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Bolt on Slinky Dog mod. Discontinued.

By Loganpinball

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

To avoid confusion I am starting this as a different mod topic for toy story. I was asked by a few people if there were any other options. This is not the final version, but a working prototype. All it requires is mounting the head, tail and looping slinky around stock wireform. I want to improve it, but if it has no interest I will scrap it. This was to see if an alternative was possible. Far easier to make and easier to install. The body is closer together to better obscure the blue rails inside the slinky.
This will be under $300 shipped.
If this is sonething you are interested in please let me know. This will be made and sold as a bolt on kit if there is enough interest. This will be a new list.
Thanks, Jay

Very quick video.

03D27E19-E0DF-4ABD-8D5E-EA5DCFEA2A03 (resized).jpeg03D27E19-E0DF-4ABD-8D5E-EA5DCFEA2A03 (resized).jpeg4EAD1C39-0BD1-4EC5-B6AE-8D486247475C (resized).jpeg4EAD1C39-0BD1-4EC5-B6AE-8D486247475C (resized).jpeg653B2997-F981-4AFA-A0BD-81AC2B81CBB3 (resized).jpeg653B2997-F981-4AFA-A0BD-81AC2B81CBB3 (resized).jpeg7E3702EE-FFC9-4A57-89D4-DC303B5BD05E (resized).jpeg7E3702EE-FFC9-4A57-89D4-DC303B5BD05E (resized).jpegE0ACE55C-DBCD-492D-9B8D-CF5CBA8D72DE (resized).jpegE0ACE55C-DBCD-492D-9B8D-CF5CBA8D72DE (resized).jpegE5E9EA29-491B-44F2-B3C8-AE9FDAD2D951 (resized).jpegE5E9EA29-491B-44F2-B3C8-AE9FDAD2D951 (resized).jpeg

#2 1 year ago

I would be interested in the new version! Thanks!

#3 1 year ago

Hi Jay. PM sent. Hope it makes it to production 'cuz I'd like one. Thanks

#4 1 year ago

Nice to see you stuck at it, well done for persevering with this mod. Hope it pays off with orders for you.

#5 1 year ago

Interested, looks great! Thanks!

#6 1 year ago

yes! I'm in

#7 1 year ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Hi Jay. PM sent. Hope it makes it to production 'cuz I'd like one. Thanks

It will be sold at $220 includes shipping. I am going to make some improvements to the design and mounting. I had enough people asking me to try to get another version figured out. Thanks to those that pm’d me about that. It got me in the right head space. This is a simple add on that goes over stock rail. I wish I went this way from the start.
I will post the revisions and progress then start shipping.

#8 1 year ago

Pls add me to the list. Thx!

#9 1 year ago

Interested!please add me

#10 1 year ago

I sent a pm but absolutely in. Thank you.

#11 1 year ago

Just sent PM - IN!

#12 1 year ago
Quoted from Dexter:

Just sent PM - IN!

Me too

#13 1 year ago

I'm in...

#14 1 year ago

Added all to the new list. Thank you for the interest.

Figured out bracketing. The head is now secured at the wireform connection screw and I added a stud in the side rail so it is supported on both sides. That solves the vibration issue I noticed in videos. That stud also has a support strut holding the front of the guide rod from tail towards the head. I want to lower the rear legs a hair and pin the but into a locked position. First revision! Give me time to work through it and prove it. I do not take anyones money until your order is in a ups box ready to ship. This mod is going to be made and I will make them for anyone interested down the road. This I enjoy. And that helps!

