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Bolted to the floor for life - name the pins you'll never sell

By pcprogrammer

4 years ago

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    #101 4 years ago

    Jeeze for me right now I have so many keepers. WOZ, LOTR, TSPP, Spiderman Black, Met, MMr LE, AFMr LE, MBr LE, Dialed In, Star Trek LE, TWD LE, TnA. All staying forever. Only ones I’ll eventually let go are Monopoly and AC/DC

    #102 4 years ago

    For me I thought 90% were life long purchases. But owning one and putting 200 plays really tells you what you like. That being said I'll go with Elvis followed closely by ACDC. I both are fast playing and deep enough for me.
    First Elvis I bought in 2008 I sold and got a HUO I believe in 2012? Oldest one in my line up.

    #103 4 years ago

    Well, many many keepers have left years ago.

    That said, can't see myself selling -

    Mint original AFM

    #104 4 years ago

    I just recently unbolted and sold my bolted down games STTNG and LOTR. I had them both for eight years and claimed they would never leave, but I needed to shake up the collection and they were getting played less, so out they went. I think if your wealthy enough to have the space and cash for a large collection, then you can truly have games bolted to the floor. For me at 5 games max (sorry I'm not sticking games in front of doors ) I think my "bolted games" had a good run. So right now the supposed bolted games are TWD premium and IMDN premium. Maybe MBLE will make the list.

    #105 4 years ago
    Quoted from gjm7777:

    My new JJ POTC - I got a steal of a deal on it and this thing is loaded with features. My mom usually goes to bed around 9PM so I typically bring dates over to see my themed corner at night. Not trying to brag or anything but once they see it, let's just say this captain typically gets asked below deck.[quoted image]

    "Not so easy is it matey!?!"

    #106 4 years ago

    Nothing's forever... but TZ is my longest tenured game and is generally considered my last to go.

    1 week later
    #108 4 years ago

    My Stern KISS LE #50 is going nowhere!!!

    #109 4 years ago

    l would say that only my mint restored titles: IJ, MB & TAFG are lifers. My clan all really love these games.
    I had initially thought some of my Sterns (ie: MET/TWD) would never leave; but due to limited space and so many great new pins, I've had to trade some.
    As others have alluded to, having limited space is one of the main reasons.
    I also figure, I will always be able to re-purchase most of the Stern titles; whereas finding collector grade examples of my B/W titles is near impossible to locate locally.

    #110 4 years ago

    My childhood sentimental favorite. Firmly bolted.

    005 (resized).jpg005 (resized).jpg

    #111 4 years ago

    Family Guy and WOZ emerald LE

    #112 4 years ago
    #113 4 years ago

    Pinball magic & MMR

    #114 4 years ago

    AFM LE and WoZ RR.

    #115 4 years ago

    These bad boys are firmly planted in place. Just one more to go.

    20180704_183152 (resized).jpg20180704_183152 (resized).jpg

    #116 4 years ago


    #117 4 years ago

    Williams IJ, Addams, ACDC, TWD, TOTAN.

    #118 4 years ago

    I think I’m going to go ahead and
    pre-bolt to the floor jjp’s gnr...

    #119 4 years ago

    I’m not one to say never, but I can’t see GOT ever leaving. DI is getting close too.

    #120 4 years ago

    Wh20 & AFMle I just never get tired ever. As good as other games I’ve had were there were times I needed a break but not those 2. I wish I felt that way about more games.

    #121 4 years ago

    Deadpool as long as it's one of my most popular games on route!

    #123 4 years ago
    Quoted from JeffZee:

    My childhood sentimental favorite. Firmly bolted.

    nice backglass!!

    #125 4 years ago

    IMDN and Mustang Boss Premium!

    #126 4 years ago

    I will never ever ever ever .. part with my restored as new Fast Draw ! Plays beautifully and fast and always want to have another go to get that elusive black horse shoes , for the 5000 points !

    #127 4 years ago

    Not me, nothing gets bolted down all things get sold eventually.

    #128 4 years ago

    Probably White Water.

    Those shots just 'resonate' with me. The gameplay offers a lot more than most other pins in that price range, IMO. It's not worth selling.

    #129 4 years ago

    Iron man has been in my collection since 2010 (sold it in 2012 and instantly regretted it, bought another in 2 months). Love the adrenaline rush and code.

    I have a nicely restored Fathom and it's absolutely the best playing machine I've ever played fro the 80's... I don't believe I'll ever find another that plays this outstanding so it will never leave.

    Dialed in- love the game so much I can't see getting rid of it for anything else.

    #130 4 years ago

    In the mere 2-1/2 years I've been in this hobby, I've already sold 10 pins, and I'm not a flipper, so I'm reluctant to say none will ever go, but the hardest to part with would be Target Alpha, each ball a new quest to knock down all 15 drops! I made a 24-hour round trip to get that one.

    IMG_1621 (resized).JPGIMG_1621 (resized).JPG
    #131 4 years ago


    Love the music and Steve himself played it in my game room. That as a memory alone makes it a keeper in my book.

    79C5036D-9A25-4ED4-B29C-A98FC917412B (resized).jpeg79C5036D-9A25-4ED4-B29C-A98FC917412B (resized).jpeg
    #132 4 years ago


    #133 4 years ago

    Anything with "Bally" or "Williams" on it = staying. These games have gotten way too expensive to try to replace. Back in 2012, sure, I'd rotate all day. Now, an TAF for $5500....? Not going to happen, so I'm not selling any "B/W" games.

    And GoT is her game, so unless I need life or death money, yep, nothing's leaving. Photographic evidence for days bought and the prices paid at the time.

    Current_Lineup_2018_Nov (resized).JPGCurrent_Lineup_2018_Nov (resized).JPG

    #135 4 years ago

    I just sold 2 great pins, IMDNLE and AFMLE.

    If i decide to own them again they won't be difficult to buy back.

    The "bolted" games would be the difficult ones to replace.

    Also have to consider the new pins that are coming out in 2019 and beyond. There will be a ton of future great pins to own and play and I'll never be the 30-40 pin guy. I wouldn't do that to my wife and kids if something happened to me.

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