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Books that eventually became pins?

By Luckydogg420

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I was reading a thread about Congo and someone mentioned that the movie was horrible. I agree, but I also thought the book was great. This made me wonder how many pinball machines originated as books.

Jurassic Park
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit

#3 6 years ago
#4 6 years ago

Tails of the Arabian Nights

The Shadow (started out as pulp novels in the 1930's)

Starship Troopers

Johnny Mnemonic is a short story by William Gibson, and the inspiration behind the 1995 film of the same name.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

#5 6 years ago

Not a book title but a character from two of Jules Verne's classic novels, Captain Nemo.

#6 6 years ago

Dune would be bad ass.

#7 6 years ago

Attack from mars was a comic series, right?

Wizard of oz

#8 6 years ago





#9 6 years ago

Movie too:



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#10 6 years ago

Big Guns. Not a book, but a magazine.


#11 6 years ago

If you're talking comics as well

Falsh Gordon

#12 6 years ago

phantom of the opera

#13 6 years ago

Sinbad (?), based on a movie, but was the movie based on a book?

Black Knight, the black knight was Sir Percavil , one of king Arthur's knights


#15 6 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Sinbad (?), based on a movie, but was the movie based on a book?

Yep, a pretty old Middle Eastern book from the 750's, Sinbad the Sailor .

#17 6 years ago

Several of Jules Verne's works made it into Verne's World.

#18 6 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Sinbad (?), based on a movie, but was the movie based on a book?


#19 6 years ago

Pulp comic:
Tales From The Crypt.

#20 6 years ago

Dracula. (whoops... second poster already said this. Apologies to him/her and Bram Stoker).
Cona... (waitaminute...no one's done a CONAN THE BARBARIAN pin? Wtf....!)

Post edited by Rick432: Dracula already posted.

#21 6 years ago


James Bond

#22 6 years ago

Blackout, based on my arrest record.

#23 6 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

Dracula. (whoops... second poster already said this. Apologies to him/her and Bram Stoker).
Cona... (waitaminute...no one's done a CONAN THE BARBARIAN pin? Wtf....!)
Post edited by Rick432: Dracula already posted.

There is a Conan machine

#25 6 years ago

Comic book

#26 6 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

There is a Conan machine

I see this:
which looks like a one-off not mass produced "possible conversion of Bally 1980s Rolling Stones."

Is there another Conan pin of which I am not aware?

(Note also ipdb link above has flyer from "company" that made this Conan pin, apparently also made "Heavy Metal" pin. Doesn't appear legit. But who knows?)

#27 6 years ago

Wow. I didn't really think to hard about this, but this would be an impressive collection.

#28 6 years ago

Tales of Arabian nights
Apocalypse Now
Casino Royale
Robin Hood
Starship Troopers
The Avengers
Iron Man
The Entertainer - play
The Godfather -obscure
Jurassic Park
Lost World
The Three Musketeers
Time Machine? there are like 4 versions. I don't know the source material to tell
Treasure Island

Aside from comic book pinballs, I think that a book only becomes a pinball machine after it has been made into a movie.

#29 6 years ago

Still researching those and some other questionable entries.
Not all pins have been themed at IPDB.