0AF31288-2083-46E7-A8BE-C4FB30B183EF (resized).jpeg0AF31288-2083-46E7-A8BE-C4FB30B183EF (resized).jpeg35227FAA-8483-468A-894E-B894D6E7D0CD (resized).jpeg35227FAA-8483-468A-894E-B894D6E7D0CD (resized).jpeg8A446A83-781D-4037-900D-E53F50C73436 (resized).jpeg8A446A83-781D-4037-900D-E53F50C73436 (resized).jpeg8A654375-1A56-49ED-A3DB-5B1E435155C0 (resized).jpeg8A654375-1A56-49ED-A3DB-5B1E435155C0 (resized).jpeg9E9C3C3B-A38B-4261-8839-247B34123CAA (resized).jpeg9E9C3C3B-A38B-4261-8839-247B34123CAA (resized).jpegBD52B924-FF9A-4538-9C69-179B2E634FF8 (resized).jpegBD52B924-FF9A-4538-9C69-179B2E634FF8 (resized).jpegCA942FEF-25CF-44D7-B447-3A01AF5C2A81 (resized).jpegCA942FEF-25CF-44D7-B447-3A01AF5C2A81 (resized).jpeg
#15 1 year ago

Lookin good!

#17 1 year ago

Improving the butt Sunday. Making a better a frame for rear leg placement. Still working it out, but making progress. Only doing Slink improvement today. I hope to start shipping in a week.

6CED36D6-0391-4B0E-BD3D-1D01CE5B3B75 (resized).jpeg6CED36D6-0391-4B0E-BD3D-1D01CE5B3B75 (resized).jpeg

D6E03DB4-1B78-4F54-8EB2-28F92A8CB297 (resized).jpegD6E03DB4-1B78-4F54-8EB2-28F92A8CB297 (resized).jpeg3C0811F2-AAC6-4C11-9A92-B749B3FE8A15 (resized).jpeg3C0811F2-AAC6-4C11-9A92-B749B3FE8A15 (resized).jpeg8719706A-CD48-4F68-8BD8-9B0B1F68ABE0 (resized).jpeg8719706A-CD48-4F68-8BD8-9B0B1F68ABE0 (resized).jpeg
#18 1 year ago

Please add us for a 2.0

#19 1 year ago

Rear section is good. I just need to tweak the center strut guide arm and raise front feet. I went a hair too low.

In a nut shell, it is a multi piece kit that requires an addition 3 studs to be added to the side rail. I am having trouble finding the correct size. I asked for #6 machine screw slots and got m6 (metric 6) delivered.
Pictures of basic installation. When I am done I will take step by step instructions.

BE85FEB5-2793-4198-9ED4-0AF6F1065EA1 (resized).jpegBE85FEB5-2793-4198-9ED4-0AF6F1065EA1 (resized).jpeg0ABCF4B8-65A4-4676-90EA-D4C16A3D0DEA (resized).jpeg0ABCF4B8-65A4-4676-90EA-D4C16A3D0DEA (resized).jpeg5029949D-B9CC-4A99-A3B2-5C860183FAB8 (resized).jpeg5029949D-B9CC-4A99-A3B2-5C860183FAB8 (resized).jpeg4949E240-FB67-4E28-831B-B5F4757072F4 (resized).jpeg4949E240-FB67-4E28-831B-B5F4757072F4 (resized).jpeg38A52067-F9B1-42EE-BC1F-8A4E37677C31 (resized).jpeg38A52067-F9B1-42EE-BC1F-8A4E37677C31 (resized).jpegECE8038B-3946-4B40-AC0E-6CAAAF1A085D (resized).jpegECE8038B-3946-4B40-AC0E-6CAAAF1A085D (resized).jpegAFA110F6-6B7A-4B7B-B5B2-C3F2F853C02B (resized).jpegAFA110F6-6B7A-4B7B-B5B2-C3F2F853C02B (resized).jpeg6A253255-D98F-4CBB-B1A3-F596CBBF8DEF (resized).jpeg6A253255-D98F-4CBB-B1A3-F596CBBF8DEF (resized).jpegF869FEF4-B42C-4ADB-A90E-923182480740 (resized).jpegF869FEF4-B42C-4ADB-A90E-923182480740 (resized).jpegB3C245D1-BB93-49BD-8274-9651840A1215 (resized).jpegB3C245D1-BB93-49BD-8274-9651840A1215 (resized).jpeg9691BC74-E4B1-41F2-AA66-ED3DBD94D945 (resized).jpeg9691BC74-E4B1-41F2-AA66-ED3DBD94D945 (resized).jpeg48B7F299-83AB-473C-A42E-CA6F2C5A83C6 (resized).jpeg48B7F299-83AB-473C-A42E-CA6F2C5A83C6 (resized).jpeg315D971C-4E1B-4E5A-9F61-6EC2B378D523 (resized).jpeg315D971C-4E1B-4E5A-9F61-6EC2B378D523 (resized).jpeg26785F71-F3E6-428F-9A8B-38CDF7275566 (resized).jpeg26785F71-F3E6-428F-9A8B-38CDF7275566 (resized).jpeg15A837D9-7F5F-4153-B07F-C6D0CAFD2221 (resized).jpeg15A837D9-7F5F-4153-B07F-C6D0CAFD2221 (resized).jpegDFBAC6AF-D3E7-409E-A8A2-6A388FE84499 (resized).jpegDFBAC6AF-D3E7-409E-A8A2-6A388FE84499 (resized).jpeg33D2B794-7D7C-422F-B547-37A5B862A125 (resized).jpeg33D2B794-7D7C-422F-B547-37A5B862A125 (resized).jpeg
#20 1 year ago

