goes and is allowed.

#2446 6 months ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Sure it is, my picture was just to show what the color looked like.

super gorgeous, I think it would look great on bop 1,or 2

3 months later
#2452 88 days ago
Quoted from Snux:

There are improvements to the 1.0 sound, I've made the changes to the version of Pinmame BOP is using so that it will run with the Pinsound Studio software instead of emulated sound. Using the original WMS sounds for BOP. Sounds a lot better. But it needs DP and Pinsound to come to some agreement, and it's hardly very far up DPs list of things at the moment.

Hey snux, any news on this front?

#2454 88 days ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

Thanks for doing this. Will this work? link »
Also, is the software you used freeware?
I copied the image of the drive a while back, but I would really like to do what you did and ensure I have a working backup drive.

Be careful with that device when the drive is in it, if you power it off with the drive running in windows, it will mess up the boot Sector

#2462 87 days ago
Quoted from Snux:

A few people have been in contact asking if they can "beta-test" the BOP 1.0 Pinsound/Pinmame changes or have copies if they promise not to tell anyone.
Sorry, but no can do. The folks at both DP and Pinsound have put a lot of work into their respective products and I promised both parties that I wouldn't distribute this until they're in agreement. The change would then be available as a new update (1.20?) from the DP site like the others.
I hope DP manage to work through their current issues and get TBL sorted out, then maybe they'll have time to revisit BOP 2.0 again.

Ok guys , sounds like we need to start knocking on DP’s and pinsounds door per say. Maybe enough of us can convince them to allow this to follow through and get bop 1.0 with more polish on it. Anybody with me?

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