Here's a quick digest of all the themes that are currently in use at IPDB.
1980's Party Theme, 21 or Bust, Activities, Adult, Adult Nightlife, Adventure, Affluence, African Jungle, Agriculture, Air Racing, Aircraft, Airplane Racing, Airplanes, Airports, Aliens, America, American 1890's, American Bicentennial, American Football, American History, American Patriotism, American Places, American West, Amusement Park, Animals, Animated, Antiques, Apocalyptic, Aquatic Fun, Aquatic Parks, Arcade Games, Archery, Arctic Culture, Art Deco, Astrology, Astronauts, Athletics, Auto Racing, Automobile Travel, Automobiles, Aviary, Aviation, Ballet, Bank Robbery, Baseball, Basketball, Battle, Beaches, Beatniks, Beauty Pageant, Bicycle Racing, Bicycling, Billiards, Bingo, Birds, Black Magic, Blackjack, Board Game, Boat Racing, Boating, Boats, Bobsledding, Body Building, Bowling, Boxing, Broadway, Bullfighting, Business, Camp Humor, Camping, Canadian West, Canasta, Car Culture, Car Rallies, Cards, Carnality, Carnival, Caroling, Cars, Cartoons, Casino, Castles, Cavalry, Celebration, Celebrities, Centennial Celebration, Chariot Racing, Checkers, Chess, Children's Games, Circus, City Buildings, City Living, City Scene, City Skyline, Clowns, College, Combat, Comedy, Comics, Commemorative, Competition, Confederate American South, Conspiracy, Cops, Cops and Robbers, Country and Western, Craps, Cricket, Crime, Crime Investigation, Croquet, Curling, Cyclones, Damnation, Dancing, Darts, Deep Sea, Demolition Derby, Dice, Dinosaurs, Disaster, Disco, Disney, Dog Racing, Dogs, Dolphins, Dominoes, Dracula, Drag Queens, Drag Racing, Dragons, Drinking, Drive-In Movies, Driving, Earthquake, Easter, Ecdysiast Entertainment, Education, Egyptology, Elvis, Entertainment, Environment, Equestrian, Ethnic Groups, European Football (i.e. U.S. Soccer), European History, Evolution, Exercise, Fair, Family, Family Vacation, Fantasy, Fantasy and Myth, Farming, Fashion, Fashion Show, Feline Mischief, Ferris Wheels, Festivities, Fiction, Fictional, Fictional Characters, Fireworks, Fishing, Fitness, Flamenco Dancing, Flower Power, Flying, Food, Football, Foreign, Foreign Peoples, Fox Hunting, Friendship, Frontier, Fun, Fun Park, Futbol, Futuristic, Gambling, Games, Ghosts, Girls, Glamour, Go-Kart Racing, Golf, Golfing, Government, Great Depression, Greek Mythology, Guns, Hang Gliding, Happiness, Happiness, Circus, Hard Hat Diving, Harem, Haunted, Haunted Cemetery, Hawaii, Hell, High Diving, High School, Hillbillies, Historical, Historical Characters, Historical People, History, History Timeline, Hockey, Hollywood Actresses, Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Monsters, Horoscope, Horror, Horse Racing, Horse Shows, Horses, Horseshoes, Hot Air Ballooning, Hot Rods, Human Physiology, Humor, Hunting, Ice Hockey, Ice Sailing, Ice Skating, Industry Inside Jokes, Insects, Irish Folklore, Jai Alai, Jazz, Jousting, Jungle, Juvenalia, Kabuki, Kickboxing, Knights, Landmarks, Law, Law Enforcement, Leisure, Leisure Activities, Licensed Theme, Lighthouses, Literature, Livestock, Love, Magic, Majorettes, Marching Band, Marine, Marines, Martial Arts, Martians, Medical, Medieval, Mermaids, Mexico, Military, Military Aircraft, Military Folklore, Mobsters, Modeling, Money, Monster Truck Rally, Motocross, Motorcycles, Mountain Climbing, Movie, Movie Making, Movie Stars, Movies, Murder Mystery, Music, Musical, Mystic, Myth and Legend, Mythology, NASCAR, National Flags, Native Americans, Native Americans Playing Cards, Native Americans and Culture, Nature, Nautical, Naval, Naval Warfare, Naval- Navy, Nightclubs, Nightlife, Ninja Fighting, Nordic, Norse God of Lightning, Norse History, Norse Mythology, Nostalgia, Nudity, Nursery Rhyme, Occult, Ocean Liners, Oil Drilling and Exploration, Oil Exploration, Oil Wells, Olympic Competition, Olympic Games, Olympic Sports, Olympics, Op Art, Operetta, Other, Outdoor Activities, Outdoors, Outer Space, Outer Space Fantasy, Pageantry, Parachuting, Parades, Parasailing, Patriotic, Patriotism, Payout, Pelota, People, Pets, Photography, Pinball, Pirates, Playing Cards, Playing Dice, Playing Marbles, Playing Pinball, Poetry Jam, Poker, Pokerino, Police, Politics, Polo, Pool, Prehistoric, Prospecting, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Art, Puppets, Puzzles, Rabbit Hunting, Racing, Rafting, Railroads, Rap, Recreation, Relaxation, Religious, Reproduction, Riflery, Riverboats, Robots, Rodeo, Roller Coasters, Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Roman History, Roman Mythology, Romance, Romans, Running, Rural Living, Safari, Sailing, Samba, School, Science, Science Fiction, Scooters, Scuba Diving, Sharks, Ships, Shooting, Shooting Gallery, Show Business, Shuffleboard, Singing, Skateboarding, Skating, Skeletons, Skiing, Skittles, Skydiving, Slot Car Racing, Slot Machine Combinations, Slot Machines, Snow Skiing, Snow Sports, Snowmobiling, Soccer, Soccer football, Softball, Space, Space Age, Space Alien Combat, Space Aliens, Space Exploration, Space Fantasy, Space Medieval, Spaceships, Spanish Culture, Spear Fishing, Speedboat Racing, Speeding, Spies, Sport, Sports, Spy, Steeplechasing, Stock Market, Stunt motorcycles, Submarines, Superheroes, Supernatural, Surfing, Swimming, Swimming Pools, TV Game Show, TV Show, Target Practice, Tennis, Terpsichorean Entertainment, Theaters, Tic-Tac-Toe, Time Travel, Track Running, Track and Field, Traffic, Trains, Tramways, Transportation, Trapeze, Trapeze Artists, Trapping, Travel, Traveling, Treasure, Tropical, Tropics, Truck Driving, Trucking, UFOs, Underwater, United States, Vacationing, Vampires, Vaudeville, Velodrome, Viper, Viper Driving, Volcano, Volleyball, Wagon Train, Wall Street, War, Warfare, Warriors, Wartime, Water, Water Skiing, Water Sports, Weather, Western, Wild West, Wildlife, Winter, Wizards, Women, World Cultures, World History, World Places, World War I, World War II, World's Fair, Wrestling, Zodiac, Zombies, and Zoo.

#30 6 years ago

Sinbad, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Stargate

#31 6 years ago
Quoted from Det_Deckard:

Apocalypse Now

Was not a book, it was based off the story 'Heart of Darkness'.

#32 6 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Was not a book, it was based off the story 'Heart of Darkness'.

I know. I was listing the Pinball names not the names of books that inspired the movie that inspired the pinball machine.

#33 6 years ago

"Verne's world" has 2 of Jules Verne's books incorporated into it's theme

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