Worked out all the new positions and modified the center guide post so its adjustable. The point where the head installs on side rail will be fully adjustable along with the strut arm. Its simplified and functional. I am happy with this version. Now I have one to replicate. As soon as I can get the right t bolts I will start shipping.

43B268DB-0DE0-4F86-BB3E-5A305A183F4A (resized).jpeg43B268DB-0DE0-4F86-BB3E-5A305A183F4A (resized).jpeg462F4531-B532-4112-8469-E51922043ADB (resized).jpeg462F4531-B532-4112-8469-E51922043ADB (resized).jpeg9A72DE4A-89B9-4D8B-B000-E91DD5929453 (resized).jpeg9A72DE4A-89B9-4D8B-B000-E91DD5929453 (resized).jpegCF3E58D3-5333-4214-AFAB-CE4E8992C573 (resized).jpegCF3E58D3-5333-4214-AFAB-CE4E8992C573 (resized).jpegD96DB173-F252-49C4-8C97-F72A11C2C060 (resized).jpegD96DB173-F252-49C4-8C97-F72A11C2C060 (resized).jpegA5C98D37-4A42-4194-AB8C-793AF0775B3C (resized).jpegA5C98D37-4A42-4194-AB8C-793AF0775B3C (resized).jpeg43120DC4-71F1-4FE0-B8B3-640232419C05 (resized).jpeg43120DC4-71F1-4FE0-B8B3-640232419C05 (resized).jpeg2F953E8E-9368-49CE-AB33-E9AE88016F33 (resized).jpeg2F953E8E-9368-49CE-AB33-E9AE88016F33 (resized).jpeg
#21 1 year ago

Working on install directions. Not completed, but you should understand the process better.

This would be preceeded by installing the slink wire around the rail off the machine.

I will try and make it easier to understand once I get all the steps down,

57AE3AB0-DC7F-4F8A-A49E-3EDF4EFA8B9C (resized).jpeg57AE3AB0-DC7F-4F8A-A49E-3EDF4EFA8B9C (resized).jpeg4DE8C9D3-EC7C-4624-B35D-672AFB6DCF3A (resized).jpeg4DE8C9D3-EC7C-4624-B35D-672AFB6DCF3A (resized).jpeg710DC46A-77AC-4183-AA6D-65635C7B39CC (resized).jpeg710DC46A-77AC-4183-AA6D-65635C7B39CC (resized).jpegBF1E26DA-1AED-4D66-B0C8-E1F175181624 (resized).jpegBF1E26DA-1AED-4D66-B0C8-E1F175181624 (resized).jpeg3E2B5CE0-491A-4640-BA68-95FFB107CA87 (resized).jpeg3E2B5CE0-491A-4640-BA68-95FFB107CA87 (resized).jpeg17A53847-213F-462A-97FF-E82972FAF817 (resized).jpeg17A53847-213F-462A-97FF-E82972FAF817 (resized).jpeg2E2AAD49-0EDC-4C24-86A0-D5A4DDE6D390 (resized).jpeg2E2AAD49-0EDC-4C24-86A0-D5A4DDE6D390 (resized).jpeg409ABDB0-56DD-4128-BDCF-05C79B390D24 (resized).jpeg409ABDB0-56DD-4128-BDCF-05C79B390D24 (resized).jpegD0756C85-CDBA-4840-87B9-0F2AA79757EA (resized).jpegD0756C85-CDBA-4840-87B9-0F2AA79757EA (resized).jpeg5F79A23B-B47A-47EE-83C8-4512400D9DC7 (resized).jpeg5F79A23B-B47A-47EE-83C8-4512400D9DC7 (resized).jpegFD7A9EF3-214E-47E4-A29A-2378C8BD4D91 (resized).jpegFD7A9EF3-214E-47E4-A29A-2378C8BD4D91 (resized).jpeg89E183D5-66E3-47B0-819B-81457F345BD1 (resized).jpeg89E183D5-66E3-47B0-819B-81457F345BD1 (resized).jpeg9C110CCE-C4C1-40A4-ACB5-079B19A31628 (resized).jpeg9C110CCE-C4C1-40A4-ACB5-079B19A31628 (resized).jpeg0F7902A8-F570-4EA3-8023-FA70EBA6057D (resized).jpeg0F7902A8-F570-4EA3-8023-FA70EBA6057D (resized).jpeg2CCCBE5F-82B3-4553-917F-9B5C5009304F (resized).jpeg2CCCBE5F-82B3-4553-917F-9B5C5009304F (resized).jpeg

#22 1 year ago

Lookin good!

#23 1 year ago

Please add me to your list for the 2.0 version!

#24 1 year ago

Please add me to the list!

#25 1 year ago

I have the parts ready to be welded together for all on the list. I will be doing these every other week until the list is done. I have been asked by a few on possible eta. On the other weeks I am doing gotg.
I will reach out to the list in order starting next week as of now there are 23 on it.

1E1B6DF1-5B0D-4713-AF30-83EE5478923C (resized).jpeg1E1B6DF1-5B0D-4713-AF30-83EE5478923C (resized).jpeg

#26 1 year ago


620AA9CE-9D0F-4B25-961A-24591997BE02 (resized).jpeg620AA9CE-9D0F-4B25-961A-24591997BE02 (resized).jpegB9F9B40D-8CDA-4228-A269-351A9ACB4CB3 (resized).jpegB9F9B40D-8CDA-4228-A269-351A9ACB4CB3 (resized).jpegCA65C326-3F23-451F-8EAA-EE3A8D89BEFA (resized).jpegCA65C326-3F23-451F-8EAA-EE3A8D89BEFA (resized).jpegE9C850F6-23A6-4E9F-A7B9-C61E5A914C3E (resized).jpegE9C850F6-23A6-4E9F-A7B9-C61E5A914C3E (resized).jpeg
#27 1 year ago

Spending all of today welding the forms together.. I saw Zurg at target this morning and I really like the purple. Think wolverine, I am cutting him down and his shooting arm will be above the left return.. I know its not correct period Zurg, but I like the toy and cant do any worse creatively than jjp choices. And I think the diverter plastic is going bye bye!

9C6D0A13-FE6B-43CB-89F3-EBE7D94F1E48 (resized).jpeg9C6D0A13-FE6B-43CB-89F3-EBE7D94F1E48 (resized).jpegB72B63BB-C4F3-45BB-8F8D-C1052AB108CC (resized).jpegB72B63BB-C4F3-45BB-8F8D-C1052AB108CC (resized).jpeg
#28 1 year ago

I just wanted to say Thank you for hanging in there. This is an Amazing mod and it is absolutely needed for this game. JJP should take notes. Beautiful mod that animates the game.

#29 1 year ago
Quoted from playtwowin:

I just wanted to say Thank you for hanging in there. This is an Amazing mod and it is absolutely needed for this game. JJP should take notes. Beautiful mod that animates the game.

Thanks.. I had so many people ask me to figure something out. I wish I went this way from the start.

And this is how you kill a bottle of argon in a day.

69CC921B-7325-47A2-91E9-61A0820A5679 (resized).jpeg69CC921B-7325-47A2-91E9-61A0820A5679 (resized).jpeg
#30 1 year ago

Zurg!!! I need to order the original plastic ramp as I cut mine. I will have his arm bobble just like the head!

223B4303-FE3A-4BF8-92FA-0AFC22B5717C (resized).jpeg223B4303-FE3A-4BF8-92FA-0AFC22B5717C (resized).jpeg6BAA9D62-5930-46F3-9B75-43FDD826E248 (resized).jpeg6BAA9D62-5930-46F3-9B75-43FDD826E248 (resized).jpeg822C3CE5-B71B-4DEC-8032-DF747BE08AF0 (resized).jpeg822C3CE5-B71B-4DEC-8032-DF747BE08AF0 (resized).jpeg
#31 1 year ago

Rear legs and now more head brackets. The argon was so cold it was freezing regulator…

50A324E3-3AE3-46DA-AA2E-EB4DFB5A6A5D (resized).jpeg50A324E3-3AE3-46DA-AA2E-EB4DFB5A6A5D (resized).jpeg85BE2BF6-8A3A-496F-BBEC-4DBB45FF3A17 (resized).jpeg85BE2BF6-8A3A-496F-BBEC-4DBB45FF3A17 (resized).jpeg
#32 1 year ago

Please add me to your list. This looks awesome!

#33 1 year ago
Quoted from EndorisLit1:

Please add me to your list. This looks awesome!

On it. This list is just for Slink. The Zurg is still a work in progress.

A table full off assembled heads!

CF5FF804-FEDF-4E9D-A2AF-B86EC36368CC (resized).jpegCF5FF804-FEDF-4E9D-A2AF-B86EC36368CC (resized).jpegE4C37163-5B71-4FB4-B860-F2C204EA3AFC (resized).jpegE4C37163-5B71-4FB4-B860-F2C204EA3AFC (resized).jpeg42744C54-98B8-4171-BAD3-16A738742014 (resized).jpeg42744C54-98B8-4171-BAD3-16A738742014 (resized).jpegDDB6F26F-C42D-4FE7-AFB2-E5B62E920F82 (resized).jpegDDB6F26F-C42D-4FE7-AFB2-E5B62E920F82 (resized).jpeg
#34 1 year ago

Put me on the list.. thank you

#35 1 year ago

I made a staitc Buzz today. I had to dremel the head to pivot his face up, but I like it. I cut a few plastic spacers, cut figure to pivot and installed a bent screw. I was trying to figure a way to animate him, but nothing is coming up today. Testing heads tomorrow and will be emailing the first 10 on the list soon after.

0D5F2E58-7696-4A9A-974F-04D40330CA2E (resized).jpeg0D5F2E58-7696-4A9A-974F-04D40330CA2E (resized).jpeg2D571CBC-8E53-45C6-A261-A07D62953D40 (resized).jpeg2D571CBC-8E53-45C6-A261-A07D62953D40 (resized).jpeg3BFA3C15-B53A-4EB1-9FD1-158A76037C65 (resized).jpeg3BFA3C15-B53A-4EB1-9FD1-158A76037C65 (resized).jpegCE87DC88-0C3E-469E-859A-5C2EB98BA05B (resized).jpegCE87DC88-0C3E-469E-859A-5C2EB98BA05B (resized).jpeg7E1D52BE-0E6B-4268-857D-F2B677F99376 (resized).jpeg7E1D52BE-0E6B-4268-857D-F2B677F99376 (resized).jpeg
#36 1 year ago

I’m definitely interested in this. Please add me to the list

#37 1 year ago

Test fitting all day.. and I redesigned Zurg mech to a simple spring with limiting arms.
Quick video of both mods working.

64DE4185-1152-43DA-934D-EF7073A055B1 (resized).jpeg64DE4185-1152-43DA-934D-EF7073A055B1 (resized).jpeg

41320DBE-90FE-4A6E-974D-84425FB44A7B (resized).jpeg41320DBE-90FE-4A6E-974D-84425FB44A7B (resized).jpeg
#38 1 year ago

Add me to the list for a Slinky!

#39 1 year ago
Quoted from ShowVideoGames:

Add me to the list for a Slinky!

On it.

8 sets fitted and playtested. Will do more tomorrow. I have to make a decision on the studs. I spoke with Jjp and the rail stud bolts are only in that one size and they make them for jjp. It explains why I cant find them. I am still working on solutions. Worse case scenario is grinding the edges on the screws I have.

0DE812F3-46C8-4AE3-A3F9-01E78D169814 (resized).jpeg0DE812F3-46C8-4AE3-A3F9-01E78D169814 (resized).jpeg1BFC589C-1293-410D-9DD0-9B5D67206D80 (resized).jpeg1BFC589C-1293-410D-9DD0-9B5D67206D80 (resized).jpeg625CB1A4-93DE-4E04-AA53-3CC855EB4D40 (resized).jpeg625CB1A4-93DE-4E04-AA53-3CC855EB4D40 (resized).jpeg668D2C4C-5F93-4388-B5BC-F913D2121E5A (resized).jpeg668D2C4C-5F93-4388-B5BC-F913D2121E5A (resized).jpeg
#40 1 year ago

First 6 ready to ship. I ordered shipping boxes and should start going out this Thursday. Thanks for hanging in there. I am cleaning up installation instructions with pictures. Install takes about a half hour.

They ship as shown below in bubble wrap.

0EFA93F6-F3BC-4CBF-ABE2-2F20B2FDBB1E (resized).jpeg0EFA93F6-F3BC-4CBF-ABE2-2F20B2FDBB1E (resized).jpeg159A5349-5287-48AE-9348-4E1AA740B45F (resized).jpeg159A5349-5287-48AE-9348-4E1AA740B45F (resized).jpeg64363D1A-5865-452D-B96B-9E62F91AE6E8 (resized).jpeg64363D1A-5865-452D-B96B-9E62F91AE6E8 (resized).jpeg
#41 1 year ago

Do not install any mod with the machine turned on.
The pictures show the process, but heres a overal description in this order.
Remove playfield glass.

Raise and pull out playfield to rest on the secured rubber feet.

Unplug the two spot light wiring plugs from the board in pictures.

Remove the 2 lower apron panel screws, carefully push it forward and remove and set to the side.

Remove the pictured nuts on the right channel rail.

Leave the 3 included screws assembled as the shipped. Insert and slide one of the screws that has 4 nuts on it. Then install the nut with 3 screws on it followed by the other screw with 4 nuts.

*****( Jersey Jack has those studs custom made for their channel and only in that size. That size is not available anywhere.. The included screws heads are wide enough to use as installation screws)*****

Slide the 3 screws into place close to the picture. Finger tighten them into place only using the lowest nut. Then run the others down to make contact with that tightened nut. Remove the top nut and 1 washer from each of the new screws.

Unbolt the right wireform at sling post and center stud. You do not need to unbolt the 2 small screws at kaboom ramp or remove the rail switch. You need to pull the other wireform out of the left side of machine and lay to the side. The wireform can be lifted up enough to install everything.

Lift the front of the wireform slightly and curl the head support under it. Once its under and roughly in placd install the screw into the headsupport washer hole and into the wireform hole that holds tbe left wireform. Do not tighten it. Just start it enough to hold it on wireform.

With the wireform loose take the slinky and seperate (spread apart) the very first coil to form a “c”. Then start with the first coil and turn the slinky in your hand while guiding the coil around the wireform. It is very easy to do and take your time coiling it over the wireform. After it is around wireform on both ends of slinky just leave it loose and towards the front of wireform.

Install the tail section and foot section together in one step. You will need the wireform to be raised slightly as you do that. Once both are on the studs, place the removed washer and nuts back on the screws. Lower the wireform down and postion the center spine of the tail so its lined up with rail. And you might move the feet around to a desired position. Once those are in place tighten the lowest nut.

*****Do not over tighten the lowest nut. It just needs to be snug. You can hold the screw threads above and tighten the nut. If you need to you can use two wrenches and lock the upper two nuts in place and then tighten lower nut. You should not have to do that. I have held the screw threads and tightened the nut…*******************

After the lowest nut is secured work the remaining ones down to that one working your way up. Start from the bottom, tighten the next one up and then the next….

Once the tail section is in place and tightened slide the slinky over the spine. If needed put small pressure on the spine downward to get the slinky down it towards the tail..

The new screw that holds the head rear support arm also holds the spine support. Let the wireform rest on the sling stud roughly into place and make sure the head will be in place at those 2 mounting points. Slide the stud as needed and lock into place in the same manner as tail section screws.
Have the head over that screw first making sure there is a washer under it. Then install the spine support with the larger washer going over the screw and the smaller one on to the spine. You will need to apply a small amount of pressure downward to get the support arm over the spine. Once in position as seen in photos, place the removed washer and nut back on to screw and tighten it. Again. Snug is good.

Check ball clearance by rolling a ball below that small washer on arm. Only check this when its tightened completely. If the ball hits all you need to do is adjust it with a washer or turning the nuts to adjust it. I put everything on my game prior, so it should be good.

At this point you need to reinstall the left wireform. Looking at the right wireform mounting screw you want it to be stacked as shown. Right rail, left rail, washer then slink mount. And you reinstall the right wireform mid point screw.

Last steps!
Install the head as shown starting at the right head side mounting hole. Feed the wireform into the right hole and then through the head. Take your time and push it slowly into the head while looking at the left side of the head hole you will see the wireform. Get it through the head completely and then through the other support. Once in place push the chin bar so that it is under slinks chin. Let it hang an look at the chin bars centerline. It needs to be in the middle if the two ball traveling rails. Once that is lined up take one of the removed lock washers and push it over the wireform towards the support arm. That lock washer should not be against the support washer only next to it to keep the head into place. It will make sense when you do it. Either with pliers or I use a small socket that is smaller than the washer and hold the other side of support and push into place.

Launch a few balls and verify the ball clears spine washer and the head pivots.

Reinstall apron panel, 2 screws ensuring the apron is engaged with sliding locks on playfield. They insert into cut outs. Then plug the spotlights back in.

Longest post ever!

#42 1 year ago
B4F0C6C3-5DEB-4D41-8EF6-48C1617D099F (resized).jpegB4F0C6C3-5DEB-4D41-8EF6-48C1617D099F (resized).jpegF1F68B82-99B2-493F-807E-5AC6C00A5866 (resized).jpegF1F68B82-99B2-493F-807E-5AC6C00A5866 (resized).jpeg0B188B1F-6044-4034-8E21-3FBB12D7E780 (resized).jpeg0B188B1F-6044-4034-8E21-3FBB12D7E780 (resized).jpeg29340CCE-A7FE-4F28-8E3C-42B0C5A2E9B8 (resized).jpeg29340CCE-A7FE-4F28-8E3C-42B0C5A2E9B8 (resized).jpeg1FF5D05A-9C97-44DF-8DB1-8B26019169C6 (resized).jpeg1FF5D05A-9C97-44DF-8DB1-8B26019169C6 (resized).jpeg67CCC4D1-26F3-4883-86F2-858090EDF770 (resized).jpeg67CCC4D1-26F3-4883-86F2-858090EDF770 (resized).jpeg
#43 1 year ago
ACF5D2BF-16CD-40AA-89C4-1FCCA6A6F783 (resized).jpegACF5D2BF-16CD-40AA-89C4-1FCCA6A6F783 (resized).jpegC2E16E2B-8B5F-4490-AEB5-05C284CFEF39 (resized).jpegC2E16E2B-8B5F-4490-AEB5-05C284CFEF39 (resized).jpeg19523ADC-037E-4A98-8707-4F3C28DF0EDF (resized).jpeg19523ADC-037E-4A98-8707-4F3C28DF0EDF (resized).jpeg9ECA8F68-24B1-4101-979C-082EE7ADA16E (resized).jpeg9ECA8F68-24B1-4101-979C-082EE7ADA16E (resized).jpegC1A89E76-A207-49B0-923F-DD5C859F5DA9 (resized).jpegC1A89E76-A207-49B0-923F-DD5C859F5DA9 (resized).jpeg
#44 1 year ago

4F55C40D-28F2-4DA5-89E4-9ECFE71E437D (resized).jpeg4F55C40D-28F2-4DA5-89E4-9ECFE71E437D (resized).jpeg00EC9DD8-21D5-420B-A4FB-55E619A7DB29 (resized).jpeg00EC9DD8-21D5-420B-A4FB-55E619A7DB29 (resized).jpeg8FBDAC19-DEC4-4C49-B0B1-7E5D807BF233 (resized).jpeg8FBDAC19-DEC4-4C49-B0B1-7E5D807BF233 (resized).jpeg

CBD57B50-DE9B-4AC3-8813-EA74E15A61FE (resized).jpegCBD57B50-DE9B-4AC3-8813-EA74E15A61FE (resized).jpeg7729F909-42EC-493F-A558-1E0DE26DB79D (resized).jpeg7729F909-42EC-493F-A558-1E0DE26DB79D (resized).jpeg2B003FA9-8E1A-476D-81BE-11A992A127E8 (resized).jpeg2B003FA9-8E1A-476D-81BE-11A992A127E8 (resized).jpeg

A49F26B9-1E7D-4ACF-AC58-5BBBDD2ADD12 (resized).jpegA49F26B9-1E7D-4ACF-AC58-5BBBDD2ADD12 (resized).jpegCDF9D7A1-BE87-43CD-A334-B77F117C90E1 (resized).jpegCDF9D7A1-BE87-43CD-A334-B77F117C90E1 (resized).jpegC436F8AD-11F1-4EB5-A133-ADC37A3EB3F6 (resized).jpegC436F8AD-11F1-4EB5-A133-ADC37A3EB3F6 (resized).jpeg

3B0AEB07-F45E-4298-AA5A-244075CB6ED5 (resized).jpeg3B0AEB07-F45E-4298-AA5A-244075CB6ED5 (resized).jpeg
#45 1 year ago

I will post a video over the weekend. It reads like its alot. It is not, I am very specific when describing things. I had alot of questions with mando install and that was only 3 bolts. As a result I try to be very specific. The video Will be up by Sunday night. I hate the sound of my voice so it will be rough.

#46 1 year ago

This is a *great* animated mod, so glad you did it... and can't wait to order your future Toy Story mods!

#47 1 year ago

Easy install if you look at the picture and don’t sweat it!one support arm was backwards but I again looked at the pictures and pulled the stay off and reversed it.

Love this mod and makes a great game even better!

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

#48 1 year ago

Install videos.

Part one.

Part two

Part 3

#49 1 year ago

6 more going out Monday. I should have a few more done tomorrow. Very productive day minus the 3 hour video mess….

434F3E8F-310C-4052-A2A6-C204727375B2 (resized).jpeg434F3E8F-310C-4052-A2A6-C204727375B2 (resized).jpeg55FB5D84-3FA6-43FD-A99D-FE0629294627 (resized).jpeg55FB5D84-3FA6-43FD-A99D-FE0629294627 (resized).jpeg
#50 1 year ago

Starting today after 5 days of no replies I am moving on to the next person on the list. I have a few no replies since last Sunday and they have been on pinside. (Last seen) If you are no longer interested just let me know. It is not a problem. And if your delayed that is also not a problem, but your order will be made when I have time. I am trying to get these out in a timely manner as its been 5 months for some on the list. I have boxes on hold waiting to go out now.

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